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  1. Gunman

    Starfire Bust

    Awesome bust mate :)
  2. Gunman

    HSS Medical: Apothecary Tower

    thanks a lot HQ, regarding hull space, ye the style is the same as the main gate and I think it works "okish" for the time being... regarding the supports,have you any style in mind that would fit better? I have to disagree here as I find them really elegant rather than plain wooden columns and they also follow the style of the main gate
  3. Gunman

    HSS Medical: Apothecary Tower

    thanks a lot guys :)
  4. Gunman

    Age of Mitgardia (free-build-challenge)

    Tower phase 3
  5. Hey there guys :) Below is a moc recently made, part of my larger diorama City of Thessaloniki I would like to claim HSS medical and AoM Tower phase 3 "Part of Kastra of Thessaloniki, the Tower is named after the apothecary located at the bottom of it. Useful potions and mixtures are sold there which are being used by citizens of Euosmos during their marches." You can also find me here: facebook instagram Gunman
  6. Patman's Cellar / Mitgardia / Gunman Patman's Stable / Mitgardia / Gunman Apothecary Tower / Mitgardia / Gunman
  7. Great modern equipment edition also xd
  8. Hey there guys Got an ugly workplace? Atleast have a beautiful desktop :) That's what I had in mind while creating this Desktop Organizer I am a long time LEGO Afol, but till this time I was just making various creations, mainly around Castle theme. This time I said why not make my everyday life at work a bit happier... So I just added some LEGO bricks to it and here it is :) Its funny how co-workers getting fond of what is capable with LEGO If you like my idea, please support and share my project, would be greatly appreciated :) LEGO Ideas:
  9. Gunman

    Challenge I: Mitgardian Framing Party

    Thats it... teamwork guys... lets rebuild Mitgardia :) Cool build MK! Also nice tree over there man!
  10. I just see pure win over here.... That amazing photography... that AMAZING roof with those exposed wooden parts... what can I say... just to admire
  11. Nice historic dremel over there :) Keep it up mate!
  12. Gunman

    Challenge I: Conzaga Manor

    What a cool build... Very clean build... Amazing choice for the border... Everything is just so well put.... So great job man...
  13. Gunman

    CHALLENGE I: Rebuilding the City Wall

    Lovely cart... lovely wooden tools... Tower.... So many things to admire
  14. Gunman

    New Idols (Challenge I Entry)

    Cyte little build :) Keep it up mate
  15. Gunman

    Challenge I: The Gate of Schwarzburg

    What a cool and Large build! The walls... the mill.... amazing details.Cant wait for the other parts...