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Found 4 results

  1. Terrasher

    [WIP] UCS Jabba's Sail Barge

    Work In Progress Ever since I bought the Sail Barge (75020) in 2013, I fell in love with the ship. It quickly became my favorite set. Sadly, recently, I've been taking apart most of my non-UCS sets to make room for the bigger models and to have more pieces to MOC with. I had refrained from wrecking the Barge and the MTT from 2007 because they were my two favorite sets. Eventually, when I got into making car MOCs (Chevrolet Bel Air and Rolls Royce Silver Cloud II), I took both sets apart to make a brown Plymouth Special Deluxe but, after seeing I didn't have enough brown bricks to go through with the project, all the pieces just laid there. Now, while waiting for the UCS Millenium Falcon to come back in stock, I've been having the minifigure-scale fever. I've built a couple of rebel ships (X-Wing (MOD), Y-Wing (WIP), A-Wing (Bought the latest one)) and now, after seeing all he brown pieces I had in stock and all the cool minifigures I wanted to use for some iconic scene, I've tackled Jabba's Sail Barge - The Khetanna. Here it is with my Desert Skiff and the brand new parts that have just arrived: There's a full interior for the barge. Kitchen, droid torture room, "lobby", driver's cabin and, of course, the party room at the back. I'll post pics of the interior as well as more of the outside once I make some progress with the new parts.
  2. Hello fellow AFOL I'd like to share with you a little scene/diorama I made. It's a very simple one but I find it... well "curious" and, hopefully , original. I made a YouTube video about it I wanted to share few pics here but I having difficulties in reducing the size my photos without making them "too small" I moved to Mac after have been a Windows user for many years and this the first time I'm dealing with "resizing" photos since the day I bought my Mac. In the meantime I thought to share my video with you. It's just a little thing, nothing compared with the super detailed dioramas I saw here. I made it just because I thought I could be "cool" to put Clones there in a completely "continuity free", "not canonical" scene. Also, I never liked Jabba so I didn't want to let him the command of the Barge. Dear, Jabba: my set, my rules Like I said, just for fun Let me me know what you think.
  3. Today, I would like to present my Desert Sail-20 Skiff. The Sail-20 was similar in design to the Ubrikkian Industries Bantha-II cargo skiff. The sail skiffs were smaller in size however, and were designed to be used as one-man personal fliers. Unlike the Bantha IIs, the sail skiffs housed a pair of blaster cannons located on each side of the lower hull. This model is not a "complex" as some of the others. Not alot of SNOT. But, it still looks good and stays true to the original model. It is designed, so you can place a sail from the new Jabba's Sail Barge set on it. Till, I build these in real bricks, I'm not sure if it will look too big, or not. After I have this built and the sail in place, I'll have to look at it and play with from there. I believe this is my smallest model in my series of Kenner Mini-Rigs. It has 134 pieces in it and can hold one figure. The .lxf file is in my Brickshelf folder. MLC-3 to come tomorrow! Thanks for looking, Jamie
  4. As I was inspired to build in microscale by toomuchcaffeine's (alas, now former ) Cuusoo project of micro Star Wars scenes (pictures here), it has always been my intention not to not just make vehicles. I wanted to give them a setting, to make a diorama with just a few pieces. Maybe there are more to come, but anyway I present here to you my first micro scene. [MOC] The Tiny Pit of Carkoon by Bert.VR, on Flickr Yes, I know. It's not a giant diorama that that epic scenes deserves (and has got), but still, I'm quite fond of it. The Sarlacc itself is the starting points. Add together 2 LEGO Friends hand mirrors/beac, 6 wild west horns/tentacles, 1 Technic turntable/teeth and some binoculars, clips and a dozen of SNOT bricks to make it bind, and voilĂ , there's your micro Sarlacc. Due to all the SNOT involved in this centerpiece, the build turned out quite complicated as a whole. Adding the curves to simulate dunes at an ofset didn't really help, but at least it gave a decent aesthetical effect. If you're more of an expert in the MOCcing cuisine, you can try to prepare the Sail Barge, as that's a quite complex recipe to follow. The distinct snout is hard to replicate in any scale of LEGO. You have to get the slope viewed from the side, and the curve viewed from the top. So you have to choose your ingredients - err... parts - very well. After using all kinds of pieces I had never heard of before (like Indian wigs, bizarre Hero Factory pieces, trays and bowls...) two rather ordinary (no offence) bow pieces (part 64225) seemed to deliver the right taste. Combining these with straight slopes and shields (O, I do love those!) gave what I was aiming for. The problem was keeping it together, and fitting it in with the rest of the dish - err... model. Some dirty tricks (no bricks were harmed, during the making of this model) gave a satisfactory result, though some gaps were left, I admit. [MOC] The Tiny Pit of Carkoon by Bert.VR, on Flickr To garnish your creation, you can't go without some Desert Skiffs. To be in scale, they had to be really tiny, even for my standards . It was hard to come up with an accurate and - even more important - pretty solution. In the end, I took the advise of "less is more" seriously for once and stayed with one piece, and one piece only. The Rescue can (part 90395) that had proven to be unsuitable for the main course (the Sail Barge) turned out to be just the right part for the job. All you have to do then, is to tell everybody not to notice the gaps, and to present your creation nicely. To evoke the dessert of Tatooine (pun intended), a chaotic and rough edge seems appropriate, especially since you don't want to cover up all those offsets you introduced earlier on... [MOC] The Tiny Pit of Carkoon by Bert.VR, on Flickr This model is best served rendered with LDD2POV-Ray, and with a long text alongside it. I wish you all a humble bon appetit. Please let me know how it tastes. If you have remarks about the spicing, please do tell me. Then I will fetch you some salt and pepper. (in other words: C&C welcome and appreciated)