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Found 10 results

  1. I've been absent from here for quite a long time, so I manage to find some topic to speak and see if I'm still able to be here. Decades ago we never though TLG would try to get licesnese from television shows or video games, and they keep proving that. But for toy brands, it seems to be the biggest wall of all so far. As far as we know, the biggest factor preventing toy companies from partnership is competition. Especially in the case of TLG who's main product is brick toy, they'd conflict with other brick toy makers definitely. In the case of Hasbro, originally they're known as TLG's competitor because of their own toy brand line KRE-O and Transformers even had its own line in KRE-O. Now with their tie with TLG, it feels like Hasbro has accepted the doomed fate of KRE-O and decides to go with it..... or has they? So assume that 10302 Optimus Prime isn't an exception for one time, and it hits enough sales for the companies to go further, what else could they keep working on? Transformers I think a second robot build set can be safely considered, and maybe a BrickHeadz version of Optimus Prime. If fans are lucky enough, a minifigure-scale line tied with a new movie would be great. G.I. Joe This was the other Hasbor's own brand for the KRE-O line. G.I. Joe is definitely a big for toys, but arguable, even if TLG is able to do sets based on its film adaptions, its modern military theme might violate TLG's guideline and it's still very different from Blizzard's Overwatch which has more sci-fi in it. Board Games Several IDEAS projects already dedicate to these boards brands, and TLG's partnership with Hasbro is definitely a good news to them. I do think a CLUEDO Mansion set with character figures has good potential. My Little Pony Is it a big brand? Yes. Does it fits in LEGO? Argualy no. Despite its cartoon provides many great ideas for buildings, it's also a nightmare for precise character model builds, and core fans would rather just go buy Hasbro's own products to collect all their pony characters. The only exception could be Equestria Girls, which focuses on the human version of the characters and it seems to have potential for LEGO's minidoll line. Sadly that line is also discontinued. Mr. Potato Head And here is the nightmare for Toy Story fans. I don't know if TLG cares about it enough, but it would be a very big bless to have Toy Story return with actual Mr.&Mrs. Potato Head minifigures. Why not? Hasbro is already here with us. Aside from Mattel, I think the biggest toy mnufacturer on earth would be BANDAI from Japan, and BANDAI is best known for their Gundam toy line. But not quite sure if Gundam is as marketable as Voltron and Transformer to the western market?
  2. So I've been wondering... Are here any MTG players? What other TCG do you guys play? YuGiOh? Keyforge? This topic is mainly Magic:The Gathering but other TCG are also welcome.
  3. Name: Apeface Allegiance: Decepticon Subgroup: Headmaster Horrorcons Alternate modes: Jet plane and gorilla Motto: Obnoxiousness is not a problem. It is an art ========== Actually this guy was never in my to-built list.. but since this is "year of triple changers" for me, and Apeface is sort of a low-hanging fruit compared to other triple changers when it comes to complexity, I give that a shot. Compared to the original G1 Apeface.. some compromises must be made in the form of a different-looking jet mode. Hope you guys like my rendition! The ball joints used for the gorilla rear legs are too weak to hold his body up. So he can't stand upright . With LEGO Snapdragon I rebuilt few months earlier. (He's not a Headmaster though). To view more photos especially how he transform between modes, proceed to my blog entry below: Follow me in Instagram please!
  4. According to the BBC ( ) and other news channels, Mega Bloks' owners Mattel are in merger talks with Kre-o's owners Hasbro. Would a single Mattel-Hasbro be bad news for TLG? Mega Bloks has always made low quality products while Kre-o has been pretty decent quality but badly designed (have you seen their minifigures?). Together, they could be OK quality and design and therefore more of a threat to TLG. What do you think? Apologies if this should have been in the Community forum. As it concerns TLG, I thought that it would be alright in General. Please move it if it isn't.
  5. jamie75

