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  1. Yes! Ordered me some rollercoasterstuff. Can't wait to make some wacky rollercoaster with/for my daughter.
  2. Loved the Lava Monsters (ordered quite a few from bnp), liked some of the stone monsters, and grieved over the absence of the mushroom monsters. Also loved the monster book with the monster pages. The face prints on the small balls and small new demonfigs were also very good/entertaining. The designer(s) of all those baddies got my thanks. After a few waves a theme becomes a bit boring/repetitive (Ninjago/Chima/NK) so i'm okay with saying goodbye to KN. I will miss its baddies though.
  3. New Licensed Theme Rumor Mill

    :-( But then again, there will be so much in the near future that has my interest right now, i really don't know what to choose.
  4. The Incredibles 2 2018: Rumors and Discussion

    If Frozone isn't in the sets, i just hope he will be a polybag figure you get when you buy these sets. If not, i think i will cry a little for a few hours.
  5. Oh yeah, the Disney figs! Donald Duck's hat for a custom sailor. Lol. That would work real good. The only thing is that i'd like to see pop up a girl from that cake ;-) Edit: i can always use Ariel or Princess Leia (Slave) too, of course. Or for the yellows a mermaid torso. Actually i think the pink is meant to be the cake. So the blue are the trousers beneath it.
  6. he can really jump out of it? Well the cake guy got a lot better as of now. Maybe i will buy this one as well and a bootleg lego stripper to go with it. What pieces fit in those hairmould holes? The party hat, a crown, what else?
  7. Harry Potter 2018 - Rumors and Discussion

    Just saw some of the new pics and i am very pleased. Those hairpieces and that rat, the candless, i love it. This year will be very hard for me because there is so much cool stuff coming from lego and i already have so much #howmuchlegodoesoneneed maybe i need to sell some stuff
  8. Well actually it was Mattel and sometimes they made up these weird characters just by making jokes on the workfloor - i just saw an episode of The Toys That Made Us (i recommend seeing those documentary series) There is actually a bootleg series of He-Man fake lego with lots of new lego-compatible moulds for those who are interested. Anyway, yesterday i bought my first batman series 2 figs and the prices were 4,50€ per fig. At first i wanted to buy like 9 or 10 figs, but i think i’ll just keep it at four. Cactus lady, Dragonman, Unicorn Knight and Cat lady (for spidey’s black cat)
  9. LEGO Dimensions Discussion

    I thought glitchiness belong to Lego games lol. I mean all the games i played had glitches. I got used to them :-) (scooby doo sets are also very rare here)
  10. LEGO Dimensions Discussion

    Which sets are you still looking for? And by the way, i play on the Wii U. I had to buy extra memory for the game because it is so huge (and also a bit slow), but i play almost every world now.
  11. Eh.. what was going on there?
  12. [MOC] Porg

    Thumbs up!
  13. Purist Superhero Figures

    Hmm i had hoped that the white ninjago hairpiece would look great on a custom tombstone but i am not sure. But nevertheless great tombstone. Also nice Tinkerer. If you want to make those aliens he collaberates with you can use the antennae headpiece from killer moth Ka-zar is great too. Never liked the character so much in the comics, but now i have the feeling that i need him too lol
  14. Eh i think i already saw that comment and maybe reacted on it as well maybe i need some more sleep
  15. There are some bootleg lego strippers out there, so start ordering x-D