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  1. [MOC] Battle of Sphacteria 425 BC

    Tnk you! Thank you very much! Thank you! Tnx ramar! Tnk you my friend! I'me glad you like it! Tnk you MAB! Thank you very much! I me out of reddish brown plate and tiles, and i built the ship last 2 days cause it was last minute idea. my first thought it was to use some plain boats, but i don't like it ver much.. so i built the trireme with the parts that i had available.
  2. Hi guys, this is my new creation! It's my entry to the Colossal Battle Contest V 2017 for the category . CBC V - Dread Ambushers Category I choose to create a great battle from the ancient Hellenic Wars, known as Peloponnesian War. A small force of Spartan army was cutted from their main army of Sparta by Athenian army and their navy on the island of Sphacteria. The Athenian forces manage to land on the island after a surprise attack and forced the Spartans to surrender! It's one of the few times that a Spartan army was surrendered and did not fight until death. I hope you like it! You can see more pictures in my Flickr page! C&C are appreciated
  3. Book II, Challenge V, Category C: Historica United

    Very nice scene! I like the combination of dark brown tan and gold! It feets very good!
  4. Chef Délicieux's Kitchen

    Very nice scenes!
  5. [MOC] - Chapel of the Bat God

    Medieval Batman?? haha
  6. MOC-HUGE Robin Hood Diorama-Custom Lights

    Amazing creation! Loved the buildings and the castle! My favorite is the mill! Also liked very much the tree village of Sherwood! (maybe you can add there some cabins, it will be great! Well done!
  7. HSS: Sandboarding Queenscross

    Amazing creation! I really like the colors of the wall, and the use of helmets in the loopholes! Ser Gunman seems to enjoy the ostrich ski! Nice touch the details behind the wall! Haahaha
  8. Green Abyss

    Amazing atmosphere to the town, the wooden houses with the little bridges that they connect them.. truly unique creation!
  9. Bridge to the Market - AoM: Store Phase I

    Beautiful bridge! Loved the colours you use to the texture and of course the amaizing trees!
  10. Watchtower of Eolas

    Amazing watchtower, loved the texture!
  11. Proudspire Manor

    Lovely Manor! The Skyrim look is amaizing! Well done!
  12. Nice turret! Loved the use of the reindeer!
  13. MOC - Oasis of Tears

    Beautiful creation! Congrats for the victory!
  14. Romans: Temple of Hercules Olivarius

    Very nice roman temple!
  15. contest Braaiiinnss!!! Sci-Fi Contest

    Congrats everyone!