    INT-4 Interceptor

    Today, I would like to present, my take on the INT-4 Interceptor. A short-range flyer operated by a single pilot, at least one version of the INT-4 was designed to also be deployable from within the body of an AT-AT. Yes, I am thinking about modifying an AT-AT, when I get this built in real bricks. Just don't know which one. We/ I, have 4 choose from now?! 3 System and one Technic. The Technic is out of the question, so System, it is, 4483, 8129, or 75054?! Anyways, back to the model: Wings up!! Wings down!! Nice and cozy, no?! The back the landing gear down. This model was a lot of fun to make. To me, it resembles a flying AT-ST head with wings. Plus the SNOT was a lot of fun. It has 209 pieces. The .lxf is in my Brickshelf folder. Thanks for looking! Tomorrow will be the flying coffin, AST-5, Armored Sentinel Transport. Jamie
  6. jamie75

    MTV-7 Multi-Terrain Vehicle

    Today, I present the MTV-7 Mini-Rig from the Kenner Star Wars line from the 80's. The MTV-7 Multi-Terrain Vehicle[1] was a wheeled scouting car utilized by the Imperial Army during the prime years of the Galactic Civil War. In addition to the vehicle's basic upright position, the MTV-7's large double wheels,[2] each featuring grooved surface treading,[3] extended outward from the main body to adopt a low, ground-hugging configuration.[2] Such versatility made the MTV-7 adaptable to many environments, and the vehicle was easier to deploy than the Empire's All Terrain Scout Transport walker.[3] Armed with a single rotating laser cannon, the MTV-7 held room for a single pilot in an open-air cockpit—unlike speeder bikes, the MTV-7 did not require a pilot possessed of suicidal tendencies.[3] A forward-facing, grilled headlight was positioned at the front of the vehicle.[2] This is my largest Mini-Rig. The original model had room for one Snowtrooper. I took the idea of it and made in more of a troop carrier for rough terrain. There is room for a driver, 3 troops, and 1 gunner. To get the angles on the wheels, I used click-hinges. But, I did make a smaller version of this model, one that is more in line with original. I wish there were smaller slopes, the sides of the smaller model are so flat. I like them both, even thou, the larger isn't really true to the source material. The larger has 355 pieces in it. The smaller has 130. The lxf is attached and includes both model in it. Jamie 10 - EU - Mini-Rig - MTV-7 - Multi-Terrain Vehicle.lxf
  7. I planned on posting this last week, but, got side tracked by life: work, family stuff, and LDD RCB. Sorry for the delay. Up next in my series of Kenner Mini-Rigs from the 80's is the AST-5. The vehicle featured two blaster cannons, each capable of swiveling 360 degrees. The vehicle had a "sentry" mode, an "attack" mode wherein the engine section would rotate to a 90-degree angle with the pilot section, and a "pursuit" mode where the engine section would rotate to a parallel position with the pilot section. It could also at least temporarily enter space. Here is a shot of the pilot. Lots of SNOT! There's studs going every way possible in this model. Plus, it does rotate like the Kenner model and also, a Mini-Fig does fit in the cockpit. The only thing, I may, have to do to it, is try to incorporate some controls somehow. The cockpit is empty, maybe on the door?? Attack Mode I nicknamed this model "the flying coffin". Shot it down, cover with sand, done! This model has 161 pieces in it and I did attach the file for this, too. Someone suggested it in another thread for one of my Mini-Rigs. Thanks, Jamie 8 - EU - Mini-Rig - AST-5 - Armored Sentinel Transport.lxf
  8. jamie75

