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Found 9 results

  1. Magda's Garden Shed Every time I visit a garden shop I am fascinated by the mixture of colors and shapes of the plants that you can find there. I really like that atmosphere especially in the old rustic shacks. I tried to recreate that kind of location by building a barn-shaped shed surrounded by flowers and plants. The inspiration came from a drawing by a Japanese dioramist that I really appreciate. The large tree that sprout up from the roof catches the eye and it's the leading element of the entire scene. The Garden Shed is the kingdom of Mrs. Magda (can you spot her?), a friendly Spanish lady who has retired to the countryside with her funny cat. She spends her spare time taking care of the multitude of lush plants and flowers. The diorama is full of details and strange pieces, have fun finding them. Hope you like it!
  2. "Barn Find" As a petrolhead I've always dreamed about finding a classic car hidden for years in an old barn or shed. And that is what is called "Barn find". My latest build showcases two car-hunters discovering a classic Bugatti Type 35 Grand Prix in a barn. Close to the blue machine you can see the old farmer with his dog showing the treasure, even if he doesn't know its real value. And the french beauty looks really in shape. The Bugatti Type 35 was the most successful of the Bugatti racing models, the famous "pur sang". Introduced at the Grand Prix of Lyon on August 3, 1924 the Type 35 was phenomenally successful, winning over 1,000 races in its time. A few days ago a 1925 model has been sold for over €1.4 million at the Artcurial auction in Paris. Thanks for stopping by. More pics and info: flickr
  3. soccerkid6

    Land of Rauor: Farm

    This is the third of 4 micros I built as prizes for the Guild Creation category of the Summer Joust. This particular model was focused on a city of Rauor. You can see the first and the second builds already. Rauor is just a fictional land I made up, and tried to develop the culture and setting of with these 4 micro builds, the rest of which will be posted soon. C&C welcome
  4. Kellelely

    [MOC] A little red barn

    Hi all! Ive long admired all of your amazing MOC work on this forum, but we've all go to start somewhere ... this is the beginning :-) I wanted to share with you my latest creation - a little red barn. I was inspired by the Series 15 CMF - Farmer w/ pig, because I needed a place for all of the pigs I was amassing. This barn has the traditional roof shape, red exterior, sliding barn doors, and is completed by a small barnyard and chicken coop out back for the animals. All positive feedback constructive criticism, or tips for next time are welcome. More pictures in my Flickr album, if interested As a side note -- how do people get images in the post? I'd prefer to embed from outside host, so I don't have re-size them all to make them fit, but that seems to be the only option?
  5. "You have your instructions: Keep vigilant, both for the Drow and this plague, and continue to increase the defenses of the castle. With luck, I will be back in a month. With less luck, perhaps I will be gone until the summer's end*. In either event, Iremons is in your hands as a council." Lord Collis' cabinet, who had always relied on his moderating influence to keep them at peace, did their best to hide their unease. "Goodbye, father," Linda said, and the rest of the party hastened to follow with good wishes. His county in safe hands, Lord Collis Greenplate turned and walked to his boat. Now for some names, from left to right in the above picture discounting Lord Collis: Far left, front: Dalen, or "Dale", Greenplate, Lord Collis' son** and steward and Linda's twin brother. Dale has little taste for soldiering, preferring numbers (especially those referring to coin values). Local merchants fear his abacus. Next left, back: "Guaire", a tall, taciturn wandering warrior housed by Sir Steven and named for a city that no one's ever heard of. His survival and combat skills are numerous. Center left, bull shirt: Sir Steven George's Son, one of Lord Collis' loyal knights. Sir Steven's clan dates back to before the coming of the Dragonflight and has customs all of its own. Sir Steven takes little of the codes and bonds of knighthood seriously, and is always one for drinks and cynicism on the march and a dirty trick when he gets to the fight. Center right, plate armor: Sarah MacFiercest, a member of the clan of the same name and a guard captain of Sir Ducan MacFiercest. As with many rolls in her clan, it has been in the bloodline for decades. Second to right, front: Linda Greenplate, Lord Collis' daughter** and captain of Castle Iremons' garrison. She mostly fell into the roll because her twin brother was repulsed by it, but takes the task very seriously and rather enjoys it. Far right, back: Sir Ducan MacFiercest, one of Lord Collis' loyal knights. Clan MacFiercest, like much in Lord Greenplate's domain, was caught on the wrong side of the border when a line was drawn between Avalonia and Mitgardia. Sir MacFiercest is an impulsive and compulsively-chivalrous knight who enjoys battles, brawls and being courteous to women. It is worth noting that Clan MacFiercest (lions) and the other major clan (bulls) have a long-dormant blood feud. *No, Lord Greenplate has not heard that Albion is in quarantine **Please ignore anything that is said about the previous steward and his magnetism ~ ~ ~ In case you were wondering, this build was heavily inspired by the works of Derfel Cadarn. Ignore the bad picture... I think I have a good idea of how to fix those gaps you saw next time I try this style of building, but C+C is welcome! (C+C does mean "critiques and comments", right?)
  6. Kristel

