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Found 7 results

  1. Chapter 1 Chapter 2 Chapter 3a Chapter 3b Chapter 4 It is early morning in the Trifork, and the hustle and bustle of the city is only just beginning as the citizens wake up and begin their daily chores. Beorthan has just arrived at the city hall, and is now standing on the balcony, overlooking the very heart of his lands. From here, he sees a battered and beaten man limping his way towards the entrance of the building. Ordering the guards to let the uniformed man in, he turns on his heels and rushes to the mayors office, calling his friend and second in command, sir William Drake, to join him. In the office, he receives the battered man solemnly with a small bow. "Greetings, sir - May I call for someone to take you to the infirmary?" The man looks up anxiously, his body obviously aching from some incident. "Thank you most kindly, mylord - but first, I must speak my business - it cannot wait!" Beorthan frowns and looks to Drake, then back to the man. "Well, man, if it cannot wait, speak up immediately!" "Of course, mylord! I bring word from Alric, Lord of Drond's Feelds, and in his heart your friend and ally. He most humbly requests the strength of the Trifork to ride to his immediate aid..." Drake raises a brow, and gives Beorthan a significant look. "We too regard Alric and Drond's Feelds as our friends and allies. But what troubles have led him to seek our help? And what happened to you?" Still somewhat breathless from the strain of his travels, the messenger stops to collect his thoughts before speaking. "I was beset upon by an unseen enemy, setting a trap for my mount. I have been running here with all my speed. You must react quickly, as I am already delayed too long!" Beorthan motions to the man to calm down. "We shall ride out within the day, if only you will let me know to what end!" The messenger looks down in despair. "I... I have lost the message as I was ambushed... but..." "Yes?!" "An unknown enemy has raided our southern villages mercilessly. They have come from the east... in great number..." Looking to the maps, Beorthan seems alarmed. "From the East? They must have come through my lands... 'Tis unacceptable!" "But sir... There is more... They have taken lord Alric's wife... Your niece..." Narrowing his eyes, Beorthan's resolve seems to grow - he turns to Drake. "William, I want you to take a company of infantry south. We must block our enemy from getting reinforcements." Turning to the messenger: "You will be escorted to the infirmary, and if you are up to it, I shall ask you to ride out with me, as our guide. We shall be leading the cavalry." "Thank you, sirs. Lord Alric will consider himself in your debt." The messenger bows as best he can, before being helped out of the office by a guard. ________________________________________________________________ My humble addition to TitusV's Aestwäld Saga - We Avalonians can also do collabs! You may consider the first picture a teaser for a large build (my largest so far ) of the main plaza of the Trifork, which you will see whenever I 1) get it finished 2) figure out how to photograph it. As always, c&c is welcome. Hope you like it.
  2. After receiving orders from the High Council to stand down and adhere to the truce, Beorthan has lead his troop of veterans home to the Trifork. There, the citizens are welcoming them with a heroes' parade throughout the city. Below, we see the parade marching past the Avalonian College of Commerce, Economics, and Social Studies, a small subunit of the Avalonian University near Albion. Not all made it back safely, but none were left behind. Here, the veterans are carrying their fallen brother at the place of honour on the parade, for all to honour him and remember his sacrifice. Fittingly, the parade also passes before a temple to an old God of War. HSS Religious: Temple for a God of War Barring homecoming parades to local heroes, the Academy is a busy place. In its great halls, scholars roam the bookshelves for new perspectives on contemporary issues. In the courtyard behind the main building, scholars go to discuss important issues, contemplate in deep thought, study, or to meet with their fellows. In the side wing, there are rooms for visiting scholars. The resident scholars typically have lodgings in the city, but may use the rooms for a peaceful place of study. Overview shots: HSS Scholars: The Avalonian Academy of Commerce, Economics, & Social Studies. C&C is welcome. This was intended to be a wing of the Petrayan University for Warzone 10, but I didn't manage to get it ready. And thus, the Trifork got itself an academy!
  3. Maintaining a town, even a village, requires lumber in vast amounts, and the Trifork is not an exception. Its many homes must be heated, its craftsmen and builders requires raw materials, and its shipyards requires lumber. Therefore, some of the strongest arms and sturdiest backs of the Trifork venture to the forests surrounding the lake, where from the lumber can be transported floating by sea to the city. Near the banks, where the ground is sandy, the trees do not grow as tall as further inland, but for firewood and simpler materials, the convenience of easy transport more than makes up for it. The lumberjacks grow harsh and strong with the hard work, but are well-liked in town for the hard work they do for the populace of the Trifork, and for the money they spend in the taverns and shops when off duty. _____________ This is an entry for the labourer category in the HSS task. I experimented a bit with different tree types, and in hindsight it may have given too diverse a forest. I rather like the tree about to be felled in the last pic C&C welcome as always
  4. After taking over a disused warehouse in the old town, a former travelling Ale merchant sat down shop and filled the warehouse with barrels of the finest ales from all over Historica. As customers started to trickle in, wishing to taste the wares before purchase, the merchant refurbished the upper floor of the warehouse to cater for this new need. As business picked up, the building was decorated, reflecting the rising wealth of the merchant. People of all kinds started to be attracted to the building and the smell of fine ales. Some visitors asked to taste several different brews, but never seemed interested when the merchant started talking about placing larger orders. In fact, they seemed perfectly content to enjoy the ales on site. A keen business man, the merchant decided to set up a side business, opening a tavern. Afterall, the ales were already easily available. _____ Hereby a HSS entry for Hospitality and Merchant for the Trifork. C&C welcome.
