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Found 16 results

  1. The Aestwäld Saga (1) The Aestwäld Saga (2) The Aestwäld Saga (3a) The Aestwäld Saga (3b) The Aestwäld Saga (4) The Aestwäld Saga (5) The Aestwäld Saga (6) The Aestwäld Saga (7) The Aestwäld Saga (8) The Aestwäld Saga (9) The Aestwäld Saga (10) The Aestwäld Saga (11) The Aestwäld Saga (12) The Wolf and the Knights ------------------------------- Alric looked up from the fight. He, together with his Avalonian Guard, had stormed the gates Midras Castle and, after a long and bloody fight, managed to breach them. Now they were in the courtyard, the Drow-soldiers in front of him fought for every inch. The cobblestones were soaked in blood. Above him, Cath had led the Drond's Troops into a close space combat on top of the walls, and, seemingly miraclous, they even managed to slay the enemy back! Almost the whole wall of the formerly Avalonian Border Fort was freed, and she had even managed to put the Drond's flag back. Suddenly, a female voice cried out: "Alric! I'm here! Alric looked up, and finally, after so many weeks, his eyes met again with the eyes of his wife. -"Elysabet! I'll come get you!" But, while conversating with his lover, he wasn't paying attention to the battlefield around him. A long-handled axe came down. ----------------------------- The general looked up from the fight. Yes, they were winning, but he feared the cost of victory. And he was not thinking about money. His trained eye glided over the courtyard. The close space in worked in their favor, since they had less men then the enemy did. The left flank was weak though, so he decided to sent some reserves there. Their centre was the their strongest point, and it was there that Lord Alric led the elite Avalonian Guards in a charge to reach the other side of the yard. He sighed. Young Alric shouldn't do such things. He could get himself wounded. Yesterday, the general had heard of a girl breaking both legs in a duel, and this was not a duel, this was a battlefield! Then he saw his liege... And he saw the ax coming down, knowing it would take too long to get his sword out... So he jumped. ---------------------------- Alric heard the sound of falling metal behind him. He lifted his sword hand in a desperate parade, but in his heart he knew he would be too late. The he heard the sound of metal crashing on metal, followed by human screams. When he turned, he saw the General lying on the ground, an axe stuck in his head. A cold anger welled up, and with a short thrust of his blade, he finished the enemy soldier responsible for this. Suddenly, the voice of his wife sounded again: "Alric! Be quick! They're here! They'll take me with them! Help!" A second shadow appeared before the window. ----------------------------- After calling a last time to her husband, Elysabeth gave in to the Drow-soldier wanting to take her with him. If only her hands were not bound in chains, she would have rammed his own spear through his throath! She turned for a last glance on her man, but heard a strange, rattling sound behind her. When she turned again, the guard was dead. In his place, a wolf-knight and some undead-soldiers stood in the room. She screamed, and in response on her scream, the wolf-man howled out loud. ---------------------------- When Alric heard the scream of his wife, his blood turned ice-cold in his veins. If they had even touched her, he would stuff their guts through their own throaths! He didn't want to think of what to do when they had raped her. But then he heard the howling of the wolf, his strange ally, and smiled. Their plan had worked! With refreshed energy, he charged into the enemy, followed by his soldiers who didn't want to seem less in the eyes of their commander. The Drow, unable to stand their charge, the fighting on the walls and the third attack from the Wolf at the same time, turned. First it was one man, then two, and suddenly their morale collapsed and the whole garrison fled the field of battle. While his soldiers turned the battle into a slaughter, Alric went to meet his wife. They umbraced each other, and after Alric had made sure his wife was fine (wich was so, aside from a few bruises and scratches), they went to the walls, to congratulate Cath with her succeeded attack and get a look at the fleeing Drow. Outside the castle, these were slowly regrouping... When a horn sounded. Alric smiled again, this was becoming a very fine day indeed, and watched how Beorthan's heavy cavalry finished all Drow but a few. These were lucky to be able to swim, and as such got iver the river, out of the horses reach. ------------------------------ But their victory had been costly in lives, as the general had forseen. His own live was on the butcher's bill too, so someone was needed to replace him. Alric choose Burrich, a veteran who had fought under his father and even seen Artorious Rex! But Burrich had been Captain of the Drond's Guards, so he needed to replace that position too... And it was not gone by unnoticed that the woman, Catharina or Cath as she wanted to be called, had fought very well today, even managed to win the fight on the walls, and had so received the respect of the soldiers. ------------------------------ An hour later, all commanders were gathered in the main building of the castle. Alric opened: "My Lords, my ladies,... My friends. We have won a great victory today, and Drond's Feelds will always be in your debt. But the enemy is not yet defeated, and noone sazw their leader today. At the same time tough, we have other matters at hand. As such, I decide to split up in three: Cath, you will take some infantry and a contignent of the Avalonian Guard to pursue this foe. Burrich, you will escort my lady home, and make sure she is safe. Fenrir, I'll come with you to Shadowmere. Beorthan, what are your plans?" "And for now... Leave me alone with my love. We have something to do..." --------------------------------------------------------------------------- I'm sooooo sorry you had to read through all this, but I enjoyed the writing As you can probably see, this build is based in Simon S's builds, and also a bit on SK's. Anyway, CC is very appreciated! Additional images:
  2. Lord Vladivus

    The Wolf and the Knights.