    Winter Village: The Barn House

    Here's my entry to the Expand the Winter Village Contest V: The Barn House. This is where the sick animals (mostly fawns) are kept and looked after when they are not well. The 'set' includes the main barn house, and outdoor yard with shelter and five minifigures. The minifigures from left to right are: Elf - Santa's liaison Jo - looks after the animals Kids x2 - because where there are small animals there are always small kids Lachy - cleans up after the animals Front of the barn house: You can see the chicken on the left hand side, snooping around the feed store for the animals. The interior of the barn house has a small stable, for the animals that need lots of attention, a pot belly stove to warm up the barn and a loft so that Jo can stay close to the animals 24/7. The outside yard is for those animals that need a little less attention. It includes a small stable to shelter from the weather: Someone left the gate open! More images in the Flickr album. Thanks for looking! C&C welcome.
  7. See the previous tales: Wyndor's Saga: Chapter 1 -What Has Past- Chapter 2 Part 10: A New Home Part 10.1:Blunted Edges Part 10.2: Cramped Spaces Part 10.3: Enthusiastic Worker Part 11.0 Part 11: Mysterious Death Part 12: Dark Meetings Part 13: Warm Yourself Part 14.1: Sisterly Visit Part 14.2: Proud Farmer Part 14.3: Mitgardian Household Part 15: Another Mysterious Death Part 16.1: The Council Meeting Part 16.2: Meeting with Wyndor (made by Glorfindel) Part 16.3: Feud in Teridyan Part 16.4: Great Elk Longhouse (made by Glorfindel) Part 16.5: Traveling Partners Part 16.6: Mitgardian Throne Room (made by Glorfindel) Part 17: The Cemetery Part 18: Home Part 19: Crowded Market Mayhem Part 20: Shooting Straight Part 21: Returning Part 22: Keeping Out or Keeping In Part 23: Talk in the Tavern Part 24: Mitgardian Long Sheep The farmer led Pjeter and Wyndor into the barn where the Blue Wolf member was being kept. As they approached the men could see the renegade sitting in a corner with his hands tied up. As they neared he stood up and started toward Wyndor. The farmer held up a pitchfork and threatened, “Now, that’s far enough scum!” The Blue Wolf ignored the farmer, but stopped walking. “Wyndor, I’m glad you’ve come. My leader has told me it is time for you and he to meet.” “Well,” answered Wyndor, “It would appear he has the advantage since he knows me but I’ve never met him.” “That’s not entirely true,” replied the renegade. “Now please, it is most urgent that we leave at once. Too much time has already been wasted.” Wyndor raised an eyebrow at Pjeter. “What do you think?” “We could just lock him up,” answered Pjeter, “We have no reason to trust what he says. But I know you can handle yourself in a scrape, I’ll leave the decision up to you.” Wyndor turned back to the captive. “Let me guess, if I come with you I have to come alone and unarmed?” “No,” he answered. “Bring whomever you want. But there is no need for a show of force nor will it help you. We will need horses though. Where I am taking you is not close by.” Wyndor thought for a moment. “Alright, I’ll come with you.” Turning to Pjeter he asked, “Can you head back to town and ask 2 men to meet me here with horses as soon as possible?” “Only two?” questioned Pjeter. “I’m trusting my gut on this one” answered Wyndor. “Oh, and one more thing, can you let Valanice know what’s going on?” OoC: I'm really happy with how the roof of the barn turned out. I hope you like it too. As this is my Storehouse entry I just want to clarify that I'm counting the hay being stored in the top level as enough to claim this as a Storehouse. I didn't feel like building a giant grain silo or other traditional storehouse so I came up with this idea. I hope that's acceptable.
