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Found 18 results

  1. It was the best of times. It was the worst of times… Spring had reached the Trifork, and the city was in had hardly seen better times. Having been spared the terrors of the Kaliphlin civil war (although battles had been fought only miles across the border); avoided the plague and the infestation of Drow that had plagued Avalonia; and seen no incursion of the strange bringers of winter rumoured to roam the north (although there had been a certain chill in the northern winds); the Trifork was prosperous as never before. However, there was no flurry of spirit, none of the exaltation and celebration one would expect during such an extended period of increasing wealth. No one was starving, to be sure, and businesses were growing, ever investing in new workshops, warehouses, or stores, but something was dampening the free flow of high spirits. Piazzza Municipiale, the center of the Trifork This something was no mystery to anyone in their right minds. While a traveller might take the Trifork for a wealthy city wholly inhabited by melancholic stoics, the locals, high and low, knew the source of this depression: The Trifork was at war, and its alliances seemed to be wavering. The Lord Mayor was away with the cavalry to the west, fighting an incursion of an unknown enemy, and his Second-in-command, Sir William Drake, had brought most of the Infantry south.(The Aestwäld Saga, part 8) It was not that the people felt unsafe, as the remaining forces would hold of anything but a full on assault, by way of the extensive fortifications of the City. But the people and their leaders were weary of war. Everyone, high and low, had a relative, friend, or colleague amongst the troops, and everyone had been reminded by the terrors of war, as the veterans had returned from the Kaliphlin campaigns, carrying their fallen brother. Everyone longed to see their loved ones return, longed to have their leader back. It was not that they disliked the rule of his wife. She was much respected, and she managed everything to the satisfaction of every honest man. It was simply a case of stability and ease-of-mind. There was a want of good news and of peace, of returning to everyday life. And to this came the alarming rumours of alliances falling apart, Avalonia about to collapse, Cedrica to be ruled by the damned bastard dog of Nocturnus, and creatures of winter bringing an ice age with them as they descended from the north. The City Hall, center of the Trifork civil administration Mariana knew all of these rumours, as she was asked about them by all she met on her daily rounds through the city. And while she could put some to ease, she knew far too well that others were horridly true. More than anyone else, she knew the situation. Only the negative stories seemed to be backed by firm evidence, while the good news seemed dreamy and inconclusive. Oh, how she longed for good news. Conclusive good news. Travellers from the north did talk of the Algus being beating back, and some said that Alric and Beorthan had won a victory in Drond's Feelds, but it was all very cloudy. The latest letter from her husband announced that he was to chase down the remaining enemies near the border, but it had been weeks without news. Another source of worries was diplomacy. Around the time of Beorthan's departure, several emissaries had been sent out to reaffirm relations to the Avalonian leadership, the High Council of Kaliphlin, as well as the resistance in Nocturnus. However, none but the last had so far yielded any reply. It was strange rumours that came from Shadowmere. They mentioned the death of one of the Trifork's most powerful allies, the half-vampire lord Vladivus. However, Tauro, who had been sent to there as emissary, had sent back a short note affirming the death, but also the reinstatementof Vladivus as Lord of Shadowmere. It did mention dark arts, but gave no true explanation. At least it was news. Neither the members of the Kaliphlin High Council, nor the Avalonian leadership had made any reply, and none of the emissaries had returned. Had the Trifork's Allies forsaken them? Were the messengers intercepted, or even killed on arrival? Had the Desert King tightened his grip on Kaliphlin? Did not the Avalonian High Lords condone of the Trifork's support of the High Council? It was little wonder that rumours thrived. Market and entertainers on the Piazza Yet through all this, life moved on, and the main square, the Piazza Municipale, of the Trifork was as ever bustling with life. On the square a Kaliphlinite theatrical troupe was giving performance, and several merchants were hawking their wares. Renovating the square This was not market day, and the current renovations of the tiling of the square did limit the space available for market stalls. These works would soon be over, and the square would once more be back to its own polished self and full of traders. The Trifork City Court Apart from the City Hall, the Piazza Municipiale contained some of the most prominent structures of the Trifork, including the City Court, which precided over both civilian and mercantile cases, and ensured fairness and justice for all residents and visitors of the Trifork. Placed on the border between Avalonia, Kaliphlin and the King's Lands of Cedrica, the Court mediated and judged many cases spanning the guilds, and was widely reputed for its fairness and wisdom in ruling. La Fontana de Aqua Another remarkable sight was the Fontana de Aqua, the main water supply of the Trifork. While water was in abundance from the lake, several fresh springs emerged near the Trifork, all to be let through intricate systems of piping to the many fountains found throughout the Trifork, most prominently the Fontana de Aqua. The water from these springs was much cleaner than that of the lake, and many attributed the good health of the Trifork citizens to the access of high quality water. The Trifork Textile Guild Headquarter(Left) and the Bank of the Three Rivers (Right) The more enterprising sides of the Trifork also found representation on the piazza. By many, the sand green headquarter of the Trifork Textile Guild was regarded as the most elegant building of the