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  1. Yeah, but i do like the fact that this way he can hold stuff with his extra arms
  2. Unlesssss you don’t build it the way as described, but in a way it will connect! anyway, i still will get it. The cantina and jabba’s palace are my weak spots.
  3. If they give it a bit more organic arms, it would work probably better?
  4. Ow that’s bad. That’ll mean it will at least cost 50€ or even more. Don’t know if that is worth it. I do like the side build (vehicle).
  5. Marvel Superheroes 2018 - Set Discussion

    Doppleganger, 6arm spiderman, updated doc ock, better venom etc etc. Very nice piece
  6. Wasn’t a spidersuit rumoured? One of the new baddies from avengers has a new (very useful) neckpiece with robot arms (i don’t know if they already exist - a bit more bend and shorter) that can be easily reused for a spidersuit purpose. I just hope it’ll be in brown or red (for the sake of custom spidermen), but i totally can see that appear in the cmf series if there is going to be a spidersuit.
  7. Lego Powerpuff Girls 2018

    We need a Dexter and Deedee (but that is a different discussion, sorry for off-topic-ing)
  8. Marvel Superheroes 2018 - Set Discussion

    Do we have better pics of the mighty micros already?
  9. They look very Fabulandy to me. Especially the raccoon. Anyway if they are going to have spraycans, i will be all over them!
  10. Aww i totally forgot to vote :-( I would have voted for the cyclops and spooky girl.
  11. Isnt clockking just the cookieheadpiece backwards? They did that with garmaddon (however he is called) as well.
  12. I think i'm going to use the Apache Chief his torso for a custom Warrior gangmember. Warrrrriorrrs come out to plaayyyyyy