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  1. Patman's Cellar / Mitgardia / Gunman Patman's Stable / Mitgardia / Gunman
  2. Great modern equipment edition also xd
  3. Hey there guys Got an ugly workplace? Atleast have a beautiful desktop :) That's what I had in mind while creating this Desktop Organizer I am a long time LEGO Afol, but till this time I was just making various creations, mainly around Castle theme. This time I said why not make my everyday life at work a bit happier... So I just added some LEGO bricks to it and here it is :) Its funny how co-workers getting fond of what is capable with LEGO If you like my idea, please support and share my project, would be greatly appreciated :) LEGO Ideas:
  4. Gunman

    Challenge I: Mitgardian Framing Party

    Thats it... teamwork guys... lets rebuild Mitgardia :) Cool build MK! Also nice tree over there man!
  5. I just see pure win over here.... That amazing photography... that AMAZING roof with those exposed wooden parts... what can I say... just to admire
  6. Nice historic dremel over there :) Keep it up mate!
  7. Gunman

    Challenge I: Conzaga Manor

    What a cool build... Very clean build... Amazing choice for the border... Everything is just so well put.... So great job man...
  8. Gunman

    CHALLENGE I: Rebuilding the City Wall

    Lovely cart... lovely wooden tools... Tower.... So many things to admire
  9. Gunman

    New Idols (Challenge I Entry)

    Cyte little build :) Keep it up mate
  10. Gunman

    Challenge I: The Gate of Schwarzburg

    What a cool and Large build! The walls... the mill.... amazing details.Cant wait for the other parts...
  11. Gunman

    Challenge I: Lothog Watchtower

    Cool wooden parts there :) I really like the stone corners of walls too!
  12. Gunman

    [AoM]: Patman's Cellar

    Thanks a lot Kai :) Reindeer fig is cute xD Ye, cafe at the back xD thanks a lot mate Hey HQ :) Regarding roof efficacy, its cause of the snow periods :) But even if it didnt snow, its all about style when it comes to citizens of Euosmos :) Middle area is just a ''hall'', mainly leading to the 1st balcony thanks a lot man! Thanks a lot man! xD Thanks a lot Kristel :) Glad you like it Navarre! Thank you Windusky! Thanks a lot mccoyed :) Thanks man! Thanks a lot mate Faladrin, glad you like it :) Thanks a lot Grover :) Thanks a lot Lord :) Thanks a lot Gideon! Thanks a lot SK! :)
  13. Tundra! The place to be in Mitgardia :) That hole in the wall is very clever :) And I really like that pile of stones over there... Also nice folliage part of your landscaping :) Keep it up!
  14. So much content packed in such a medium? sized moc :) lovely mate, I like those golden details on the wip building... and also that tower is very cool too! Now give me that eagle.... want one too! :)
  15. Gunman

    Challenge I - Brick by Brick

    I really love that folliage around the moc :) Also great WIP stage with all those wooden poles around