city. Designed by a famous Varlyrian architect, and the newest building of the square, its intricate facade has impressed many a merchant about to embark on business with the guild. The textile guild is one of the most influential organisations of the Trifork, and controls several manufacturies, warehouses, and shops thoughout the city, and although consisting of several independent businessmen, all major orders are handled through the guild headquarters. With the abundance of water from the lakes and rivers, the Trifork is the perfect place for textile production, and its position as a trade hub ensures access to colourful substances, exotic threads, and rare materials important for the production of exquisite textiles, as well as a large buyer base for its finished products. Colloqually known as the "River Bank" (to much mirth for some) the Bank of the Three Rivers is the main financial institution of the Trifork, protecting your savings, or lending you considerable sums for your next investment. While not particularly large, or well-known, it is one of the oldest institutions of the Trifork, to which it owes its prime location in the square, and a reputation for security and trustworthyness. The Old Moot The central square of the Trifork emerged in an age long past, just by the old oak where the first city moots were held. Although many has offered fortunes to purchase the plot for development, the citizens of the Trifork have never allowed this. It is widely regarded as the origins of the city, as where the first druids met to settle down, and short of murder or rape, damaging the tree or littering the area is one of the most serious crimes one can commit in the Trifork. In fact, no Mayor can be elected before swearing to protect the Old Moot. _______________________________________________________________________ This was my biggest build to date, and I am very happy with the outcome. (Although the pictures, taken in a necessary rush, would do with a proper background) It is meant to wrap up a lot of ongoing storylines, and hopefully propel them further, as well as developing the Trifork towards my plans for the city. Several of these buildings will be entered in task 4, and the Trifork Textile Guild is meant to be my entry into task 6, and something I will hopefully find the time to elaborate on in the future. I have long been absent from the Guilds, and I cannot say when I next have something to post, but I am still here! Beorthan's tales are not over. C&C is more than welcome.
  2. Lord Vladivus

    The Wolf and the Knights.

    Fenrir had travelled for days from Port Wrath to reach this point. What he was about to do could easily see him killed. He laughed to himself under his breath. A smallholding in the Trifork. A peaceful place. Not the warriors death he would hope for. The soldiers at the house had directed him behind the house. After he had laid down his arms whilst he was several hundred metres away. The staff he kept; "You would not deny an old wolf his staff to lean upon?" he had called. Behind the house, he had found Beorthan, Mayor of the Trifork hard at work planning battles in a small clearing. Beorthan: "You are a traitor Fenrir. I am sure Shadowmere would pay greatly for your head. No doubt your betrayal lead to Vladivus' death. Submit to me, and I promise I will see you to Shadowmere to stand trial." Fenrir's nostrils flared: "A welcome no frostier than I expected. I have not come to surrender, but to rather ask your aid." Beorthan: "Aid? you shall have none from me." Fenrir spoke then at length, imparting many secrets to the Mayor, and outlining his plan. Beorthan was almost swayed, but he knew his people must come first. Beorthan: "The Trifork has an alliance now with Shadowmere, and even as we speak, my friends are confirming that alliance once again. If I support you, I would be breaking my word to Shadowmere. My people would not be forgiving- they look to me to lead them in a time of peril." Fenrir: "Rarrrgh, I should've known better than to seek aid from you damnable tight wearers." He turned to stride away. Beorthan: "Fenrir! Wait! I did not say I would not aid you. Whilst I cannot give you the men you ask for, I can suggest that you seek out Alric of Dronds Feelds. He may be willing to ally with you." With this new plan, Fenrir travelled to Dronds Feelds. The wolf found Alric at the town of Tonfeld [roughly translated, this mean walled field in Saxon]. Tonfeld was a heavily fortified town in the south of Dronds Feelds, but inside the walls, it was a bustling hub of activity. Fenrir entered through the main gates, and was met by Alric. "Greetings, wolf! What does a Nocturnian want with an Avalonian? It is not often that we entertain traitors!" Fenrir growled at this. "I am no traitor! I fight for the one true ruler of Nocturnus. Let us speak more of this in private." With that, they moved to a tower top, away from the ears of spies. Fenrir's words spoke to the young warrior, and Alric readily agreed to lend Fenrir soldiers for his cause- providing that Shadowmere would count itself an ally of Dronds Feelds and would continue it's current alliance with the Trifork. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- What's going on!?! I can barely follow myself and I know all the secrets Fenrir knows! Keep a look out for the final build to wrap this story up! C+C welcome!
  3. Lord Vladivus

    Receiving a Message.

    After reaching Nocturnus, Tauro and Bregir have split up. Whilst Tauro has continued to Shadowmere, Bregir heads towards other members of the Nocturnian Resistance. Tauro has found Shadowmere in a sorry state of affairs. Recent events have taken their toll, and the citadel is no longer quite as whole as it once was. Nevertheless, the Lady Sithanna rules in Vladivus' absence and it is to her that the Trifork's message is delivered. She receives Tauro in her personal chambers, the Minotaur an unusual acquaintance for the vampire Lady. ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Finally got around to replying to Bregir's build! I tried a new technique for myself, offsetting the walls by a half-stud. The colour scheme is largely inspired by one of Jorrith's Shadowmere builds, so credit there! C+C welcome!
