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Found 18 results

  1. narbilu

    Whispers [CH2 - C]

    Note: Didn't have much time, but I just wanted to start this storyline with the build for challenge 2C Bran was summoned by his dad, Narbilu lord of Avalonia, to meet him in the alley of the far east corner of Kashgar... nothing is known what the two talked about, but it will have consequences for the loosing party.
  2. Although the Khaor family thinks that anything cultural is a waste of precious time, they can't let the golden city of Kashgar live without the grandeur of a theater. Every seventh day of the week a small group of actors perform a comedy play. In this case a Kaliphlin soldier who has to fight an evil witch. This way, the Khaor can contol the entertainment in the city. Circus and other artists have to audience before Throll first before allowed in the city. *HSS - Entertainment The open air theater is also suited for my MOC of Kashgar
  3. It is a good thing that Bran keeps a short leach with his family on the other sde of the ocean. The abundance of food that grow in Hemresa, a large island within the borders of Avalonia, is a good trade good versus the high quality clothing that the Khaor supply. The Khaor family have a small fleet of trading vessels like the one shown below, that sail to and from Varlyrio and Kashgar almost all seasons of the year.
  4. And the second one... As the gnomes are the second largest represented race on Varlyrio, a lot of goods from their factories are exported from the island. The gnome called Freckle issued a permit to build a warehouse at the docks to oversee the trade to the mainland. A small and vast houses a few dozen square meters of crates and boxes leaving the island with every ship that sails. Kashgar update with my new builds:
  5. After a few months (got a new born son, and we called him Moos)... finally with x-mas some time to build. Kashgar is growing and every day new shipments and tradegoods are unloaded by the many ships that enter the harbour. Taxes need to be payed and smuggleware has to be reduced to a minimum, so the Khaor family build a small customs office at the end of the docks. The Lionelle called Shimbash leads a small unit of soldiers and officers to ensure no illegal goods enter Varlyrio from this port.
  6. Khaor Family Joseph Khaor an Avalonian tailor travelled in his early years to the traders island of Varlyrio to expand his business. At first his business flourished, until cloth garments were replaced by armor. His firstborn son Abrahan used his hobby hunting and skinning to produce the first line of leather armors which became famous all over Historica. Family Tree Abrahan Khaor Lineage The descendants of Abrahan are the leather workers and traders of the family. Throll in his study inside Khaor Manor Throll Khaor The recent passing of Rashgrall Khaor pushed Throll to the throne. He is a ruthless craftsman and trader, trained by his father he became known for being the one who will do everything to satisfy his customers. Throll was always at his father’s side, learning everything there is to know about crafting leather and pushing customers to pay the price for the high quality the Khaor is famous for. Still working under his father, Throll was able to stretch their business to the farthest corner of Historica, which also meant that the requests for rare materials changed. His specialty of trade became creating the most enchanting and mythical leather armors. Skin of demons, scales of dragons and mammoth hide armors, with or without magical treats are within the scope of his skills and fame. LouLou in her skinning workshop Anna Louise Khaor (LouLou) The younger sibling of Throll, also known as LouLou. She is a master skinner, which in the trade of the rare skins the Khaor process can be a real challenge. Nothing is harder to transform into workable leather, without damaging the traits, than for instance hydra lizard scales. LouLou mainly works within the walls of Kashgar, leading a life of luxury when she washed off the blood stains of her hard day’s work. Before she was old enough to join the family business, LouLou was the spoiled brat, the queen kid who always got what she wanted, which makes her still a pain in the @#&% to work with if no gain is in it for her. Josephine brewing potions in the woods outside Kashgar Josephine Livenea Is the not so secret bastard child of Abrhan. Although her mother was send to the mainland Nocturnus, Rashgrall had a soft spot for this beautiful half-sister. Josephine is as mysterious as her mother. Studied in Nocturnus to become part of a witch coven and to learn the mystical arts of enchantment and brewing potions of all sorts. When the power struggle of Nocturnus started she reached out to her half-brother, who happily took the opportunity to become close to his