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  1. Blackfalcon81

    Ongoing Transformers Rumors and Discussion

  2. Blackfalcon81

    [MOC] Soundwave Transformers G1

    New update the entire interior of the arms is a technic structure (liftarms, gears…) then covered by panels. the torso is normal bricks
  3. Blackfalcon81

    Ongoing Transformers Rumors and Discussion

    while we wait for the Lego set, I show you the first and complete part of my 100% Lego Soundwave (except the Decepticon Logo)
  4. Blackfalcon81

    [MOC] Soundwave Transformers G1

    thank you very much for your words! If it is fully articulated and can be transformed, the problem is the weight of the arms, since at certain angles it has too much stress, I am working on how to solve it. If you have instagram I can share photos of how it is inside, do not hesitate to ask me. sorry for my basic English
  5. Blackfalcon81

    [MOC] Soundwave Transformers G1

    Update Work In Progress Soundwave MOC Thanks
  6. Blackfalcon81


    Always Awesome
  7. Blackfalcon81

    MOC OPTIMUS PRIME samurai mech gundam style

  8. Blackfalcon81

    [MOC] Soundwave Transformers G1

    Yes, the chest open and more… Thanks
  9. Blackfalcon81

    [MOC] Soundwave Transformers G1

    Thanks!!! soon I will have a small video with some of your gadgets🙂
  10. Blackfalcon81

    [MOC] Greeble wall in Lego Room

    Wow!!! Great room and great tribute!!!
  11. Blackfalcon81

    [MOC] Little diorama medieval.

    😍😍😍 Great!!!
  12. Blackfalcon81

    [MOC] Soundwave Transformers G1

  13. Blackfalcon81

    [MOC] Soundwave Transformers G1

    Thanks a lot!!!
  14. Blackfalcon81

    [MOC] Soundwave Transformers G1

    Thank you very much for your comment, your eyes do not deceive you. indeed the chest can be opened and I plan to build a couple of cassettes (approximate size of Voltron Ideas). Regarding soundwave I want to get it to transform because fortunately its mechanism is simple, the first tests seem to point ways. the final height approx 140cm Thanks!
  15. Blackfalcon81

    [MOC] Soundwave Transformers G1

    This is my new MOC, it is the first time one of two of my passions: Lego and Transformers. the width of the torso is 50 stud and is the first of 4 phases. 100% Bricks 0% Digital. I will update the phases in my instagram I hope you like it Thanks!!!