    Fenrir had travelled for days from Port Wrath to reach this point. What he was about to do could easily see him killed. He laughed to himself under his breath. A smallholding in the Trifork. A peaceful place. Not the warriors death he would hope for. The soldiers at the house had directed him behind the house. After he had laid down his arms whilst he was several hundred metres away. The staff he kept; "You would not deny an old wolf his staff to lean upon?" he had called. Behind the house, he had found Beorthan, Mayor of the Trifork hard at work planning battles in a small clearing. Beorthan: "You are a traitor Fenrir. I am sure Shadowmere would pay greatly for your head. No doubt your betrayal lead to Vladivus' death. Submit to me, and I promise I will see you to Shadowmere to stand trial." Fenrir's nostrils flared: "A welcome no frostier than I expected. I have not come to surrender, but to rather ask your aid." Beorthan: "Aid? you shall have none from me." Fenrir spoke then at length, imparting many secrets to the Mayor, and outlining his plan. Beorthan was almost swayed, but he knew his people must come first. Beorthan: "The Trifork has an alliance now with Shadowmere, and even as we speak, my friends are confirming that alliance once again. If I support you, I would be breaking my word to Shadowmere. My people would not be forgiving- they look to me to lead them in a time of peril." Fenrir: "Rarrrgh, I should've known better than to seek aid from you damnable tight wearers." He turned to stride away. Beorthan: "Fenrir! Wait! I did not say I would not aid you. Whilst I cannot give you the men you ask for, I can suggest that you seek out Alric of Dronds Feelds. He may be willing to ally with you." With this new plan, Fenrir travelled to Dronds Feelds. The wolf found Alric at the town of Tonfeld [roughly translated, this mean walled field in Saxon]. Tonfeld was a heavily fortified town in the south of Dronds Feelds, but inside the walls, it was a bustling hub of activity. Fenrir entered through the main gates, and was met by Alric. "Greetings, wolf! What does a Nocturnian want with an Avalonian? It is not often that we entertain traitors!" Fenrir growled at this. "I am no traitor! I fight for the one true ruler of Nocturnus. Let us speak more of this in private." With that, they moved to a tower top, away from the ears of spies. Fenrir's words spoke to the young warrior, and Alric readily agreed to lend Fenrir soldiers for his cause- providing that Shadowmere would count itself an ally of Dronds Feelds and would continue it's current alliance with the Trifork. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- What's going on!?! I can barely follow myself and I know all the secrets Fenrir knows! Keep a look out for the final build to wrap this story up! C+C welcome!
  3. Chapter 1 Chapter 2 Chapter 3a Chapter 3b Chapter 4 Chapter 5 Chapter 6 Chapter 7 Having made preparations for leaving, Beorthan is now at the head of the Trifork Lancers, being guided westwards by the somewhat battered messenger to join forces with Aelric. The Trifork Lancers form an elite company of heavy cavalry, making up the main shock force of the Trifork Arsenal. Formed shortly after Beorthan's election as Lord Mayor of the Trifork, they are armed with the finest Shadowmere steel and riding powerful steeds from Drond's fields. Participating in the Kaliphlinite civil war quickly turned this newly formed company into an experienced, battle-hardened force to be reckoned with. Trained to fight both mounted as heavy lancers and dismounted as heavy spearmen, they are effective in both offence and defence. At the same time, Drake is leading a company of Trifork infantry through the southern swamplands to the plains near the southern border of the Trifork and thus Avalonia. Marching across these few miles of open land, an enemy will be able to seek refuge in the hills and mountains making up most of the border between Avalonia and Kaliphlin, through which they can sneak deeper into Avalonia. Raiders often choose this arduous route, rather than to face the obstacle of the fortress city of the Trifork. Drake's objective is to stop enemy reinforcements from making their way to the fight. As the cavalry, the infantry of the Trifork has been hardened by the Kaliphlinite civil war. By reforming the old city watch, Beorthan has created a disciplined, well lead, and well equipped force able to adapt to most situations. Trained by the veterans Marcus and Cassius, they are well-versed in most infantry tactics. ____________________________________________________________ Next instalment in the Aestwäld saga. Further, it is also my entry to the Avalonian Task One, presenting my troops. C&C is, as always, more than welcome. Still looking forward to seeing where this story goes.
