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  1. Eye pleasing photography/moc... Very beautiful work man!
  2. Summoning gone wrong

    Wow Coolio colors and photography!! Welcome to Goh!
  3. On The LookOut

    1st medieval moc?? Wow I wonder whats next!! Amazing tower but I really liked your flowers
  4. Wonderful mix of stone and wood feeling.... Fantastic moc
  5. MOC - Medieval Windmill

    Great moc mate... lovely border... texturing... and windmill
  6. Finished MOC Fairplay IX tugboat in scale 1:50

    Amazing build... Congrats
  7. Gongrats to the winners!
  8. Lovely presentation there mrcp6d I really like skeleton wight
  9. [MOC] Excalibur in the Stone

    Sweet work man
  10. [Moc] Gaugamela 331 BC

    Great formation there mate :) Lovely build
  11. Mini Tower of Orthanc

    Perfectly execute :) I love the way you created the bird also
  12. Thanks a lot my man, glad you like it :) Thank you! Thanks a lot Puvel! /hug
  13. Cannon Foundry

    Such a cute moc, I really like how the green foliage contrast with the roof
  14. A simple matter of math

    Wow such a cool collab congrats guys