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  1. Scrat

    [MOC] coffee shop

    coffee shop by Wojciech Hołub "Scrat", on Flickr
  2. Gift for friends fiance. He liked it! :) cooling towers by WHBRICKS
  3. Scrat

    [MOC] microbrewery

    microbrewery by Scrat_
  4. Scrat

    MOC: flower III

    Happy Valentine's Day! flickr brickshelf
  5. Scrat

    MOC: Jedi Knighting

    brickshelf flickr
  6. Scrat

    MOC: Locomotive 799

    Indexed by Moderator Lokomotiva řady 799 Přezdívky: Adéla (via: http://cs.wikipedia..../Lokomotiva_799) brickshelf flickr
  7. Scrat

    MOC: modern house

    B-RM-08C brickshelf flickr
  8. Scrat

    MOC: flower II

    Happy Valentine's Day!
  9. Scrat

    MOC: chinese restaurant

    chinese restaurant flickr brickshelf
  10. My CCC VIII entry for fairy tale. brickshelf flickr
  11. Scrat

    MOC: duel

    Little vignette, nothing really special...