  4. Chapter 1 Chapter 2 Chapter 3a Chapter 3b Chapter 4 It is early morning in the Trifork, and the hustle and bustle of the city is only just beginning as the citizens wake up and begin their daily chores. Beorthan has just arrived at the city hall, and is now standing on the balcony, overlooking the very heart of his lands. From here, he sees a battered and beaten man limping his way towards the entrance of the building. Ordering the guards to let the uniformed man in, he turns on his heels and rushes to the mayors office, calling his friend and second in command, sir William Drake, to join him. In the office, he receives the battered man solemnly with a small bow. "Greetings, sir - May I call for someone to take you to the infirmary?" The man looks up anxiously, his body obviously aching from some incident. "Thank you most kindly, mylord - but first, I must speak my business - it cannot wait!" Beorthan frowns and looks to Drake, then back to the man. "Well, man, if it cannot wait, speak up immediately!" "Of course, mylord! I bring word from Alric, Lord of Drond's Feelds, and in his heart your friend and ally. He most humbly requests the strength of the Trifork to ride to his immediate aid..." Drake raises a brow, and gives Beorthan a significant look. "We too regard Alric and Drond's Feelds as our friends and allies. But what troubles have led him to seek our help? And what happened to you?" Still somewhat breathless from the strain of his travels, the messenger stops to collect his thoughts before speaking. "I was beset upon by an unseen enemy, setting a trap for my mount. I have been running here with all my speed. You must react quickly, as I am already delayed too long!" Beorthan motions to the man to calm down. "We shall ride out within the day, if only you will let me know to what end!" The messenger looks down in despair. "I... I have lost the message as I was ambushed... but..." "Yes?!" "An unknown enemy has raided our southern villages mercilessly. They have come from the east... in great number..." Looking to the maps, Beorthan seems alarmed. "From the East? They must have come through my lands... 'Tis unacceptable!" "But sir... There is more... They have taken lord Alric's wife... Your niece..." Narrowing his eyes, Beorthan's resolve seems to grow - he turns to Drake. "William, I want you to take a company of infantry south. We must block our enemy from getting reinforcements." Turning to the messenger: "You will be escorted to the infirmary, and if you are up to it, I shall ask you to ride out with me, as our guide. We shall be leading the cavalry." "Thank you, sirs. Lord Alric will consider himself in your debt." The messenger bows as best he can, before being helped out of the office by a guard. ________________________________________________________________ My humble addition to TitusV's Aestwäld Saga - We Avalonians can also do collabs! You may consider the first picture a teaser for a large build (my largest so far ) of the main plaza of the Trifork, which you will see whenever I 1) get it finished 2) figure out how to photograph it. As always, c&c is welcome. Hope you like it.
