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  1. Gunman

    [MOC] Pirates to the Other Side

    Really beautiful creation Pantelis, I like the use of classic faces on figs and the overall decor with the wooden parts around building. Keep it up an congrats for the frontpage!
  2. How to build a Stone Pillar :) Please Subscribe for more :)
  3. New video is up :) How to Build a Medieval Castle Embrasure Please Subscribe for more :)
  4. Gunman

    [MOC] Calling International Rescue...

    Sweet project... Good luck on Ideas!
  5. Gunman

    [MOC] The LEGO Castle of Captain Sabertooth

    Sweet moc.... amazing
  6. Gunman

    [LEGACY] Samurai Mech

    Amazing... Lovely train ''noses'' as shoulders :)
  7. MOC building guide of my own custom LEGO creation ''A typical Tundra Cottage'', a Medieval Cottage consisting of approx.1500 pieces.. please SUBSCRIBE here for more:
  8. Gunman

    Rice as Usual

    Nice one Kai, I really like the pink alternative too :)
  9. Part of my medieval city can be seen on this year's THE Comic Con 5 :
  10. Gunman

    DIY Big Glass Display Cabinet

    As title says guys, not so LEGO related, but very useful in case you want to make your own rigid Glass Display Cabinet for your LEGO creations :)
  11. Here is a video with MOC Highlights of my MOC ''Kastra Gatehouse'' part of my WIP Medieval City Project ''City of Salonica'' please SUBSCRIBE here for more: Thanks for watching and comments :)
  12. thanks a lot mate :) I guess I will have to work more my dismantling skills xd because at some cases it helps me a lot having the model ready and playing backward as you said :) This will work better on some feature videos I have in mind too, but I may make some ''normal'' videos too when it fits right :) Thanks a lot for the CC mate :)
  13. Hello there guys :) This thread gonna be used as index of my videos uploaded in Youtube, regarding MOC highlights and Building techniques. On my youtube channel you can find some of my interesting Building techniques used the previous years or nowadays in my MOCs, MOC video presentations, DIY LEGO items etc My main MOCing theme is medieval and the majority of the content gonna be such, but at times I will upload MOCs / techniques from other themes too. regards Gunman Building Techniques/MOC Tutorials MOC Highlights DIY LEGO Exhibitions How to build a LEGO Classic Wardrobe:
  14. Gunman

    [MOC]: Castle Desktop Organizer

    Glad you like it guys :)
  15. Hey guys, I built a Castle themed Desktop Organizer for my workplace, and here it is