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  1. I hope book III makes me come back at building :) Sir Gunman signs up (same sigfig as the intro post)
  2. Gunman

    GoH Book III

    Sir Gunman the Lurikeen remains loyal to Mitgardia (will post pic soon)
  3. Gunman


    Very sweet build mate... amazing landscaping, photography and texturing :) Really great moc
  4. Gunman

    MOC: Crash Bandicoot

    The Iconic video games character that marked my childhood :) This project is modular-style, based on creations that connect to each other forming a ''game level'' The current creations now are inspired from the 1st levels of Crash Bandicoot 1 and hopefully I will make more levels in the near future! I have also uploaded this project on LEGO Ideas, if you want you can support it here
  5. Eye pleasing photography/moc... Very beautiful work man!
  6. Gunman

    Summoning gone wrong

    Wow Coolio colors and photography!! Welcome to Goh!
  7. Gunman

    On The LookOut

    1st medieval moc?? Wow I wonder whats next!! Amazing tower but I really liked your flowers
  8. Wonderful mix of stone and wood feeling.... Fantastic moc
  9. Gunman

    MOC - Medieval Windmill

    Great moc mate... lovely border... texturing... and windmill
  10. Gunman

    Finished MOC Fairplay IX tugboat in scale 1:50

    Amazing build... Congrats
  11. Gongrats to the winners!
  12. Lovely presentation there mrcp6d I really like skeleton wight
  13. Gunman

    [MOC] Excalibur in the Stone

    Sweet work man