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Found 4 results

  1. BarfolomewMog

    (MOC) Bossk Battle Mech

    Hello! Here is the third mech in this series. I had a lot of fun building this guy as I went into it with a clear sense of scale from the start. I initially got a whole lot of those chest cavities with cover plates from the Nexo Knights battle suits as I thought that this was the scale I would be building in, but Bossk is the only mech where I ended up using this piece as intended. I think one of the biggest challenges for me was the limited part selection available in olive green but it actually helped focus the direction that I took this build. I re-used IG-88's base because I don't have the space to keep building landscapes but I did add a little island using a technique that I saw Thomas Jenkins use in his wonderful "Not So Super Six" Hope you like it! Bossk Raptor-Class Battle Mech by Greg Dalink, on Flickr Bossk Raptor-Class Battle Mech by Greg Dalink, on Flickr Bossk Raptor-Class Battle Mech by Greg Dalink, on Flickr Bossk Raptor-Class Battle Mech by Greg Dalink, on Flickr
  2. You find yourself on Nar Eurbrikka, one of the moons orbiting Nal Hutta, and home to some of the scum of the galaxy. Not to say that there aren't nice parts of Nar Eurbrikka, this just isn't one of them. You walk around glancing at the bars and shops when all of a sudden you hear a voice yelling at you... “Hey, you! Yeah you, with the eyeballs! Interested in making some easy credits? I need a bounty hunter and you look like you have the skills I require. All you have to do is take care of a little problem for me, and I’ll pay you handsomely. Take a look at my ‘shopping list’ and come back and see me when you’ve retrieved one of the ‘items.’" Mission List For builders with more than 0 XP: Rodian on Tatooine Geonosian on Ord Mantell For builders with more than 10 XP you have all the previous missions and: Wookiee on Endor Lasat on Lothal Weequay on Geonosia Talz on Hoth For builders with more than 25 XP you have all the previous missions and: Twi’lek on Corellia Mon Calamari on Fondor Zabrak on Felucia Gungan on Coruscant Gamorrean on Nar Eurbrikka For builders with more than 50 XP you have all the previous missions and: Neimoidian on Dantooine Bith on Bothawui Gran on Mon Cal Dug on Corellia Sullustan on Tatooine Tusken on Naboo For builders with more than 100 XP you have all the previous missions and: Kel Dor on Nal Hutta Trandoshan on Kashyyyk Duros on Endor Ewok on Naboo Ithorian on Dantooine Jawa on Lothal For builders with more than 125 XP you have all the previous missions and: Togruta on Felucia Vurk on Geonoisia Cerean on Commenor Mirialan on Kuat Toydarian on Fondor Kyuzo on Ord Mantell Nautolan on Naboo Besalisk on Sullust For builders with more than 150 XP you have all the previous missions and: Hutt on Hapes Umbaran on Endor Clawdite (Skin Changer) on Lothal "I know it can be difficult to get 'items' of this nature through spaceport security, so if your cargo gets detained, just bring me a holoimage. I still need to know it was you who got the item! For example, see that Trandosian? Bossk has been working for me for years. If you want to learn how to do this job, you should learn from his example. For instance, he never asks questions about why someone is on the list. He just does his job and receives the credits. He also doesn't leave any room for questions about whether he's done his job right or not. I always know he's gotten the right 'item.' On the other hand, I had a bounty hunter named Greedo who used to work for me and he had no clue how to do his job well.'" "See this holoimage? It's so blurry I can't even tell if that's Greedo or one of his cousins! And he claims that skeleton was the Sullustan he was supposed to take care of on Tatooine, but how was I to know he was telling the truth?" "And in this holoimage Greedo claimed he was on Endor, but it looks more like he was in one of the parks on Coruscant! He said he had used a flame-thrower on his Duros target, but there wasn't enough left to know if it was a Duros or barbecued Bantha!" "Now Bossk, he knows how to convince a guy! He was picking up a Wookie for me on Kashyyyk. His holoimage of him flying through the Wroshyr trees with that mass of fur hanging off the back of his speeder showed he had gotten the right 'item.'" "And here, even though I can't see the whole body, I know there was only one Gungan crazy enough to be in that back alley on Coruscant so I know he got his guy!" What is this? The Bounty Hunter Missions are a way for SoNE builders to expand their building skills and stories outside of just the normal troopers. With each rank you earn, more missions become available for you to complete. Show your bounty hunter collecting each of the different aliens to unlock a special tag as well as removal of the XP restriction on freebuilds for your normal SoNE character. Rules For these bounty hunter missions you get to create a new character to use as a bounty hunter. The bounty hunter you create can be human or alien regardless of whether you are part of the Rebels or the Empire, but you must use the same bounty hunter for every mission. You can have your current sig-fig help with the mission if you so choose, but you must also have your bounty hunter included. Your bounty hunter does not count towards any number of allowed character(s) for the episodes and freebuilds. While your bounty hunter may show up in any other SoNE builds (episodes or freebuilds), he/she should not be the main protagonist of any of these builds. Each build must show your bounty hunter capturing their target either alive or dead. You can write a backstory explaining why the target needed to be taken out, or you can just build. Each build must show specific details of the planet the target is located on. Information on the planets can be found here or on Wookiepedia. Your posts should be titled with a header following these guidelines [BH alien]. I.E. [BH - Rodian]. Each build has a minimum size limit of 512 square studs (or the equivalent of 16x32 baseplate). That means your build has to equal 512 square studs or larger. Builds with non-square bases that are another size are acceptable as long as it equals 512 total studs. These builds are not meant to be quick, they are meant to show skill. How much XP you’ve earned shows what Bounty Hunter Missions you’ve unlocked. As you gain more XP, more missions open up. As you gain the next level of XP, you still have access to all previous missions. As not everyone has a collection of every Star Wars minifigure, you are not required to use a full alien minifigure in your build. You can use creative methods to show your target without having to reveal that it’s not the official minifigure. Examples, such as those seen above, would be just an arm showing from inside a dumpster or "fur" showing through a net. To make up for the lack of minifigure, you should compensate by putting more detail into the surrounding showing what planet your target is on. The rule of thumb is that if you don't use the official minifigure, make up for it in creativity! If you don't have an Ewok minifigure and just show a pair of legs, make up a story for why your bounty hunter has to track him down on Naboo. The more creative the better! Your bounty hunter builds do not count towards your 4 freebuild limit per episode. There is no limit to how many bounty hunter builds you can enter per episode. Your entry will be judged by at least 3 judges with a pass/fail vote. If it is not up to the standards shown in these rules, you will be asked to try again. If your build does not pass the first time, you must wait until the next episode starts before trying that mission again. Not passing one mission does not prevent you from trying another mission during that episode. Results for the pass/fail will be posted by the SoNE Admin account. If the build fails, an explanation will be given for what needs to improve for it to pass. A special thanks to Bricklink for the use of their images for the Mission List. If you want to grow your Star Wars minifigure collection, trying looking on for a good deal! For each Bounty Hunter Mission you complete, you will earn 5XP. If you complete all the Bounty Hunter Missions, you will unlock this tag: Unlocking this tag will grant you the ability to build freebuilds on any planet without any team-control XP restrictions. You can have this tag in addition to another SoNE tag.
  3. Continuing my series of 80's, Kenner toys. I also built the Body-Rigs and the Rebels, Vehicle Maintenance Energizer. I figured, since these are smaller models, I would post all of these in one topic. A Body-Rig was a small one-man vehicle designed and released by Kenner in 1985. They were even smaller than the Mini-Rigs. Two of the vehicles have managed to appear in Star Wars: Droids: the Imperial Sniper Vehicle and the Sand Skimmer Vehicle. First is the Imperial Sniper Vehicle . The Imperial Sniper Vehicle was a Repulsorlift craft piloted by one person. It featured a large open seat, two blaster cannons and a grappling claw. It eventually saw use during the Battle of Endor in 4 ABY. This model has 185 pieces. Next, is the Rebels, Security Scout Vehicle. The Security Scout Vehicle was a one-man repulsorlift craft used by the Rebel Alliance. It was piloted by a driver in an open seat. The vehicle had two blaster cannons and a rudder to steer. During the Galactic Civil War, the Security Scout Vehicle was used during the Battle of Hoth to eliminate any Imperial soldiers that were following Rebels to the Echo Base. They were later put to use during the Battle of Endor. The pilot, on this model, is held in place by a neck bracket with the control arms coming over head. Looks like it would be a blast to pilot, but, no cover from enemy fire. Seems like a risky vehicle to pilot?! This model has 86 pieces. Last for the Body-Rigs, is the Sand Skimmer Vehicle. A sandskimmer was a small one-man vehicle primarily used to travel in desert environments. Malakili, the keeper of Jabba's rancor, used one when he let the rancor out into Tatooine's Dune Sea for some exercise.[3] It also saw usage by Jabba's Skiff Guards. This model has 85 pieces. I'm having alot of fun making these. Re-living my childhood?! Re-creating them in Lego is alot of fun and challenging too! Hope you guys like them!! The last model I am going to post to this topic is the Rebels, Vehicle Maintenance Energizer. This toy was released in 1982. This is something that no Hoth or Yavin base can go without. And, no Lego set-up should! What would you do if a piece falls off, you'll need this for the Mini-Figs to fix it!! Again, hope you guys like these and I'll post my Side Gunner, ATL Fighter, and White Witch soon. Thanks for looking, Jamie
  4. jamie75

    CAP-2 Captivator

    Up next in my series of Kenner Mini-Rigs is the, CAP-2 Captivator. It was a small, one-man vehicle, designed to ambush and capture enemy personnel. It walked on two legs, with the pilot standing upright in a bubble-enclosed canopy. Two arms ending in claws extended from the front of the vehicle with a blaster mounted between them, and a large vice on the back held captives for transport. Its feet contained sensors for spying on its prey. There is a fair amount of SNOT in the model. Using the 2x2 Macaroni Bricks proved to be too small for the cockpit, but, using 4x4 Curved Bricks was too big. So, I had to figure how to use these: These provided the right amount of room for a pilot, but, also made the model a little too big. But, I still think it is small enough to pass as a Mini-Rig. Roomy?! Plenty of room for a pilot to fit! The idea of having a claw/ vice on the back to hold prisoners, seemed a little odd to me. So, I made a holding chamber in the back of the model for those pesky Rebelscum. Just enough room for Rebel troops to fit. This model has 224 pieces. The .lxf file is in my Brickshelf folder. Desert Sail Skiff tomorrow? Jamie