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  1. Ohnooooo is it closed already? I wanted to make an order this week :-(
  2. Why is it frown upon so much when people complain about the quality of the minifigs. Maybe lego has no money for extra printing, doublemoulded stuff and such, but that doesn’t mean we should be happy with the figs we get. Superheroes are characters. So they must be the selling point of sets. And therefore they need to be well designed. That means arm printing and legprinting included. I rarely buy lego nowadays (for myself) because of all the rehashes and the subpar minifig standards. However, every time that a new wave hits i do have hope it brings me something i like. I hope for a superb Mysterio, HydroMan and Molten Man
  3. Borex

    Purist Superhero Figures

    @shadefoundry What headpiece is that again on symbiote spider-man?
  4. Yeah, not too interested. I do hope they make a battlepack with a few skrulls though.
  5. Borex

    LEGO Dimensions Discussion

    Yeah maybe it was just too expensive :-(
  6. Borex

    LEGO Dimensions Discussion

    I was wondering if, i mean lego really had to invest a lot for this product so if they ever made enough profit on this? Clearly they didn’t have enough sales to prolong it even longer but projects like these, so big, can kill a brand when gone wrong. I for one really enjoyed the game. To me it is the best lego game ever. Where did it go wrong?
  7. I will only buy the Escape of the Death Star set. Looks like a fun set. Plus that white belt Luke is wearing is something i was looking for, but i don't remember why.
  8. Borex

    Chinese New Year’s sets -2019

    Yes. And golden light orange (i don't know the correct term for that colour) sausages
  9. The dragon also has a lot of the little heart pieces used as scales. Neat. And all the food in that house. Is that all printed? I want those pieces! Foood!
  10. Oooooooooh Ok Renny Red, Penny black, Denny green and stanny with ropes and sunglasses.
  11. Oh man. That Benny family pack. I definitely buy that. Makes me wonder though if there will be a Denny and Penny as well, because we need that red and black suit as well. Most sets look like real fun. Good, zany, creative. I like the whole theme-overlapping (duplo-friends-regular lego) vibe, which gives me an urge to just use bricks and build something. The pop-up disco bus is awesome and the heels on unikitty fabulous. Very well designed! And the spaceship we’ve seen earlier is so neatly retro Things i’d like to own are the dino’s (such a sweet color scheme), the real small heart piece (which is in mayhem’s hand), and some other neat pieces. On insta there were a few stills from the movie including a giraffe minifig. I’d like to see that one in the cmf series.
  12. Borex

    Marvel Superheroes 2018 - Set Discussion

    :-( Sold out already :-(
  13. Borex

    MOC: Wolverine vs The Sentinels

    This is a piece of art. Totally worth all of your invested time!
  14. I need to see more pics. But my first reaction is that i’m not sold thus far
  15. That classic electro is painfull to watch. I just hope they’ll release a classic electro minifig one day.