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Found 14 results

  1. It represents the house/laboratory from which the blue jackets are supplied for the fabrics and accessories for their uniforms. On the ground floor there is the leather workshop, where the merchant shears one of his sheep among rolls of fabric, trunks of wool and various dyes, and the wife offers travelers the products of their work...comfortable leather backpacks and shoulder bags for soldiers, as well as various accessories for grooming the beasts and decorating the jackets. Upstairs is the spartan house, small but complete, with a large bed, table and fireplace for warming up and cooking. The house is also equipped with a "recessum", so as not to have to go out in the cold when the body calls, sheepfold and chicken coop. And watch out for the kitten who enjoys ambushing the little animals wandering around on the roof...
  2. Started this for the Lego Ideas LOTR contest from a weeks ago, but ran out of time for it then, and just came back to finish it now.
  3. paokus

    Good Ogel´s garden

    Hi!! This is my new collection of flowers and plants that I have decided to upload to LEGO Ideas for those of you who are interested. For more information:LEGO IDEAS - Good Ogel´ s Garden
  4. Magda's Garden Shed Every time I visit a garden shop I am fascinated by the mixture of colors and shapes of the plants that you can find there. I really like that atmosphere especially in the old rustic shacks. I tried to recreate that kind of location by building a barn-shaped shed surrounded by flowers and plants. The inspiration came from a drawing by a Japanese dioramist that I really appreciate. The large tree that sprout up from the roof catches the eye and it's the leading element of the entire scene. The Garden Shed is the kingdom of Mrs. Magda (can you spot her?), a friendly Spanish lady who has retired to the countryside with her funny cat. She spends her spare time taking care of the multitude of lush plants and flowers. The diorama is full of details and strange pieces, have fun finding them. Hope you like it!
  5. Hi everyone I'd like to present my latest MOC, a new modular building called Bricks & Blooms. I hope you like it. Bricks & Blooms is a modular Garden Centre built over 3 levels on a 32 x 32 base plate. in total it uses 2587 bricks. The facade is supposed to give the impression of being 2 buildings side by side but it is of course just one single building. The front to back measurement of the building is quite narrow, similar to Parisian restaurant. This is because I wanted to maintain plenty of space at the rear of the building for the main outside garden centre / plant sale area. THE MINIFIGURES I've included 6 mini figs and a cat with this MOC. Left to right they are: 2 customers (a father and his daughter), The garden centre shop keeper and gardener, the chef and the Aquatics shop assistant. THE GARDEN CENTRE AND GROUND LEVEL DETAILS The main garden centre area of the store is situated on the ground level. Outside on the street, I've included a tree, bench and lots of plants and flowers for sale. The garden centre also has a fruit and veg stall that sells it's produce directly to passers by on the street. Inside the shop I've included the cashier desk and more plants and gardening tools for sale including a little lawn mower side-build. Here is the interior of the fruit and veg stall that is accessed through a door at the back of the cashier desk. A door at the back of the shop leads out in to the main outdoor gardening area. Here I've included a large glass canopy covering rows of tables holding bedding plants. There are also more flowers, pots and other gardening products including a water feature. The stairs at the back of the building lead up to level 2. LEVEL 2 - CAFE/RESTAURANT No garden centre would be complete without its own cafe/restaurant. The cafe on level 2 has a fully equipped kitchen with serving desk and tables and chairs for the minifigs. There is also a small balcony in the cafe that looks out on to the street below. LEVEL 3 - AQUATICS Many garden centres here in the UK also have departments that specialise in pet fish and Aquatics. Bricks & Blooms is no exception and has it's own dedicated Aquatics section on level 3. The Cat below seems to have its eye on the goldfish. The door behind the desk leads out on to a small roof terrace area. FLOWER CART The model also includes a flower cart. THE FINISHED MODEL The picture below shows Bricks & Blooms combined with my other modulars and vehicle MOC's. Left to right they are. The Queen Bricktoria Convenience Store Brick Square Post Office Bricks & Blooms The Old Workhorse - Traction Engine LEGO IDEAS I have submitted Bricks & Blooms as a LEGO Ideas project. If you like the model I'd be really grateful if you'd be kind enough to head over to LEGO Ideas and give the model your votes. You can find the project at the following link. Many thanks! I hope you like my newest MOC and thanks very much for reading. As always, there are many more pics on my Flickr page and feel free to leave comments and let me know what you think.
  6. Hanwasyellowfirst

    [MOC] The Riverside Scholars

    Hey all this is a build of mine thats part of an original theme I have been working on! What do you think? Any feedback appreciated! There are currently 2 other sets in the theme. It's up on LEGO Ideas so please feel free to check out more images and support if you like it!
  7. Norton74