  4. Chapter 1 Chapter 2 Chapter 3a Chapter 3b Chapter 4 Chapter 5 Chapter 6 Chapter 7 Chapter 8 Chapter 9 As agreed with her husband, Lady Mariana of the Trifork has despatched emissaries to the most important diplomatic relations of the Trifork in order to solidify its position in the tumultuous times of current Historica. Riding fast towards Benoic, and later onwards towards Nalderic, this emissary is carrying two identical letters for the Lord Regents of Avalonia, de Gothia of Benoic and Simon of Nalderic. The letters read: To the Lord Regents of Avalonia, It is our hope that this message finds you well. First of all, we wish to reassure you of the continued and relentless support of the Trifork in furthering the well-being of Avalonia. However, we wish to express our concerns about the current political situation in our beloved Avalonia. Our fellow lords and ladies fought on different sides and are divided on the matter of Kaliphlin, and the tension amongst us is growing. We fear that this tension will lead to conflict and division, and feel that this risk must be addressed. Therefore, we wish to extend an invitation to the Trifork. My husband wishes to discuss the situation with you, and request your advice on how to best preserve the interests of Avalonia through the current crisis. Lady Mariana on behalf of Beorthan, Lord Mayor of the Trifork, Gatekeeper of the East and Captain of the Republic _____________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ En route to Nocturnus, Tauro and Bregir have now reached the outskirts of Cedrica, about to pass a guard post manned by the now somewhat redundant kings guard. They are carrying the following despatch: To Lord Vladivus Stormbringer, Captain of the Shadowmere Guard and the Moruth Rangers, and trusted friend of the Trifork, I write this letter on behalf of my dear husband. It has come to his attention that you backed different sides in the recent conflict in Kaliphlin, and he assures me how relieved he is not to have met you or your mighty armies in battle. He wishes to reaffirm his friendship to you, as well as reconfirm that the Trifork considers Shadowmere amongst its closest allies, and that you shall not stand alone in the looming civil war. In the event of a war, you may count on us to commit all available forces and the necessary resources to back your cause. Lady Mariana on behalf of Beorthan, Lord Mayor of the Trifork, Gatekeeper of the East and Captain of the Republic _____________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ Galloping through the western deserts of Kaliphlin, one heading towards Mpya Stedor and the other towards the Nestlands, both strongholds of the High Council resistance. They carry a message for those still loyal to the Republic: To the High Councillors of the Kaliphlinite Republic, On behalf of Beorthan, Captain of the Republic and Lord Mayor of the Trifork. Through the recent conflict, the Trifork stood at your side through victory and hardship to the bitter end. The High Council can rest assured that the might and wealth of the Trifork will continue to support any decision you may take on Kaliphlinite matters. It is our hope that you will pass this message on amongst your allies. For the republic! Lady Mariana on behalf of Beorthan, Captain of the Republic, Gatekeeper of the East and Lord Mayor of the Trifork They further carry two addendums, one for the leaders of the Nestlands… To the leaders of the Cobalt Vale and the Nestlands, Your resistance to the attacks of the Desert King, both during and after the civil war is the stuff of legends. It occupied a significant part of the Desert King's forces, which significantly decreased the pressure on the rest of the High Council forces. This was true too for the Expeditionary forces of the Trifork, and for this, we are much obliged. Therefore, we hope to establish closer relations, starting with a trade agreement. The textile industry of the Trifork has a particular interest in the colourful minerals of the Nestlands, and we are willing to pay a good price in either gold or wares. Further, we shall open our markets to traders from the Nestlands, and hope you will do the same for us. Lady Mariana on behalf of Beorthan, Captain of the Republic, Gatekeeper of the East and Lord Mayor of the Trifork …and one for Lord Damaximus of Mpya Stedor. To Lord Damaximus of Stedor, After having had the honour of fighting alongside the forces of Mpya Stedor in the recent Kaliphlinite conflict, the Trifork wishes to solidify relations to Mpya Stedor to the benefit of both our cities. It is our hope that you will agree to a trade agreement allowing our traders mutual free trading rights. We are certain that this will bring great wealth to us both. Further, should the recent conflict have left you in need of further aid, you have but to ask, and the Trifork will do its best to assist. Lady Mariana on behalf of Beorthan, Captain of the Republic, Gatekeeper of the East and Lord Mayor of the Trifork _____________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ The last of the messengers have taken the western route, heading towards Eastgate and Barqa. Camping in a ruin of an old manor, one of them have been cornered by a pair of werewolves of questionable affiliation. However, those werewolves are in for a surprise from above. Carrying the same message for the High Council as their colleagues, they too carry addendums, one for the MacLeans… To the honourable MacLeans of Eastgate and Easterbroke, We have been following the developments in Eastgate from before the civil war with great concern. Putting your differences aside to fight for the Republic was a most honourable deed, and Beorthan has been proud to fight at your side against the false sand king. Now that a truce has been agreed, the Trifork hopes to continue this alliance through trade. As you know, we are linked by the Red River, and the Trifork hopes that both Eastgate and Easterbroke will be interested in furthering the trade along this node. We are willing to commit patrol crafts to guard the traffic of the river, as well as to open our markets to your merchants and wares, and hope you will reciprocate this offer. Lastly, should we be able to offer anything in your efforts to rebuild Eastgate or Easterbroke, let us know, and we shall do our best to assist you. Lady Mariana on behalf of Beorthan, Captain of the Republic, Gatekeeper of the East and Lord Mayor of the Trifork …and one for Sir Gideon of Barqa. To Sir Gideon, representative for the city of Barqa in the Kaliphlin High Council, Honoured to have fought alongside the mighty Lord Gideon in the recent Kaliphlinite conflict, ser Beorthan wishes to reaffirm the friendship between Barqa of Kaliphlin and the Trifork of Avalonia. For a long time, traders from Barqa have been an important constituent in the markets of the Trifork, as has the caravans passing through our city towards Benoic and central Avalonia. It is our hope that we may strengthen this relationship, and therefore, on behalf of my husband, I extend a standing invitation for Lord Gideon or any of his representatives to visit the Trifork and discuss a treaty of friendship and trade between our cities. Mostly unscarred by the recent conflicts, the Trifork is further in a position to offer assistance, should Barqa want anything in your efforts to recover from war. Lady Mariana on behalf of Beorthan, Captain of the Republic, Gatekeeper of the East and Lord Mayor of the Trifork _____________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ C&C welcome - I hope you like these small builds, as they were quite fun to build. While this is not strictly related to the Aestwäld saga with TitusV, it follows naturally to one of my other builds of the Saga, which is why I titled it as belonging to the saga. I hope that those addressed above have no issue with being implicated, but as you are free to react as you wish, I decided not to ask first. I of course hope that: 1) No one feels forgotten. I have tried to include most of those who has had former interactions with the Trifork directly or through challenges etc. 2) This will spawn some reaction over time from some of you, but I also fully understand if time or priorities does not permit it. No pressure! 3) You don't mind the amount of text.
