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Found 44 results

  1. Inside the simple Temple of Mazadar a Warrior Priest addresses a group of potential converts to the cause. "Mazadar is pure goodness, the creator of all things right and true." Exclaimed the Priest of Mazadar. "Yet Mazadar is not alone in the Cosmos of Creation. At every turn Mazadar is opposed by the evil spirit of chaos and destruction. Seeking to cast down all that is good and replace it with evil, this destructive force seeks to confound Mazadar and goodness at every turn! Existing only to cause suffering and pain. Mazadar and the evil spirit have opposed each other since the dawn of creation and even now wage their battle over the souls of mortals. How can Mazadar ever hope to triumph against the equal and opposite evil spirit?" "Only by enlisting the figure upon the pedastal can Mazadar hope to win the Cosmic struggle and bring about a paradise in all realms and all lives. And that figure, is YOU. Only you can choose good over evil! Only you can make the difficult choices to do right in this life. Only you can help to build a paradise in all realms. Only you can tip the scales of good and evil. Your choices, your actions will make the difference in the Cosmic struggle. Mazadar needs you to choose good. Will you answer the call?" Meanwhile in the temple garden Muakhah fields the questions of two younger Khadirans. "When I get to paradise, will I see my grandma? ...and my cat?" Asked the short quiet girl. "Would it be paradise without them Mirah?" replied Muakhah. "So I will see them again?" The little girl persisted. "When we die Mirah, Mazadar judges our deeds, our intentions, our very soul. We either enter paradise or for want of a better word, hell. But fear not little one. Hell is temporary. There are no sins that could warrant eternal punishment! Every sinner will spend time in hell to account for their sins and recognise the consequences of their actions. It may take them a long time but eventually they will enter paradise, having atoned and understood their wrongs." "Does this mean that I might see someone evil in paradise? Like a Drow?" Asked the taller boy. "Why yes. You may even meet Revolword or Ravaage himself." "I don't want to meet Ravaage in paradise." Said the boy firmly. "Of course," said Muakhah gently. "But understand that the Ravaage you meet in paradise would not be the Ravaage who walked this earth. He would have paid the price for his crimes in hell, but not only that he would have come to understand and repent for them. The Ravaage you meet in paradise will be Ravaage as he could have been. Had he made the choice to do good and walk in the light." "Is this why we have to help the Nocturnans...even though they are evil?" The boy continued. "Look at the plant over by the gardener. See how it is not lush and green like this one to my left." The boy and girl nodded. "Is that plant evil?" "No!" laughed the children in unison. "This plant to my left is lush and green because this corner of the garden has good light, soil and warmth. The plant over there lacks these things and so its growth is more difficult. If both plants are to bloom then one of them needs help. Which one do you think?" "The one over there." said the girl. "And so it is with the Nocturnans. They are not evil. They simply come from a harsh land where it is not easy to do good. Where everything is a struggle. But with help they can walk in the light." "But some are evil?" The boy continued. "Some choose evil. But others do not. And do not forget that Kaliphlinites, Avalonians and Mitgardians may also choose evil. It is often the easier path. Doing the right thing is often the more difficult choice. Were it easy then there would be no evil." Additional Photos! I finished this build a little while ago and held off posting pictures because of the Sandstorm of freebuilds. As there seemed to be a lot of immersive shots I retweaked the posing a little to get immersive shots myself but it doesn't really work well as it wasn't designed for it. I know the story is pretty waffly but hopefully this is the beginning of an organisation that may grow to rival the knights of Aslan (fingers crossed) I feel that there is a curse going around the forum. When I set it up for photos it seemed that I had avoided light shining through cracks. But when the photos are on the comp there they are... Seems to be a common problm these days. I'm hoping that this is enough to count as a Temple for Khadira and also a freebuild for the great Guild of Kaliphlin! And yes...I'm still mixing all colors of minifigs...
