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  1. Hello, guys! I've made a Harry Potter brickfilm and it was popular on Russian Lego Forum! Now, I am making English subtitles for it and I've made an English trailer of Harry Potter and the Sorcerer's stone! I hope you enjoy This! Comment please!
  2. This is one of my early brickfilms and because of it the quality of this video isn't very good, sorry! I hope you enjoy this stop motion! P.S. There are English subtitles :) Comment please!
  3. ShishOK


    dr_spock, thank you!
  4. ShishOK


    Thank you everybody!!! dr_spock, I think no :) I am going to make ENGLISH subtitles :) I will be very grateful if somebody tell me were can I post my brickfilms :)
  5. ShishOK


    Hello!!! My forum name is ShishOK! At first I want to say sorry for my English because I am from Moscow, Russia!!! I hope that you will enjoy my brickfilms and other works!!! See you soon ;) There are all my sets: My favourite lego themes are Castle Fantasy Era, Harry Potter and Star Wars!!! I like to make brickfilms and in my channel on YouTube you can find a lot of my cartoons, but a lot of them in Russian!!! Soon I want to create English subtitles to all of my brickfilms This is my channel with brickfilms