  5. Chapter 1 Chapter 2 Chapter 3a Chapter 3b Chapter 4 Chapter 5 Chapter 6 Chapter 7 Having made preparations for leaving, Beorthan is now at the head of the Trifork Lancers, being guided westwards by the somewhat battered messenger to join forces with Aelric. The Trifork Lancers form an elite company of heavy cavalry, making up the main shock force of the Trifork Arsenal. Formed shortly after Beorthan's election as Lord Mayor of the Trifork, they are armed with the finest Shadowmere steel and riding powerful steeds from Drond's fields. Participating in the Kaliphlinite civil war quickly turned this newly formed company into an experienced, battle-hardened force to be reckoned with. Trained to fight both mounted as heavy lancers and dismounted as heavy spearmen, they are effective in both offence and defence. At the same time, Drake is leading a company of Trifork infantry through the southern swamplands to the plains near the southern border of the Trifork and thus Avalonia. Marching across these few miles of open land, an enemy will be able to seek refuge in the hills and mountains making up most of the border between Avalonia and Kaliphlin, through which they can sneak deeper into Avalonia. Raiders often choose this arduous route, rather than to face the obstacle of the fortress city of the Trifork. Drake's objective is to stop enemy reinforcements from making their way to the fight. As the cavalry, the infantry of the Trifork has been hardened by the Kaliphlinite civil war. By reforming the old city watch, Beorthan has created a disciplined, well lead, and well equipped force able to adapt to most situations. Trained by the veterans Marcus and Cassius, they are well-versed in most infantry tactics. ____________________________________________________________ Next instalment in the Aestwäld saga. Further, it is also my entry to the Avalonian Task One, presenting my troops. C&C is, as always, more than welcome. Still looking forward to seeing where this story goes.
  6. Chapter 1 Chapter 2 Chapter 3a Chapter 3b Chapter 4 Chapter 5 Chapter 6 After having just received a call for aid from Drond's Feelds, Beorthan has mobilised the forces of the Trifork. As they are making their preparations, he has asked his wife Mariana to join him and Drake for a walk through the city. "…therefore, I will head the cavalry to join forces with Lord Alric, and Drake will take the infantry south to stop any forces from moving through our lands. In the meantime, you will handle matters here, Mary." Mariana and Drake both nod, as they follow Beorthan through the narrow canal streets of the lakeside quarter. "However, there are some things we need to discuss before we leave. As you both know, the Trifork has come out of the Kaliphlin civil war stronger than ever. Our economy is booming, and our troops are experienced and battle-hardened. However, we cannot stand alone." As they pass a small bridge, Drake chimes in: "I agree. The situation in Kaliphlin is still uncertain - with the High Council holed up in their cities, and the Desert King already proclaiming his triumph, we have a mess at our borders. Not to talk of the trouble brewing in the Darklands…" Mariana continues with a frown: "Further, the situation amongst our own ranks is shaky at best. With the lords of Avalonia having backed different sides in the war, animosity and distrust has been sparked. The trouble to the south may end up being the least of our problems." Pausing to greet a townsperson passing by, Beorthan agrees: "My analysis is the same, my friends. Therefore, we need to reach out to all and every ally we have. This task will fall upon you, my love - I have no doubt you can handle that, as well as the daily management of the city." Mariana and Beorthan exchange a loving glance. "When you were elected Lord Mayor, I knew these duties would fall upon me in times of need. Things will be taken care of, as I long for your return…" Returning her smile, Beorthan continues with a serious tone: "I want emissaries sent out at speed. Our allies in the High Council must be reassured that the might and wealth of the Trifork will continue to back any decision they may take on Kaliphlinite matters." "I concur. The High Council best represents the interests of the free Kaliphlinite cities, the people, and the merchants; and as such too the interests of the Trifork. Not to mention the atrocities and despotism of the Desert King…" Drake adds. Mariana ponders for a second: "I will send riders to the MacLeans in Eastgate; to Lord Gideon in Barqa; to Lord DaMaximus of Mpya Stedor; and to the pockets of resistance in and around the Nestlands. From there, word can be spread of our continued allegiance." Both Drake and Beorthan nods. "Further, it is imperative that we reestablish diplomatic relations to Lord Vladivus of Shadowmere. He has shown friendship before, and we are not to let down our friends now. Reassure him that having backed different factions in the Kaliphlinite civil war changes nothing. He may count on our alliance and continued support of his resistance in Nocturnus." Mariana seems to be taking mental note of the instruction and nods. "It will be so. Lastly, I will send a messenger to our Lord Regents, Simon of Nalderic and de Gothia of Benoic, expressing our concerns on the current political situation in Avalonia." "I'd suggest we invite them here to discuss the situation in person, the matter being of a somewhat delicate nature…" Drake suggests. "Such will be our agreement. Mylady, you will see to the city, while Drake and I prepare to depart. I shall return to bid you farewell before I leave." ________________________________________________________________________________________________ Yet another build for the Aestwäld saga. This is mainly a story build, so forgive me the picture to text ratio - I simply had a lot of things to get done before Beorthan leaves the city to aid Alric. I hope my shameless namedropping will be forgiven - I plan to post builds with the messengers later. (Meaning that the implied VIP's will also see the exact messages sent to them from the Trifork.) C&C is, as always, more than welcome. This collab is turning out to be funnier than I expected!