  2. When the wave of Nocturnan refugees crossed the border during the war against Ravaage, they brought with them new styles of clothing, food and entertainment. They also had an influence on the new buildings of Khadira. This business has a repaired stone lower story with a wooden and lacquer upper storey. The Red and Black are typical Nocturnan colors for this kind of construction. This building has become a massage parlor, or so the owners claim. With so many refugees in the city some turn to desperate sources of income. The authorities have turned a blind eye during the wars but now that there is a High Queen upon the throne they may seek to investigate the premises. Masseuses try to attract potential customers from the balcony. A potential customer? Or merely a curious onlooker? This being Kaliphlin, any patch of shade quickly gets snatched up by traders and market stalls. It remains to be seen whether businesses like this will be allowed to function, suffer regulations and inspections or simply be closed down as order reasserts itself across the land. OOC: So you can see why I will never criticise other's photography eh? In a different country with a different half of my collection. Had a look at what could be pulled off and thought that a Nocturnan inspired business would fit in. Thought about the general situation, My pieces and what could be represented with them and thought of this "Scarlet House". I may try photoshop in the future but I mainly want tot build and share. I will look into getting a better background than a dog diaper though... I hope to build a few small pieces and slowly work on Khadira. I guess for HSS this would count as Hospitality - Entertainers?
  3. Although the streets of Kashgar are poorly accessible for carriages and horsemen, at the far end of Kashgar near the docks is a small stable. The Avalonian owner, Quill, of the Flying Pony rents out and sells horses and other ridable animals for short journeys and light packings. Quill owns a small breeding range just outside the borders of Kashgar, where he get his constant supply of mini horses. HSS: REQ Agriculture, Lifestock Ranch
  4. Drunken Imp Inn When the streets and canals of Kashgar were flooding with merchants from all directions, the urge to keep them in the town began to grow. They needed a place to negotiate along with the pleasure to grab a drink as well as a place to crash after a long journey. On different locations in town taverns and inns popped up. The one that stood out, was the Drunken Imp Inn. A little shady and the sleeping lodges were not the most comfortable, but the money flowed. As it is told. Black market trading, agreements were signed and some say even kill contracts are a common goods that cross the tables. HSS: REQ Hospitality, Inn
  5. Golden Wing Leather Workshop When Joseph Khaor first set foot on Varlyrio he arrived in a small hamlet in the eastern bay, which he called Kashgar. Hamlet was still too much to call the collective of small houses. Joseph thought it would be a great spot to settle and he started to build his home and workshop. At first it functioned as a tailorshop until the majority of the product shifted from cloth to leather, armors in particular. Generations later the building was still standing, although the residential purpose was moved to a larger location. On the bottom floor a shop allows the customers to do business and pick up their order. The second floor holds the workshop of the craftsmen making the armors and other leatherwork specialty orders. The top floor is the drying area for the stock of furs and leather that they acquired from their tannery further up the canal. HSS: Craftsmen Armorer
  6. Farm’s Market The downside to these large settlements along the coast of Varlyrio, is that all the food, except fish, has to be bought. Kashgar is no different. Farmland is far beyond the gate. This does not mean it is hard to get by food. The Farm’s market offer a continues flow of goods like livestock, fruit and other exotic products. No men should live unfed. As a side note: It’s a small build, but it had to fit my view of the city. HSS: REQ Agriculture, Farm’s Market (because Kashgar has no direct farms along its borders
  7. Khaor guard tower Briefly after the successes of the Khaor family in Kashgar, the usual suspects came lurking around the corner. Thieves, smugglers and even murderers. The Khaor hired a group of soldiers to insure their personal safety. In the midst of town a high tower oversees the traffic and guards the business and the family of Khaor. The personal guard of the Khaor distinguish themselves by the high quality dragon scale armor and their versatile range of weaponry they carry. Led by commander and chief Yorth, these guards are top of the bill. HSS: REQ Military, Guard Tower