    ISP-6 Imperial Shuttle Pod

    Up next in my series of Kenner Mini-Rigs from the 80's, is the ISP-6, Imperial Shuttle Pod. This is basically a mini version of the Imperial Shuttle seen in Return of the Jedi. The ISP-6 Imperial Shuttle Pod, was a small air/space vehicle used by the Imperial forces. A single-seat vehicle with a tri-wing configuration reminiscent of the larger Lambda-class shuttle, the ISP-6 was probably designed by Sienar Fleet Systems or Cygnus Spaceworks. It was a fast, compact transport, designed to be deployed from larger shuttles, and it was armed with two defensive blaster cannons for operations in combat zones. It also possessed a rear-view mirror to spot Rebel fighters from behind. After building is and getting the proportions about right, I looked and there was enough room for Vader as well as some cargo. I put a passage behind him, but, that may change when I build this early next year. Then again, I may have an Imperial Pilot fly this and have Vader kick back and relax while he does all the work. Going back to my MLC-3. The proportion of Lego mini-figs and Kenner Star Wars figures is way different. This design may fit an old Kenner fig, but, it's Lego so I may go with 2 figs in it. Wings up, landing gear down. Roomy?! There are 2 hinges on the top canopy, to access the whole interior of the ship. Wings fold up and down. Landing gear doesn't fit in the ship, it's too small of a build, they need to be taken when swooshing this around. I'm not completely happy with the nose. I may work on this later, but, I like it and think it fits in with the rest of the Kenner Mini-Rigs, thus far. I attacked the file to this if anybody would like to look at it or try to build this. This model is the second largest Mini-Rig I built, with 332 pieces in it. The MTV-7, has the highest pieces count, the MTV-7, Multi Terrain Vehicle will be posted tomorrow. Thanks for looking, Jamie 9 - EU - Mini Rig - ISP-6 - Imperial Shuttle Pod.lxf
  9. jamie75

    MLC-3 Mobile Laser Cannon

    Today, I would like to present my MLC-3 Mobile Laser Cannon from the 80's Kenner Mini-Rigs line. The MLC-3 Mobile Laser Cannon was a self-propelled gun used as a light artillery weapon by the Rebel Alliance. The MLC-3 was armed with twin blaster cannons and moved on a compact tracked chassis. The use of wheeled bogies rather than repulsorlift units suggests that, like many Rebel units, this was a relatively low-tech vehicle, and it seems that the cockpit hatch was opened manually rather than hydraulically. While the MLC-3 was designed to operate with a single pilot, they could be programmed to run autonomously, firing at preset targets. If you read the description and look at the picture, you will see a little difference. Namely, 2 figures, instead of a single pilot. I didn't like the look of the model when I made it smaller with one pilot. I couldn't get the "scale" and angles right, to me, it looked off. There are some big differences between a Kenner Star Wars figure and a Lego Mini-Fig, in both size and proportions. On the Kenner model, the pilots' head stuck out of the dome on the top of the model while his legs went all the way to the front of the vehicle. So, after playing with the design a lot, I scraped the idea of a lone pilot and decided on a pilot and gunner. All in all, I'm happy with the way this model turned out. Maybe a little chunky! And yes, I did "cheat" a little, I ended up using the tracks from my SRV-1, http://www.eurobrick...howtopic=100747. Working with these is a pain! This model has 296 pieces, of which 70 are tread pieces, the .lxf file is in my Brickshelf folder. Tomorrow, the flying AT-ST head, INT-4! Thanks for looking, Jamie
  10. Today, I would like to present my Desert Sail-20 Skiff. The Sail-20 was similar in design to the Ubrikkian Industries Bantha-II cargo skiff. The sail skiffs were smaller in size however, and were designed to be used as one-man personal fliers. Unlike the Bantha IIs, the sail skiffs housed a pair of blaster cannons located on each side of the lower hull. This model is not a "complex" as some of the others. Not alot of SNOT. But, it still looks good and stays true to the original model. It is designed, so you can place a sail from the new Jabba's Sail Barge set on it. Till, I build these in real bricks, I'm not sure if it will look too big, or not. After I have this built and the sail in place, I'll have to look at it and play with from there. I believe this is my smallest model in my series of Kenner Mini-Rigs. It has 134 pieces in it and can hold one figure. The .lxf file is in my Brickshelf folder. MLC-3 to come tomorrow! Thanks for looking, Jamie