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  1. aeralure

    AG - Rules and FAQ

    Yeah, from a story standpoint home planets offer that. Although, so do other planets once dominated. Can just as easily make the case that a city was built there. Or, if you are NuckElBerg, you could just bring one along.
  2. aeralure

    AG - Rules and FAQ

    No not a story building incentive. I was trying to think of a reason home planets might be used. Right now the only purpose they serve is to make certain a corporation does not get knocked out of the game, but I think it is realistically impossible that a corporation would fail to control even a single planet. It's not coming from nowhere - someone else raised it. I was just reminded of it when looking at the map and thinking "well, were I to build on Orinshi, I'd do this, but that will never happen" since there is absolutely no reason. Thought that was a just a wasted opportunity, mechanically speaking. Story-wise one can always come up with a reason to build anywhere, of course, but having no reason at all to on a given planet we of course see no builds on any home planet and that just strikes me as really odd. Thinking of other strategic games the home location would be the most important, most defended, or somehow really useful. Just raising that I felt that way again when looking at the map.
  3. aeralure

    [Challenge 2] [Cat A] The Gremlin

    I like it! I really like the ball turrets as engines. The ion cannons look the part and, when landed especially, that cockpit area bristling with weaponry, landing gear deployed, gives the impression of it's namesake. Another great SNOT build in your new direction.
  4. aeralure

    [K - A06] Scorched earth

    I hadn't seen this somehow Eta. Pretty amazing work. So many scenes and a long story. Congrats too on the first full nudity AG build! I must say though, thanks for the Hiryu micro build. When I saw it I simply could not believe it. I almost cried. It's so well done. Makes me proud to see it in action too doing what it does best!
  5. aeralure

    AG - Rules and FAQ

    I think it's been mentioned somewhere, but I'd like to second an incentive to build on the home planets. Right now there is no point as far as I know as they cannot even be taken, so it's more advantageous to go build on some other awesomnium-rich planet. I think an incentive to build there might be nice to explore cities, the capitol, and story-based builds whereas now it seems like a little bit of a waste to do so since strategically-minded play would encourage a home planet to be the last place anyone builds.
  6. aeralure

    [Challenge 2] [Cat A] The Black Dragonfly

    Really like the wings and definitely says Mantis to me! Very unique. Nice work Lady K!
  7. aeralure

    [Challenge 2 ][Cat A] OS-21.2C "Galeopterus"

    I really like the texturing here, which is in part the plates and tiles on the sides of the ship and in part the effect of it's being white bricks and a little contrast with the grey. Really sweet. The overall shape is great and I love the cockpit. That's a beauty.
  8. aeralure

    [Challenge 2][Cat A] M.C.S. "The Libertine"

    I love the canopy solution and the area behind the cockpit. I like the blue and the grey because it's not a primary of any of our corporations so I just haven't really seen it used much here in AG. Refreshing. Very nice ship!
  9. aeralure

    [M-D04] Peaceful Observations

    Love the antenna! The camo minis are quite a nice touch as well.
  10. aeralure

    [M - D03] Experiment B9D03

    As always, pretty awesome story Sal! Really nice build too, but that's also par for the course for you as well.
  11. aeralure

    [K - B07] Kawashita GreenHouses

    Really nice build Wedge! Love all the different rooms and quite a nice scale, too.
  12. aeralure

    [K - D04] Recollections From the Past

    That's just plain fun! Love the idea. Cool cars and the tube track is nice.
  13. aeralure

    [Challenge 2][Cat A] OF51 Dayhawk

    Really nice! I'm fond of the wing shaping in particular. The custom decals add a nice touch as well.
  14. aeralure

    [K - D04] A Place to Call Home

    Great build. Really like the idea