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Found 7 results

  1. So.... There's a new DC comic where a teenager takes on the mantle of The Monkey King, becoming The Monkey Prince. The story, set at least partly in Gotham City, features The King Bull Demon, Shifu Pigsy, Nezha, Red Boy, Princess Iron Fan etc.. I'm cautiously hoping it does well and expands on the Monkie Kid lore, hopefully making The Journey To The West more popular in America and Europe etc, so Lego may release the Monkie Kid sets in more places and continue with further seasons of the show so that season 4/the next special isn't necessarily the end of MK's animated adventures. "Introducing the newest hero in the DCU, the great sage, equal to the heavens, better than his predecessor the legendary Monkey King, even better than the Justice League—and definitely the Teen Titans—(actually, all the heroes combined), everyone put your hands together for…the Monkey Prince! Marcus Sun moves around a lot because his adoptive parents are freelance henchpeople, so this month he finds himself as the new kid at Gotham City High School, where a mysterious man with pig features asks Marcus to walk through a water curtain to reveal himself as who Marcus really is…someone who has adventured through The Journey to the West, can transform into 72 different formations, can clone himself using his hairs, and is called…the Monkey Prince!"
  2. Alpine Builder

    [MOC] Secret of the Castle

    Hi all! I want to share my classic castle creation "Secret of the Castle". I was inspired by the 35th Anniversary of Black Falcons and Lion Knights / Crusaders (1984 - 2019), and I wanted to celebrate it by creating this MOC. I submitted it to "Lego Ideas" two days ago, so if you like it you can support it there: If enough Historic-themed projects get a large amount of supporters on "Lego Ideas", maybe the Lego Group will realize there is enough interest in those kind of themes and they will finaly release some new historic-themed sets. Story The prince and the princess are in love with each other. Since they come from warring factions, their love must stay secret for now. He came all the way from his castle to see her, bringing her flowers from a forest. But will castle guards notice him? And will he return safely home through the dark forest, where outlaws are preparing an ambush? Design I designed this MOC to be an interesting model as a standalone set, with excellent play value. At the same time, I made sure that it fits nicely with classic Lego Castle sets, by using styles and standards of modular castle design from the 80s. It can be connected to any Castle building from that period (by using Technic pins at the ends of the castle walls). The color palette is limited intentionally so that it reflects the style of the classic Castle sets, because my goal was to give this MOC a strong "retro feel". Minifigures The princess and the prince are new miifigures, and the other minifigures have updated torso designs based on the designs from the 80s. All minifigures have two different faces - a classic "standard grin" face, and a face with modern design. The castle guards, Princess and Prince have double-faced heads (since their hair / helmet / hood covers the back of their heads). Two heads would be provided for the Forestwoman and Forestman (since their caps do not cover the back of their heads). Parts The total number of parts is 925. All parts are current - virtually all can be found in different sets released during 2018 / 2019 (some in a different color than in this set). Therefore, molds for all those parts should be available and so Lego would not have any problems producing them. Only new prints / stickers would be needed. I integrated some of the new elements and utensils in this build (for example, new types of panels and windows, new arches, flames on the torches, sack, pot, new sword, etc), but I chose only those that hopefully don't stand out too much from the "classic style". A new variant of Black Falcon’s shield is included, with whole Falcon in black color on white background.
  3. A_Goodman