  7. It was a cold night. A shadow glided over the courtyard of N'Ora. It was no more than a shadow, perceived from the eyecorner. It dodged guards like it dodged light. When the shadow reached the stairs, it hesistated a moment. Then it took the way upward. When it came to door at the top of the stairs, a single candle lighted human form for a few moments. Then the light decided it didn't want to have anything to do with the stranger, and seemed to twist around it. A tendril emerged from the darkness, and reached toward the door... ------------------- The Mayor of N'Ora shivered and stretched his hand a bit further toward the warmth of the fire. It was a cold night, too cold for the time of the year. And like his grand-aunt, may she rest in peace, always said: "Cold nights, colder tidings." A wise women she was, his aunt. He looked up. Was that a noise outside? He decided it wasn't. And if it was, his guard would dispose of it. He had more important matters at hand. Only a couple of hours ago, he had received a message from his liege lord, Alric, saying that... He never saw the shadow coming, never saw the knife flashing. While the wind howled outside, his inside went silent... --------------------------- Thanks to you all for following, and to SK6, who gave me the inspiration. I'm very very sorry for the picture quality, but quite proud of the MOC itself. Enjoy! Edit: thanks to Ska for changing the topic title! Additional pics, figless: And, since it would be a pity to only show the figless ones:
  8. The Trifork has not been unaffected by the recent conflicts. Civil war in Nocturnus has brought strange fugitives to its borders; Drow incursions and rumours of plague in Avalonia has led to local unrest; Troubles in Mitgardia has disturbed trade and mythical incursions from the far north has brought fear to those lands; Lastly, the bloody struggle for control over Kaliphlin has demanded lives of sons, fathers and brothers, and disturbed basicly all daily tasks and routines of the border town. During these times, everyone must take their part in feeding their families and keeping the economy going. One such person is young Peter, who has taken up tending to his family's sheep with his trusty dalmatian, while his father serves with the Trifork city guard. In the highlands north of the Trifork, the lands are perfect for grazing. However, as the highlands are a good two days out, the shepherds maintain a number of small huts for all of the community to use. Here they rest for the night, and store supplies to make their lives more comfortable. It is customary for shepherds to leave something for the next inhabitant, be it cheese, wine, bread, or similar. Sheep is a popular livestock, as it can produce both meats, dairy products and wool, ensuring a steady income for the shepherds, regardless of price developments in any single commodity. Therefore, Peter's work is enough to keep his family well fed and to supply them with surplus products to take to the market. Thanks for looking - my second build for the husbandry minichallenge. The shepherd is from my minifig-series and I had the sheep lying around since forever. (They are not my own design, but I can't remember where I saw it.) C&C welcome - again thanks for a nice minichallenge!
  9. All men must eat - especially during times of crisis, where large parts of the workforce is diverted to war time production or the military forces. And while bread, potatoes and dairy form the basis of nutrition, a happy and healthy populace (and army) requires more diversified diets. Located in the far south of Avalonia, with hot winds blowing in from the Kaliphlinite plains, the Trifork has perfect conditions for growing many different types of produce. These crafty farmers have abondoned the hard labour of growing grains and turned to the more delicate business of oranges and other lemonfruits. While adult trees adapt well to the climate, saplings have to be groomed and require additional incubation. This is done in greenhouses, simulating the climate of more tropical regions, to allow the young trees to establish roots and resilience for the slightly harsher local weather conditions. With a high yield production the orchards of the Trifork normally delivers more than enough lemonfruits for the local populace. Recently, however, prices have been driven up and the produce reserved to a more elitist market. Hopefully the markets will normalise, so all again can enjoy the sweet and sour sensation of the fruits. For now, the farmers enjoy a premium on their prices... __________________________________ An entry for the Husbandry challenge - C&C welcome. I know this isn't anything special, but I wanted to try out my new fences (PAB) and try building a greenhouse. In fact, that part was more complex than I had anticipated. Thanks for a nice minichallenge!
