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  1. badboytje88

    The adventures of Albus Hipsterdore

    Balloon animals Dumbledore: 'Severus, I am afraid you were right... That indeed might have been Voldemort in a turban. But I think I got it right this time.' Snape: 'You hired a clown...' Dumbledore: 'Look Severus, Gilderoy made me balloon doggies!'
  2. badboytje88

    [MOC] The Crew of the Lemuria

    Thanks! Never seen it before as a female fig. Great use!
  3. badboytje88

    Ideas for new Lego themes! (Non-licensed)

  4. badboytje88

    [MOC] The Crew of the Lemuria

    Love these! Mind me asking what head you used on Lulana?
  5. badboytje88

    The adventures of Albus Hipsterdore

    Something about that turban Snape: 'We need to talk about the Defence against Dark Ars teacher.' Dumbledore: 'What about Quirrell?' Snape: 'You hired VOldemort in a turban...' Dumbledore: 'Nah you're just jealous! I would have noticed...'
  6. badboytje88

    The adventures of Albus Hipsterdore

    I have no idea. The setting is the original friends set and it was already on the table. A paper weight?
  7. A new start Dumbledore: 'Minerva from this time on we will be doing it all differently. You are now looking at the new and improved Dumbledore! Call me Hipsterdore! I even had the Fab 5 redo the staff room. We are going to work on being a professional learning environment for these kids.' McGonagall: 'Sure...' Flitwick: 'You both are aware that I am an actual teacher and not a house elf. There is no reason for me to be serving you.' Dumbledore: 'Shush, Dobby!'
  8. badboytje88

    Harry Potter 2019 - Rumors & discussion

    May I remind you all we got a Susan Bones in the Hogwarts castle. One of the least mentionable characters in the entire franchise.
  9. badboytje88

    EB Xmas Raffle 2018 - Your Santa MOC winners thread

    I just got my prize in the Netherlands! Thanks guys!
  10. I am hungry now. Thanks...
  11. badboytje88

    Monastery Brewery

    Love the brick built beer mugs!
  12. badboytje88

    MOC - Mill Raid

    Love the mix of classic fig parts and newer figs. Great moc!
  13. badboytje88

    EB Xmas Raffle 2018 - Your Santa MOC entry thread

    Santa should look like strong independent women! Or drag queens! I have been inactive for quite some time now. Almost slipping into a Second Dark Age... However I always enjoyed this raffle so maybe this will get me back on track! Thanks for hosting CopMike
  14. badboytje88

    REVIEW: 71012 LEGO Minifigures - Disney Series 1

    Great review as usual. Mind me asking, how compatible are the bows and dondalds gat with the friends hairpieces?