sibling. Josephine set up shop in Kashgar, blessing the armors of the Khaor family with an aura of unknown powers and strengths. Or at least gives the wearer that assumption, it is never proven. From left to right: Marlowe, Bran and Grogk (Bran's hunting party) Abrahan Khaor II (Bran) The children of Abygail Khaor were raised in Avalonia, along their farther Lord Nar Bilu of Hemresa. Bran, the oldest of three, was expected to step in his father’s footsteps and become a military man. He endured a fast training as a tracker, marksman and strategist. After a long year facing the dangers of the Historica continent he returned to Avalonia to seal his fate and pledge loyalty to the new royals. Not long after returning he was summoned by his nephew Throll to join the Khaor family on Varlyrio. His skills in hunting were a welcome addition to contribute to the growing demand of rare materials. He himself thought it was too early still to get the responsibility to become Lord, so a different challenge was a welcome path to gain more experience. Bran was to form a team of skilled hunters to track down rare animal and mystical creatures for their scales, fur or other material their skin was made up to make the finest armor in all of Historica and beyond. Bran’s hunting party (Marlowe & Grogk) When Throll summoned for Bran, revealing part of the assignment, Bran decided to take his longtime friend Marlowe along for the quest. Marlowe is a renown Kaliphlin Lionell tracker from Barqa and an excellent diplomat, speaking most of the uncommon Historica languages from the number of journeys across the mainland. Besides that, he was a Kaliphlin army regiment commander for several years. Both men travelled from Barqa to their new home Varlyrio. Shortly after the details of their mission was explained by Throll, Bran found it necessary to add a local to his party. One that was familiar with the area as well as the basics of their mission. Throll suggested to meet up with Grogk, a supplier of hides from the Wastelands. He masters hunting and survival in these rough lands and he knows how to skin them. Secondly he knows the orcish culture, being one himself. After meeting up with him in The Drunken Imp, they team seems to hit it off, ready for their first assignment. Moss Khaor Lineage The descendants of Moss are the cloth traders of the family. Christopher in front of a slik spinning cabinet, just outside one of his farms Christopher Khaor The unwedded and childless uncle of the family is a strange one. He is a farmer and extraordinary tradesman, one that takes so much care in his product that any competitor is jealous. He owns a number of farms just outside the skirts of Kashgar and he manages a few in the Wastelands. Silk and cotton are his main trade. He knows and acts orcish traditions, which enables him to exploit and trade with this savage race. They grow his silk, process it to Kashmir alike fabric in return for access to Varlyrian products and recognition. Joseph (left) and his father Jullian standing in their clothing shop, ready to take your order Jullian & Joseph Khaor II Jullian owns a workshop and a shop in Kashgar. His specialty is tailoring. Kings, queens and other nobles travel from afar to be dressed by this artist for every occasion. Jullian is the most quiet one in the family. He keeps to his business, buying mostly from his brother Christopher and selling to everyone entering his shop the most legitimate way possible. Jullian is father of three children, all still learning the skills to take over the business in time. Joseph II is at age to fulfill his duty. Joseph now is responsible for collecting and reworking the trinkets and details on the clothing they sell. The two daughters are schooled by their mother and will be ready in time.
  7. Deep in the dry fields of the Wastelands a selection of skilled hunters started to build a settlement, not far from their native towns. The Sand Orcs decided to make a trading post, which they call Grahark, near the road connecting the mountains on the east with the Gnomish towns on the west coast. Walls of stone and wood, tents, housing, chicken farms and storage, all which is needed to successfully build a tribe. The Khaor family and Bran’s old friend Jacob Nion invested in this settlement by supplying knowledge and materials as well as a helping hand to speed up the process. Throll is dedicated to open up this post by the end of summer, so the new natives can inhabit their homes before the cold winter nights fall.
  8. Close to the seaport, the Khaor family build their home and headquarters. The head of the family, in this case Throll and his wife, together with a few staff members, hold residence here. Once a month the department heads of the family come together to report and discuss how business is flourishing and how to expand their influence in Varlyrio and beyond.