  10. Hereby a freebuild I've got sitting on a shelf for a looong time. In the Northwest of the Trifork, the Twins command the only river running from the Lake of the Trifork. All the other rivers are upstream from the Lake, supplying it with melting water from the cold north, rainwater from the central plains surrounding Cedrica and muddy waters from the forests of north west Kaliphlin. Via the water locks, the water level of the lake can be managed, including raising it to flood the lowlands south of the Trifork in case of attack or siege, limiting access to one metalled road, easing defenses. The water lock at the Twins is one of two, allowing traffic to pass through with minimal decrease in the water levels of the lake. The second one is upstream in the middle of the city. Apart from the towers themselves, the defenses also include a chain mechanism to block of the river (and to protect the waterlocks in times of peace). This is a build for the HSS challenge. Thanks for looking - C&C welcome
  11. In the middle of New Town, on the north bank of the river, the mill of the Trifork is located. Here grains from a wide area surrounding the Trifork is ground to flour before being shipped off by ship or caravan, sent to the bakeries, sold in the market, or stored in warehouses for times of need. (Or more favourable market conditions...) With a mill inside the walls, the Trifork is well-positioned to build up large stocks of grains and flour, meaning the Trifork rarely suffers in times of war and famine. Further, the traffic of grains going in and flour and bread going out, has established the Trifork as an important market for grains and related products. Avalonian wheat for north west Kaliphlin alone represent an immense volume of trade. Here the miller is loading a wagon with the last few hours of production, which will be going to the bakeries of Old Town south of the river. ====================================================================== This is a build for the HSS challenge. The mill rotates 360o degrees, so it can be turned into the wind. Further, there is a working grindstone inside, turning with the wind. Quite happy with the outcome of this, and looking forward for some feedback.
  12. The oldest inn in the Trifork, The crown was build for the King's messengers passing through on their way to Albion. Located in one of the nicest neighbourhoods of the Trifork, you often see the posher youths meeting nearby. While the rooms are small, the beds are comfortable, and the inn offers a measure of luxury with a large spa on the roof. Just a small build for the HSS task. Hope you enjoy it - was a fun build.
  13. The Trifork, located at the junction of several busy waterways, has long prospered from the trade of goods flowing up and down the rivers. One of the first stone structures to be raised, the main quay has long allowed ships of all sizes to dock and exchange goods and passengers. (HSS Nautical: Harbourmasters office and lighthouse & HSS Labourer: Warehouse) All harbour administration, as well as collection of tolls and dues, is handled by the harbourmaster. The stately sandstone building overlooks the port area and commands the only entrance to the quay. Due to frequent fogs on the Trifork lake, a lighthouse has been erected in connection with the harbourmasters office to lead ships safely to the port. Next to the harbourmaster, the busiest warehouse of the Trifork is located, holding most of the transit goods passing through the port. Goods intended for the city itself is normally shipped directly to merchants and warehouses in the city, but those goods waiting to be loaded onto another ship is kept safe in this warehouse. (HSS Nautical: Shipyard) Next to the quay, the local shipyard is placed. Its experienced shipwrights are renowned for their swift and manoeuvrable river crafts. Due to popular demand, the slipway is rarely empty, and many of the ships navigating the Avalonian rivers was built here. In times of war, fast and agile warships can be lauched at an impressive pace, given the proper ressources are available. (HSS Nautical: Quay and Cranes) The quay is rarely empty, and right now the Swiftsure patrol craft is being outfitted for another patrol, a merchants ship is being unloaded, and a small traders boat is docking. At times, the port is so busy that several ships que up awaiting docking space. The port is one of the key elements in the city's prosperity, and the council goes great lengths to protect its interests on the Trifork lake, as well as up and down the rivers. In the recent turmoil, rivertrade has gone up, as merchants are less vulnerable on the rivers than on the roads. Further, the river port is a great asset in times of siege, where supplies can be brought in under the nose of the besiegers. ________________________________________________________________________________ Additional photos: __________________________________________________________________________________________ A note to the photos: I found it really hard to photograph such a large build. And since photographing isn't my strongest point, the size didn't help me out. Tips are welcome, and I hope you can see past the questionable quality of the photos! Comments and criticism welcome
  14. As the Trifork spread accross the banks to the north side of the river, New Town appeared. During the Revolword wars, the Lord Mayor of the Trifork ordered ramparts build to ensure the safety of this new neighbourhood. These were build by setting heavy logs into the ground and stacking stone and dirt on both sides about 3 meters in height. For the top part of logs still exposed, they were reinforced by an additional row of logs and a walkway for the patrols was established behind this wall. It is manned by the now reformed militia of the Trifork, armed with fine Shadowmere steel and trained by experienced warriors. While not as formidable as a stone city wall, the ramparts are resilient to siege weapons, gives the defenders a favourable position for fighting, breaks any enemy charge, and is cheap and easy to maintain and improve. With the Drow incursions, a large battle in the nearby Wither Woods, aggressive Mitgardian dwarves, civil war in Nocturnus, and new rumours of troubles brewing in Kaliphlin, plans are being made to expand the northern defenses with a moat, wooden spikes and a number of bastions, but work has not yet commenced. The inhabitants of New Town can only hope this will not prove a catastrophic delay...