    Winter Garden

    Winter Garden This diorama was on my wishlist since a long time. My goal was to recreate a welcoming room full of plants and flowers while using many pieces from the Scala, Fabuland and Belville series. I have been collecting these kind of pieces in the past few months, and have finally placed them in my Winter Garden. If you look carefully you'll notice many Scala pieces like the award ribbon, the watering cans, the cloth rug, the chairs, the wicker baskets and the suitcase. Even the white cat waiting for the mouse on the chair. The coffee-table legs are linked via the Scala towel bar, a piece I had never heard of, but very interesting. I also added a couple of Fabuland utensils: the camera on the cabinet and the jerry can. There are many plants and flowers and I used different kind of utensil to create the plants supports (hockey sticks for the cactus, brooms for the ficus). There are many others details and NPU, have fun spotting them! It was very funny building it and it's something different from my usual comfort zone. Hope you like it!
  8. Main Photo by Ben Lee, on Flickr A vibrant jungle garden, hidden in a secret rainforest in Southeast Asia. Long forgotten by human eyes, Buddha watches the plants and animals around him thrive. Built for the Eurobricks Flower Show. Angled View by Ben Lee, on Flickr Birdseye by Ben Lee, on Flickr Closeup by Ben Lee, on Flickr Closeup 2 by Ben Lee, on Flickr Closeup 3 by Ben Lee, on Flickr Rearview 1 by Ben Lee, on Flickr Rearview 2 by Ben Lee, on Flickr
  9. Poor Disadvantaged

    [MOC] Artemis, Huntress of the Moon

    Artemis, Huntress of the Moon by Poor Disadvantaged Made to complement Kevin Huxtable's Apollo for Contest #75 on BZPower.
  10. Nachapon Lego

    [MOC] Plants vs Zombies

    I built a small garden for Plants vs Zombies minifigs (EA licensed) just got today. Hope you like it. The quality of plants are good, good looking and easy to shoot the bullet. But zombies are not so good. 1. Only zombies's head arms and legs is printed, body and all accessories use sitckers . 2. The arms of zombies are very loose and very easy off. lego plants vs zombies by cmfkian, on Flickr Playing Plant Vs Zombie by Yakin Sure, on Flickr lego plants vs zombies by cmfkian, on Flickr lego plants vs zombies by cmfkian, on Flickr lego plants vs zombies by cmfkian, on Flickr
  11. Commander Wolf

