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  1. Borex

    Lego Overwatch 2019 - Rumors & Discussion

    I’m going to use that torso for a Shi’ar Polaris (or i will try at least).
  2. - Ooooh Sand blue. Yes, please! - Hmm now you mention it. I didn't notice really. Not too skimpy indeed. It was more meant for the helmet anyways, i really like those strange helmets. - With retro aliens and retro spaceships Maybe asian railroadworkers? Or trappers?
  3. I too, think this gg isn’t the best one yet. That one from the bridge battle is imho way better. I do like the light green and i think it is a real shame they didn’t go for dual moulded or side leg printing. But hurray for the Spiderbuggy. Sets i think i’ll get are: the 2099/sandman set and maybe, if not too expensive the Venom set. If they just made that dock worker Shocker, Vulture into another classic villain (Electro?) and Miles into Spiderham i would’ve buy them all
  4. I quite like the spiderman buggy! Where is the cape of green goblin that was rumored?
  5. Lol he is making a duck face in his rubber ducky. The dualmoulded legs are the same as the earlier blue-yellow ones isn’t it?
  6. They probably need to make a lego spiderman movie first. That’ll take some time
  7. For some reason i think a shade of blue (lightblue?) would work well as the colour of a captain. But i'd love it if the whole retro space theme would get some attention. If they would do a retro spacelady i would like to see something like this
  8. So a Spiderman line? That would be a perfect way to give the guy a cmf series.
  9. Seeing the Carnage set in better resolution changed my opinion. It looks good, the builds are solid. I even like the build for the bike (kids will like that), but i hoped for a symbiote that leaked from a lab instead of a crazy carnage holding some sort of bomb. The ‘new’ figs aren’t new enough for me to make me purchase this set. And while the bomb and bike look good, i don’t need them. Now let’s hope we will be getting hi-res images from the other sets as well soonish.
  10. Peter Parker made his web artificially ;-) the lab looks like a lab where the symbiote is being investigated. And escaped from. I foresee cool stickers (most of the times i hate stickers) and although i already have all those figs (a bit different) i am tempted to buy this set.
  11. I still feel the pain of that classic electro prelim pic with the spider trike. Even the bootleggers never made him. My wishlist for spiderman foes is also reallllly long
  12. Borex

    Purist Superhero Figures

    I used Quicksilvers hair for mr. negative. But the rest of the parts are not purist.
  13. Well Vader's Castle also looks a bit like a Nexo Knights tower, i mean, i think kids dig these kinda builds. It's the castle of Darth Vader, the home of the bad guy. If he's not in space on some sort of ship he makes his breakfast and reads his papers there. Castle Darthskull. Good versus bad, and here sleeps bad. Add some cool figs and if i still was a kid this would be high on my wishlist. I think in the end this will be bought more often than we think.
  14. I’d like to see more retro spacefigs. A reuse of the retro spacemans helmet in a different colour to mark him as captain or something like that would be great for me. Or another nice humanoid alien I also hope for more medium legs and in different colours. I am very happy with these legs. What i don’t hope to see is more specific parts which also aren’t really greatly fitting with studs, like the snake from Voldemort. It must stay lego
  15. Liking the Iooks of the Vaders castle. Looks like a nice playset and also like a great set for kids to play with. Great job.