  15. Having heard initial reports from his advicers upon assuming his position of Lord Mayor of the Trifork, Beorthan is presented a dilemma. While the Trifork is in dire need for reform, a delegate from Shadowmere, under the rule of Nocturnian loyalist Lord Vladivus, has arrived, requesting Beorthan’s attendance in Shadowmere to discuss a treaty. Beorthan has decided to heed the invitation, despite doubts as to Lord Vladivus’s motives, the complicated situation in Nocturnus, and his new office. He puts his old friend, sir William Drake, in charge of country administration, and his bodyguard Marcus in charge of training and equipping the militia. He then sets out, accompanied by his other bodyguard Cassius, his Nocturnian scout Tauro, and the Shadowmere delegate. They exit the town by the south gate early in the morning as the gates are opening and the first traffic starts rushing up and down the busy street. The Great South Gate stands watch over the busy south road leading to Cedrica, Nocturnus, and Kaliphlin, and is the most prominent defensive structure in the city walls surrounding the Trifork. It is one of the busiest traffic nodes, being part of the shortest route between Cedrica, Nocturnus, and large parts of Kaliphlin, and Albion, the Avalonian capital. The walls are sturdy but low, as the south road is the only firm land in the meadowy wetlands south of the Trifork. The heavy gate is suspended from the gatehouse like a portcullis, which allows it to be deployed swiftly. Thanks for reading/looking, all! This is my largest GoH build sofar, and also probably my personal favourite. I tried to improve my landscaping, and although simple, I think it turned out pretty well. The gatehouse have (sparse) interiors on the 1st floor, while the ground floor is massive apart from two niches for guards inside the gate-opening. The gate it self is operated by a working winch and the roof comes off in a modular fashion. Further, I stole a lot of techniques in the builds I have seen here in GoH, bit still think I ended up with something pretty original. You can find a few more pics here. C&C more than welcome /Bregir
  16. Below you will find a series of small builds - the purpose is to tell part of the back story for Beorthan going to meet Lord Vladivus in Shadowmere to forge a trading alliance. Sir Beorthan, having recently been recalled to the Trifork from his adventuring across Historica to take over the office of Lord Mayor of the county, has been welcomed by his old friend, Sir William Drake. Drake: Congratulations on the new office. ‘Tis good to have you back in the Trifork, my friend. One wonders where you will start... Beorthan: Thank you, my friend. I am quite surprised to be bestowed such an honour. However, I am not quite certain in what state the old Lord Mayor left the Trifork in. Therefore, I have tasked the twins to inspect the militia, and asked the treasurer to give report on the financial situation of the county. If you please, I should like you to accompany me to the map room to hear the reports. Drake: I should be honoured, my Lord Mayor. Beorthan: Ah, quit it, William. Beorthan will suffice… Drake chuckles and pats Beorthan on the shoulder, following him to the map room. In the meantime, Beorthans seasoned bodyguards, the twins Marcus and Cassius, are inspecting the shabbily clad and ill-equipped militia of the Trifork, putting them through some basic training exercises. The militia, keen to impress, but somewhat unwilling to accept their new commanders, do their best to show off their skills. For the battle-hardened twins, however, the conclusion is clear, but disheartening. Back in the map room, the treasurer has arrived before the new lord with the latest tolls from the bustling market places of the city. Treasurer: Greetings, my lord. I am happy to bid you welcome in your new office and offer my humble services to you. Beorthan: I am happy to hear so, sir. If you please, I should like you to proceed with a short summary of the current financials. Treasurer: Of course, my lord. Your honoured predecessor was highly diligent in collecting taxes and very… conservative in his expenses. In fact, the treasury is overflowing, and for the last few months I have been locking the tax revenues up in the armoury… I assume you wish to continue the practice? Beorthan: Pause there for a moment, sir. Please first explain why my predecessor amassed such wealth. Upon my return, I saw starving kids in the streets… And from why I have seen of the militia… Treasurer: Well... He did so to pay for mercenaries in times of war. How else would we defend ourselves? Beorthan: Leave me to answer those questions. For now, ensure everyone is feed, and lower the market and bridge tolls by 25 % effective today. Dismissed. The treasurer bows before his new lord and walks out. Moments later, Cassius reports in. Cassius: Commander, Legionnaire Cassius ready to report. Beorthan: Go ahead. Cassius: The militia is in no way fit to fight, and would not hold their own against anything but a band of disorganised brigands. They have no knowledge about tactics, and their skills in arms non-existent. The hunters have shown good skills with their bows, but they are as undisciplined as the rest. Beorthan: And their equipment? Cassius: Scraps of old wars. Bent and rusty. In low supply. Beorthan: Thank you, Cassius. You are dismissed. Cassius salutes and leaves: Thank you, sir. As the soldier leaves, a messenger from Shadowmere is announced. Beorthan: Shadowmere? Do you know of Shadowmere, William? Drake: A stronghold of a half-vampire by the name of Vladivus Stormbringer. He supported the old lords of Nocturnus in the civil war, and is still maintaining that support. Honourable and loyal, it seems. Beorthan calls out: Let him in. The messenger enters, bowing deeply: Greetings my lords. I bring word from Lord Vladivus Stormbringer, Captain of the Shadowmere Guard and the Moruth Rangers, Master of Shadowmere and Loyal to the true rulers of Nocturnus. Beorthan: We are most honoured to have been blessed with your lord’s attention, and welcome you to our halls and all that is ours. May we inquire as to what brings you here. Messenger: As you may know, Nocturnus is struggling with the upstart Ravage’s rebels and his scum. Thus, my most honourable lord seeks trading partners and allies outside the reach of the so-called Black Spire. Beorthan: I have heard word of the recent developments in Nocturnus. And while we have had troubles ourselves, we have come through mostly unscarred, and should welcome cooperation between our lands, should the conditions be acceptable. Messenger: My lord bids you most humbly to come to Shadowmere to discuss the particularities of the agreement. He ensures me that you will not regret taking his offer… But you must come soon… Beorthan pauses for a moment, before speaking: Allow me to ponder upon this until tomorrow, where you will have my reply. The messenger bows and leaves: As you wish, mylord. C&C Welcome, both in terms of builds and story telling. It turned out wordier than I had planned, but I hope it makes sense. /Bregir out.
