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Found 6 results

  1. Hi, This is my LMP1 car, that I made for the current TechLUG Technic contest. The full review (and much, much more pictures) is here: http://bj51creations...c-lmp1-car.html. Please leave a comment. Hope you enjoy.
  2. For the 12-th TechLUG Star Wars contest, I have build a modular armored troup transport All-Terrain Dewback-Transport (AT-DT). INTRODUCTION The goal of the contestis to build an All-Terrain walker inspired by the morphology of a Dewback restricted to a total length of 48 studs. I decided to participate after having imagined to use the tail as a toboggan to deploy the clone soldiers. In order to get a more easy to build model and to have more playability, I built it in a modular way. THE BASIC MODULES Schematically, the walker is divider into 3 modules connected by a standardized fixation using pins; each module having its own energy source contained into multicolour cylinders. 1. The forward module consists in the cockpit head, the forward section of the body holding the forward legs. The large windscreen (taken from a Slave One) insures maximal visibility for the pilots without having to move the head to much. Even if the AT-DT is not an offensive engine, it is lightly armored with laser canon located at the eyes and at the tongue which includes also a flamethrower. The pilots can be easily taken out of the cockpit by removing all their support The small neck includes 3 rotation axis and one forward/backward translation movement in order to get the head as close as possible to the body. The legs are fully articuled with 2 perpendicular free axis at the ankle, a ball based articulation for the knee and a single axis using a Technic Rotation Joint Disk at the shoulder. Following the official AT line, I have use the usual shape for the feets and the serigraphied dishes covering the articulation. Additionnal or larger pictures : 2. The middle module which is the womb of the AT-DT transporting the troups on two levels having a removal back and folding lateral panels. This module can be adapted to the needs of the battle but I show the troups carrier version which allows to 23 clone soldiers to be "confortably" transported. The upper level, which can be accessed by removing the back, has 14 seets looking backwards into the direction of the tail-toboggan. The lower level is completely empty and the clone soldier are carried by a "flatspeeder" which is a light carrier up to 8 occupants and a pilot. Additionnal or larger pictures : 3. The backward module include the back legs and the folding tail-toboggan. The main structure is similar to the first module with a 3 studs wide passage for the clone soldier. The tail-toboggan has a folding part giving acces to the ramp of the toboggan. Additionnal or larger pictures : THE BASIC AT-DT When assembled, these 3 modules form the basic AT-DT being 47.5 studs long whith the head pushed to the body. The walker can mainly adopt two stable positions ! - the high position with straight legs : it is used during the maintaining and at the end of the movement when one lateral side is unfolded. - the low position with bent legs where the abdomen is nearly touching the ground : it is used when the At-DT is static on the battlefield when the soldiers get out of ot. Additionnal or larger pictures : ADDITIONNAL MODULE In order to show the flexibility of the modular building, I have build a small additionnal module integrating the long canon of the AT -TE with the clone completely protected inside the walker. It has to be inserted between the first and the second module. Additionnal or larger pictures : VIRTUALLY ON THE BATTLEFIELD The soldiers are getting out using the tail-toboggan : Priority to the right or not . Additionnal or larger pictures : CONCLUSION Even if two middle modules could be assembled to increase the number of transported soldiers, the short legs limit the speed and the mobility. This why the AT-AT has been developed. Hope you enjoy this model. If you read french and/or are interested into the others AT-DT made for the contest, do not hesitate to have a look to the corresponding the TechLUG forum section on the topic starting with [CONCOURS 12].
  3. Imagine you have to build a podracer with elements of vehicles and fighters having taken part to the Battle of Endor for the Boonta Eve Classic. I think it could look like this one. More pictures and larger ones can be found into this flickr album. Enjoy. (it has been built for the 10-th TechLUG StarWars contest).
  4. Hi everyone ! I'd like to present to you a new creation for the 23rd Techlug contest, it's a telehandler. It has 4 wheel steering with HOG and a working steering wheel, and a gearbox (Erik Leppen's system : http://www.techlug.f...topic1099.html) with 4 features : - Stabs - Boom lifting - Boom extending - Fork (or bucket) tilting The goal : to make a fully functional and easily playable telehandler, which can be motorized adding the lego technic 8293 power functions pack. Here is the video (in french with subtitles) : Pictures : LDD file : https://www.dropbox....telehandler.lxf Hope you like it, and if you have questions, just ask, I'll be happy to answer !
  5. Hi, Last month I worked on a MOC for TechLUG contest about Death star attack. I tried to do something new. My aim was to create a view of Home One desk with Endor and the Death Star II. I havn't enough bricks to do all this at the same scale (and obviously for making endor and the DS at minifig scale ! ). I tried to do a perspective but without cheating on computer by working on the picture and the background. All the perspective is real when you are standing in front of the MOC. You have 3 size of X-Wing, 4 of A-wing, 3 of minifigs,...(the minifig scale A-Wing and X-wing are just MOD because of contest deadline, and also because I like the A-Wing design actually.) As some ones told me, the walls are too clean, not enough greebs. I had only 2 months to find an idea and create it during spare times. Here are the pictures... Here is the smaller guy on the deck...juste in front an A-Wing on fire! And here is how it is constructed.