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  1. I think it also has to do with the bootleg figs. In bootleg land you have a lot of spider-men, all kind of different spider-men. Lego knows that they are missing out, because these figs are very popular. They are popular because they are cheap, but more importantly, lego never made these figs, and spidey fans just want them all. I think it’s good that lego now gives us more different spideys, because in the end lego is the better brand. However, they should start giving us different villains as well. Hawkeye looks great for the fans of that outfit. Indeed with the legs of Huntress he even will be better.
  2. You know what they should do? Because they cant give us a cmf series, they should give us a Marvel Advent Calendar. Starting with a X-Men advent calendar, with some microbuilds (sentinel, blackbird, mojo, brood, the mansion, some trainingstuff from the dangerroom for instance) an a complete roster of the x-men anyway, does some of the leakers already know if the AIM soldiers have helmets? Or is it going to be those weird minifig heads?
  3. The Spider Jet. Is it by any chance made out of spiderweb and folded like a paper plane? That i would assume is the spider jet.
  4. Wow these spidey sets sound boring. We need different villains. Why always the same characters. Don’t they have love for Spider-man? I mean the Vulture. One was enough. An old guy in a flying suit, unless they made special wing-arms i’m not interested. Venom and a mech, because last year wasn’t Venom and a mech? Doc Ock, could be interesting depending which era. But i like the one i already have. Mysterio, if done right, could be the minifig i want, but i guess it will dissapoint just like the others. that third character should be Daredevil and i will be happy again :-) btw if they give Thor his helmet (the old skool comic one with the blonde hair beneath it) then that will be the set i want the most.
  5. That helmet is so off. Why didn’t they reuse the magneto helmet? That would have been a better choice than this one.
  6. If Lizard will be in one of the sets, i hope they’ll go for a minifig not a bigfig. But he really needs a good head mould and a seperate tail piece to do him justice. I’ve tried to use the lizard pieces of the cmf lizard guy just to have him in my collection of spidey villains, but it doesn’t capture him at all. A new Venom figure? Sounds like not needed at all.
  7. Borex

    [MOC] "The Lord of the Rings" Skylines

    Outstanding! Looks like real lego sets to me. The path that starts in the shire is a good choice. That makes you want to ‘travel’ to all locations. Kudos!
  8. I buy cmf figs sometimes just for parts and i know it is not really the best deal moneywise, but i just like to buy them at the store. I am wondering though, if this series will be for sale overhere at the main toy stores (disney 2 wasn’t)
  9. I prefer Hidden Side. While MF had better monsters and one of the best sets (haunted house), i wasn’t feeling the vibe of the haunters. I was never into steampunk, and so the good guys were just useless to me. With the HS i get that eerie feeling that some good story’s have about a possessed town/village. But the werewolf and creature of the lagoon, the vampire-bat with the wings from MF are still very high up in my favorite monsterfigs.
  10. But i meant stuff that non-dc fans can reuse. So that they’ll want to buy these figs as well. If we want a series 2, it better sell. Aquaman looks great and is a good way to make a bro Thor.
  11. Ooh i really like that Cheetah. That money bag is gorgeous too. Not interested in Bumble Bee, although i am happy to see that new hairpiece. And those wings seem also nice, so maybe for parts. for non-dc fans this series is very bland. So little new parts that help selling them. I miss an animal for instance.
  12. Borex

    Harry Potter 2020 - Rumors & discussion

    Ah too early :-s my bad
  13. Borex

    Harry Potter 2020 - Rumors & discussion

    Isn’t the new (“old”) batman cowl just the wolverine mask in black? also i like the new wonder woman with the skirt piece.
  14. Well a Scarlet Witch bootleg exists like that and it just doesn’t look good to be honest. they should make a new mould. They can use it for for instance Enchantress, Mockingbird as well