  5. Greetings, Historicans I am working on putting my lands on the map, and in that process, I have built the farm presented below. I am quite happy with it, but as always, landscaping isn't my strongest side. I have tried photographing in the sun, which I think turned out reasonably well. I am still new here and eager to learn, so please let me know what you think. In the lands of the Trifork, in Avalonia, near the border to Kaliphlin and the heartlands of Historica surrounding Cedrica, even peace is unruly. Living outside the protective walls of the Trifork itself is risky at best, with Outlaws from several lands, mercenaries between hires, as well as all sorts of shady types roaming the lands, on their way by the busy roads that links so much of Historica. Consequently, the few who dares, and even fewer who succeeds, are bound to reap great benefits off the lush riverlands. One such man is Ser William Drake, recent heir of Drakeshome Manor, a fortified countryside mansion in the midst of some of the most fertile lands of Historica. The entrance to the manor is at the foot of the stone tower, through a heavy, iron hinged oak door under a strong stone arch. The small windows of the tower are barred with sturdy metal bars, and it is evident that only a determined and well-equipped enemy will be able to breach its way into the manor. From the battlements of the third floor of the tower, the defenders will be able to rain arrows and stones unto anyone daring to try, delaying the attackers for long enough for reinforcements to arrive from the Trifork. At the back, two residential wings rest upon the stone barns, in which the cattle and pigs are kept safe from the elements. Drakeshome is one of the main producers of beef, dairy, and pork in the area, selling their wares almost exclusively at the markets of the Trifork. But Drakeshome Manor delivers more than livestock, as its fields on the lush riverplains have some of the highest yields of corn, grain, and turnip. At harvest, volunteers in great numbers arrive from the Trifork and beyond, helping to bring the invaluable foodstuffs home. Below a few more pics: The build is modular, to allow access to the (sparse) interior. The tower also comes off. Here the base of the build with all modules removed. I would like to claim the following UoP Credits: Agriculture and Zoology three of: crop farming raising livestock Further, this should count as Agriculture - Grains and Produce and Agriculture - Livestock for the HSS task. C&C more than welcome.
  6. On the great lake of the Trifork, where multiple rivers meet, Beorthan has joined the vessel Swiftsure on a patrol. From the deck of the ship he greets two elven traders, approaching the city with their cargo.... The Swiftsure is a "Ship of the Isles" commisioned by the city council of the Trifork to patrol the lake, which shores the city stand on. It is larger than the typical "Ships of the Isles", but maintains the speed and grace of the smaller patrolcrafts normally travelling the narrow channels between the Mystic Isles. This was a requirement from the start, as a swift and manouverable vessel with the capacity to sail the lake, as well as the deep sea was needed. Its speed, together with the shallow draft and sleek hull, allows it to follow most other ships and boats whereever they may go to escape, while the broad fighting platforms fore and aft gives it the necessary punch in a fighting situation. Normally, its main purpose is customs and rescue duty, but if necessary, it will be able to hold its own against almost any other vessel traversing the lakes and rivers of the Trifork. The Swiftsure is rigged as a Xebec, allowing it to hoist both square and lateen sails on its long booms. Thus, with the right rigging and an experienced crew, it will be fast both before (with square sails), and when tacking close to the wind.(With lateens.) Further, it has oar propulsion, giving it great speed and manouverability in still weather. The oars are driven by three oarsmen through a clever Mitgardian gear mechanism with leg powered boost function, allowing the oarsmen to really put their backs into it when needed. At the back, a large rudder gives the vessel the necessary steering power to be effective both at high and low speeds, and allowing the Swiftsure to turn in a very short radius. Apart from its crew of well-disciplined sailors (and their experienced captain) the vessel is armed with a powerful ballista, able to fire a deadly bolt almost halfway accross the lake with reasonable precision. Any comments and critiscism is welcome. I quite liked how this one turned out, but I am always interested in improving! I would like to claim UoP Credit for "Trade and Law": "Shipping by sea/Water". May the brick be with you Bregir/Beorthan
  7. This is my entry to the third Avalonian Challenge, describing the lands of the Trifork. Where the waterways meet and the roads intersect, many a traveller from all over Historica has passed through over the years. In time, merchants and craftsmen made camp at the intersection, servicing the travellers, shoeing their horses, filling their bellies and keeping them well supplied for the road ahead. With wealth came bandits, making away with the spoils of hard labour in the dark of night. As the settlement at The Trifork grew and permanent dwellings was erected, a wooden wall was built, soon to be replaced by masonry walls with fortified gatehouses and towers. In time, space within the walls grew sparse and earthen ramparts and a new gatehouse was erected north of the river, allowing the town to grow and prosper once more. Further, a chain mechanism to block of the river was established between the twin towers to the north-west. In combination with a number of warships patrolling the lake, this allows the council of The Trifork full control of the waterways in times of conflict. That is the Trifork you see today. As you approach the settlement, getting within a mile of the walls, the wet marshlands give way to firmer ground inhabited by a number of farms, all with strong doors and shutters, some with arrow slits in small stone towers. Apart from these, no buildings inhabit the lush plains. Entering by one of the Trifork's three gates, a completely different world will show itself. A humming, dynamic market town appears, bustling with life, the market stalls selling every conceivable good of Historica, and even some of the lands beyond. The great keep stands watch over the city and the drawbridge connecting "Old Town" south of the river with "New Town" north of the river. While the Avalonian influence is the strongest, all cultures of Historica have set their mark on both architecture and inhabitants of the Trifork. Today, the Trifork is rich in trade and culture, an outpost towards other realms of Historica. It is ruled by a city council with the young knight Beorthan at its head. But what will the unruly times of current Historica bring to its doorsteps, and will it stand against the rising unrest of its surroundings? C&C welcome. I would like to claim UoP credit for microscale :) (Or try, at least!) Thanks for looking! (Edited for grammatical errors)