  8. Another mech battle, and one of two big sets in the LEGO Movie January wave. That's right, I'm finally up to… Set Title: Rescue Reinforcements Set #: 70813 Theme: The LEGO Movie Pieces: 859 Minifigures: 5 Year of Release: 2014 Price at Release: USD 70 Just browse the pictures? Flickr set INTRODUCTION I already did my little discussion of how I'm not a huge mech fan in my MetalBeard's Duel review. To repeat it again here would be extraneous. Besides for certain ones of the minifigures, which looked super-cool, this set wasn't particularly ringing my excitement bells. It seemed far outstripped by the Lair in the same price range (a set which I really love now, having built it). So how does this set stack up in the LEGO? Let us delve one last time into LEGO Movie review land and find out! BOX The box is large though not excessively so, as to be expected. It's the same size as the Lair's box. It makes you think that it's another 2-in-1 set, but it's not. Only the four USD 30 sets have two sets of instructions. In Creative Ambush and this one, building the alt models will be left up to you if you care to do so. There aren't a ton of play features in this set, and the box doesn't even show them all (since I think twisting the know to make the water gun go round would count as a play feature). The box shows how this set comes with a secret code (that I've blurred out of all my pictures) that will get you something in the video game, just like the code in the High Speed Chase City set got you something in Grand Theft LEGO. I doubt you will be quite as excited as Emmet when you use this code, though. To me, the minifigures alone certainly make this set enticing. Blacktron and Fabuland Fan torsos? How ridiculously wonderful! Hank Haystack looks cool too. CONTENTS This one's got seven numbered bags (all of which may or may not be present in this picture…), two loose fire hose strings, a DSS and three instruction booklets. Plenty of non-grey here, hooray! Sorry I'm not sorry that's always how I judge sets when I spill them out (although Arkham Asylum is wonderful, ok… grey can be fine). The DSS here is not so bad - I imagine the barn stickers could actually be pretty useful, even though splitting up "tresspassin'" in the middle might be hard to incorporate somewhere. The fire stickers are fairly standard affairs, though the warning sign stickers are nice. Why did I include the fire hoses in this shot? No idea… Three instruction booklets, the second of which is a smaller size. It's particularly nice with a big set with numbered bags that there are different instruction manuals for the three different builds (1 is the Fire Mech, 2 is the Micromanager, 3 is the flying barn). You could easily get three family members building at once for some lovely family bonding time, although the different builds may take different amounts of time. As a singular builder, I was surprised that the fire mech was the first thing to build. The Micromanager was first in all the other sets, and I always expect the biggest build to come last. It makes no difference whatsoever, but it breaks a pattern in build order that I thought I had noticed. Lots of sub-assemblies in the fire mech for lots of articulation! MINIFIGURES As expected, the Blacktron and Fabuland fans are terrific! Better yet, they have adolescent faces with too much excitement, braces, and freckles (or acne?)! Hank is a nice farmer figure too, and this is one of just two sets to have the new tactical vest. Plus another Robo SWAT for your Robo SWAT force. The only slightly less exciting figure is the firefighter. It's a great set of prints, but nothing special since it comes in a whole bunch of fire sets. Everybody has backprinting, and the kids have funny scared faces. Somebody commented on the Flying Flusher review that the plumbers could of used some butt printing for a plumber's crack, and well… Hank has got some butt printing! I actually did not notice that until I looked at this picture again. That's hilarious! (I guess we've learned minifigures' behinds are quite high up.) ANIMALS This set includes two lovely animals that are also quite rare. This is the third set to include the white printed chicken (the others being the Kingdoms Mill Village Raid and a new Friends stables set), and just the second to have the dirty-print pig! Even the clean pig only comes in four sets so far, so pigs are a rare commodity. I guess minifigures don't eat a lot of bacon, although I suppose even if they did it would come printed on a tile and they wouldn't needed pigs. EXTRA BITS Lots of nice extras here taken