  5. Chapter 1 Chapter 2 Chapter 3a Chapter 3b Chapter 4 Chapter 5 Chapter 6 After having just received a call for aid from Drond's Feelds, Beorthan has mobilised the forces of the Trifork. As they are making their preparations, he has asked his wife Mariana to join him and Drake for a walk through the city. "…therefore, I will head the cavalry to join forces with Lord Alric, and Drake will take the infantry south to stop any forces from moving through our lands. In the meantime, you will handle matters here, Mary." Mariana and Drake both nod, as they follow Beorthan through the narrow canal streets of the lakeside quarter. "However, there are some things we need to discuss before we leave. As you both know, the Trifork has come out of the Kaliphlin civil war stronger than ever. Our economy is booming, and our troops are experienced and battle-hardened. However, we cannot stand alone." As they pass a small bridge, Drake chimes in: "I agree. The situation in Kaliphlin is still uncertain - with the High Council holed up in their cities, and the Desert King already proclaiming his triumph, we have a mess at our borders. Not to talk of the trouble brewing in the Darklands…" Mariana continues with a frown: "Further, the situation amongst our own ranks is shaky at best. With the lords of Avalonia having backed different sides in the war, animosity and distrust has been sparked. The trouble to the south may end up being the least of our problems." Pausing to greet a townsperson passing by, Beorthan agrees: "My analysis is the same, my friends. Therefore, we need to reach out to all and every ally we have. This task will fall upon you, my love - I have no doubt you can handle that, as well as the daily management of the city." Mariana and Beorthan exchange a loving glance. "When you were elected Lord Mayor, I knew these duties would fall upon me in times of need. Things will be taken care of, as I long for your return…" Returning her smile, Beorthan continues with a serious tone: "I want emissaries sent out at speed. Our allies in the High Council must be reassured that the might and wealth of the Trifork will continue to back any decision they may take on Kaliphlinite matters." "I concur. The High Council best represents the interests of the free Kaliphlinite cities, the people, and the merchants; and as such too the interests of the Trifork. Not to mention the atrocities and despotism of the Desert King…" Drake adds. Mariana ponders for a second: "I will send riders to the MacLeans in Eastgate; to Lord Gideon in Barqa; to Lord DaMaximus of Mpya Stedor; and to the pockets of resistance in and around the Nestlands. From there, word can be spread of our continued allegiance." Both Drake and Beorthan nods. "Further, it is imperative that we reestablish diplomatic relations to Lord Vladivus of Shadowmere. He has shown friendship before, and we are not to let down our friends now. Reassure him that having backed different factions in the Kaliphlinite civil war changes nothing. He may count on our alliance and continued support of his resistance in Nocturnus." Mariana seems to be taking mental note of the instruction and nods. "It will be so. Lastly, I will send a messenger to our Lord Regents, Simon of Nalderic and de Gothia of Benoic, expressing our concerns on the current political situation in Avalonia." "I'd suggest we invite them here to discuss the situation in person, the matter being of a somewhat delicate nature…" Drake suggests. "Such will be our agreement. Mylady, you will see to the city, while Drake and I prepare to depart. I shall return to bid you farewell before I leave." ________________________________________________________________________________________________ Yet another build for the Aestwäld saga. This is mainly a story build, so forgive me the picture to text ratio - I simply had a lot of things to get done before Beorthan leaves the city to aid Alric. I hope my shameless namedropping will be forgiven - I plan to post builds with the messengers later. (Meaning that the implied VIP's will also see the exact messages sent to them from the Trifork.) C&C is, as always, more than welcome. This collab is turning out to be funnier than I expected!
  6. After receiving orders from the High Council to stand down and adhere to the truce, Beorthan has lead his troop of veterans home to the Trifork. There, the citizens are welcoming them with a heroes' parade throughout the city. Below, we see the parade marching past the Avalonian College of Commerce, Economics, and Social Studies, a small subunit of the Avalonian University near Albion. Not all made it back safely, but none were left behind. Here, the veterans are carrying their fallen brother at the place of honour on the parade, for all to honour him and remember his sacrifice. Fittingly, the parade also passes before a temple to an old God of War. HSS Religious: Temple for a God of War Barring homecoming parades to local heroes, the Academy is a busy place. In its great halls, scholars roam the bookshelves for new perspectives on contemporary issues. In the courtyard behind the main building, scholars go to discuss important issues, contemplate in deep thought, study, or to meet with their fellows. In the side wing, there are rooms for visiting scholars. The resident scholars typically have lodgings in the city, but may use the rooms for a peaceful place of study. Overview shots: HSS Scholars: The Avalonian Academy of Commerce, Economics, & Social Studies. C&C is welcome. This was intended to be a wing of the Petrayan University for Warzone 10, but I didn't manage to get it ready. And thus, the Trifork got itself an academy!
