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  1. Maybe they should have put that crow piece from the lone ranger on that helmet.
  2. Borex

    Marvel Superheroes 2020 - Rumors & Discussion

    Thanks! I’ll applaud for that than. It is a good thing they take inspiration from the comics. Now if only they give us something else than venom wave after wave.
  3. Borex

    Marvel Superheroes 2020 - Rumors & Discussion

    Is the venom dinosaur a thing in the comics? Cartoons? It is hideous. I alteady have a knock off spiderham that looks great, so no thank you lego, not for me. Start making good sets, then i’ll think of buying super heroes sets again.
  4. pirate girl: The pirate hair hat combo is also useful for men by the way. And although she is a bit plain, how great would she look on a pirate ship. Viking: i really like the Viking. That’s one of the best figures of the bunch if you ask me. Diver: that turtle is so good. So lego-ish in its design. Good job. Also fun to use as a backpack for a fifth custom Ninja Turtle :-D llama: although it looks great, i don’t know if i want him. I think the giraffe was more awesome, but probably the llama will come in other colours (for eastern or whatever) and if that happens i regret not getting this one. Pea pod: yeah, it’s weird. I’ll get it because i once had a costume like this myself, but otherwise i would let it pass. The fun of these costumes is also becoming a bit old. And they better gave it round lime green studs as peas instead of that red apple. Weird torso too. knight: not my cup of tea, but i really like the raven on the shield. I can see people army build this one. hiphop girl: the cap hair combo is the star here. Not too bad, but also not a necessary fig for me. I hoped for a great 80s sweat suit (preferably in green) Power ranger: oooooooh i want him/her. Very cool figure. pyjama girl: finally something new as a doll! Good choice. Rocket girl: great torso print as well as the printed tile. drone boy: i expect we see that drone many many many times in upcoming city sets. sports lady: she’s okay guy with keytar: a bit plain but i need him for Stranger Things. karate kid is also nice as well as the piñata boy.
  5. That looks like Billy Hargrove with the Keytar. At least we could make him Billy Hargrove (stranger things)
  6. Probably to make it look like karate kid, and people would want it for that
  7. Ace indeed! I wasn’t sure i would be interested, but if it’s a b-girl being busy doing an up-rock in a sweat suit, i need it.
  8. Pea pod! I used to dress up as pea pod, or as donald duck on parties, so this will be great! i hope we’ll get to see the images very soon. With a bit of luck i want a few of these
  9. Borex

    [MOC] Treasure Chest by Slawek Kaczorowski

    I want that booty!
  10. Borex

    Marvel Superheroes 2020 - Rumors & Discussion

    It would be sweet if the 4+ tower could be connected to the other tower to make a bigger one. Furthermore, i don’t have high hopes for any of these sets. They got it wrong way too often for me to believe this wave will be a better one
  11. Borex

    Marvel Superheroes 2020 - Rumors & Discussion

    Lego needs to sell sets and Disney wants their money. Ergo, no more good sets, just rehashes for eternity. And of course mechs and ugly redundand vehicles. Yay!
  12. Borex

    Creator Expert 10270 Modular

    Well it has something to do with kids, doesn’t it it would never pass the idea stage lol
  13. Borex

    Creator Expert 10270 Modular

    I don’t know if they still use those fence pieces a lot (the old ones 1x4x1 and 1x4x2) in sets, but i like it. Just like the window in the roof it feels like the old lego i use to play with as a kid. The birch tree with the bird and the leafs is also a good addition. The green floor (and stairs) i’ll have to get use too, but i like it nonetheless. we only had to get more printed books though. The great Setsby, One stud over the Cuckoo’s nest, The Adventures of Clutcheberry Finn. Alice’s Adventures in Miniland. To build a mockingbird. In Search of Lost Pieces. Legolita. Baseplates of Wrath. Galidor’s Travels. One Thousand and One Tiles. Duplo Copperfield.
  14. Batmite and Cyborg for me
  15. Those clear posing parts look like a fun nice new addition.