  9. Although the streets of Kashgar are poorly accessible for carriages and horsemen, at the far end of Kashgar near the docks is a small stable. The Avalonian owner, Quill, of the Flying Pony rents out and sells horses and other ridable animals for short journeys and light packings. Quill owns a small breeding range just outside the borders of Kashgar, where he get his constant supply of mini horses. HSS: REQ Agriculture, Lifestock Ranch
  10. Guest house & residence A town can only flourish if the visitors not only trade but decide to reside there also. The streets are filled with beautiful architecture, no matter how small the house. This particular building represents on the left the guesthouse of the Khaor family (you can see uncle Nar Bilu is visiting) and on the right a small traders house. Sorry no interiors in this build...
  11. Drunken Imp Inn When the streets and canals of Kashgar were flooding with merchants from all directions, the urge to keep them in the town began to grow. They needed a place to negotiate along with the pleasure to grab a drink as well as a place to crash after a long journey. On different locations in town taverns and inns popped up. The one that stood out, was the Drunken Imp Inn. A little shady and the sleeping lodges were not the most comfortable, but the money flowed. As it is told. Black market trading, agreements were signed and some say even kill contracts are a common goods that cross the tables. HSS: REQ Hospitality, Inn
  12. Golden Wing Leather Workshop When Joseph Khaor first set foot on Varlyrio he arrived in a small hamlet in the eastern bay, which he called Kashgar. Hamlet was still too much to call the collective of small houses. Joseph thought it would be a great spot to settle and he started to build his home and workshop. At first it functioned as a tailorshop until the majority of the product shifted from cloth to leather, armors in particular. Generations later the building was still standing, although the residential purpose was moved to a larger location. On the bottom floor a shop allows the customers to do business and pick up their order. The second floor holds the workshop of the craftsmen making the armors and other leatherwork specialty orders. The top floor is the drying area for the stock of furs and leather that they acquired from their tannery further up the canal. HSS: Craftsmen Armorer
  13. Farm’s Market The downside to these large settlements along the coast of Varlyrio, is that all the food, except fish, has to be bought. Kashgar is no different. Farmland is far beyond the gate. This does not mean it is hard to get by food. The Farm’s market offer a continues flow of goods like livestock, fruit and other exotic products. No men should live unfed. As a side note: It’s a small build, but it had to fit my view of the city. HSS: REQ Agriculture, Farm’s Market (because Kashgar has no direct farms along its borders
  14. Khaor guard tower Briefly after the successes of the Khaor family in Kashgar, the usual suspects came lurking around the corner. Thieves, smugglers and even murderers. The Khaor hired a group of soldiers to insure their personal safety. In the midst of town a high tower oversees the traffic and guards the business and the family of Khaor. The personal guard of the Khaor distinguish themselves by the high quality dragon scale armor and their versatile range of weaponry they carry. Led by commander and chief Yorth, these guards are top of the bill. HSS: REQ Military, Guard Tower
  15. Temple of Daïnna After the first settlers of Kashgar built the first homes through the maze of canals of Kashgar the community requested a temple to pray to their deity of choice. The Temple keeper Perrish assists his flock of Kashgar residents and outsiders, preaching to numerous deities needed to favor the hunt, production or trade important to the Varlyrians. The Temple was named after Daïnna, an Avalonian Half-God Huntress who was praised for her skills in tracking and archery and the deity the Khaor family draws much energy from. Daïnna’s arrows are blessed with flight and accuracy. Her followers are believed to be given a sharp vision and strong sense to aid in the hunt. A secret lore even suggest that she hunted more than just animals and mythical creatures and that she shed royal blood. HSS: Religious