  7. Just a quick freebuild to get my sig fig home from the war. C&C welcome Through a dust of smoke emerges a messenger in full gallop. He rears his horse and dismounts, bowing before Beorthan. "Mylord. I bring a message of truce, and one of joy." Beorthan's battle-weary expression lights up slightly, as he focuses on the messenger. "So, so, my friend - catch your breath and let me hear the news." The messenger pauses for a moment, producing an officially looking document from his saddlebags. He hands it over with a smile. "This is a message from the High Council, detailing the truce struck with both Ulandus and the Desert King. All troops are ordered to dispense hostilies for the next month and await further orders." Beorthan smiles wearily and sends a look towards his camp, where his soldiers are resting and recovering. "We are not alone in having been looking forward for this, I am sure... Maybe it is now time to look towards home..." Beorthan sighs, as if a great weight has been lifted from his shoulders. The messenger nods in agreement. "But you spoke of yet another message..." Producing another letter, bearing the official seal of the Trifork, the messenger smiles. "This letter is from your wife. While it was not for my eyes, it came with a message: Drond's Fields are back in its rightful hands, and its ruler has married your niece in a union of love." "A message of joy indeed!" Beorthan says and motions towards the camp. "Follow me to the camp... First, I will inform the troops and order them to pack for home. Then, I shall read the letter in private..."
  8. Hereby my entry to warzone 18: The Battle for Eastgate The Eastern Guardian Tower is almost impregnable from land, and commands the entrance to the inner city. Without it, The Desert King cannot hope to take Eastgate. Therefore, he has launched an assault to take the fortified bridge across the river to be able to attack the Eastern Guardian Tower from the back. However, our brave heroes from the Trifork has taken up position on the bastion in the river, prepared to repel any attack with their lives. However, they are not alone, as Kaliphlinite forces are marching across the bridge from the inner city to brace the walls and defend it if breached. This will not be the day that Eastgate falls to the regime of the Desert King. Not if these warriors have their say... __________________________ This was a fun build, although I initially had not included the tower - rereading the warzone description, however, forced me to find a way to include the tower - and considering it is an afterthought, I think it turned out pretty well! C&C is welcome, as always.
  9. Hereby my build for war zone 15: The battle for Amrakect. Should I win, C6 should be the next war zone. It had been a long march since the desperate battle of Queenscross. Circumstances had forced Beorthan to lead his unit, now bolstered by a group of beastmen, out of the city before the outcome of the battle was clear. However, judging by the overwhelming forces thrown into it by the socalled Desert King, Queenscross would be lost. While their own skirmishes had been succesful, and seen many a mummy and goblin slain, they could not quite shake the feeling of defeat from their hearts, as their legs grew weary and Amrakect appeared on the horizon. Already, smoke was rising from the farmsteads and villages surrounding the city, obviously the result of Desert King troops approaching. After entering the city, Beorthan bade his unit to halt for a final rest, before again joining the frey, defending the city. He looked around at his unit and saw the rugged, ready-for-anything expressions you only see on veterans tired of war, but still set to defend their cause. "Will there ever be an end to war?" he thought to himself, before standing up before this troops, clearing his throat. "Even though large tracts of Kaliphlin and many old and famous cities have fallen or may fall into the grip of the Desert King and all the odious apparatus of his depotic rule, we shall not flag or fail. We shall go on to the end. We shall fight in the desert, we shall fight on the seas and oceans, we shall fight with growing confidence and growing strength. We shall defend every grain of sand, whatever the cost may be..." "...We shall fight at the gates..." "...we shall fight in the streets and in the alleys..." "...we shall fight on the rooftops..." "We shall never surrender, and if, which I do not for a moment believe, Kaliphlin or a large part of it were subjugated and starving, then the Guilds beyond the borders, armed and guarded by the brave men and women, would carry on the struggle, until, in Gods' good time, Historica, with all its power and might, steps forth to the rescue and the liberation of the people of Kaliphlin." Pausing for a moment, Beorthan looked around at his troops, all with determined smiles upon the their faces. "FOR THE REPUBLIC! FOR THE PEOPLE!" ______________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ OOC: First of all, credits go to Winston Churchill for a slightly paraphrased speech. I have tried to emulate Erynlasgalen's style in the corner towers walltexturing, and in the city wall, while still adding something new. (Further, I have taken some inspiration from some of LittleJohn's brilliant Katoren builds. ) I rather like these builds with narrow passageways, but it is a real pain to photograph, which is why I have a included the first picture, where the wall is removed. Hope I have succeeded in presenting the build reasonably well. There are a few extra pictures on my flickr. C&C is always welcome