  8. Temple of Daïnna After the first settlers of Kashgar built the first homes through the maze of canals of Kashgar the community requested a temple to pray to their deity of choice. The Temple keeper Perrish assists his flock of Kashgar residents and outsiders, preaching to numerous deities needed to favor the hunt, production or trade important to the Varlyrians. The Temple was named after Daïnna, an Avalonian Half-God Huntress who was praised for her skills in tracking and archery and the deity the Khaor family draws much energy from. Daïnna’s arrows are blessed with flight and accuracy. Her followers are believed to be given a sharp vision and strong sense to aid in the hunt. A secret lore even suggest that she hunted more than just animals and mythical creatures and that she shed royal blood. HSS: Religious
  9. ...about 5 years ago, when things started to getting worse for the citizens of Euosmos and strange things where happening all over Mitgardia because of the rising hordes of Algus, a boat with a handful of brave men from Euosmos, sailed across Winter Lakes to the open sea towards East, far away from the known lands of Historica... They were looking for a safe place away from any Algus threats, to make a new start for their civilization and keep the soul of Euosmos alive. It took them about a month sailing before they finally saw land! The region was ideal to build a fortified city, so they immediately started working on it.... the city of "Salonica" Soon they had their first houses ready and about three year after, the fortified walls were ready too. The named "Kastra of Thessaloniki" were one of the toughest walls all over Historica and the citizens were finally safe, for once and for all. Hey there guys :) thanks a lot for hosting this great contest, it was the big period we had available to build, that made me think to finally expand the Kastra Gatehouse I had built and also build the interior village I wanted. (you can exclude the main gatehouse from judging) The project consists of 3x3 48baseplates for now and I aim to further expand it when I find time. The windmill at the hill is rotating with power functions, and there are also several lights at the tavern below it and around rockwork. I was also thinking to make more threads and link them here with the main buildings/baseplates better photographed (detached) but for the time being I will leave it as it is, all together. I am working on this project since the announcement of the contest, with a few months off and on, and the final moc consists of MANY parts as you can see xD I hope you like it Giorgos Solomonidis Gunman Kastra of Thessaloniki Military Parade Every year since the beginning of the new era for the citizens of Euosmos, they organize a military parade to celebrate their new hometown. Sir Gunman has left a clone of himself next to the King, because he has information that upcoming danger in incoming to the city of Salonica, and he has to prepare himself. Every citizen has a chance to see from close-up their brave military The coming of the citizens of Euosmos to this land, wasn't so peaceful... in fact, strange fleshy looking people were living here. All of them were captured and since then are kept on a small island on a lake near Salonica called Skyraloga to avoid any transfer of their illness to the healthy citizens. Every year, during the parade period, a few of them are taken from the small island and are forced to join the parade inside a wagon. Dragonslayer's Inn One of the top Inns in the City of Salonica, famous for its view from the balcony Dimo's Stable The stable, owned by Sir Gunman and his family, named after his grandfather. Some of the finest horses of Salonica and held there. Sir Gunman it getting ready to leave his house and go see if the rumors for incoming danger are true, Market Every Sunday, one of the finest markets of the city is getting place near the Monument of the Fallen Angel You can find from small fishes till one of the finest armors in the lands of Historica The Statue of the Fallen Angel dedicated to all the fallen Mitgardians, during the long journey from Euosmos to Salonica Dragonslayer Windmill This windmill is used by citizens and military people too. Normal citizens use it to produce their flour while military people are on duty and use it as observatory for incoming danger around the city. Next to the windmill, there is also a big Cross made out of stone, to threaten incoming enemies. Many citizens find this place very romantic, and choose it to get married. Lights ON Last but not least I would like to claim the following: Inn phase 3,Stable phase 3,Walls phase 3,Store phase 1 HSS entertainers.HSS Scholars,HSS Religious
  10. The new trend in Mitgardian travelling agencies is Sandboarding trips to Kaliphlin lands. Here we can see Gunman testing the Queenscross ride while on vacations before "Book III" adventures start. I would like to claim the HSS Services and AoM Gatehouse 2nd phase. Book your tickets now!
  11. Kai NRG


    Decided to build another opening building like my inn. But I also wanted to get some bright colors in there. Well, it sure has been a while. This was a lot of fun to build - C&C welcome as always!
