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  1. Compatible Minifigures Discussion.

    SY is also coming up with new figs. So i am curious if their quality is still great. A bunch of new characters coming up in the next days/weeks as well by various other producers (pogo, xinh, kopf); a lot of x-types, some baddies (radio-active man, graviton, melter, prowler), classic yondu and classic Power-Man (finally!) And one i really want to get: Alien! (by pogo)
  2. Future Marvel Superheroes Rumors & Speculation

    But do we need mcu klaw, zemo and shocker? Just like hyperonion says: they’re just dudes (with shocker looking somewhat like a supervillain). What fun is it to collect just random looking dudes? But in the end i won’t be surprised if we see a black panther microracer vs comic klaw. With a wacky face, but his comic version and us buying it, but because of the wacky face leaving us not totally satisfied.
  3. That goes for me too. Wuher will be bricklinkable, and Greedo isn’t so much better as the last one. Maybe if the build is really convincing or if there are other figs like ponda baba or dr evazan.
  4. Hmmm a new cantina. How big will it be? Small as the first one? Medium, like the second? With wuher in it, it shall have a bar and it shall have the table scene i guess. But how compatible will it be with the second one, to make a more complete cantina? And will the sandtroopers have a Dewback again? So much questions! if Ponda and Evazan won’t show up in the cantina, they have to put them in a battle pack, because it is almost painful to see that we still don’t have them.
  5. I think the seventeenth fig is a recolour of one of the costumes (most probably the brick costume). It makes sense in so many ways. I think the brick costume can be an all-time favorite for a lot of people. It is a minifig brick. I mean how much more lego can you get? And if there is a exclusive recolour that is extra hard to get, it drawns attention from collectors, scalpers and feeds the inner greediness in us. It is just a good boost for the lego brand. Even lego needs to boost his brand with things like this and keep their fans interested and surprised so they won’t loose their focus on them.
  6. Sea Captain and Classic Alien! Both superb minifigs!
  7. Lego Marvel Superheroes 2

    Question: why do you all love the character creator so much?
  8. Guess the next animal mould round 3

    Look on instagram. There you'll be able to find it. I think it looks fantastic.
  9. [MOC] Back To The Future: Hill Valley 1885

    That is going to be a large diorama. Looking forward to see more pics when finished!
  10. Goblin of course. And Eraser. But unicorn girl was a close second
  11. 2018 City Sets - Rumours and Discussion

    Black bear looks good. The thing with the mountain lion (and other big cats) they are too big related to minifigs. The tree suit is also supernice
  12. LEGO Ninjago 2018

    I love those asian devil masks. Totally trying to get me these.
  13. Lego Marvel Superheroes 2

    So you have to buy the game first, and then need to buy a lot of extra dlc? It’s a normal thing in the world of gaming i believe, i just think it’s lame. Cloak and Dagger level could be cool. But aren’t they in fact mutants? They survived those bad drugs silvermane gave them because they were mutants, right? Is this a possibility for more mutants? also the Wasp and Antman level sounds like it could be the most fun level, where everything is huge. And the old skool guardians character pack sounds nice too. I already love that Hondu we saw earlier. Oooh i love that Morbius. Nice to see Ghostrider is in it as well. Some of these names are pretty obscure to me, so i’ll google chipmunk hunk and koi boi in a minute :-) edit: well koi boi and chipmunk hunk seem pretty boring. Just two regular dudes that hang out with Squirrel girl. I’d rather see some other figs taking up their slots, but there will be, most likely, a few people who love them. I just hoped koi boi was a cowboy koi carp
  14. LEGO Elves 2018

    I like the fact that we’ll be getting the new spider in a different colour. Although i prefer to get him in black. The little vampirepeople/bats will most likely be too cartoonish/minidoll for me, but i can see kids having fun with these and the buildable animals. The evil queen of vampires looks good imho. @STARHAWK if you don’t like them battling against eachother, maybe you can play that those batpeople are under a spell and need to be rescued to get them back to their human/cute animal forms? And there you have your adventure :-)