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Found 10 results


    Welcom back to Hogwarts Harry!

    Today is September 1st and its time to returning to Hogwarts! I want to show this little vignette from my new moc in the Dumbledore office, Hope you like it! Welcome back to Hogwarts Harry! by Etel Enzos, en Flickr
  2. Happy 40th anniversary Minifigures! Shrieking Shack microscale This model will be featured in mi next Hogwarts Castle MOC that will be revelated soon. I hope you like it! Happy 40th anniversary Minifigures! by Etel Enzos, en Flickr

    [MOC] Hogwarts Castle

    ALBUM ON FLICKR: HOGWARTS CASTLE by Etel Enzos, en Flickr Hogwarts Castle interior by Etel Enzos, en Flickr Quirrell/Voldemort by Etel Enzos, en Flickr Dueling Club by Etel Enzos, en Flickr Colin Creevey takes some photos to Griffindor's Quidditch team by Etel Enzos, en Flickr Griffindor Common Room by Etel Enzos, en Flickr Draco Malfoy by Etel Enzos, en Flickr

    HOGWARTS Castle MOC 2017

    ALBUM ON FLICKR: HOGWARTS CASTLE by Etel Enzos, en Flickr Hogwarts Castle interior by Etel Enzos, en Flickr The Great Hall by Etel Enzos, en Flickr Griffindor Common Room by Etel Enzos, en Flickr Quirrell/Voldemort by Etel Enzos, en Flickr The Owlery by Etel Enzos, en Flickr Pomona Sprout with a Mandrake by Etel Enzos, en Flickr
  5. Hello, guys! I've made a Harry Potter brickfilm and it was popular on Russian Lego Forum! Now, I am making English subtitles for it and I've made an English trailer of Harry Potter and the Sorcerer's stone! I hope you enjoy This! Comment please!
  6. Vaionaut

    MOC - Magical Vehicles

    Hi, as I'm going to to build some scenes from the Harry Potter movies for the Lego Fanwelt Event next year in Cologne, Germany, I began with planning these two magical vehicles: The Weasley's Flying Ford Anglia and the Knight Bus, emergency transport for the stranded witch or wizard. So here's a rendering of the LDD models: Magical vehicles from Harry Potter by Vaionaut I hope you like them ;) Best Vaionaut
  7. This build was based on LEGO set 4756 (called Shrieking Shack ) from the 2004 Harry Potter / Prisoner of Azkaban movie line. My revamped version of the set features a hinge system to allow access to the interior while preserving the sense that it is a complete building. The front of the house. Those 1x6 tan tiles in this build are all missing a specific rare wooden board print. (see it here: http://www.bricklink...m.asp?P=6636px1 ) The rear view features the secret exit to the tunnel from Hogwarts' Womping Willow and more boarded up windows. The Inside features a bed-frame, (from another Haunted House, set 10228) staircase with broken railing, couch, and phonograph courtesy of 10228. Here is the LDD file: http://www.mocpages....1412793485m.lxf Comments, questions & complaints are welcome!
  8. We are a group of AFOLs in Denmark who are planning a new tourist attraction in Denmark called World of Bricks With large landscapes and locations from all over the world. It will be a must for all LEGO fans. You will also be able to se big displays from LEGO themes like Star Wars, LEGO Friends, Harry Potter and many more. The AFOL community is very important to us and therefor there will be many ways for you to have your work display or even work with us. We are in the early stage of the process, but we would like to know what you thing of the project and if you would travel to Denmark to se it. World of Bricks will be located near Copenhagen. So please support us on
  9. Here it is! After 2 and half year in the making, my Hogwarts school of witchcraft and wizardry! It's also my biggest project so far with well over 12000 parts, it also features a full interior! As you can see my stream is full with plain white pictures, that is because this is also my entry into CCCXI! For those of you who do not know you are only allowed to enter three pictures that is 800x600 big. So when the contest is done I will upload detailed shots of the whole castle on both the exterior and interior! So keep and eye out for that! I will also post a video on my Youtube channle shortly so look forward for that! btw I'm very sorry for the very bad picture, but I couldn't do better with my iPhone... :-( I also want to say happy new year to everyone! Lego Hogwarts Castle by =DoNe=, on Flickr Lego Howgarts Castle by =DoNe=, on Flickr gdhfghhgh by =DoNe=, on Flickr
  10. Need to shed some shelf space, so I'm selling cheaply: 2814 Lamborhini Gallardo Polizia - 80 EUR 4841 Hogwarts Express - 115 EUR Both boxes have traces of price stickers, but are otherwise intact. Contact me for shipping quotes. Payment by PayPal or IBAN. BL profile: MikroMan