at an unhelpful angle that makes them hard to see! Plenty of extra cheese in different colors, plus an extra carrot-top and an entire extra fire hose, in case you wanted one. SET - FIRE MECH It feels strange to start with the mech, but I usually go in build-order for whatever reason, so here it is! I honestly did not expect to like this thing, but in actuality I do! The colors are on point and work together, the details are nice without being overdone or messy, and just overall it feels like it should be a Transformer and pulls off that look well. The mech is pretty squat and chunky, since the cockpit keeps the proportions of the cab of a LEGO fire truck for the most part. I like that the designer went for symmetry on the model - it makes the design look really put together. The designer easily could've gone an 'everything stuck any place' route, but the symmetry keeps it focused and pleasant. I also absolutely love the yellow cheese 'toes.' Maybe these were done practically for balance, but they're quite funny and cute! Only a few details differ on each side, since the 'hand' parts necessarily have to be different builds anyway. Here are looks from both sides. The back oddly has a rollcage door on the cab which is then covered by the ladder, so it can't open. I guess it's there just because LEGO usually uses that piece on fire trucks? It's a nice part and detail anyway. The back of the feet are kind of strange, but I like getting all of those parts in those particular colors, so I can't complain. One odd design feature is that there are hoses connected from the legs to the cab, a feature which will come into play in a moment. The cab is roomy, and has what you expect… a steering wheel. It would be even cooler with room for two firefighters (Pacific Rim style?), but you could MOD it that way. One seat in the middle is in keeping with LEGO's typical City designs. The one let down of the mech is the pose-ability. The legs don't have much range of movement, and even though the cab is on swivel parts, since there are those tubes connected it to the legs that I mentioned, it can barely turn! Of course you could just take those off, but it's a pretty big design flaw in my opinion. The arms can pose pretty well, though, so that's a plus. Overall this guy kind of reminds me of a sumo wrestler - squat and bulky. I like it, even though the legs and cab movement are impeded. SET - MICROMANGER This is the second tall chicken leg Micromanager, and it's very similar to the one in MetalBeard's Duel. The legs are identical besides for one parts detail difference. This one looks better than the MetalBeard one, though, since the sides get properly covered and don't look messy. This one also has a third arm with a gun. Even though it's the over-used AQ gun, at least it hasn't come in black much yet (only in the CMF line and some 2014 Chima sets), so I'll accept it. And it actually works in this situation. With two grabby arms and a gun, this Micromanager looks like it's ready to run around and do some proper damage. This might be the only Micromanager with a plain, single-unadorned-plate back! Not a problem, though. The function on this one is that the sides flip up to reveal some flick-fires. Extra flick ammo is included inside, which honestly seems like more of a detail than something useful, since I don't know how many people will be pulling out the flick-refill after discharging the first one. Even kids. Unlike the flying small Micromanager with flip-up wings, where the flipped-up mode looked cool, this one looks rather silly. I prefer it with the sides down (I'm not going to be flick-firing anything any time soon anyhow). SET - FLYING BARN I'm pretty partial to this flying barn as well. Unlike Creative Reinforcements, where I thought the plane looked too messy, this barn-copter has a well-balanced color scheme and general look that I can get behind. Perhaps it's because it still quite resembles a barn, just with some helicopter attachments, whereas the bi-plane was a bi-plane and not much of a saloon (which makes good sense, I just didn't like it). One aspect/detail I totally love here is the pilot controls. It's nothing so interesting, I