  10. Hereby my entry to WZ 7: The Second Battle for Queenscross. If I win, G15 should be the next warzone. I am sorry for the crappy-ish photos, but I was a bit pressed for time and daylight... On this very day, war has reached the center of Queenscross. Specificly, the famous Merchant's Arcade. Here, the finest wares are traded in beautiful surroundings, which tends to make people less... "vigilant" to the prices charged by the merchants wealthy enough to rent a stand here. However, on this day, both merchants and customers have had to flee the fighting so rapidly, they have left their wares behind... Overview by Beorthan, on Flickr Until this day, Queenscross has been spared the terror of war. In fact, last the city felt the hardships of battle was during the Revolword wars, were Elemantals flooded over the walls. By the collaborative effort of citizens, soldiers and foreign allies, the battle was won, and to celebrate the victory, a small, yet exquisite Triumphal Arch was raised to their honour at the entrance to the Merchants Arcade. This very moment, Goblins in the Service of the Desert King is swarming through the Arch to join the battle in the Arcade. Triumphal Arch by Beorthan, on Flickr In the plaza before the Merchant's Arcade, battle is joined, as Desert King guards and Goblins clash with Beorthan and his bodyguards. With the number of Goblins swarming through the Triumphal Arch, the tide seem to turn against our heroes... Close-up - fighting by Beorthan, on Flickr However, from behind the Arcade, a group of Beastmen is rushing to lend their aid to Beorthan and his Guards. With them at their side, the Goblins will be defeated and the area secured under the control of the High Council, the Republic, and the People. Only history will show whether this battle too will animate the citizens to raise a monument in the honour of the victors. Reinforcements by Beorthan, on Flickr Thanks for taking a look - C&C is more than welcome. I am reasonably happy with the build, although it was finished under time-pressure.
  11. Hereby my entry to warzone 8. Should I win, the next warzone should be I5. Only few of the channels of the Qar-Akhen River Delta are consistently navigable. To guide vessels towards these channels, small lighthouses has been erected on cliffs near the critical points of the channels. Control of these means control of most of the shipping, as only few captains can navigate the channels unaided... The Tower by Beorthan, on Flickr These towers are normally manned by a single keeper, but in these times of war, small garrisons of a few soldiers are stationed to guard the tower. Under the cover of the morning mist, Beorthan and Tauro has been ferried accross to the tower, swimming the last bit to avoid detection. After quickly dispatching the guard at the pier, they have now entered the tower, and are fighting the guards to wrest control over to the High Council. The Backside by Beorthan, on Flickr On the roof, Tauro is making quick work of the lookout, who will soon fall to his watery grave below... ...on the roofs by Beorthan, on Flickr ...while Beorthan is finishing off another guard from the balcony below. ...on the balconies by Beorthan, on Flickr Located off the coast, this lighthouse stands amidst the rolling waves of the southern sea, which often engulfes the lighthouse in soothing sounds. But when the seas run wild, they seem to struggle with the cliffs and stonework in an epic battle to wrest the tower off its foundation. Now, as ever, the seas roll on regardless of the drama above, and will wash off the blood of the skirmish before the next high tide... The water by Beorthan, on Flickr Thanks for looking, all. C&C is - as always - welcome. I am quite happy with my waves - a first for me, and the tower came out reasonable well, although a smoother transition between the lower, irregular part, and the upper part is high on my wishlist.
  12. In a mansion in the north western parts of Kaliphlin, a group of councilors from the High Council have barricaded themselves, fearing for their lives. Outside, a band of brigands are preparing an assault on the mansion, and a retinue of soldiers have vowed to protect the councilors. The Prey by Beorthan, on Flickr Outside, the attack has started and Beorthan, our knight in shining armour, is leading the defense of the mansion. The attacking force carries no distinguishing marks, giving no clues as to who may be behind the attack, be it Ulandus, the Desert King, or simple brigands. The Battle by Beorthan, on Flickr Left to right, the warriors are: Beorthan, Lord of the Trifork; his bodyguards, Cassius and Marcus; his friend Lord William Drake; and Tauro, his tracker and scout. In the back, the marksman Brogar is taking shots at the enemies. These seasoned warriors are holding out against the superior numbers of the attackers, and everything points towards a victory for our heroes. The Warriors by Beorthan, on Flickr An overview of the build: Overview by Beorthan, on Flickr
  13. In the lush, dense undergrowth of the Arkbri Valley, the easiest way to manouver is often through the streams and irrigations canals crisscrossing the valley. There, vegetation and rock outcroppings are not hindering movement, although leeches, bugs, and the occasional crocodile can make it an unpleasant experience. Sand King Patrol by Beorthan, on Flickr This morning, a Desert King patrol is scouting for hidden routes to the Quenscross, as part of a concerted effort to covertly move forces towards the expected battle of that strategic chokepoint. Little do they know that their patrol is a about to meet an abrupt and violent end... Ambush by Beorthan, on Flickr With a marksmen posted on the cliffside and two seasoned fighters on the ground, Beorthan reckons the ambush will leave the patrol with little chance. Overview by Beorthan, on Flickr My entry for the High Council to Warzone 1: The Arkbri Skirmishes, in Guilds of Historica Book II, Challenge IV I shall await coordination with my faction before chosing which zone to attack next (should I win). Edit: Next warzone: E8, Queenscross On a side note, the description for this area reminded me of the "green zone" around the Helmand river in Afghanistan, so that was my inspiration. The patrols there often walk in the channels.
