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  1. ShishOK

    Review: 78777 Alien Discovery

    Thank you for your review! I think this is the best "Life on Mars" set to get acquainted with this series. Altair is my favourite alien now because of his torso color =) I also find people boring, but with aliens they look pretty harmonious
  2. ShishOK

    Review: 7314 Recon-Mech RP

    Thank you for this review! I can feel the old school of this set and that's great! I love the colours of it (especially and red (or pink) like Gilderoy Lockhart's clothes) Looking forward to reading new Life on Mars from you =D
  3. ShishOK

    [MOC] The Tower of Ernst and Isabella

    Wow! It looks awesome! I like violet interior. The library is mysterious, and I like it. The attic is so funny, just look at the book in cauldron - this is the real cooking book now)) The original tower is much fatter, but for your tower it's ok. But, they are similar!) Looking forward to see your new MOCs))
  4. ShishOK

    [MOC] Fean Walker

    Oh, I like the combination of fiction and fantasy! That's a funny thing. Just imagine: this friendly-looking pink walker is gonna exterminate something. Or someone... O_o Also I'm glad to meet old cannons on it)) Oldschool yeah!!!! #ripelves
  5. ShishOK

    [REVIEW] 75945 - Expecto Patronum

    This set is boring I think, but it has got brilliant minifigures. Your review is good, thank you! P.S. I think Harry should use his patronus like transport in regular life :)
  6. ShishOK

    [MOC] Harry Potter 4702 Remake

    Wow, that's so nostalgic) I like that you've given the old torso to professor Quirrel, 'cause the new one is so wrong.
  7. Hello, guys! I've made a Harry Potter brickfilm and it was popular on Russian Lego Forum! Now, I am making English subtitles for it and I've made an English trailer of Harry Potter and the Sorcerer's stone! I hope you enjoy This! Comment please!
  8. This is one of my early brickfilms and because of it the quality of this video isn't very good, sorry! I hope you enjoy this stop motion! P.S. There are English subtitles :) Comment please!
  9. ShishOK


    dr_spock, thank you!
  10. ShishOK


    Thank you everybody!!! dr_spock, I think no :) I am going to make ENGLISH subtitles :) I will be very grateful if somebody tell me were can I post my brickfilms :)
  11. ShishOK


    Hello!!! My forum name is ShishOK! At first I want to say sorry for my English because I am from Moscow, Russia!!! I hope that you will enjoy my brickfilms and other works!!! See you soon ;) There are all my sets: My favourite lego themes are Castle Fantasy Era, Harry Potter and Star Wars!!! I like to make brickfilms and in my channel on YouTube you can find a lot of my cartoons, but a lot of them in Russian!!! Soon I want to create English subtitles to all of my brickfilms This is my channel with brickfilms