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Found 5 results

  1. This build was based on LEGO set 4756 (called Shrieking Shack ) from the 2004 Harry Potter / Prisoner of Azkaban movie line, with a greenhouse from the C-model of the 2017 Creator set 31065 (Park Street Townhouse) and a sedan based on the one in the 2009 Indiana Jones set 7682 (Shanghai Chase). I also added a big front porch to complete the house's Victorian asthetic. The model swings open on two hinges, one for the main house so you can access the detailed inside, and a second in the greenhouse so you can open it up to place figures. Also, the front of the house is supposed to have a 1 x 1 number tile next to the front door, like this one here. In the original Harry Potter set there was a secret passage in the chimney, which I have removed. Also, the model locks shut on two Technic pins, just like most of my buildings. One pin is in the main part of the house, while another is in the green house. The inside features a bed, inspired by set 10228 (Monster Fighters' Haunted House) staircase with railing, couch, telephone, and phonograph. The kitchen area has a stove, sink, plus a table and two chairs. The greenhouse area was inspired by the similar version from the C-model of the 2017 Creator set 31065 (Park Street Townhouse). My version is a bit bigger with an eight stud wide window roof, whereas the original set has a 6 wide top. This model was based off of set 7682 (Shanghai Chase) from 2009, plus a sloped rear design inspired by the yellow car from set 10200 (Custom Car Garage). The model can seat two figures side by side and has opening doors. BUILDER'S NOTES: The LDD file is is available here. This page will will also be updated when the house is built in real life with real pictures. Any and all comments questions, and / or complaints are always welcome!
  2. All men must eat - especially during times of crisis, where large parts of the workforce is diverted to war time production or the military forces. And while bread, potatoes and dairy form the basis of nutrition, a happy and healthy populace (and army) requires more diversified diets. Located in the far south of Avalonia, with hot winds blowing in from the Kaliphlinite plains, the Trifork has perfect conditions for growing many different types of produce. These crafty farmers have abondoned the hard labour of growing grains and turned to the more delicate business of oranges and other lemonfruits. While adult trees adapt well to the climate, saplings have to be groomed and require additional incubation. This is done in greenhouses, simulating the climate of more tropical regions, to allow the young trees to establish roots and resilience for the slightly harsher local weather conditions. With a high yield production the orchards of the Trifork normally delivers more than enough lemonfruits for the local populace. Recently, however, prices have been driven up and the produce reserved to a more elitist market. Hopefully the markets will normalise, so all again can enjoy the sweet and sour sensation of the fruits. For now, the farmers enjoy a premium on their prices... __________________________________ An entry for the Husbandry challenge - C&C welcome. I know this isn't anything special, but I wanted to try out my new fences (PAB) and try building a greenhouse. In fact, that part was more complex than I had anticipated. Thanks for a nice minichallenge!
  3. eiker86

    (MOC) Greenhouse

    Made my self an greenhouse with some garage doors =) From the first version and to this one I had some help with tips from my fellow LUG members in Brikkelauget =) You could see the evolution from the first version and to this one at my Flickr account =) Ice Cream Cone Greenhouse by Eiker86, on Flickr Jo checks the finished cones by Eiker86, on Flickr Mike checks cones by Eiker86, on Flickr IMG_0362 by Eiker86, on Flickr IMG_0365 by Eiker86, on Flickr
  4. Gabor

    [MOC] Floriculture

    Hello! My newest creation is a floriculture with a house, where you can buy flowers or corsages, two greenhouses, every necessary equipment, a sign with blue and yellow flowers, if you don't know what this building is, etc. Hope you like it! You can find more pictures on my MOCpage: Thanks for watching!