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  1. Thanks a lot my man, glad you like it :) Thank you! Thanks a lot Puvel! /hug
  2. Cannon Foundry

    Such a cute moc, I really like how the green foliage contrast with the roof
  3. A simple matter of math

    Wow such a cool collab congrats guys
  4. Triptych. God Of War

    Awesome Canon...
  5. [A safe Haven] Cat C : The Bouncing Frog

    I like the green details on your ship Faladrin, also funny little touch at the front of it. Good luck!
  6. Nice little ship Masa, good luck with your entry!
  7. Wow that snail is huge Great one man, well executed
  8. Nice series of figs man, Niarl the beast is my favorite
  9. Unintentional Exploring

    Nice rockwork and beautiful layering man... Awesome
  10. Cute series of moc :) Maybe leave 1-2 studs open, on The Wall. It looks a bit weird to me, but overall cute mocs
  11. Thanks mate:) Glad you like it Gideon :)
  12. ["A Safe Haven" Challenge: Cat. C] The Nagra Luca

    I really like the ship mate :) Your cool boarder and the water splashes caught my eye tho.... Great entry!
  13. thanks a lot mate :) Thank you :) Glad you like it mate :) Thanks a lot Grover :) Thank you Garmadon! :)
  14. [Safe Haven Cat. C]: The Spirit of Eryos

    Amazing curved design and interior aswell? Wow... Goh logo on sails? Amazing ship mate... I also really like the back side of the ship :) Really love your entry, good luck