  14. Having heard initial reports from his advicers upon assuming his position of Lord Mayor of the Trifork, Beorthan is presented a dilemma. While the Trifork is in dire need for reform, a delegate from Shadowmere, under the rule of Nocturnian loyalist Lord Vladivus, has arrived, requesting Beorthan’s attendance in Shadowmere to discuss a treaty. Beorthan has decided to heed the invitation, despite doubts as to Lord Vladivus’s motives, the complicated situation in Nocturnus, and his new office. He puts his old friend, sir William Drake, in charge of country administration, and his bodyguard Marcus in charge of training and equipping the militia. He then sets out, accompanied by his other bodyguard Cassius, his Nocturnian scout Tauro, and the Shadowmere delegate. They exit the town by the south gate early in the morning as the gates are opening and the first traffic starts rushing up and down the busy street. The Great South Gate stands watch over the busy south road leading to Cedrica, Nocturnus, and Kaliphlin, and is the most prominent defensive structure in the city walls surrounding the Trifork. It is one of the busiest traffic nodes, being part of the shortest route between Cedrica, Nocturnus, and large parts of Kaliphlin, and Albion, the Avalonian capital. The walls are sturdy but low, as the south road is the only firm land in the meadowy wetlands south of the Trifork. The heavy gate is suspended from the gatehouse like a portcullis, which allows it to be deployed swiftly. Thanks for reading/looking, all! This is my largest GoH build sofar, and also probably my personal favourite. I tried to improve my landscaping, and although simple, I think it turned out pretty well. The gatehouse have (sparse) interiors on the 1st floor, while the ground floor is massive apart from two niches for guards inside the gate-opening. The gate it self is operated by a working winch and the roof comes off in a modular fashion. Further, I stole a lot of techniques in the builds I have seen here in GoH, bit still think I ended up with something pretty original. You can find a few more pics here. C&C more than welcome /Bregir
  15. Below you will find a series of small builds - the purpose is to tell part of the back story for Beorthan going to meet Lord Vladivus in Shadowmere to forge a trading alliance. Sir Beorthan, having recently been recalled to the Trifork from his adventuring across Historica to take over the office of Lord Mayor of the county, has been welcomed by his old friend, Sir William Drake. Drake: Congratulations on the new office. ‘Tis good to have you back in the Trifork, my friend. One wonders where you will start... Beorthan: Thank you, my friend. I am quite surprised to be bestowed such an honour. However, I am not quite certain in what state the old Lord Mayor left the Trifork in. Therefore, I have tasked the twins to inspect the militia, and asked the treasurer to give report on the financial situation of the county. If you please, I should like you to accompany me to the map room to hear the reports. Drake: I should be honoured, my Lord Mayor. Beorthan: Ah, quit it, William. Beorthan will suffice… Drake chuckles and pats Beorthan on the shoulder, following him to the map room. In the meantime, Beorthans seasoned bodyguards, the twins Marcus and Cassius, are inspecting the shabbily clad and ill-equipped militia of the Trifork, putting them through some basic training exercises. The militia, keen to impress, but somewhat unwilling to accept their new commanders, do their best to show off their skills. For the battle-hardened twins, however, the conclusion is clear, but disheartening. Back in the map room, the treasurer has arrived before the new lord with the latest tolls from the bustling market places of the city. Treasurer: Greetings, my lord. I am happy to bid you welcome in your new office and offer my humble services to you. Beorthan: I am happy to hear so, sir. If you please, I should like you to proceed with a short summary of the current financials. Treasurer: Of course, my lord. Your honoured predecessor was highly diligent in collecting taxes and very… conservative in his expenses. In fact, the treasury is overflowing, and for the last few months I have been locking the tax revenues up in the armoury… I assume you wish to continue the practice? Beorthan: Pause there for a moment, sir. Please first explain why my predecessor amassed such wealth. Upon my return, I saw starving kids in the streets… And from why I have seen of the militia… Treasurer: Well... He did so to pay for mercenaries in times of war. How else would we defend ourselves? Beorthan: Leave me to answer those questions. For now, ensure everyone