  12. Jacob Nion

    The Streets Of Skavenport

    The City of Skavenport was one of the strangest cities in Nocturnus, where indeed many a strange town existed. Maybe it was even one of the most peculiar cities in all of Historica. But at the first glance a visitor could find no difference to any other bustling town. There were half timbered houses, large and small, built without any sign of logic; older houses with crooked roofs and sagged walls, newer houses attached to the others whereever a free corner could be found. Houses lined to long winding alleys. Some of the larger streets were paved, or once had been at least, but most were muddy and rough. Everywhere the reisdents were busy, hushing through the streets, children were playing, and barkers could be heared. All in all it was a loud place full of life and hustle. But this most special town was inhabited by rats. Not only rats, but rats and men together, side by side. Because this was the city of Osric Isentooth, the Rat Lord. Long ago, when the rats, were driven out of their realm far in the northern Rakath Mountains, Osric led them all through Nocturnus to the eastern shore. But the rats had been weakened and were disheartened. So Osric called for people all over Historica to follow him and join his cause. So the men of Skavenport had come. They were neither lords nor noble knights, not even brave farmers or diligent craftsmen. These men had been thieves and robbers, smugglers and all sort of sinister fellows. That kind of people decent citizen would call rats. And said:"You may live like vermin under your kind, or you live free and proud under us rats." So vagabonds turned into most respectable citizens. They became farmers and craftsmen and merchants. Thieves, who had never known other than loneliness, became the fathers of families. And the rats on the other hand adapted much of the manners of their new neighbours. Where they once had lived in caverns and dug tunnels they now inhabited tall houses and walked other broad streets. They learned to esteem precious fabric and to trade with all kinds of goods (a new and very strong domain of the rat people). They learned how to grow crops and even how to tame the sea. Some travelled far away aboard black sailed ships and returned with spices from isles as far in the south as any mariner ever dared to sail. And the rats and the men lived henceforth in union, and nothing ever would divide them. So, finally I can present you the first build of my city! Enjoy Skavenport!
  13. Jacob Nion

    Skavenport Furriers

    The Streets Of Skavenport With endless forests surrounding the city, Skavenport has immense access to huntable wildlife. The skin sold by the huntsmen is processed into fine fur by Skavenports many furriers and one of the most desired exports. Foxes, sables and wolves are popular furs, but you will never find a coat of squirrel skin, or a beaver hat in Skavenport, since Lord Osric had forbidden the sale and production of rodents, in the city. On the furrier's bench last rags of flesh are severed from the skin. Tanning makes the skin smooth and durable. So, a little bit more Skavenport. Enjoy!
  14. The Trifork has not been unaffected by the recent conflicts. Civil war in Nocturnus has brought strange fugitives to its borders; Drow incursions and rumours of plague in Avalonia has led to local unrest; Troubles in Mitgardia has disturbed trade and mythical incursions from the far north has brought fear to those lands; Lastly, the bloody struggle for control over Kaliphlin has demanded lives of sons, fathers and brothers, and disturbed basicly all daily tasks and routines of the border town. During these times, everyone must take their part in feeding their families and keeping the economy going. One such person is young Peter, who has taken up tending to his family's sheep with his trusty dalmatian, while his father serves with the Trifork city guard. In the highlands north of the Trifork, the lands are perfect for grazing. However, as the highlands are a good two days out, the shepherds maintain a number of small huts for all of the community to use. Here they rest for the night, and store supplies to make their lives more comfortable. It is customary for shepherds to leave something for the next inhabitant, be it cheese, wine, bread, or similar. Sheep is a popular livestock, as it can produce both meats, dairy products and wool, ensuring a steady income for the shepherds, regardless of price developments in any single commodity. Therefore, Peter's work is enough to keep his family well fed and to supply them with surplus products to take to the market. Thanks for looking - my second build for the husbandry minichallenge. The shepherd is from my minifig-series and I had the sheep lying around since forever. (They are not my own design, but I can't remember where I saw it.) C&C welcome - again thanks for a nice minichallenge!
  15. All men must eat - especially during times of crisis, where large parts of the workforce is diverted to war time production or the military forces. And while bread, potatoes and dairy form the basis of nutrition, a happy and healthy populace (and army) requires more diversified diets. Located in the far south of Avalonia, with hot winds blowing in from the Kaliphlinite plains, the Trifork has perfect conditions for growing many different types of produce. These crafty farmers have abondoned the hard labour of growing grains and turned to the more delicate business of oranges and other lemonfruits. While adult trees adapt well to the climate, saplings have to be groomed and require additional incubation. This is done in greenhouses, simulating the climate of more tropical regions, to allow the young trees to establish roots and resilience for the slightly harsher local weather conditions. With a high yield production the orchards of the Trifork normally delivers more than enough lemonfruits for the local populace. Recently, however, prices have been driven up and the produce reserved to a more elitist market. Hopefully the markets will normalise, so all again can enjoy the sweet and sour sensation of the fruits. For now, the farmers enjoy a premium on their prices... __________________________________ An entry for the Husbandry challenge - C&C welcome. I know this isn't anything special, but I wanted to try out my new fences (PAB) and try building a greenhouse. In fact, that part was more complex than I had anticipated. Thanks for a nice minichallenge!
