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  1. Some ideas for CMFs

    Wow... 1st time I see your amazing work... Very talented :) Superb minifigures... I really like steampunk guy
  2. Wow 3rd of February :) Thats nice
  3. Extension? Nice one Ecc :)
  4. Crash Bandicoot

    Crash found his Aku Aku mask :) Added photos and video on first post :)
  5. Gladensong (A Fairy Tree House)

    Amazing work guys... that bee there is lovely :) The treehouse and boat designs are superb too... Welcome back :)
  6. Gate of Rogatino

    Lovely texture :)
  7. Crash Bandicoot

    Hey there guys! :) Crash Bandicoot! the iconic video games character that marked my childhood back in 1996 being a day one purchase with my playstation. A lot of great memories back then that came back to my mind 21 years after, thanks to the great remaster of the game! Now its time to change roles and let my daughters play it :) Here you can see a moc of mine, consisting of 855 parts and measuring height of 33,6cm You can also see a 360° render of Crash Bandicoot here: Ears are connected with ball joints so you can freely rotate them and change the mood of Crash :) Each arm has three ball joints, in order to play with them as you like waist is also connected with ball joint, so you can rotate the upper part of the body 360° legs are connected with the waist with ball joints so you can rotate them aswell I have uploaded Crash Bandicoot on LEGO Ideas also,so if you also like him and would like to give him a chance to become an official LEGO set, please support and share my project Burdega!!
  8. Braving Nocturnus

    Your best build yet.... Amazing.... Nothing to dislike or change here... just admire it
  9. Lol that diamond over there fits perfectly :) So cool...
  10. Nice build HQ... Those "shields" on top caught my eye... they are official stickers or something?
  11. Steinn Fortress

    Great micro SK... I would love to live in that castle for sure xD
  12. Solitary Existence

    that tree over there is brilliant :)
  13. thanks a lot for the help mate, I got it working just adding to the povray.ini the following: Output_Alpha=True thanks a lot again :)
  14. Hello there guys :) As titles says, atm I am using pov ray 3.7 to render files exported from Ldview. During Ldview I have transparent background checked, and also at pov ray file I have #declare LDXFloor = 0; I used to be able to export PNGs with trans background at past, but now I think it needs a tweak, as I have used previous files I had exported and now they come out with white background. Can you please help me? In wiki I found this: Any help appreciated
  15. Great woodwork Ecc :) Looking forward to see the finished moc