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  1. Tupolev

    [MOC] [LXF] Vader's Tie Fighter

    How did you get BlueRender to render translucent in that way? I have read the somebody made a alternativ version of bluerender but all links are down.
  2. Do you know of a another way to get Bluerender to render "glass" more natural?
  3. Would you (virtual republic) share the settings that you use for the rendering? I would love to make a rendering in that quality
  4. is this better? and dos it by chance work on mac?
  5. Can somebody help me with a way to use chrome materiales in the LDD2POVRAY software. I ahem found some postes but i can't find the right files anywhere.
  6. We are a group of AFOLs in Denmark who are planning a new tourist attraction in Denmark called World of Bricks With large landscapes and locations from all over the world. It will be a must for all LEGO fans. You will also be able to se big displays from LEGO themes like Star Wars, LEGO Friends, Harry Potter and many more. The AFOL community is very important to us and therefor there will be many ways for you to have your work display or even work with us. We are in the early stage of the process, but we would like to know what you thing of the project and if you would travel to Denmark to se it. World of Bricks will be located near Copenhagen. So please support us on https://www.facebook.com/worldbricks
  7. Now you have a chance to the a one of a kind LEGO set. The money made from the sale goes to a LEGO friend who lost his job and could use a helping hand. You might know the seller Henrik Ludvigsen how has the World record for the longest LEGO train track. 10233 signed by Kjeld Kirk Kristiansen - owner of LEGO Jørgen Vig Knudstorp - CEO LEGO Jamie Berard - the designer of the set Jan Beyer - LEGO CEE Kim E. Thomsen - LEGO CEE Peter Søgaard - Country Manager LEGO Danmark Annette Sørensen - Project Manager LEGO World Svend Erik Saksun - LEGO ambassador Denmark Cecilie Fritzvold - LEGO ambassador Norway Rickard Rasmusson - LEGO ambassador Sweden *snip*
  8. Tupolev

    MOC: LEGO turntable by Tupolev

    No becasue the wight of the battery box is only on one side. Let me know your results with the LDD. And it would be great if others would make new rendering or images of the turntable.
  9. Tupolev

    MOC: LEGO turntable by Tupolev

    That I exactly how it did it. The rubber tires fit between the two gears and makes it work. When you use the rubber bands the other gears dos not touch the baseplate.
  10. Tupolev

    MOC: LEGO turntable by Tupolev

    Yes I have made many runs on it a it works very well. I now working on a version there the final bricks are in place (i missed some as you might be able to spot) and and also with 2 turn road plates that is also missing.
  11. Tupolev

    MOC: LEGO turntable by Tupolev

    Thanks for the many support words. The gap is only in the LDD version if you look at the youtube video I have used one half of the flex track remove the gap. It works great.
  12. Tupolev

    MOC: LEGO turntable by Tupolev

    My goal with this version of a train turntable was to make it out of existing LEGO bricks and make it work on a flat surface. Please vote for it on CUUSOO http://lego.cuusoo.com/ideas/view/33485
  13. Ever since the LEGO Duplo trains were introduced an obvious set has been missing. A Turntable. Hire is my idea for a Duplo Turntable. I hope you like it and that you will support it on Cuusoo CUUSOO link http://lego.cuusoo.com/ideas/view/21507