  16. After receiving orders from the High Council to stand down and adhere to the truce, Beorthan has lead his troop of veterans home to the Trifork. There, the citizens are welcoming them with a heroes' parade throughout the city. Below, we see the parade marching past the Avalonian College of Commerce, Economics, and Social Studies, a small subunit of the Avalonian University near Albion. Not all made it back safely, but none were left behind. Here, the veterans are carrying their fallen brother at the place of honour on the parade, for all to honour him and remember his sacrifice. Fittingly, the parade also passes before a temple to an old God of War. HSS Religious: Temple for a God of War Barring homecoming parades to local heroes, the Academy is a busy place. In its great halls, scholars roam the bookshelves for new perspectives on contemporary issues. In the courtyard behind the main building, scholars go to discuss important issues, contemplate in deep thought, study, or to meet with their fellows. In the side wing, there are rooms for visiting scholars. The resident scholars typically have lodgings in the city, but may use the rooms for a peaceful place of study. Overview shots: HSS Scholars: The Avalonian Academy of Commerce, Economics, & Social Studies. C&C is welcome. This was intended to be a wing of the Petrayan University for Warzone 10, but I didn't manage to get it ready. And thus, the Trifork got itself an academy!
  17. Hereby a freebuild I've got sitting on a shelf for a looong time. In the Northwest of the Trifork, the Twins command the only river running from the Lake of the Trifork. All the other rivers are upstream from the Lake, supplying it with melting water from the cold north, rainwater from the central plains surrounding Cedrica and muddy waters from the forests of north west Kaliphlin. Via the water locks, the water level of the lake can be managed, including raising it to flood the lowlands south of the Trifork in case of attack or siege, limiting access to one metalled road, easing defenses. The water lock at the Twins is one of two, allowing traffic to pass through with minimal decrease in the water levels of the lake. The second one is upstream in the middle of the city. Apart from the towers themselves, the defenses also include a chain mechanism to block of the river (and to protect the waterlocks in times of peace). This is a build for the HSS challenge. Thanks for looking - C&C welcome
  18. In the middle of New Town, on the north bank of the river, the mill of the Trifork is located. Here grains from a wide area surrounding the Trifork is ground to flour before being shipped off by ship or caravan, sent to the bakeries, sold in the market, or stored in warehouses for times of need. (Or more favourable market conditions...) With a mill inside the walls, the Trifork is well-positioned to build up large stocks of grains and flour, meaning the Trifork rarely suffers in times of war and famine. Further, the traffic of grains going in and flour and bread going out, has established the Trifork as an important market for grains and related products. Avalonian wheat for north west Kaliphlin alone represent an immense volume of trade. Here the miller is loading a wagon with the last few hours of production, which will be going to the bakeries of Old Town south of the river. ====================================================================== This is a build for the HSS challenge. The mill rotates 360o degrees, so it can be turned into the wind. Further, there is a working grindstone inside, turning with the wind. Quite happy with the outcome of this, and looking forward for some feedback.
  19. Designed by students and funded by alumni, the Kennel of Ruadh is one of the settlement's architectural curiosities. The stained-glass canopy is a marvel of glasswork and magic, held together with enchanted githril. Here, the famed Belville mastiffs are bred and trained to serve as companions and protectors to Ruadhic artists. Locals just call it the kennel; tourists somewhat mockingly call it the Canine Cathedral. Lady Siedna and her husband Mateus pay a visit to the kennel. An artist teaches a puppy basic obedience skills while her friend looks on. Throughout the day, students muck out the kennels, a task made more difficult by mischievous young puppies. After filling the food dish with scraps, a student reaches through the fencing to play with a young pup. Meanwhile, an instructor attempts to teach proper grooming techniques to his distracted student. The kennel at sunrise. I'd like to claim UoP Credits for: - Architecture: Roofing: Roof 2/3 - General Building: Minifig Posing - Agriculture and Zoology: Raising Livestock
  20. The oldest inn in the Trifork, The crown was build for the King's messengers passing through on their way to Albion. Located in one of the nicest neighbourhoods of the Trifork, you often see the posher youths meeting nearby. While the rooms are small, the beds are comfortable, and the inn offers a measure of luxury with a large spa on the roof. Just a small build for the HSS task. Hope you enjoy it - was a fun build.