  17. Lord Vladivus

    HSS: Shadowmere West Gate

    A bleak sun rises over a black citadel, and two Kaliphlinites approach the West Gate of Shadowmere. The gate, however, is currently shut. A voice, sharp and growling sounds from the crenellations above the gate. "Halt, and move to one side". The voice came from a leopardman watch officer atop the walls. The Kaliphlinites duly moved off the road, and to one side, puzzled by this request. The gates swung open, revealing a mighty werewolf, none other than General Fenrir Bloodcloak himself, marching forth at the head of a line of Shadowmere Guard. The guard were mainly comprised of spearmen, their livery of red and black distinctive. To one side, accompanied by their bodyguards, were Lord Vladivus of Shadowmere, and Sir Beorthan of the Trifork. Vladivus: "So, we have an accord? Shadowmere will send trade representatives to the Trifork? Nocturnian forged armour and weapons will certainly aid you." Beorthan: "Aye, especially if they are as well wrought as your warriors have equipped here. They are certainly a force to be reckoned with, if not exactly living!" Vladivus: "Heh, not all of my troops are raised from the dead back to the living, although it certainly makes life easier. Look." A line of human troops in a blue livery marched by, their armour and weapons dull, but the edges keen and eager for blood. Beorthan: "Who are they? Not in the colours of Shaowmere?" Vladivus: "They are Black Falcons, led by Eothain the Mad. After the death of his brother, Eothed the Mighty, at Strangeholt Tower, he has sworn fealty to me, and not the Black Spire. These troops head to Abyssian, to bolster the loyalist Nocturnians." Vladivus: "Come, let us follow them to the gate, and I will bid thee farewell." Beorthan: "Indeed, this is proving to be a prosperous alliance." Vladivus: "Farewell then, I shall send scouts with you to ensure safe passage back through the Kelra Labyrinths, although I am sure you and Cassius would be able to handle most of the challenges within!" Beorthan: "My thanks Vla..." The two Kaliphlintes who had been stood outside of the gate as the troops filed past, approached, causing Beorthan to trail off and eye these newcomers with interest. Kaliphlinite: "Hail Vladivus, I am a follower of Masa of Kaliphin, and this is Lysus the Leander. We seek the Aslanic Temple within your walls." Vladivus: "Welcome, you may pass." To Beorthan: "Farewell my friend, safe journey!" With that, the Kaliphlinites wntered the citadel of Shadowmere... ... And Beorthan of the Trifork left. A vendor sells iron swords, forged by Nocturnian dwarves... ... Whilst a Shkyklyk vendor sells fish by the barrel. More sinisterly, a hooded figure wielding a large axe prepares to perform an execution on the Death Sands. Overview: Front overview. Rear overview. EDIT: Bonus picture of the Black Falcons: So, my biggest moc to date! C+C Welcome! And thanks to Bregir for the use of his sig-fig!
  18. Before you, you see a busy corner of the Kaliphlinite market in the Trifork. Situated in the old town amidst the Kaliphlinite neighbourhood surrounding the South Gate, it offers all the heart may desire in both exotic and common goods. People of all kinds frequent the market to trade or to seek anonymity amongst the masses for more or less shadowy business. Frederick the Fishmonger is hawking his wares, while a travelling baker is trying to get the attention of the visitors: "I bet you a nice, fine loaf o' bread would go nicely with that fishie, Ma'm!" The visiting elf sends a dissaproving glance towards the traders and their sales strategies. Nearby, the master of the Kaliphlinite Market Gold Exchange offers his services in exchanging the multitude of currencies brought to the market from the people passing through from all corners of Historica. All that matters here is the weight in gold. Passing through, a leander soldier is amused by the bustle of the marketplace. Please let me know what you think of this vignette. I quite like it, and think I got a good deal of life into a small space. (Which proved smaller than expected...) I hope I captured the Kaliphlinite feel quite well, although I would have liked some more space to put in more developed market stands. I experienced a bit with photoediting, which is why there is some difference in colours/etc. between the pictures. A specific detail: The scales - I couldn't seem to find any examples of others building scales, but I think it turned out reasonably well, although the stand is still bugging me. Further, I would like to claim the following UoP credits: Anthropology - life in Kaliphlin (Although it happens in Avalonia, the influence is heavily Kaliphlinite - Let me know if that is acceptable.) Trade and Law - marketplace Thanks for looking!