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  1. Borex

    Moskva river vessels

    Nicely done! I had to look twice which one was the photo and which one lego
  2. Santa as a warrior isn’t a good idea for a kidfriendly toyfacturer i think. Maybe it’ll be a fantasy take on a Gengis Khan type/hobbit’s lake-town of warrior?
  3. Borex

    Latest news about Lego animal moulds

    I had to look him up! But you’re right! We just need squirrels for everything!
  4. Borex

    Marvel Superheroes 2021 - Rumors & Discussion

    With a new squirrel mould in the making, what are the possibilities for a Squirrel Girl? Or a sd comiccon Squirrelpool?
  5. Borex

    Latest news about Lego animal moulds

    Both look more like city animals than friends animals. I want both! Custom Squirrelpool! And Squirrelgirl!
  6. About colouring of the series. Some colours don’t sell good. It’s a psychological thing. I mean collectors and lego fans will buy them anyways of course, but it also has to appeal to the impulse buyers. I think the robot reuses the wielders helmet from series 11.
  7. Borex

    LEGO The Office (IDEAS) 2022

    I don’t know if having the looks of Ricky is a good thing
  8. Borex

    Latest news about Lego animal moulds

    Never knew there has been a foal, would it be more or less the same? And a toucan. Very cool! I love toucans!
  9. Borex

    LEGO The Office (IDEAS) 2022

    I just want a Ricky Gervais figure because i have a friend that just looks like an exact copy of him. I don’t care for Steve Carell.
  10. Ow this series sound so promising. Based on just the names i think i want eight of them.
  11. Borex

    LEGO The Office (IDEAS) 2022

    Never watched the USversion of the office. It would be too cool, if they did an USversion and a GBversion. Same build, but different figs. Or if they won’t a special Ricky Gervais fig as a polybag
  12. Borex

    Daily Bugle's Office MOC

    I think it’s deleted
  13. It would be cool if the mahna mahna guy and one of the pink background singers would be in there
  14. Borex

    Marvel Superheroes 2021 - Rumors & Discussion

    The german soccer players have also figs with stubble. Maybe you can find a better suiting head in that series?