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  1. Borex

    Future Marvel Superheroes Rumors & Speculation

    This looks wicked. Very eager to see it. We already have Miles and Peter. I'll expect to see spider-gwen in the future as well
  2. Borex

    Compatible Minifigures Discussion.

    Oh i didn't find any. Strange, right? I can't recall if i had looked for it that good (i didn't went through all the minifig heads on bricklink) but i saw these and i immediately thought of Iceman. If there is a standard minifig face (the happy one) on a white head, then that would be a good option for a more funmaking Iceman too.
  3. Borex

    Compatible Minifigures Discussion.

    I used to have a translucent Ice-man, but it didn't really work on me. It was lightbluish like Electro, but i think i should have made him more like the invisible woman. I didn't have a good head in cleartranslucent for him sadly. That Grey was one of SY earlier building sets i believe. Maybe you can still find sellers/resellers on ebay or something? But hasn't he goggles? Aren't you satisfied with the lego ones?
  4. Borex

    Making Eurobricks More Active

    Would you like to see more contests? Sure. I hardly participate, but i like seeing the entrees What is your opinion of Tags (those small images on the left <---)? I think they are okay. Not into it very much, but a good way for some members to spice up their membership. Do you use, if ever, Eurobricks reference materials (ie. lists of Reviews, lists of MOCS, lists of Forums)? I have used them. And i love reviews. The reviews overhere feel always like indepth clear reviews with an open mind and sometimes a bit of humour. I prefer to read reviews overhere on Eurobricks rather than on another site. Have you participated in games on Eurobricks (ie. Role-Playing, Mafia, etc.)? Never. And probably won't be doing that in the future. Do you use/visit the Eurobricks Facebook page? Eurobricks on Flickr? etc. Flickr sometimes when i am being redirected. But i never go on Flickr to search for Eurobricks. Also not a big Facebook fan. Do you post MOCs online? What hosting platform do you prefer to use? I wish i had the time for building stuff :-( Do you prefer broadly defined threads or multiple specialized threads? I am more into the specialized threads. I think that there is a big group of afols overhere who are more interested in news about what new sets are we going to get, or what minifigures. The licensed and Star Wars threads are good examples of it. The strength of Eurobricks to me is that i can start talking about those new sets, rumours and have a discussion. A place where i can leave my opinion and where i can see more people become enthusiastic about new pieces and stuff. What is the first page you visit when opening Eurobricks on your browser? The overview of all forums. And then most of the times i make a Licensed tab, a SW tab, Special Lego Themes tab, Minifig Customisation tab and the Community tab. What do you believe Eurobricks has too much of? Sleeping/inactive members? What do you believe Eurobricks does not have enough of? How would you like to see this addressed? Pictures. It is hard to put up pictures overhere. And MOCs in the licensed forum (but that forum is more for minifiglovers than buildlovers i think) What do you value the most about Eurobricks? Just like many forums it feels like we're all insiders overhere having the same hobby. What do you value the least? The sometimes really long discussions about futilities or speculation. And i hate spoilers. What value would you find in a Eurobricks YouTube channel? What kind of content would you like to see on one? I am not really into Youtube. But i guess it could be a succesfull channel? What kind of content: reviews (as long as they stay also written in the forums), technical talk about production and stuff. reviews of new parts. new building techniques? If we place more attention to our Twitter / Facebook, would you value these as a news source? Would you use them more or less than our front page? I don't use the front page any longer because it became harder to get to the forums overview. You can focus more attention on twitter/facebook, but you should certainly use instagram as well. Twitter and Facebook are for grandparents.
  5. Maybe in the upcoming Voltron ideas set?
  6. Borex

    Compatible Minifigures Discussion.

    Well i tried to link the picture but it won't do it. So i'll try to link it instead I only want to get rid of his printed chin and build a snowy/icy 'ride' that he always uses. I like the fact he looks stern.
  7. Borex

    I'm getting married!

  8. I don't know why the playability is only a 6? You can swoosh around on an ant or in a tiny 'space'ship, attack villains and even earn a gold trophy (i don't know why that is included, but that is probably something from the movie). I would give it a 8. I had very much fun building both sets so i recommend these as well :-)
  9. Borex

    Compatible Minifigures Discussion.

    We all love your site, but you don’t need to buy everything just to cataloque them. Just pictures will suffice. Just buy the ones you like :-) a chrome Silver Surfer. There was a time i thought we would get him. I let that dream fly away a long time ago :-(
  10. Borex

    Compatible Minifigures Discussion.

    I made a pretty decent Iceman using plain white legs, the face of Purple Man and the torso of one of those alien prometheus figs. Add a webshooter thingy from spiderman as a snowball and you have a pretty decent Iceman
  11. Borex

    Compatible Minifigures Discussion.

    I also would love to see the Mos Eisley Cantina characters done by Engineerio. Xinh did Ponda Baba, but i would love to see the two versions of Snaggletooth as well. They are really spot on.
  12. Borex

    Compatible Minifigures Discussion.

    Preach. I mean how hard must it be to make a good Iceman? I have three thoughts about the random choices; ór the bootleggers just don’t know anything about superheroes and the group rosters that they come in, ór the bootleggers have some sort of poll on some website in chinese where fanboys and girls can vote for which figs they produce, ór the bootleggers work together with the likes of engineerio and leyilebricks and only produce some of their figs, so to complete a group/team whatsoever you have to buy from the customiser. Man, i just don’t know. I just don’t get it. I mean we have Piledriver and Bulldozer for a year maybe and we just got Wrecker last month or so and we still need Thunderball. We need more classic avengers, more x-men (and x-family), and we need a lot more villains. Sometimes i wish that i knew the guys from sy or xinh so i could give them designs that make sense lol.
  13. Borex

    Compatible Minifigures Discussion.

    comic Valkyrie, Mockingbird, Meteorite, Peter Parker with spiderman-man mask (a printed cap), Exodus, !Firebird!, comic Gorgon amongst others. I call that a good figure selection. Too bad Pogo is going to mess these up with that rubbish printing. I'm not interested in all those batmen, iron men and rehashes of cap America as well (heck even all the spiderverse figs don't do anything for me) either.
  14. Borex

    Compatible Minifigures Discussion.

    Yeah, it sucks. There are definitely a few figs that i really want (especially the more comic minded ones), and i do not expect to see them another time. But sadly i think i might just skip those figs because i hate that kind of printing. I hope the bigfigs will be great though. (Maybe i use that juggernaut for a custom Arsenal -> a villain from the avengers)