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  1. bartneck

    Looking for new community

    Hello, No longer applicable.
  2. Alright, I found one solution, which is to use the 18948 gear shifter instead.
  3. Hello, I am trying to build a gearbox in LDD using the 18947 gear shifter ring and 26287 cross axle extension 3m. I am too stupid to be able to align the ring on top of the extension. LDD does not automatically snap and I don't know what kind of support structure I could build to align the shifter ring otherwise. The 32187 middle ring is much easier to align since it fits onto a normal axle. I am probably doing something stupidly wrong. Do you have a solution for this problem other than using another software? Thank you in advance, /c
  4. Episode 11 is now available as a free download at I hope you enjoy this LEGO radio drama.
  5. bartneck

    Comparison of LEGO rendering engines

    Mecabricks does not have the the L-Motor in its library and my model could not be rendered with it.
  6. bartneck

    Extreme Off-Road Car

    You can get them here: Or you can print your own ball bearing for LEGO cars:
  7. I compared the different LEGO rendering engines available through LDD, Bluerender and Have a look at the results:
  8. I gave the it another try to build the ultimate LEGO off-road car.
  9. bartneck

    Climbing 20 degrees hill

    Here is a video explaining the modifications: And a second video showing the train in action in regular camera view:
  10. bartneck

    Climbing 20 degrees hill

    Yes, the train has to go to full speed to gather enough speed to go up the hill. It is a sensitive balance between weight and power of the train. If it is too light then the wheels will start slipping. If it is too heavy then the train will just come to a stop with the wheels stalled. It requires power and weight to get the train up.
  11. bartneck

    Climbing 20 degrees hill

    Several modifications were necessary, such as using three engines and raising the bogies. Normally these trains can barely go up five degrees slopes.
  12. bartneck

    Climbing 20 degrees hill

    I designed this little engine that could climb a 20 degree hill and filmed the whole ride in glorious 360 degree video. You can spin the camera and have a look for the Unikitty.
  13. Episode six of this radio play is now available for download. Rob meets with a group of AFOLs and they start planning their first LEGO show. Professor Smith and Rob discuss Greek philosophy and the best strategy to have a career at the university. Maki pushes Rob to his limits and their fight erupts into a true tragedy. Subscribe: Apple Podcasts | Android | Email | Google Podcasts | Stitcher | TuneIn | RSS
  14. The fifths episode of the 12 episode radio play in which Rob Parker discusses Flow Theory with Professor Smith. The kids and Rob start building the Palace Cinema set. Camellia learns how to count different objects in Japanese. Professor Smith and Rob discuss the organisation of libraries. The books is available online and you can subscribe to the podcast on all major platforms such as Apple iTunes, Google Music, Stitcher, TuneIn.
  15. The fourth episode of the 12 episode radio play in which Rob Parker discusses the status of the planet Pluto with Hao. Professor Smith reveals how he ended up in his very special office and provides some career advice. Rob then purchases some shelves to be able to sort his bricks. Rob and Maki fight again. Sorting his bricks gives him some relieve.