  21. The Trifork, located at the junction of several busy waterways, has long prospered from the trade of goods flowing up and down the rivers. One of the first stone structures to be raised, the main quay has long allowed ships of all sizes to dock and exchange goods and passengers. (HSS Nautical: Harbourmasters office and lighthouse & HSS Labourer: Warehouse) All harbour administration, as well as collection of tolls and dues, is handled by the harbourmaster. The stately sandstone building overlooks the port area and commands the only entrance to the quay. Due to frequent fogs on the Trifork lake, a lighthouse has been erected in connection with the harbourmasters office to lead ships safely to the port. Next to the harbourmaster, the busiest warehouse of the Trifork is located, holding most of the transit goods passing through the port. Goods intended for the city itself is normally shipped directly to merchants and warehouses in the city, but those goods waiting to be loaded onto another ship is kept safe in this warehouse. (HSS Nautical: Shipyard) Next to the quay, the local shipyard is placed. Its experienced shipwrights are renowned for their swift and manoeuvrable river crafts. Due to popular demand, the slipway is rarely empty, and many of the ships navigating the Avalonian rivers was built here. In times of war, fast and agile warships can be lauched at an impressive pace, given the proper ressources are available. (HSS Nautical: Quay and Cranes) The quay is rarely empty, and right now the Swiftsure patrol craft is being outfitted for another patrol, a merchants ship is being unloaded, and a small traders boat is docking. At times, the port is so busy that several ships que up awaiting docking space. The port is one of the key elements in the city's prosperity, and the council goes great lengths to protect its interests on the Trifork lake, as well as up and down the rivers. In the recent turmoil, rivertrade has gone up, as merchants are less vulnerable on the rivers than on the roads. Further, the river port is a great asset in times of siege, where supplies can be brought in under the nose of the besiegers. ________________________________________________________________________________ Additional photos: __________________________________________________________________________________________ A note to the photos: I found it really hard to photograph such a large build. And since photographing isn't my strongest point, the size didn't help me out. Tips are welcome, and I hope you can see past the questionable quality of the photos! Comments and criticism welcome
  22. As the Trifork spread accross the banks to the north side of the river, New Town appeared. During the Revolword wars, the Lord Mayor of the Trifork ordered ramparts build to ensure the safety of this new neighbourhood. These were build by setting heavy logs into the ground and stacking stone and dirt on both sides about 3 meters in height. For the top part of logs still exposed, they were reinforced by an additional row of logs and a walkway for the patrols was established behind this wall. It is manned by the now reformed militia of the Trifork, armed with fine Shadowmere steel and trained by experienced warriors. While not as formidable as a stone city wall, the ramparts are resilient to siege weapons, gives the defenders a favourable position for fighting, breaks any enemy charge, and is cheap and easy to maintain and improve. With the Drow incursions, a large battle in the nearby Wither Woods, aggressive Mitgardian dwarves, civil war in Nocturnus, and new rumours of troubles brewing in Kaliphlin, plans are being made to expand the northern defenses with a moat, wooden spikes and a number of bastions, but work has not yet commenced. The inhabitants of New Town can only hope this will not prove a catastrophic delay...
