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  1. beans

    [MOC] The Mountain Oracle

    brilliant moc, supported! I'm trying to figure out how on earth you got the shape of those two central columns if you care you share :)
  2. beans

    Help with identifying parts/sets!

    Just found this in a random locals listing. Can anyone ID the purple tulip-bulb looking flower? Would love to seek out more of them but I have no idea where or what to search.
  3. beans

    Contest: The Eurobricks Flower Show

    Is the voting thread up yet?
  4. beans

    [EBFS] Buddha's Hidden Garden

    Thanks Kate!
  5. beans

    Eurobricks Flower Show: The Showground

    Buddha's Hidden Garden Main Photo by Ben Lee, on Flickr
  6. Main Photo by Ben Lee, on Flickr A vibrant jungle garden, hidden in a secret rainforest in Southeast Asia. Long forgotten by human eyes, Buddha watches the plants and animals around him thrive. Built for the Eurobricks Flower Show. Angled View by Ben Lee, on Flickr Birdseye by Ben Lee, on Flickr Closeup by Ben Lee, on Flickr Closeup 2 by Ben Lee, on Flickr Closeup 3 by Ben Lee, on Flickr Rearview 1 by Ben Lee, on Flickr Rearview 2 by Ben Lee, on Flickr
  7. 2 points to 2/ Pharaoh's Quest Curse of the Mummy by TazManiac 2 points to 5/ The City Connection by TazManiac 2 points to 23/ Serpent Ruins by Siercon and Coral 1 point to 28/ The Excavation of the Fortress of Ra Ahmin Ka by Tervlon
  8. In my set up, my three main factions are the Crownies, the new lion knights, and the dragon knights. Crownies I see as a very monarchical faction (based on their emblem) and are the traditional and highly religious kingdom and command the most power. The Lion knights are comparatively more modern and place more emphasis on education, sort of like the Enlightened faction. The Dragon Knights are groups of converted barbarian tribes (somewhat akin to the Ostrogoths in history). All of them hold onto a shaky alliance amongst themselves to oppose the fantasy 'villain' factions like the trolls and skeletons who have destroyed much of the Dwarven kingdom whose refugees now rely on the human factions for support.
  9. Has anyone spotted them at TRU in Canada yet? They've popped up at several Walmarts in the area, but they've pretty much disappeared within the week they're put out.
  10. beans

    Review: 10196 Grand Carousel

    I had always dismissed this set as out of my price range but the grandiosity you've depicted here certainly makes it seem worth it! I guess I can wait for Santa to bring one around.
  11. beans

    Weapon and Armor shop

    What set is that orc head from?
  12. beans

    [MOC] Bad Trip

    Where did those mushroom pieces come from?
  13. beans

    Review: 3851 Atlantis Treasure

    I bought Ramses' Pyramid and the gameplay felt pretty simple, kinda kid-friendly I guess but not that interesting for me. Has anyone else who's played this game wanna offer some input? Concept looks neat.
  14. This set looks waaaay better as a laboratory than a sub. The vehicle form just looks way too blocky to imagine as a submarine. Nonetheless, those green domes will certainly come in useful for MOCing!
  15. beans

    REVIEW: 7948 Outpost Attack

    Just got this as a present from my girlfriend. I love the build, though I wish we got a couple shields for the Lion Knights!