  16. Prologue: Bran was able to get a job on a ship going to the islands of Yureishima. The fare was long and exhausting. They faced sea serpents, low sand banks and at the end a fearsome storm. On the third hour of the storm, the boat was challenged with enormous amounts of water hitting the deck until the cause was lost. A large wave flooded the deck and everything beneath. Every passenger tried to grab something suitable for floating, when the boat started to flip to its side. Bran fell into the ocean holding nothing more than a single board. Hours went by, dancing on the high waves, gasping for air every time he could, before the strangest thing happened. His feet touched ground. Orien: It seemed he washed upon a shore. Surprisingly the island showed some kind of civilization. Or at least it used to have that, because the buildings on the shore looked abandoned. The next hour a few more lucky souls drifted close to the shores of this island. Bran and his newly acquired best friends scouted the surroundings of the old buildings, until one of the men found a bookroll about this. These buildings used to be the Temple of Airjitzu and was inhabited by a clan of martial arts warriors. Further in the logs, they found out a folk called the Ori ambushed them and destroyed most of the clan. They were in luck, the buildings were filled with ancient katanas and building tools. Bran placed a few guards on strategic points and the rest used the next couple of days to make the buildings habitable and finding food. The latter wasn’t too hard, the scaled animals crawled out of the ocean themselves and the waters are flooded by fish. Anomaly: For the fourth time within a day’s cycle the ground shook, like an earthquake, but different. Bran went on a stroll, scouting the rest of the island (if it is just that). After just a brief moment he encountered something strange. The sandy surface transformed into greens, more dense than he remembered about Avalonia. The plant-life had even stranger seed-like flowers and the plants moved. Further ahead a large root grew taller than the clouds and with every burst of growth the ground trembled and made a deafening roar. It looks like the plants are taking over the island... So is this a safe haven or not even close to that...
  17. From the author: I decided to write a story based on the son of Narbilu. The fun part will be that I will let you decide how the story progresses. At the end of every story, I will give you a multiple choice question of what will happen in the next chapter. Apart from any comments on the moc, please help me create a community based story around the son of my sigfig. Thanks. Chapter 0 - Prologue link Chapter 1 – The eagle has landed Nervousness pumped my blood in high speed through my veins, when I climbed on the back of the eagle. Although I couldn´t understand the screeching of the giant bird, it seems it understands my stuttering directions to Nocturnus. I decided to travel to the farthest point of Historica and let fate decide if I travel back through Kaliphlin of Mitgardia, or even both before heading back home. And from the tales told by the bards and elders, Nocturnus is the worst... so it can only become an easier path, when I survive that. My heartbeat slows when we fly over the snow-covered mountains of Mitgardia. Finally I can relax and enjoy the ride. The eagle flies with enormous speed. When I look down the mountains quickly change colour from pale white to monstrous jagged black. The blue streams are gone, transformed into dry beddings or steaming red magma. Nocturnus is more dead than the sandy deserts of Kaliphlin. Death rules here, while death already gave up on the sands. A shiver flows over my skin when the sun disappears behind a purple greyish cloud. The eagle makes a quick decision and leaps into the cloud, high enough to reach the sunshine again. For a brief moment we enjoy the warmth before she dives back into the depth, landing on the top of a rock. Her wings and head bow forward, so I can hop of. Before I can say anything, the creature disappears back into the darkened sky. With solid rock under my feet, I figured that this is probably the safest spot that I will find for some time. So I sit down and eat some rations. With only half a backpack filled with the most necessary stuff, I should search the area for some berries or drinkable fluids. My stomach keeps making noise, but I have to be provident with whatever I have, until I find a source of income or at least find out what I can eat around here. In a few leaps I jump down to the foot of the rock. All of a sudden I hear a cry for help. From behind something that could go for a bush, I witness a vague silhouette of a person hanging from a tree. I try to sneak closer. Dangling caught in a booby-trap, appears to be a woman with some sort of insect mutation, I have never seen before. But that will certainly be happening more often. The moment she spotted me she started begging me, to get her out, before her masters of Morrow would find her here. Cautiously I stepped forward, I dropped my duffle bag on the ground and grabbed my axe. Pointing both axe and shield in her direction, just to be certain she won’t be conning me. Underneath her, it seems she almost can’t move and she genuinely is trapped. In her odd eyes, fear overrules every other emotion. My head spins around the area for