  23. In case anyone ever wondered why I never build anything big, the answer is Thorshaven! And for those of you who already know my city, here are some new additions: Market day in Thorshaven: In the center of Thorshaven, right at the city hall, you can find the town's market square. It's a place of commerce: and of customers obsessed with quality: It also the place to speak up and have the people hear your message: and last but not least, behind the scenes there also is a lot of hard work, like in this case the barrel maker: All in all, just the right place to be on market day: and in case you were wondering what Thorshaven actually looks like as a whole these days, here's a pic of the latest configuration:
  24. HSS: Streets of Barqa Barqa is the trading hub of south-western Kaliphlin. The city is located where the mighty Arkbri river meets the sea. The Arkbri river stretches all the way from the mountains of Mitgardia and is a major shipping route through central Historica. Barqa is a melting pot of people and cultures from all points of the compass, and dozens of different languages can be heard in the streets. The proud City Guard of Barqa is in peacetime mostly a constabulary force, which is not to say that they are lacking work… Some guards are of course also manning the walls, but this one don’t seem to be paying attention to what is outside the wall? Aha, he is admiring one of the many lovely...gardens of Barqa! Today, de Gothia is visiting his son Elijah who is studying in Barqa. He also meets with Lord Gideon, who is eager to hear about the achievements of the Kaliphlin artisans he has sent north to help de Gothia building the town of Sionnach. Elijah has already grown tired of the lengthy discussion of the grownups and is instead investigating a statue of some hero of old. Bishop Sheyer of the Aslanic Order is also passing by, always travelling with an armed escort. Many of Barqa’s inhabitants, some would say the majority, cannot afford living quarters with their own kitchen. For them, simple establishments as this one are the place to go to get a bowl of soup or something to drink on the go. HSS Hospitality: Fast food Barqa is well known for the excellent quality of the glasswares produced here. Like many other craftsmen and merchants of the city, this glass blower has a small shop along one of the covered sidewalks. These roofs provide protection from the sun during most of the year, and protection from the torrential rain in that season. HSS Craftsmen, General Goods: Glass Blower While black oil is the usual source of lighting in Kaliphlin, candles are considered a luxury which many people want to use to impress their visitors with. Especially the many temples and shrines of the various religions represented in Barqa are demanding candles in great numbers. HSS Merchant, Specialty: Candle Maker With Barqa being such a busy trade hub with traders coming from all over Historica and beyond, the cartographers of Barqa are among the finest in Historica. Today, this cartographer has stepped down from his studio upstairs and is providing maps to the city’s inhabitants and visitors. HSS Services: Cartographer The movements of the celestial bodies are closely observed by the scholars of Barqa. This particular astronomer is excellent at determining the exact time of day, and has built a clock tower to share this information with the city. Indeed, this clock is de facto the standard for time in Barqa. HSS Scholars: Observatory/Astronomer In many places in the city, music can be heard from the city's numerous musicians. HSS Entertainers: Street Musicans The frequent traffic with horses and oxen means that streets can get very dirty, despite the efforts of the cleaning workers. During the short but intense rain season, the streets can also be turned into something which looks more like canals when the drainage system is pushed to its limits. Therefore, most streets have stepping stones where pedestrians can cross without getting too dirty or wet. Many children like to play on the city walls, sometimes even daring to go up into the towers. The guards are of course not happy with this practice... The roofs are important parts of the homes where people spend a lot of their time. Here, a mother is feeding her daughter with a slice of a giant apple, fresh from the orchards of southern Avalonia. When the searing sun is getting low in the sky the city really comes to life. The streets, homes and shops are lit by numerous oil lanterns. There are a sizeable population of humanoids with Nocturnian origin in Barqa, many of them exiles from the internal Nocturnian power struggles. Soraya the assassin is hiding in the shadows, could it be one of these she is after? Some more pictures of the build: UoP credits claimed: Marketplace [Trade and Law] Arresting Criminals [Trade and Law] Music [Culture] As this is a massive build, as you see I tried to include quite a few HSS categories. If any of these is not good enough here, I do can skip that claim and re-visit the category some other time. I will display this build at the Lego Fan Weekend in Skaerbaek, Denmark, this coming weekend. I hope I will see some of you there!