    (MOC) Hagrid's Hut

    Hagrid's Hut 1 by Nicholas Goodman, on Flickr Hagrid's Hut 2 by Nicholas Goodman, on Flickr Hagrid's Hut 3 by Nicholas Goodman, on Flickr Hagrid's Hut 4 by Nicholas Goodman, on Flickr Hagrid's Hut 5 by Nicholas Goodman, on Flickr This is my custom Lego Harry Potter Hagrid's Hut. This was my submission to the Lego Wizarding World build competition. These are the photos I submitted and as one of the requirements of the contest no minifigures were permitted but I plan on taking a few with Hagrid and Fang and potentially Harry Ron and Hermione.
  4. Before my life as an AFOL started, I’d never come into contact with the Expanded Universe. But thanks to exposure to all of those strange new MOCs I’m a bit more knowledgeable now of all of the amazing stories you can’t see in the movies. There’s one storyline in particular I’m more knowledgeable – and appreciative – of now. It’s Shadows of the Empire. If you don’t know it, it’s kind of Episode 5 ½ in the Star Wars saga and tells a.o. the story of how the Rebel Alliance came to acquire the plans for the second Death Star. Along the way, it explores many familiar characters and introduces a couple of unforgettable ones. The story was told through various media when it came out in the lead-up to Episode I. There’s a book, a legendary game, comics, action figures, a soundtrack I’ve played tens of times… If you want to delve into the story, the Wookieepedia page is very comprehensive. However, I found it more fun to watch this very well put together series on Youtube. I got introduced to it thanks to our little role playing game here in the forum, with the 100% original name Shadows of Nar Eurbrikka. I had been participating as a player until I joined the team of organizers when I joined the forum staff. Ever since, I’ve been looking into the existing stories to give the game a more authentic feeling. The most recent result is the twelfth episode coming to a close. The episode revolved around figuring out who is after an attempt on Luke Skywalker’s life. This figuring out happened in two ways. Firstly, the players had to tell a story and build a scene about their character investigating. And secondly, they had to guess about a secret model that indicates who’s the one responsible. A partial part list was available for this model. The parts that were missing were only known to one of the two competing factions. They had to incorporate those parts into their builds, and the opponent had to guess what the secret seed part was. If you want to learn more about how the episode worked, how it ended and how well everyone incorporated the parts, be sure to check out the topic. I had a lot of fun coming up with the concept and tweaking it together with the always awesome organizing team. However, apart from the concept, we also had to come up with an actual secret model. Quite a challenging task if you take all of the constraints into account: it had to be something logical to the story the factions could guess if they knew the EU a bit or were good at Wookieepedia-ing. It had to be rather small in order not to make the parts list too big and the challenge impossible. It could only include parts that were readily available and available in LDD in order to make replication easy. It couldn’t use illegal techniques that would make LDD useless. And it had to include a sufficient number of parts that were interesting enough to serve as seed part. Despite it being a small model, it was quite the design challenge! The result? [MOC] Prince Xizor's Virago by Bert Van Raemdonck, on Flickr It’s a rendition of Prince Xizor’s personal ship, the Virago. It could be found by going to the Luke Skywalker page, going to the legends tab, searching for “attempt”, concluding that Prince Xizor was after the story the episode described, and reading it with the mind of finding something suitable for a build to come across the Virago. Complicated, but not impossible. I absolutely love the design of the ship. It looks very menacing and alien, but at the same time feels right at home in the Star Wars universe. The key element were the wings that I tried to replicate with a variety of more exotic parts. I like the way they have a curved look to them, exactly like on the actual model. Well, speaking of “actual” model. It was not hard finding reference images online, but the problem was there were a number of different versions. I picked the elements that were most feasible and good looking from the models. The main inspiration were model kits, but they have a cockpit with an incredibly sharp angle which I couldn’t replicate, so I got the cockpit design from another image. The horizontal stripe is achieved by a rubber band, which for obvious reasons wasn’t included in the parts list for the episode. I did experiment with real life rubber bands though in order to make sure it could be implemented. [MOC] Prince Xizor's Virago - running away mode by Bert Van Raemdonck, on Flickr Especially the body was hard to view on reference images, so I hope what I went for looks reasonable. I’m not too happy about the engines at the back of each wing. They look a bit simple, but they manage to conceal the “unwanted” features of the panels pretty well. I’m very pleased with the intakes of those engines though, with the chair pieces nicely fitting around the panels. [MOC] Prince Xizor's Virago - landing mode by Bert Van Raemdonck, on Flickr The original model also has the ability to fold back the wings in a landing mode. Since I strived to make my model as complete as possible, not just fit as a secret model for the episode, but also something you can display and play with, something to be proud of, this feature is included. I imagine the friction of the pins might not be enough to keep the wings unfolded during swooshing, but I’m confident it will look good on display, and the landing mode is a nice bonus. Finally, you can see the model from all angles by checking out this video. The underside is pretty similar to the top. This is the first time I rendered a LEGO animation, and I must say I was surprised it was finished in a reasonable amount of time. Overall, I’m very satisfied with how all of the renders turned out. I can definitely recommend using Blender for your LEGO renders and animations. ImportLDraw tool is the perfect way to get your models from LDraw to Blender (and everything’s free!). I hope the results have fooled you, even if just for a moment. If you want to explore the model, you can find the LDD file here. It can also be found on Rebrickable to make replicating it easier.. I hope you enjoyed it, and if you have any questions or remark, feel free to leave them here. Thanks for bearing with me! I’m now off listening to the SotE soundtrack again…
  5. This was my entry for the Merry Band category of the CCC XII. This is a scene from Walt Disney's version of Robin Hood. Robin Hood and Little John dress up as"fortune tellers", and make away with Prince John's gold and royal robes: All C&C appreciated
  6. Hi , it is my recent MOC "Cinderella Glass Slipper" I used 1x1,1x2 plates and 1x2 transclean brick to build. Who want to borrow? But i cannot guarantee the prince will like you :D Flickr : Creator : Alanboar
  7. Fianat

    CCCX Ras-al-Jabar

    CCCX Ras-al-Jabar This story tells us a tale of a gorgeous and rich land now buried under the sands, Ras-al-Jabar "An old castle called Ras-al-Jabar was built hundreds of years ago by Emir of Rabaat in the southern realm of Mamlakat. The Salam river runs through these lands and it is the main source of fresh water and fish. Ras-al-Jabar is the center of trade and learning. Markets impress everyone by rich variety of products from all over the world. Ras-al-Jabar's library is still the largest in the southern region. This castle provided safety and defence to the whole land. But its greatness fell when The Dark times began..." __________________________ CCCX Ras-al-Jabar by Fianat, on Flickr CCCX Ras-al-Jabar by Fianat, on Flickr CCCX Ras-al-Jabar by Fianat, on Flickr CCCX Ras-al-Jabar by Fianat, on Flickr CCCX Ras-al-Jabar by Fianat, on Flickr CCCX Ras-al-Jabar by Fianat, on Flickr This is my first entry for the Colossal Castle Contest 2012 in the Miscellaneous Category Deeplinks : Brickshelf Set More Pictures Thanks for viewing! Hope you will like it!