    [MOC] "Workshop" House

    Hi all, I'm mainly a train guy, but I have a mild interest in architecture and an opinion on what I want in building design. This year I decided that I would build a house for our LUG's annual Christmas show, and of course it took me basically the whole year to design and build something I liked. I actually started with three design "concepts" that I felt were worth trying to implement: "open" house, "indoor-outdoor" house, and "workshop" house (this one). I won't say much about the former two since I may still want to build them in the future, but workshop eventually won because I had more issues shrinking the other two (more on that in a bit). The concept behind the workshop house is simple: the bottom floor is entirely workspace and the second floor is entirely living space. That's it. I build scale models for my trains, so I originally intended to make a scale model for this house, but it very quickly became apparent that a scale model would be really, really big, even after I reduced the scope (fewer rooms) of the design. It was only on the third revision that I finally decided to make it more of an "architectural concept" than a scale model, and tried to design it with the same level of fidelity as say a Creator or Modular building. And that's the one I actually built. In this design I also tried to manifest some themes I'm indirectly interested in exploring: the contrast between old and new, open floorplans, and the inclusion/intrusion of nature. For example, the workshop section of the house is built to suggest brick, something very heavy, while the top is designed to look more modern, something more light. The kitchen/dining room/living room are all in the same space, and the only private sections are a bathroom and bedroom. Finally the workshop has wide sliding doors on both ends such that it can essentially be transformed into an outdoor space. Finally, because I was looking at Creator sets for inspiration, the house also folds open down the center. I'm not sure how much play value there is in a thing like this, but at least you can see inside. Looking at the furnishings I can elaborate what I meant when I said "architectural concept" vs "scale model": in this house there isn't explicitly all the things you would need to make it livable, which is what allows to not be huge. There isn't like a shower or a kitchen sink or a refrigerator, rather there is a suggestion that there is a bathroom and a kitchen in their respective locations. Most of the furniture is stolen from official sets. I'm really not into furniture as much as the building-level idea. Those doors aren't really supposed to be clear, but I couldn't find anything opaque, and I wanted viewers to be able to look into the rooms. Finally there is a laundry room on the roof and an opening thing that was supposed to be a skylight (you can see it in the LDD model), but the old skylight piece turned out to be very hard to get. I think that's everything I have to add; there is of course a full gallery if it ever gets moderated, and if you are in the SF Bay Area you can see the house for yourself at the BayLUG Christmas display.
  12. We’re approaching the surface of yet another planet. But this time, it’s going to be different. I’m not here to discover more atrocities. I’m here to end them. Let Felucia be the planet of life once again. The arms dealer told us we might find him here. But he is not my only source. That datapad, once used to disguise the bounty hunter’s actions, might serve to uncover him. It contained more information than I thought. The bounty hunter must have thought that as well, otherwise he would never have left it behind. The Rebel he took it from must have been very close to finding him. So close that Fett found him first. And the Rebel left all he knew on his datapad. He had a list of locations. One of them on Felucia. That knowledge is now mine to use. And I intend to use my inheritance well. I put the landing craft down near the location. Now is the time. “According to my information, the hideout of the bounty hunter is two hours north from here. I’ll stay with the ship. We don’t want to get stuck on this planet.” Nobody questions me. Agent An and the fantroopers of the bounty hunter depart, eager to meet and thank their idol. [soNE Ep. VI] 5 - Delivery, deliverance by Bert.VR, on Flickr But I don’t want them to. Boba Fett doesn’t deserve that kind of thank you. How could someone possible thank him for his work. For his work, his atrocities, all the horrors I’ve been through to find him. All the bad examples he gives. All the low things he inspires and propagates. How can this monster possibly be received like a hero? [soNE Ep. VI] 5 - Two ways by Bert.VR, on Flickr The troopers are out of sight. I leave the ship, and I start walking south, to where the datapad says I can find that bounty hunter. I’m going to bring him another message, another kind of thank you. I’m going to show him who he really is, what he really does. It’s about time I finally do something with all of those thoughts I had. No more hiding inside myself. I’m going to step to him and use the most effective weapon of all. A weapon that can destroy people. A weapon that shatters them. A weapon that can give them new life. A mirror. I pay no attention to the flora around me. I don’t care if it tries to kill me or tries to make me alive. I don’t care what my colleagues are doing. I wouldn’t care if they fell into a Sarlacc pit. I only feel determination. No turning back. But what if he isn’t there? What if he shoots me? What if… I don’t have the courage? Then that will not be the end of my mission. It will continue. I’ll track him down and deliver my message. I will evade his shots and prevail. I will deliver myself from my eternal passiveness. Because this can’t go on. Because everything can’t be in vain. Because these words… are true. To Boba Fett, bounty hunter Thank you. Thank you for showing that a killer can never become a hero. Thank you for teaching me that there are things, supported by you, worse than war. Thank you for waking me up that your deeds cannot be just another horror. Thank you for causing these ruins among ruins of war. For all of that was horrendous enough, not to scare me. It was atrocious enough to wake me up. It gave me a purpose. A purpose to end what you do. A motivation, that there are such horrors out here, that thinking about them is not enough. A meaning to this mission, that this delivery might bring deliverance. And a question. They say you can do everything, but can you look in a mirror? __________________ As usual, LDD file available here. I found Felucia the hardest planet to build on in this entire episode. Maybe because it came last, but the fact that it is really hard to do a lot of flexing in LDD (I hope overhang is still acceptable), and the fact that I couldn't use tons of transparent pieces without finishing my renders in a week or two, really didn't make things easier. It was also tricky to do something 'new' on this planet. So I just stayed with the over vegetated surface of the planet, with tons of weird plants. I had to be creative with parts, and I restricted myself further to not using parts that are intended to be used as vegetation. So hats, wigs, beards, animals and other oddities it is! I hope you enjoy spotting all kinds of far fetched parts usages in this creations. As I said, I found it hard to do something different, content wise. Therefor, I decided to make an original presentation. I hope you like the contrast between the greyscale and the colors, as it was hard to get it right. You have to have some kind of continuum in the vegetation, but not all of the parts are available both in color as in shades of grey. But I did my best, and I hope you like how it turned out. My goal was to make the story more visual, even on a symbolic level, and I hope that works. So that was it for this episode. I hope you enjoyed following the entire story, as we had a lot of fun writing it. Thanks again goatman461 for all of the feedback and the great ideas! I hope this can continue. Anyway, if you lost track of the rather big story, I don't blame you, and here is a little overview to help you out: Part 1 - When did the killer become the hero?by BEAVeR Part 2 - Something smells fishy by goatman461 Part 3 - Worse than war I by BEAVeR Part 4 - Worse than war II by goatman461 Part 5 - Just another horror I by BEAVeR Part 6 - Just another horror II by goatman461 Part 7 - Ruins among ruins by BEAVeR Part 8 - Ruins on top of ruins by goatman461 Part 9 - Delivery, deliverance by BEAVeR Part 10 - Felucia by goatman461