guess, but the simpe combination looks wonderful as helicopter controls. They also make use of the new clip with rod-input piece, so that's nice since it's a great piece. The chicken lookout is also hilarious. The telescope piece is fairly rare in light bley, so that's nice to get. I'm not sure why there would be a pig on the tail, but who cares!? You get a pig! I also can't explain the reason to have a carrot strung up. EDIT: I've been informed in comments below that the pig is on a treadmill to power the tail rotors, and the carrot is what makes it keep walking! Hilarious! END EDIT Of course, two tail rotors is once again a head-scratcher when one considers real-world copters, but since this is a crazy contraption already I don't care much. It was worse in the Wolverine Chopper Showdown where the heli was somewhat 'realistic.' The wind-mill top rotor is quite nice too. I've never put down so many vertical clip pieces all at once (16 in one step). There are a couple of play features included (besides flick-fires and spinning rotors). First is this barrel attached on chains carrying apples. You can manually tip it over to drop some apple bombs (which sounds too much like "apple-bottom jeans" to me, and then reminds me of a certain song that involves those and boots with fur. Now it's stuck in my head ). The play feature works well though! On the other side are doors which open up to reveal a sliding thing with a hole in it for carrots. Pull it out far enough, and the carrots wil drop as carrot bombs! This is plenty of fun too. COMPLETE SET and CONCLUSION I like when this happens - I go into a set thinking I won't like it, and then it turns out to be great! This set has a lot going for it - good-looking models, some unique minifigures with terrific prints, some good parts, and plenty of fun to be had. That said, would I personally buy this? As a person with a tight budget, I can't say I would. The Evil Lair set is unquestionably more enticing since it comes with some key characters for the film and is the only way to get them, and I'm a bigger fan of location-sets than mech sets. There are also so many smaller sets in this line that would come first in buy-order, like the Super Cycle Chase (which already is not a cheap set), some of the USD 30 sets, the Cloud Cuckoo Palace, and the Getaway Glider. Honestly I'll say that if I hadn't received this set to review, I don't think it ever would've ended up in my collection. However, if I had a bigger LEGO budget, I would pick this one up now that I've built it (and not just brickling the Fabuland and Blacktron fan figures). I never would've known I'd want it just looking at the pictures, but having it in front of me, there's a lot ot like. It's a fun big mech and a nice barn with great figures, and when all is said and done it does feel like it's worth the money. Well, that wraps up my LEGO Movie reviews! I hope they've been enlightening when they needed to be, and I hope you've enjoyed them! I've certainly enjoyed bringing them to you. Coming up, look out for a wave overview with pictures of all the sets and group pictures like all of the Robo SWAT, all of the Micromanagers, etc. Coming… sometime! CloneyO out, for now.
  9. Wedge09

    Eddy the Farmer's Barn

    Here we are with another MOC: Eddy the farmer's barn. You will remember Eddy the farmer from my previous MOC Eddy the farmer's field; I builded this MOC as a "commission" for a friend here on Eurobricks: he needed a barn for a project and asked for help, I replied and I builded this for him, he was quite happy about the result. The structure remained the same but all the minifig changes. It depicts the action going on in a typical day of work in one of the farm of Eddy: we can see people cleaning the barn and taking care of the horses, a boy feeding the poultry, Adam back from grazing the cows and Eddie wandering as usual through his possessions. This is a part of Task 4 - Historican Settlements in the category Agricolture - Livestock: Farm. I'd like to claim 1 credit for Agricolture and Zoology: raising livestock in the The University of Petraea's Doctorate of Historica Program. C&C are always welcome and I hope you Enjoy it!