  25. See the previous tales: Wyndor's Saga: Chapter 1 -What Has Past- Chapter 2 Part 10 (You're Here!) Part 10.1: Blunted Edges Part 10.2: Cramped Spaces Part 10.3: Enthusiastic Worker Wyndor and company arrived in Dålig Ulv and he immediately asked for Pjeter. He was directed towards the town hall and there saw his old acquaintance. “Ho there Pjeter!” said Wyndor. “Well laddie! Times have been good to you. Welcome to Dålig Ulv” replied Pjeter. “So, what have you been up to?” asked Wyndor. “You’ve come a long way from serving on a trade barge.” “Aye, now I’m a reputable land owner. They elected me mayor just last year. But since then an entrepreneur named Lief has moved here from Erikson and has caused me no small amount of grief!” said Pjeter. “Well, it sounds like we have much to discuss then. Where can we go to talk in private?” asked Wyndor. “I have a study here in the town hall. But, before we go in I must ask you, where did you get one of the breastplates of the Blue Wolf Clan?” inquired Pjeter. “What? This? I got this ages ago in Northridge. I’m familiar with the Wolf Clans and the Wolfpack mercenaries, but who are the Blue Wolves?” responded Wyndor. “They are a radical group of misfits who have taken up residence near Dålig Ulv I’m afraid” said Pjeter. “They started as a splinter group from the local Wolfpack riffraff and are led by a renegade from the Wolf Clans. Hence their name. Normally they don’t cause too much trouble, but recently their, uh, demonstrations have grown more aggressive. They have no set standard of armor as they come from all over, but the breastplate you wear is used by some of their elite and is a symbol of fear here.” “I have worn this armor over hundreds of miles and all four guilds Pjeter,” said Wyndor. “I am not about to abandon it simply because it has a negative association here. I will just have to give them a better association with it.” As they were talking another man walked up and interrupted their conversation. “I take it this is your new lackey Pjeter” said the stranger. “Ah, yes, Wyndor this is Lief” said Pjeter. “It’s a pleasure to make your acquaintance sir” said Wyndor as he held out his hand. Lief ignored Wyndor’s hand and said to Pjeter, “So you’re filling our council with local radicals now Pjeter?” “Lief, as I’ve told you before, you are not on the council. You are a valuable member of our community because of the financing you have done for our militia and shop owners, but you hold no sway over who I appoint to the council” said Pjeter. “Well, that remains to be seen” Lief said as he turned and walked away. “I can see what you mean about him causing trouble” said Wyndor. The next day Pjeter introduced Wyndor to the town. They stood on the platform in front of the town hall which faced an open courtyard in the center of the city. “Good people of Dålig Ulv, I present to you the newest member of our council” Pjeter announced in his thick rolling accent. “He has traveled much of Historica and has fought many battles with a true heart. He will be taking charge of our militia and training with them to ensure that we are prepared for anything.” Wyndor stepped up to speak. He was slightly nervous as he had never had this level of responsibility before. But he had asked his brothers to accompany him today and had one other person whom he had written to before arriving in Dålig Ulv whom he knew would be of great help as well. He began to address the crowd of townsfolk who had cared enough to assemble, “Good people, I am Wyndor Grahamson and I am glad to be a part of this fair city. I hope to be able to add my knowledge to your own and cause some good in Dålig Ulv.” There was a murmur running through the crowd and Wyndor knew he would have to address something right away. “Many of you may be asking why I wear a symbol of rebellion. Long before the Blue Wolf Clan started troubling these lands, back when we were all suffering from the actions of Victor Revolword, I began a journey across all of Historica. This armor may be a symbol for rebels to you, but to me it is a symbol of protection against my attackers. I hope you will give me the chance to prove myself by my actions before judging me by my armaments. Now, I would be amiss to promise you that I could handle all of the responsibility you have granted me by myself. I’d like to introduce you to my two brothers who will be aiding me in training the militia.” Natolyth and Chalin walked up and give a short introduction. The people seemed especially impressed with Chalin who had learned how to charm the crowds while fighting in Kaliphlin. After their introductions Wyndor made one more introduction. “I would also like to introduce you a personal advisor I’ve asked to join me here in Dålig Ulv. His name is Liam and he taught me much of what I know about fighting.” Liam stepped up and just stared at the crowd. Wyndor could tell they were a little uncomfortable with having a Cyclops living amongst them, but he knew they would grow to like the old weapons master. Wyndor gave some final remarks and then stepped away from the crowd as Pjeter gave some mayoral updates. He stood next to Liam and said, “Thank you for coming on such short notice Liam.” “Hmprf, and miss a chance to see one of my students either shine or make a fool of himself?” Liam replied. “I would never miss it!” “Well, regardless of your confidence in me, I will be glad to have you here” answered Wyndor.