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Found 5 results

  1. Shepherds Simon and Sarah and their flock of sheep 1 sheep, 2 sheep, 3 sheep, ... . That looks correct. It's a beautiful Monday morning. Or Tuesday? Or Wednesday? For the sheep, all days were the same, and for Simon the shepherd, actually, too. Together with his sister Sarah they started a sheep farm here in Damaborg. From MAESTRO they got a nice piece of land at the end of the settlement, Near the wooden ramparts. Which was ideal, because under the walkways Simon made stalls for his sheep. So it was a nice morning. In the distance, some murmurs sounded and marching footsteps approached. Sarah!!! Sarah recognized the voice, dropped everything, and ran to the fence of the fence. Maarten! Maarten had just returned from a reconnaissance mission. Along with a reconnaissance company, he marched to The Intelligence Headquarters. He received permission from Captain Bert to leave the marching procession and go to his wife Sarah already. After days in the unexplored territories, he was so happy to fall in the arms of Sarah. He could not wait to have a good pint of apple cider as he has so many experiences and stories to tell his wife and brother-in-law. (New part of story 24/3) Simon smiled seeing his brother-in-law and Sarah hugging. Simon arrived just in time as well. The first sheeps could be sheared and the fresh wool has to be sent to the cloth makers of Damaborg. Decent and warm clothing could be very important the moment the bigger exploration missions will start. Simon looked again to his sheep. A moment of sadness fell over him knowing that some of his sheep will be slaughtered soon for meat. He knows it is a part of the job, but still it is the part he doesn't like. Oh well, Simon is happy the sheep can at graze peacefully without any sorrows right now. --- Thanks for watching (and reading if you had the time)! C&C welcome :) It was a very fun moc to make and happy I could do something with those sheep I discovered that you can place them diagonally as well, wich is genius of LEGO! will be licenced as a medium plantation. I could have expanded the grasslands with green baseplates and what vegetation, but to be honest, I didn't see the plusvalue of it.
  2. The Trifork has not been unaffected by the recent conflicts. Civil war in Nocturnus has brought strange fugitives to its borders; Drow incursions and rumours of plague in Avalonia has led to local unrest; Troubles in Mitgardia has disturbed trade and mythical incursions from the far north has brought fear to those lands; Lastly, the bloody struggle for control over Kaliphlin has demanded lives of sons, fathers and brothers, and disturbed basicly all daily tasks and routines of the border town. During these times, everyone must take their part in feeding their families and keeping the economy going. One such person is young Peter, who has taken up tending to his family's sheep with his trusty dalmatian, while his father serves with the Trifork city guard. In the highlands north of the Trifork, the lands are perfect for grazing. However, as the highlands are a good two days out, the shepherds maintain a number of small huts for all of the community to use. Here they rest for the night, and store supplies to make their lives more comfortable. It is customary for shepherds to leave something for the next inhabitant, be it cheese, wine, bread, or similar. Sheep is a popular livestock, as it can produce both meats, dairy products and wool, ensuring a steady income for the shepherds, regardless of price developments in any single commodity. Therefore, Peter's work is enough to keep his family well fed and to supply them with surplus products to take to the market. Thanks for looking - my second build for the husbandry minichallenge. The shepherd is from my minifig-series and I had the sheep lying around since forever. (They are not my own design, but I can't remember where I saw it.) C&C welcome - again thanks for a nice minichallenge!
  3. My Phase 2 build for the Farm category in AoM. This landscape was a nice change from all my recent snowscapes. A sheepfold is a common sight in the southern regions of Mitgardia. They provide protection from the weather, wild animals, and thieves, usually they consist of a palisade with a lean-to shelter: More pictures: link C&C welcome
  4. soccerkid6

    A Peaceful Pasture

    This is my Phase 1 build for the Farm category in AoM. A Mitgardian shepherd relaxes as he watches his sheep graze... C&C welcome
  5. Kai NRG

    Rounding up the Herd

    One sheep two sheep black sheep white sheep. A young shepherd boy rounds up his flock. A little vig to get me back into an MOCing mood. And to make sure I haven't lost the balancing touch... that tree! I'd also like PU DoH credit for countryside scene and raising livestock. C&C welcome! Hope you enjoy! Edit: Fourth credit was given by qiadris, here.