other irregularities, nothing so far. I draw a circle around the tree, before trying to climb it. Even though it looks easy to master, the strange twigs and structure of the tree makes it impossible to climb. With every attempt, the tree shifts into a different shape. I have to figure out another way to get her out of her restrains. The axe is the next best option. A wide swing with controlled anger plants the blade deep into a branch. Greenish bloodlike fluids seep along the clod iron. Instantly the tree stops moving, making it possible to crawl up the branch. I remove the chains and the woman drops on the rocky soil underneath her. Quickly I return with my feet on solid ground, again taking in battle position. When the woman gets out of her restrains, she sits down on a rock, inviting me over. I do so. Her name is Nidalee. We talked for a while... The tale continues soon, you can decide their fate: What should Bran and his companion do next, search for: 1) Food 2) Shelter What creature will slow their progress: A) Burrowing B) Flying
  18. From the author: I decided to write a story based on the son of Narbilu. The fun part will be that I will let you decide how the story progresses. At the end of every story, I will give you a multiple choice question of what will happen in the next chapter. Apart from any comments on the moc, please help me create a community based story around the son of my sigfig. Thanks. Chapter 0 – Prologue It was the day after Yull, one of our seasonal feasts. I was strolling along the men who are preparing for conquering back our homeland, Hemresa. The smith is sharpening the blades, women are packing supplies and the footmen pored the leftovers of the feast into their already filled tummies. I end up at the dock, where over four ships are packed and ready for transporting over a hundred men to the nearest beach on Hemresa. The sight of the vessels almost brought tears in my eyes. So much beauty. The thought that we are going to battle. But most of all, that we are going to do everything to get back what is rightfully ours. I can’t recall how long I stood there, dreaming, when a small lad pulled my leather harness. A messenger from my dad. I am expected in his quarters immediately. With a sturdy pace, I headed to the main hall, where he has an office in the basement. As I walked down the stairs, the cold of the walls shivered my face. I expected to encounter a full room of commanders, but I was alone with Nar Bilu, my father, leaning over a map on his oak table. Nar Come closer Bran. Bran Where are the others dad? Nar What others do you mean? Bran Aren’t we going to discuss strategic matters for the siege of Hemresa? Nar I’m sorry son, but fate has decided otherwise for you. The rune masters bones tell me that you must wonder into Historica as I did when I was your age. Bran But dad! We are going into battle! Nar SILENCE! Watch my finger. As I shut up, my head followed the hand of Nar Bilu move over the map, ending on Hemresa. Nar That was the path that made me the man I am. Now it’s your turn to make your own connections, friends and even enemies. Make mistakes, maybe even learn some magic, just don’t get yourself killed. Bran Why now? Nar Hemresa is MY responsibility, I will get it back. When you return, you will be ready to sit beside me and be my successor. Let me explain; I met my commanders during my travels, I learned a lot from my journey, about people, politics and trading. How to spend my last dime and how to gain riches. I fought beside men I didn’t know and joined battlefields next to the men I trusted most about their cause. I made enemies and allies. I gained scars, a reputation, so when I settled in Avalonia, the Lords granted me with the same title and a piece of land over which I am going to rule again soon. So why now? I don’t want you to be my shadow, but I want you to become the light itself, a man with the same respect I had when I settled here. It is your turn to decide your fate yourself. Bran But where should I start? Nar Ask someone you trust, or decide yourself. One of the giant eagles is at your disposal to drop you wherever you want. Pack lightly. Godspeed my son. He hugged me, gave me a small pouch with some coins and a gem. Something to get me on my way. I walked outside where my mother and sister already stood waiting to say their goodbyes. We also hugged. After a short visit to my chambers, where I packed a small backpack with rations, I took my axe and a small shield and walked in a straight line to the eagle. The tale continues soon, now you can decide his fate: Where should Bran go: 1) Mitgardia 2) Nocturnus He will encounter a person, that person will be: A) In need of help B) Attacking at first sight Next weekend I will decide, based on your posts what moc I will create for the next chapter. Thanks in advance for participating.