is feed, and lower the market and bridge tolls by 25 % effective today. Dismissed. The treasurer bows before his new lord and walks out. Moments later, Cassius reports in. Cassius: Commander, Legionnaire Cassius ready to report. Beorthan: Go ahead. Cassius: The militia is in no way fit to fight, and would not hold their own against anything but a band of disorganised brigands. They have no knowledge about tactics, and their skills in arms non-existent. The hunters have shown good skills with their bows, but they are as undisciplined as the rest. Beorthan: And their equipment? Cassius: Scraps of old wars. Bent and rusty. In low supply. Beorthan: Thank you, Cassius. You are dismissed. Cassius salutes and leaves: Thank you, sir. As the soldier leaves, a messenger from Shadowmere is announced. Beorthan: Shadowmere? Do you know of Shadowmere, William? Drake: A stronghold of a half-vampire by the name of Vladivus Stormbringer. He supported the old lords of Nocturnus in the civil war, and is still maintaining that support. Honourable and loyal, it seems. Beorthan calls out: Let him in. The messenger enters, bowing deeply: Greetings my lords. I bring word from Lord Vladivus Stormbringer, Captain of the Shadowmere Guard and the Moruth Rangers, Master of Shadowmere and Loyal to the true rulers of Nocturnus. Beorthan: We are most honoured to have been blessed with your lord’s attention, and welcome you to our halls and all that is ours. May we inquire as to what brings you here. Messenger: As you may know, Nocturnus is struggling with the upstart Ravage’s rebels and his scum. Thus, my most honourable lord seeks trading partners and allies outside the reach of the so-called Black Spire. Beorthan: I have heard word of the recent developments in Nocturnus. And while we have had troubles ourselves, we have come through mostly unscarred, and should welcome cooperation between our lands, should the conditions be acceptable. Messenger: My lord bids you most humbly to come to Shadowmere to discuss the particularities of the agreement. He ensures me that you will not regret taking his offer… But you must come soon… Beorthan pauses for a moment, before speaking: Allow me to ponder upon this until tomorrow, where you will have my reply. The messenger bows and leaves: As you wish, mylord. C&C Welcome, both in terms of builds and story telling. It turned out wordier than I had planned, but I hope it makes sense. /Bregir out.
  16. On the great lake of the Trifork, where multiple rivers meet, Beorthan has joined the vessel Swiftsure on a patrol. From the deck of the ship he greets two elven traders, approaching the city with their cargo.... The Swiftsure is a "Ship of the Isles" commisioned by the city council of the Trifork to patrol the lake, which shores the city stand on. It is larger than the typical "Ships of the Isles", but maintains the speed and grace of the smaller patrolcrafts normally travelling the narrow channels between the Mystic Isles. This was a requirement from the start, as a swift and manouverable vessel with the capacity to sail the lake, as well as the deep sea was needed. Its speed, together with the shallow draft and sleek hull, allows it to follow most other ships and boats whereever they may go to escape, while the broad fighting platforms fore and aft gives it the necessary punch in a fighting situation. Normally, its main purpose is customs and rescue duty, but if necessary, it will be able to hold its own against almost any other vessel traversing the lakes and rivers of the Trifork. The Swiftsure is rigged as a Xebec, allowing it to hoist both square and lateen sails on its long booms. Thus, with the right rigging and an experienced crew, it will be fast both before (with square sails), and when tacking close to the wind.(With lateens.) Further, it has oar propulsion, giving it great speed and manouverability in still weather. The oars are driven by three oarsmen through a clever Mitgardian gear mechanism with leg powered boost function, allowing the oarsmen to really put their backs into it when needed. At the back, a large rudder gives the vessel the necessary steering power to be effective both at high and low speeds, and allowing the Swiftsure to turn in a very short radius. Apart from its crew of well-disciplined sailors (and their experienced captain) the vessel is armed with a powerful ballista, able to fire a deadly bolt almost halfway accross the lake with reasonable precision. Any comments and critiscism is welcome. I quite liked how this one turned out, but I am always interested in improving! I would like to claim UoP Credit for "Trade and Law": "Shipping by sea/Water". May the brick be with you Bregir/Beorthan