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Found 11 results

  1. Template Lxf: Decal template Quick demo build Delete template by color and export to 1st lxfml then undo undelete , but place one template outside the scene. (for make sure both lxfml to include needed bricks and decals) Delete all brick but template by color invert Move all templates in place Delete all template guide bricks _change color _export to 2nd lxfml Use ldd2povray to convert (do not render yet) 1st.lxfml and 2nd.lxfml (do NOT use part position variances) Then open 1st.ini 1st.pov 2nd.pov in POv-ray. Drag select and copy 2nd.pov's bricks part: bricks part sample: ldd_3039(array[2]{23,0},array[1]{86666},array[1][12]{{0,0,-1,-0.31106442213058472,0.95038872957229614,0,0.95038890838623047,0.31106436252593994,0,1.8326966762542725,0.73403692245483398,-1.2000001668930054}}) ldd_3039(array[2]{23,0},array[1]{86666},array[1][12]{{0,-0.99999988079071045,0,0.31106433272361755,0,0.95038890838623047,-0.95038878917694092,0,0.31106439232826233,2.9673032760620117,1.2000994682312012,1.5340409278869629}}) ldd_3039(array[2]{23,0},array[1]{86666},array[1][12]{{1,0,0,0,0.95038890838623047,-0.31106442213058472,0,0.31106442213058472,0.95038890838623047,-0.39999976754188538,0.73404121398925781,0.23269671201705933}}) ldd_3039(array[2]{23,0},array[1]{86666},array[1][12]{{0,0,1,0.31106439232826233,0.95038884878158569,0,-0.95038878917694092,0.31106439232826233,0,-1.8326966762542725,0.73404121398925781,-1.9999997615814209}}) ldd_3039(array[2]{23,0},array[1]{86666},array[1][12]{{0,1,0,-0.95038890838623047,0,-0.31106439232826233,-0.31106442213058472,0,0.95038884878158569,-2.334040641784668,0.40020030736923218,-4.5673031806945801}}) ldd_3039(array[2]{23,0},array[1]{86666},array[1][12]{{-1,0,0,0,0.95038878917694092,0.31106442213058472,0,0.31106439232826233,-0.95038890838623047,0.39999973773956299,0.73403787612915039,-3.4326968193054199}}) ldd_3039(array[2]{23,0},array[1]{86666},array[1][12]{{0,-0.99999994039535522,0,0.31106436252593994,0,0.95038890838623047,-0.95038884878158569,0,0.31106439232826233,-3.432697057723999,1.1999962329864502,4.8940415382385254}}) Then paste it into end of 1st.pov Then render the 1st.ini Copy 2nd lxfml 's brick to 1st and render Using same method can make these: HAN by Nachapon S., on Flickr Darth by Nachapon S., on Flickr sw gold by Nachapon S., on Flickr
  2. I am doing some rendering in POV-Ray, and I am overall pleased with the results. Most parts have nice reflective surfaces; however, I found that non-reflective parts, especially tires, are rendered as shiny objects. Is there a means to have only tires rendered in a matte-finish, so as to give a more realistic appearance?
  3. Just found that can share panorama quick and easy. Here is my first attemp to make a virtual tour, so I make it quick and simple. There are many softwares can make full functions VT. Just found FSPViewer is free and simple, so I try it. Please tell us if you found better one. First made three ldd2povray panorama renderings, then make three small .text file for three hotspots. Put these six file in same folder, then use FSPViewer to open one of the *.fsv and click the red hotspot icon to start virtual tour. Background music is live piano performance by my child. HD 720p YouTube Virtual tour Eurobrick's 4th LDD RCB and Sea Cow 360 panorama by Nachapon S., on Flickr
  4. For attending my duty („ ... you must (if you win) share how you did the render…”) I prepared some comments on my entry for the rendering contest. Hope these comments will inspire you to create and poste some more nice renderings or even will encourage you to engage with rendering. Superkalle proposed to open a new topic fort his. So please feel free to poste further questions/comments/remarks here. I would highly appreciate if other participants in the rendering contest would poste some tips regarding their entries here too. Papacharly
  5. A render of one of my minianimals with LDD and LDD2PovRay. Hope you like it:
  6. Waiting for the needed parts to arrive. LDD render made with LDD2PovRay. You can support the Project at Cuusoo:
  7. "Tortuga Moon" modified Shirasagi Class smuggling ship by vynsane, on Flickr "She might not look like much, but she's got it where it counts." This modified variant of the Tanuki Corp Shirasagi Class Medium Cargo Shuttle is captained by the notorious smuggler Kaizoku Kortez. Named for the infamous moon used by pirates and smugglers before it was rendered uninhabitable during the piracy crack-downs in this sector of the galaxy, the "Tortuga Moon" has seen better days. While piracy and smuggling has been drastically reduced, it is still the preferred method of wealth acquisition in the small pockets of the galaxy that is too far-flung from the central seat of government influence. Rumor has it Kortez and the mercenary Aliss Oyuki first became romantically entangled while the duo were running guns and fighting, respectively, for the Rendolo Prime Resistance Army. They were, as we all know, on the wrong side of that conflict. Landing Mode "Tortuga Moon" modified Shirasagi Class - Landing mode, Rear access hatch by vynsane, on Flickr Removable Panels "Tortuga Moon" modified Shirasagi Class - Removable Panels by vynsane, on Flickr Hidden Details "Tortuga Moon" modified Shirasagi Class - details by vynsane, on Flickr Details include (above, clockwise from top left) - Hidden smuggling compartments, with removable crates, under removable deck plates - Outer airlock doors/boarding ramps w/built-in stairs - Gear-driven inner airlock doors - 3x light brick per engine, activated by pushing on the cone at the front of the engine LDD file available in the Digital Designer section.
  8. I used Lego Digital Designer (LDD) to model a 1990 Jeep Grand Wagoneer. It features an opening hood (bonnet) and rear tailgate, a working V4 engine, and folding front seats. It uses 643 parts and has 216 steps in the LDD Building Guide. The LDD .lxf Building Instruction file is available for download via Rebrickable, or via SkyDrive here. I used the LDD to POV-RayTM Converter (LDD2PovRay) software for these sharp renders: The working V4 engine moves when the rear axle turns. You can see the Lego Technic elements used: The real vehicle looks like this (note that the camera created a slight "fisheye" effect and the proportions are distorted a tad): Here are some LDD screenprints of the 12-studs-wide, 35-studs-long, 9-2/3 bricks high model. One can see the slanted, folding seats and other details:
  9. This is a LDD model rendered using LDD2PovRay and PovRay. This is the last of my CUUSOO project animals for a long time. Maybe it is time for a change. Hope you like it. You can support it here: