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Found 48 results

  1. Commander Beltar

    [Factions Ep. 1] Luxury on Commenor

    *Your entry has earned 10XP* Previously in SoNE =============== It’s been awhile. These days the Empire – sorry, Remnant, feels a lot smaller. “Ambassador” Beltar they call me now. It’s a title may not be deserved, but it has got its benefits. The Empire has seen better days, but perhaps the best is still to come… as we redeliver peace, justice and security to the galaxy. Obviously the New Republic doesn’t condone such behavior, but they are too busy dealing with people like me. I spend quite a bit of my time negotiating hyperspace routes and supply trades. Absolutely awful. But, it puts me in the same room with some of the most powerful people in the galaxy, which is a real advantage for some of my, “research”. Many troopers went missing after Endor, even more after Jakku. I’ve got a list of thousands of soldiers that are MIA, and I want to close that book. Unfortunately, because of the lax policies of the previous Empire, markets such as Zygeria flourish, and I’ve seen all too many Imperial faces in there. Contacts in other governments have been of use to help me cross reference what happened to their P.O.W.s, and give me leads to where others may be. The uniform helps me find them. Still, I miss the bucket over my head, down in the dirt on the front lines, fighting with friends. Friends… most of my old acquaintances are long dead, but a few made it out all right in the end. Some had given their lives to save mine, I owe it to them to save others. This apartment may be one of the finest in the city, but it feels like a prison cell. Security has been tight. But it’s got a view that I would have never gotten on my old mud ball of a home. Unfortunately, it’s a view of Commenor on lockdown recently with all the riots. But, there’s always something to do. Someone’s got to keep the supplies moving. Why does it have to be me? I don’t know. “Sir, Lt. Hudson and the New Republic Delegate are requesting your presence. Your ship is being prepared at once, ISD Mercy will be accompanying you. The council expects a report in three cycles.” Consolation has been surrendered the New Republic because of its advanced capabilities, so I have to do with the last few Destroyers off the assembly line, which are horrendous after all the New Republic limitations and restrictions. I’ve heard a rumor that Kuat Drive Yards may be going under soon with all the bad publicity. There have also been many security breaches recently. The Rebel Alliance may now be a legitimate government, however its history of guerilla tactics inspires some to action, requiring me to have a security detail despite being a low level target. See you around, soldier. === Pics Well it truly has been awhile for me, life has been busy to say the least, but it seems to be back on track for now. This go around, I'm going to have a different take on how Beltar's story evolves. I'd like to do more world building, less front line battles, and find a new direction for stories. I've got like 4 half complete builds on the table, so hopefully I'll be able to churn them out soon. Anyways, hope to see where this all goes from here! Beltar
  2. Commander Beltar

    [SoNE] A day long remembered...

    ///Transmission Received///LOC:ENDOR/// The Death Star is gone. After grueling months of battle for soldiers of both the Alliance and the Empire, the battle is over. The Rebel Alliance are closing in on the dwindling outmanned and outgunned Imperial forces both in space and on the ground. The Empire is left disorganized and in chaos as the chain of command is all but wiped out. 00:00 - Zero Hour Alarms ring aboard the Medical Frigate Consolation. Failsafe orders are beginning to be distributed from the Emperor with his final orders, yet still most aboard cannot even comprehend what happened moments ago. The new Admiral of the freshly christened Consolation stares in disbelief out the bridge of the destroyer. Admiral Horche: Karabast. Move us away from the debris field. Emergency Code 0-33 is now in effect. Status report! NOW! Lt. Roex: The Death Star is gone, a few transports away... The Executor is down... Troops on the moon falling back.... Rebel fleet closing- Wait! Massacre was just caught in the debris field. She's gone. What's left of Imperial upper command is jumping. Rebel fleet closing in... This is bad. Admiral Horche: Get Bludgeon away from the debris field now! Deploy all rescue parties, get those transports in the air! And raise me all wing commanders in our frequencies! Lt. Roex: We have our orders sir, to fall back to rendezvous point S-15. Admiral Horche: To Kessel with it! Other destroyers are staying, and you said yourself command is gone, that is an order. I refuse to leave our men out here. Lt. Roex: Understood, deploying transports... 01:00 It was a trap. The trail was too perfect. The Rebels had, with the help of the natives, set multiple traps throughout the region to draw troops to be captured or killed. The rest of Beltar’s and Marc’s unit were killed. With the destruction above, Beltar and Marc began falling back to the evacuation points, in hopes of catching a transport before it was to late. TK-1702: Beltar, move it! Evac point is just ahead! Beltar: I'm coming.... Watch it Marc! TK-1702: Rebels incoming! Get to the barrier! TK-1702: It's just like Yavin all over again. Beltar: But the Emperor…. Shadow-Trooper: Go soldiers! Beach point is just ahead! Beltar: So this is how the Empire comes undone, think of all the soldiers we know- TK-1702: No time for that kind of talk. We can mourn friends and leaders later. 02:00 Admiral Horche of the Consolation, scrapping up all resources, has ordered as many TIE transports as he can to the surface, but with the rest of the fleet disoriented, there are few commanders and squadrons able to provide air support for the evacuation on the ground. Admiral Horche: Commander, I want you to cover as many transports as you can down there. We are going to try to evacuate as many men as we can from the moon, our scanners show Rebel fighters enroute to evac points. Alyin: Roger that Admiral. We'll take care of the any unfriendliness up here. With all due respect sir, with the fleet in full retreat, they might call you a traitor and a fool for staying. Admiral Horche: I'd rather be a fool or traitor than a coward. Onward commander! Alyin: Aright, this is no time for sorrow or revenge. We need to cover what's left of our soldiers down there. Valkyrie-2: We've got your back commander. Admiral Horche: Be careful out there soldiers. 03:00 On the beach, Commander Kirk who was redeployed on Endor, is now facing immense odds as the Rebels close in, with few options of escape for the soldiers on the ground. Commander Kirk: Captain, report. Officer: Outer defenses in our encampment are crumbling. To the Rebels, it's line shooting womp rats in a barrel. Commander Kirk: Indeed. We've lost so many today... Any word on how many men we can evacuate? Officer: Unknown, the remaining Admirals are diverting as many resources as they can, but the Rebels are pressing hard up there. Commander Kirk: It's going to take a miracle to get us out of this one. === Officer: Put you blasters down grab a ration pack, and await your turn to get on a transport! We are all getting of this moon! Beltar: Like hell we all will. I imagine our fleet is near gone by now... TK-1702: I think a meal will be fine for starters Beltar, afterwards, we'll find a shuttle, get of this mudball. Have some faith, will you? Suddenly, alarms ring, as the sound of an Alliance vessel closes in. Officer: Bombers inbound! TK-1702: This is your cue! Beltar: This is pretty bad for these guys, I think I can- Officer: No, I want you two to find a transport now. Let the Rebel's deal with the injured... Beltar: But- Officer: Go! TK-1702: She's right, there's nothing you can do for these guys without a medbay. Beltar: We can't just leave them- TK-1702: The Rebels will save them, "its what they do". [SoNE] Finale by Commander Beltar, on Flickr d[SoNE] Finale by Commander Beltar, on04:00 Alyin: I got 4 on my scope. 1 friendly 3 hostile. Bomber going after one of ours. I'll take the Leader, 2, 3 have at the fighters. Valkyrie-3: roger. Alyin: Three, you with us? Syd-? Two did you see a shute or ejection? Valkyrie-2: Negative. Negative. Ah, too many loses today. Should we turn back? Save ourselves? Alyin: We have got to push forward. Karabast, Beltar and Marcus. Please be alive. 05:00 Lt. Roex: Admiral, the Rebel Alliance have nearly cut off our jump routes! And-and their sending boarding parities to capture the destroyers and frigates, we are losing ground and cover! We've got to go soon! Admiral Horche: At ease son. I reckon there's at plenty of platoons still on the moon, and we'd be lucky to get a few more. And when we're gone, I doubt the Command will care to deploy again for those boots on the ground. Lt. Roex: I... I understand sir. But with our casualty rates today… We should cut our losses and leave. Admiral Horche: Not just yet... But- prepare escape vectors in case. 06:00 Alyin: another squad coming in mark 3. Valkyrie-2: On it. After this we should head back to the fleet. At this point we may be jumping. Alyin: I've got soldiers I know down there Kye, I’m not leaving them behind. Alyin: Kye! Valkyrie-2: I'm going down! Alyin: Eject! Valkyrie-2: On it! 07:00 Officer: Shadow trooper fortifications on the south western bank have just fell. At this rate we will be overrun in the next few hours. Commander Kirk: Such is the case. I want you on the next transport. Officer: Sir? Commander Kirk: You heard me. You've got some promise kid. I'd rather die with the Empire today than pick up the scraps. You have a future, be a senator, or something. Make a difference. TK-1702: Come-on Marc! We are cleared for this transport! Beltar: Incoming! TK-1702: Aha, air support! Beltar: Those markings- That's Alyin! TK-1702: You two can catch up later. Let's get moving. Beltar: I'll try my old comm frequencies, see if I can reach her- no! TK-1702: She just saved our lives, Beltar. We can't do anything. Beltar: We're not leaving her behind! TK-1702: We are going, now! If we don't go, we'll be captured for sure! === Rebels: Do you see any survivors? Rebel: Negative... Wait. I got movement in the Wreckage! Alyin: Rebel...Scum… Rebel: Freeze! You're coming with us! 07:05 Lt. Roex: Beach flanks have fallen, the Rebels are taking prisoners by mass now. The last transport available is about to make it onboard. Admiral Horche: Good, set coordinates. What about our air support? Lt. Roex: All wing commanders confirmed down, most as losses. Admiral Horche: Align trajectories... By the Emperor. Lt. Roex: So much destruction, so much loss... Jumping momentarily. Admiral Horche: Where do we go from here? === After arriving on the Consolation, Beltar and Marc found themselves following the crowds: to the list of casualties and MIA... TK-1702: Ah don't beat yourself up, there was nothing you could've done. We're lucky to have escaped with our lives, we were in the one of the last transports... Beltar: We lost so many good people today. TK-1702: I'll be at the barracks. Don't worry man, I'm sure the Admiral has a plan. Beltar: They never did train us for a day like this. TK-1702: Beltar look here- Beltar: The entire crew of Massacre, The Executor… TK-1702: Well, looks like we all just got promoted if the Uppers are gone... Beltar: I’m going to get some rest. My blood is boiling for a fight, might as well prepare. TK-1702: See you around, the Empire got a whole lot smaller today. ///Transmission Ended///LOC:UNKNOWN/// This is a bit overdue, since the episode ended months ago. SoNE 1.0 was a ride, and it's odd to see it the 'original' SoNE gone, but 2.0 will definitely be exciting! And I can't wait for it to begin! Anyways this build right? Clearly I was kind of inspired by Christopher Nolan's Dunkirk in the way the story was organized, kind of. I wanted to try to get closer to something like the movie, like more wide shots of beaches with Stormtroopers boarding shuttles, but well, parts. I would've done digital, but this is it for Beltar's story in 1.0, wanted to do something physical. It is not as 'large' of a build as I would have liked, or had planned in my sketches, but this will suffice. Try to take some liberties with the story, the way I format these doesn't allow to much for me describing what is happening around the scene, nor am I very good at describing it anyways, but things are happening! As I was sorting some of my parts (Which I've been saying I've been doing for the last 4 years, I actually made progress this time!), I came across my AT-MP, so that ended up in this build, I even found part of my first SoNE build! Hopefully you enjoyed this picture heavy build, which was more focused on wrapping up Beltar's story than being impressive builds, as a lot of parts got stuck in a cycle of recycling because of limitations, which can be seen in that one big tree that is in practically every one of my Endor builds. If the judges have the time, I would appreciate this build to be judged! If not, no problem. Anyways, with 2.0, we'll see what happens! It's going to be good! Long live the Empire.
  3. Classification: Medicinal-Class Light Cruiser Manufacturer: Kuat Drive Yards ============================================================================== Constructed in the last two years, Consolation was constructed as a result of to Rebel forces dealing heavy blows to the Empire's finest after the victory on Hoth. Many top Imperial scientists contributed to the technology equipped on board. Due to being one of the Empire’s more pacifistic cruisers, it has stronger defensive capabilities, being equipped with stronger shields and only few turbo-lasers. However, the cruiser is also equipped with a hanger full of Medical TIE Transports and TIEs for escort. With recent orders, it was sent to the far side of the moon of Endor with the rest of the fleet. During the battle that will ensue, it will remain in the rear of the fleet to provide any medical care that will be necessary following the battle, and to deploy it’s fighters to the battlefield. ============================================================================== After the battle over Coruscant in the Skyhook and in the sewers, Beltar’s commanding officer was shot, and decided to transfer to a desk job after recovery. During the battle, two members of the squad were shot and killed by Black Sun mercenaries. The result most of Beltar’s squad being killed or transferred, Beltar fell under non-essential units to be deployed on a Star Destroyer, and thus was transferred to the Consolation as a medical staff member to be deployed on the ground as reinforcements. Valkyrie Squadron, headed by Alyin, was assigned to the Consolation temporarily, and will take part in the assault on the Rebel’s cruisers after the trap springs. ============================================================================== Imperial Control: Valkyrie squad you are cleared for boarding. Alyin: Roger that command. Drop off your last patient transport and let’s get going. Imperial Control: Preparations for Endor are already under way. Imperial Command: Fighters locked down- Entering hyperspace shortly. ============================================================================== Well, so I missed an episode sadly, but at least the Empire carried out a victory! Anyways, I’ve been insanely busy recently, stressed, etc. etc. So I didn’t really have time to build, and I will admit I went through a mini Lego withdraw over the last couple months and barely touched them. Seeing a new SoNE episode as well as the release of SWBFII got me back into it I guess! So this Light Cruiser, I made because the last episode was focused on ships, and I guess this would have been a possible entry I would have made. I also needed to somehow justify how Beltar will start in this episode, so that’s another reason. Also yes, the hangar actually is in the bottom of the cruiser, it's just I couldn't get it to render it with light even when I took it out, so I had to remove some walls to make light enter. Comments and criticism welcome! ~Beltar Oh, almost forgot: please judge this freebuild!
  4. Commander Beltar

    [SoNE Ep 17.2] Surface Skirmish

    While the ground forces of both the Empire and Rebellion compete to reach the shield generator in a last ditch effort to salvage the station after losing contact with the forces already deployed. Above the planet is another story, with the Rebellion moving closer to the Imperial Fleet for ship-to-ship combat to attempt to avoid the Death Star’s superlaser, most forces have been diverted to that location. However, several Rebel squadrons have broken off from the main battle and have been targeting construction zones on the far side of the Death Star, where the Consolation is resting for the aftermath of the assault while being guarded by Star Destroyers Bludgeon and Massacre, the escorts. Alyin’s squadron, fresh off the Consolation have just started their counterattack on the Rebels that have been taking advantage of construction areas weak, unactuated defenses. The Three freshly deployed TIEs catch on the comms: Imperial Overseer: If anyone’s listening: South construction Ridge 19 is under attack! Rebellion bombers and fighters are- *proton torpedo explosions* Alyin: Ridge 19, do you copy, over? We are en-route to provide air support. Imperial Officer: We read you Valkyrie One, the Rebellion Y-Wing Bombers just took out half of our construction forces, and the crane appears to be undamaged though. Wait- they’re coming for us next! Alyin: Not to worry sir, we have just arrived on scene. We’ll take care of this, get the construction crews off the surface now! Imperial Officer: Alarms are raised, but the crews in the walkers won’t be able to get out soon- Karabast, more light fighters in-bound! X-Wings! Alyin: Just- do your best to evac everyone. And we’ll do our best up here. 2 and 3, form up, let’s take care of these rebel scum. After this skirmish, Alyin’s squadron moved onward to the main battle, where chaos was erupting. ==== More Pics: ==== First off, before I forget: Please judge this freebuild! As I am slowly waiting for this episode to unfold, I almost forgot what else was happening during the Battle of Endor, the space portion! I think I may try to do a build attempting to showcase the chaos of what is happening in the main battlefield, but that would be a lot of posing fighters and such... And after the Skyhook... That was a huge pain… So maybe I will, maybe I won’t. Or maybe try to capture a sliver, like when the Executor goes down. After all I have some plans for some builds after someone reaches the shield generator… I have also learned now the upper limits of my rendering. At first there was probably like 20 more baseplates surrounding this build for more surface, which brought the parts count to like 60,000 ish parts, and well, my computer crashed a lot and didn’t render it at all. And so I deleted a lot of that surface and brought it to around 29,000 parts. I can’t wait to see how this episode will end, and what SoNE 2.0 will bring as well! Anyways, C & C welcome! ~Beltar
  5. Movements: Towards U-25 the fastest way possible After weeks of walking in the mud, it was bound things would go wrong. TK-9873 was supposed to be keeping watch one night, when the squad woke up there he was gone, and a day later they found his armor with an arrow in it. TK-1702’s paranoia dialed down a notch, however he still fears they are being hunted. Meanwhile, Acting-Colonel Faist’s wounds have mostly healed from his encounter with the rebels. Now, after receiving word from High Command the Rebels had found the switch, the hunt was on again, by triangulating the position of various known rebel encampments, the soldiers of the Empire have an idea where they are headed now. It seems the squad has picked up the scent: Beltar: Look what we found, fresh. This couldn’t have happened to long ago. TK-1702: What a wonderful smell you’ve discovered. Is it possible we could be walking into a trap? This seems set up too perfectly... Beltar: Perhaps... TK-1702: Colonel? Acting Colonel Faist: We are aware of rebel movements in these parts... I say we approach the next part of this trek with caution. Thoughts men? Keep walking in some direction or take this opportunity? TK-1702: I recommend we follow this trail as far as we can, perhaps we can catch a squad off guard, or perhaps find the master switch. Beltar: Well, we are on quite a deadline sir, so I agree, we need any sort of lead that can put is in a viable direction. Acting Colonel Faist: Very well, let’s not keep the boys at the shield generator waiting then, onward! Beltar thought as they moved out, how much longer on this mud ball would they have to endure? The battle in space was clearly taking a toll, he wondered how Alyin was fairing up there in that pit of death. The real surprise came when Beltar learned what the Emperor’s ‘special show’ was: the Death Star was operational already. Hopefully, with a little luck, the Empire would come out on top, and this war would be over. === Surprise: I’m building still! I’ve been very busy recently, just wanted to pop back in this week since I fear this episode is drawing to a conclusion and I will be extremely busy again the next few weeks so I wouldn’t be able to participate. Story was a bit rushed and not thought out too well, I had a rough idea, but then the build didn't let it come to fruition. Anyways, comments and criticism welcome! ~Beltar
  6. Movements: We would like to down 1, then left 2 to collect the bonus on O19, then continue down to R19, with the preference being down and left. (Since I didn’t exactly feel like making an even more pic heavy build with a lot of dialogue and what not, here’s a bit longer of an intro describing what has happened.) Beltar and his squad have been moving across the surface of Endor for days now, through forest, rock, river, and a lot of mud. Over the past couple days, the squad has been the target of several attacks led by the Native Ewok’s who are hunting and leading the Rebels to their location. Two days ago, they made it into the night camp and silenced TK-9162, they awoke at the sound of the Native’s knife finishing the deed. The next day, they were ambushed while beginning their journey through the plains of Endor, killing their commanding officer: Colonel Oppenheimer with an arrow and blaster to the chest. Today, there was no surprise attack, there was no cover in these plains save for a few groves of some dark type of bamboo and sparse trees for a sneak account to have worked successfully. This time Beltar’s squad took the fight to them, or at least TK-1702 did. An arrow whizzed by them and hit the Acting-Colonel in the arm, and the singular Rebel beside the Native took a potshot which hit the Acting-Colonel in the head, what a load of luck he struck. Beltar ducked behind the slight ditch in the ground to help Acting-Colonel Faist with his Med’ supplies. TK-1702 took it upon himself, and in a moment of pure adrenaline, dropped his load of blasters and gear and drew his knife and sprinted at the attackers, he dodged the Native’s spear and the knife found its way right into the creatures face. He then rushed over to the Rebel, and killed him with a bit of a struggle. It seemed like he had rehearsed this event in his dreams, perhaps the last time he was on Endor he had a really bad experience, more than he cared to admit, and coming back to Endor must have triggered something. After patching up acting-colonel Faist, he demanded that we take a rest before moving. TK-1702 kept pacing around the bodies he killed, still eyeing the surrounding brush for anything that moved, he had already killed a squirrel after diving into a bush, as his paranoia hit a new level. Beltar and TK-9873 took a perimeter walk and where just returning to the location where the skirmish had just taken place. Beltar: We’re back hotshot, you good now? TK-1702: While you were gone, I’ve already seen movement about 5 clicks out. We need to get going. TK-9873: We’ll be fine! It seems like you need a bit of a rest yourself. TK-1702: Rest… I don’t need rest. Not when those barbarians are closing in. Beltar: Look- I don’t know what you saw when you were setting up the shield generator before- or if this has reminded you of some- TK-1702: They came in waves. It’s what they’re doing now. I don’t like it. TK-9873: Alright, well ease up a bit! Acting-Colonel Faist: Just, let him be. Beltar, Peterson- perimeter report? Beltar: Nothing around within 3 clicks from what we saw. Not sure what crazy over there was talking about. But it is entirely possible there are more of them coming. But I am not sure why they would direct so much attention at us, when the have bigger fish to fry. Acting-Colonel Faist: Yes, especially with that shield generator. Whoever failed to log Endor’s map in the Consolation’s database, and in the other Imperial Destroyers should be punished severely. At least the enemy doesn’t know where to look as well…. I’d reckon I have a few ideas where to look though. Anything else? TK-9873: We may be able to meet up with reinforcements if we get moving. I’ve picked up on comm chatter that there maybe be something around sector O19. I recommend we move there as soon as possible. Acting-Colonel Faist: Alright then, let’s get moving if we have that kind of window available. Beltar: With all due respect sir, you need rest. Give it a couple hours before we get moving. Acting-Colonel Faist: Fine. In 2 hours we move. Beltar: That’s fine by me. All we need to do now is round this gear up and get that lunatic to move. TK-9873: I’ll get the gear, well some of it. We can probably ditch some of it. Maybe make a makeshift crutch or something with one of the blasters for the Colonel. Acting-Colonel Faist: No no, I’ll be quite alright walking. Beltar: Alright. Well, we might as well enjoy these couple hours of rest. Beltar looked up to the stars where the Death Star II sat, he could almost see the explosions of the fighters on both sides becoming pulverized to ashes and dust, and the capital ships fire leaving burn marks on hulls. He was surprised the Empire didn’t divert more forces to Endor, twenty-five thousand destroyers and they only brought a couple dozen destroyers and light cruisers plus a Super, but he was informed there would be a ‘special show’ sometime in the battle. He had no idea what that meant. Beltar hoped that Alyin and the dozen or so other pilots he knew where having better luck and more fun than he was having down here on this mud-ball. ==== Well that’s it for this weeks build, hopefully you enjoyed! It was quite nice to write a lot of text, haven’t done that in a while, hopefully it was effective at getting the point across. I took a little bit of liberty of making the plains biome very lush, as even though we saw the dry planes in the Ewok movies, I’d like to think the entire planet is practically green (save for the deserts). Oh yeah- still a lot of terrain. I’d like to try something like Gubi’s build two weeks ago which a whole lotta mixtures between bricks and plates and tiles, but that is a whole new level of terrain, and I have no idea where to begin with that with my poorly sorted parts- oh well. Oh, and sorry for the wonky lighting which changed a couple times. (my bad!) Anyways, thanks for reading, C & C welcome! ~Beltar
  7. Movements: We would like to move 4 left to H13, if that is not possible, then as far Left and Down. The fierce battle above Endor was just getting started, as Beltar and the forces of the Consolation had been deployed to the surface of the Forest Moon to reinforce the shield generator in case there were any injured men in the battle. Beltar’s team was deployed north of the Shield Generator, and the team has been traveling checkpoint to checkpoint on their way. These checkpoints are of note, as they were set up by the Empire as possible construction sites many months ago. Due to the discovery of a better location, often these sites would yield left over supplies that could come in handy as Imperials arrive and march through the thick forests of Endor. Beltar’s squad has been nothing but tense the last few hours. They seem to sense that something bad will happen. . TK-1702: Sir, we’ve checked all the crates. Not too much of note here. Grabbed a couple extra blasters and their charge packs. There’s also some general equipment that isn’t essential. But it looks as if someone rummaged through here recently… We should get moving. Colonel Oppenheimer: Hm… Alright Major Diaz. I’ll- Beltar: Colonel! Colonel Oppenheimer: Yes Commander? Beltar: I’ve just received word from the Consolation. The battle is turning messy. We are probably going to be needed ASAP back in the medbay as soon as we are done down here. Colonel Oppenheimer: Well then. We better get moving. We need to make good time… Less rest then.. *sigh* As the Colonel went to address the rest of the men, Beltar and Major Diaz were left do themselves. TK-1702: Betlar- between you and me. I don’t like this. I’ve seen eyes in the trees. We’re being watched. Beltar: I’ve gotten that feeling too. It’s not the rebels though. Perhaps the natives, I’ve heard some strange stories from you and men that where here before. TK-1702: Perhaps… I didn’t get to much contact with them when I was here though. I’ve been told the natives like to get up close since they don’t have effective ranged weapons…I just hope we reach the shield generator before the Rebels. And get out of here even faster. Beltar: Agreed. Colonel Oppenheimer: Let’s get going! We are only 9 Clicks from the Generator according to command. With a little luck we’ll be able to avoid Rebel entanglements and perhaps meet up with other forces. TK-1702: And if we don’t reach the generator in time or get jumped by Rebels or Emperor knows what else? Beltar: The Evac point is to the 7 Clicks west of the Generator. It’s a beach point. TK-1702: Well. Good to know. I got a bad feeling about this. Colonel Oppenheimer: Cut the chatter- let’s get moving. I don’t like this either but we need to go. ==== More Pics: ==== Well that wraps it up for this episode build! This was a fun build, lots of terrain for me to mess around with. And a LOT of foliage. (Nearly every loose foliage part that I have went to this!) Inching towards when the Death Star II blows… It’s going to be a fun storytelling moment. (Like in the new Battlefront II) My excitement toward SoNE 2.0 is also growing! I think it’ll be great to show our characters in the aftermath of Endor and what happens afterwards. Oh yeah- Beltar has a new head. Finally! Less generic-ness! Also, comments and criticism welcome! ~Beltar
  8. Commander Beltar

    [Thrawn] Insurrection on Sullust

    (Think I am done editing it.) On the edge of the Mid-Rim, one of the Empire’s top refineries and manufacturing planets have been experiencing trouble from Rebel Insurgents. With Imperial High Command growing tired of the insurrection and have dispatched Grand Admiral Thrawn to deal with the troublemakers. Grand Admiral Thrawn has received the file to a Sullustan coordinating the attacks, Deb Niumn. Thrawn had also requested that any major pieces of Artwork from his home should be transported to his command ship immediately. Having believed he has found the answer, he has called the commanders of the garrison stationed on Sullust together. Imperial Commander: Excuse me, Grand Admiral? What is this. Thrawn: Ah, Commander, this is a sculpture of a sector on Sullust. It was ripped out of Niumn’s wall. Most of his other belongings speak of his life and job, however this speaks of motivation. Because it resembles a geographical area, I presume where his original homestead use to be, as the wall this was taken from was actually placed into his recent home. And according to scans of the planet, this is where one of our newer refinery facilities is located. Imperial Commander: Very well then, I won’t question where you get your ideas from, but where does this leave us? I’ve heard rumors of a major attack coming soon. Deb’s attacks have started on the outskirts of our facilities with smaller strikes, but he has been making his way closer to the major locations, and he has been stepping up his attacks. Thrawn: Yes, I am well aware of this. I know his method of choice is- gas yes? As he was an explosive miner who preferred Tibanna.. Imperial Officer: Yes Grand Admiral, he utilizes Tibanna mainly. Thrawn: Ah yes, Tibanna. Highly unstable. Even for a Sullustan to breath... His previous attacks have a certain, ‘style’. He distributes the Tibanna before igniting it near the exit. Now here is what you will do and why if you want to stop him. Imperial Commander: I’m listening Admiral. Thrawn: Based on previous attacks, he will take a small team with him. I would like the majority of your troops to be unaware of the impending attack. It would give us an advantage, less possibilities of Niumn hearing of this plan. Please dispatch your top Unit to the central Dispersion Channel along the facilities core pipeline. Make sure that that Channel is turned off, obviously. I believe that Deb will be using the maintenance platform near the south east to gain entrance to Ventilation Center, as it is located very close to that location and would be the most efficient way to distribute the Tibanna. Now, once we are fully aware that they are indeed within range of the Ventilation Center, lock down the entire lower deck, including the air shafts, which would stop them from even attempting to continuing their operation. Then send your squad in. Prisoners or not, is up to you. Imperial Commander: Very well Grand Admiral, I will execute your plan to the best of my ability. However I must ask, how do you know this will be his strategy? Thrawn: Commander, it’s quite logical. The map that we see here, as I mentioned before, is where our new facilities are. This spot in white is actually marking a natural cave system, after reading some of Niumn’s notes, he had spent much of his childhood near those caves. And when we moved into the system, our new facility utilized those caves rather than mining new areas, meaning the entrance that he will use, he has been there before. Imperial Commander: Very well. I will inform my choice Unit. === Later === Now it is believed that the Sullustan's attack is coming, Thrawn and the Imperial Forces spring the trap. Due to the nature of keeping as many troops out of the loop as possible, there was a small troop crowd gathering near the Maintenance Platform after hearing the heavy Tibanna canisters being lugged around below them. Niumn: (Translated) Hurry my friends, we must move quickly. I worry the Imperials will hear. It is only a few more corridors down this way. Sullustan: (Translated) Make sure your masks are on too, friends. Let's go. Thrawn (Via Comm): You may now spring the trap commander. Imperial Commander: I see. Trigger the full lockdown on the lower levels. Now, Unit 1702, move in. *Alarm* *Alarm* Niumn: (Translated) What? Impossible! There was no way that they knew were were coming this way! Sullustan: (Translated) No! We must- the door and even the other vents are sealed! *Over Intercom* Imperial Officer: You are under arrest by the Empire. Attempt no resistance. You're attacks are at an end. Minutes Later: Thrawn: There you have it commander. Now I must return to the front on Lothal, there is quite a more troublesome group of rebels to be dealt with over there. Imperial Commander: Thank you Grand Admiral. Good luck out there. --====--====-- Report: Mission Completed. Thanks to Grand Admiral Thrawn, the rebel insurgents were dealt with quickly before the new Refinery could be destroyed. ^ woo! Thanks Lucas. Actually spoilers not working for me had been since EB updated months ago. The reason I guess it didn't work was because I always type up my major posts (like this one) in advance on Word before posting. Before the update I could just type {spoiler} {/spoiler} with brackets of course, on Word. apparently now I can't do that, but at least it works now! And that concludes this build, I probably wrote way too much compared to my photos, but oh well, hopefully I captured Thrawn well, I think I did. Maybe we will be able to get to 10 entries on this contest? I don’t think I’ll win, but might as well help out since this is a quick whip up, oh right, let me attach the file to this build. I believe all the parts are available in the colors (Well the prints, technically they are available if you remove the prints… but hopefully that isn’t enough to disqualify it, if it is, please tell me!) Also the program says there’s a few parts that don’t exist, most of them are minifig parts since has way less minifig parts compared to LDD (Since I imported it) also there may be some parts that have that triangle next to them, but I tried to replace most of them. All of them seem to be plausible, the problem was that some of the parts were have the proper equivalents, just when I imported it says that they don’t exist, but they did in LDD so yeah. ~Beltar I will attach it below soon: It was too big to directly attack, so it's on mediafire, hopefully it works. Also it's a .io because I've decided to try to use as often as I can as I prefer it over LDD a bit.
  9. The story so far: First Day Aboard the Avenger At The Table-Before The Storm Rescue Mission Reassigned Eliminating The Competition Target Practice “Here we go again…” Evac Escape A Quick Transaction "Black Sunshine" Repel and Retreat Flatline Reflection A Promotional Meeting The New Squad Farmland Triangulation The Rat Traitor In The Sunshine Previously: "Home" in the Minds View (Dear Goodness, when will spoilers be fixed? At least for me! AH! I had to take this stuff out of a spoiler: About 1 Hour Ago: “This is Alliance Task Force Delta, led by Light Frigate Skyfire. We are reroute to Coruscant.” About 15 Minutes Ago: DC: Good luck out there. I heard the orders, not going to be easy. Shouldn’t bother you though. We on the other hand, have to go through the sewers…. Alyin: It’s not the mission, sir. It’s the fact that we are working with the Rebel scum. DC: I know. However- Beltar: Comlink just buzzed, we got to go to the dropship. DC: Alright, let’s go. Good luck Al. Alyin: Won’t need it. Alright boys, suit up and follow me. (That was supposed to be a ‘freebuild’ it was really bad so it wasn’t. Also it’s just a setup. So read on) NOW: In the last hour, the small Rebel Extraction Force has been taking a beating. The Black Sun’s Viper’s seem to have the upper hand, and hope seems to be lost. Even the Imperial’s first responders off of Couruscant are overwhelmed by the Black Sun’s pilots. In this desperate hour, Imperials and Rebels alike, find themselves facing a common foe. The battle may soon be over if no reinforcements are sent. TIE Commander: I-I can’t hold it- Ahhhhdgasg! Red 13: I got y- *boom* Green Leader: This is Green Leader to the Outrider. How much longer do we need to buy for Skywalker and the rest of the ground forces? Dash: I don’t know, just hold on a bit longer Commander. Wait- Skyfire, what’s happening over there? Lieutenant: The majority of the crew of the Skyfire are being evacuated. We’ve sustained too much engine damage to stay in the sky much longer. The command crew is all that’s left. I don’t know how long those pods will survive out there. Dash: We’re gonna have to wait for the signal from Skywalker then- wait. Something just came out of hyperspace- what’s that? *General Brickdoctor: This is General Brickdoctor. Reinforcements have arrived.* Alyin: All Units, form up. Stay together till we reach the Skyhook. Valkyrie Two and Three, one me. Cover me while I deploy our troops on it’s hull. Valkyrie 2: Gotcha boss. Alyin: Almost there. Dang, those fighters really can maneuver. Valkyrie 3: Nothing we can’t handle. Right sir? Alyin: Right, deploying ramp… Trooper: We are down! Move it troopers! You’re all clear Valkyrie Leader! Alyin: Already on my way out. Good luck boys. Valkyrie 2: I’m getting locked on to! Alyin: Hold it together! Valkyrie 2: I-I-think I’m alri- Alyin: Eject! Valkyrie 3: Too late! MOVE! In an instant, Valkyrie Two was a burning pile of metal, and now the Star Vipers were closing in. Alyin: They’re on our tail now, we need to- Valkyrie 3: Not for long. We will overwhelm them momentarily. Lieutenant: This is *kzsk* Lieutenant Almus of the Rebel frigate Skyfire. If you hear this, *ksk* would you do us a favor and pick our pods up? They won’t last much longer out here. We’ve already lost two. Alyin: This is Valkyrie Leader, I’ll send for a ship. Can’t promise when, or what will happen to the crew… Lieutenant: Thank you, *kzk.* anything is better than having those men sit in a pod in the midst of this chaos. Green Leader: Green Squadron needs fighter assistance! Gah-! Red Leader: A little too much on my hands. Sorry! Rogue 8: On my way—Ahfhsdg! *boom* Alyin: We’ve got your back commander, you lost one though. Green Leader: Thank you. Never thought I’d see this day. Imperials and Rebels fighting together. Valkyrie 3: We’re full of surprises. Green Leader: Thanks to the Imperial Fleet, this day might just turn around. Alyin: It’s not over yet commander, still a lot more Black Sun goons to get! The new combined forces of Imperial Reinforcements and what was left of the Rebels and First Responders, seemed to be turning the day around, though, for every Black Sun shot down, they seemed to take two of them with them. ===---End---=== Note: Interestingly enough, after rendering all of these, Valkyrie 3 actually has an error. On the TIE's wing. If you care to notice, it isn't even connected to the hull. I think that perhaps I originally meant to blow that one up or something, but too late. Also I noticed a load more typing errors above in the actual entry, but since the time has passed, I will refrain from editing it. Am I the only one with s poiler problems?? Everytime I put it above something, it puts all the text below it in it... Anyways, thank you for reading, hopefully you enjoyed this! I personally am really proud of the Skyhook and the Rebel Frigate. However, the TIE’s really bug me. Obviously when making a giant fleet there’s a lot of copying and pasting… However, some of it kind of gave the TIEs some weird angles, so it looks like they are flying the wrong way. Ah well, I am not going to use the rotation tool on each and every TIE. Especially when this build is 11k Parts. (my program crashed quite a few times rendering it and building it) also yeah, digital. Most of my parts are packed away so I couldn't build anything. (No anything I could've built physically could have been like this.) There’s a non digital part at the beginning because I managed to get a few parts out of storage though . Also I didn’t post it as a freebuild because it’s tiny, and like 3 lines of dialogue so it would be a waste. There was so much more I wanted to do with this build. Like finish building the ENTIRE Skyhook. At first I planned on doing just the level with those- spikes? – And then it built up. Then it built down. Then I realized it was way too many parts. So I glossed over it. Perhaps I will return to it later. I also thought of adding debris, then i realized how difficult it would be. (Something like a debris field in the new battlefront game on the Rogue One map.) Also I might add, I was inspired from various people on those micro scale ships. So there was definitely some people I borrowed the designs from, I changed it up a little bit though. Also thank you for this Episode, I totally didn't use it as an excuse to dig up the N64 in my closet then buy the game for erm... 'reference'. This was quite a fun build. Oh yes, almost forgot. Where is Beltar in this build?!?!?! He wasn’t in the majority of this!?!?! Well, I had no idea I breached 100 XP till the beginning of this Episode. So… I was thinking who could my second character be? A pilot! Awhile back I actually really wanted to do a space focused build, like this. But I never did cause Beltar wasn’t a pilot, and I used physical bricks. Well, now I can. I guess- Valkyrie Leader/Alyin can be erm… [insert something witty using numbers and letters out of my name] So looks like in the future I will be doing more digital builds as well. This is also like the 2nd time where I edited photos for a build. Anyways, Comments and Criticism welcome! ~Beltar (SERIOUSLY!) I have to put a spoiler at the bottom because of this!) Although this was a big waste of my computer’s resources, somehow I ended up with spare renders. *sigh* Note: Reason for edit after episode: Grammar thing, and forgot to add something down in this extra text area. 2 times... (and a bit of other stuff in this bottom paragraph.) Extra Pics:
  10. The story so far: First Day Aboard the Avenger At The Table-Before The Storm Rescue Mission Reassigned Eliminating The Competition Target Practice “Here we go again…” Evac Escape A Quick Transaction "Black Sunshine" Repel and Retreat Flatline Reflection A Promotional Meeting The New Squad Farmland Triangulation The Rat Previously: Traitor In The Sunshine (Going to try something a little different with this story, still ‘a lot’ of pictures, but going to make it a bit text heavy, tell me if this works or not…) Brentaal IV. During the Clone Wars, it was a planet full of Bright Stars beginning to make their way through the universe to aid the Republic, but that war was over. Then The Empire came. Those stars were recruited for a greater cause. Though, evidence of the Clone Wars exists all over Brentaal IV, Clone Helmets can be found, along with Battle Droid parts and other blasters out of use. Besides from that, since the Empire has focused its eyes elsewhere. On Brentaal, it is quite possible to see Stormtroopers wearing different variations of armor, recycled ones through the years as Brentaal didn’t need protection being so close the core, and the newer armor was better suited for more combat seeing troops. As a child Beltar may have lived on Coruscant for his young years, and now in a way, but for a time being during his adolescent years he lived on a planet now of little concern to many. Beltar was given a leave of RnR as his commander had informed him that they would have an upcoming mission in the outer rim, or at least he believed that’s what he was told. Perhaps it was a battle. Or perhaps another excuse of this leave was to get Beltar’s mind off the fact that he was back into the “new” future’s program for a week. Of course, he was supposed to have free time but apparently he was really there to learn about surgeries in the middle of combat, along with preserving someone’s life in a tense situation. But currently, Beltar is returning to his home. Or at least what was left of it. When the Imperial-ification of Brentaal IV happened, not much changed for the upper class of the populous, however, in many cities, land was stole- ahem, seized from landowners and turned into Imperial facilities for various purposes. Beltar’s was retrofitted into a storage facility, currently abandoned at that. Though, he appreciated in an odd way that the Empire would choose his home, out of hundreds. Here he is scheduled to meet an old friend from another time, Kirk. Everywhere Beltar looked he saw one of three things. 1.) Imperial Officers. Everywhere. 2.) Extremely poor non Imperials. 3.) Relics from the past during the Clone Wars. Beltar approached the building where his old house had once stood, remembering his time as a child, playing in the wonderful front yard with his friend, which seemed like a millennium ago, now reduced to a pavement. He approached the door, reminding himself that the door password was might not actually work, as this was an abandoned building, and Kirk wasn’t necessarily reliable all the time. Beltar: This code better work for the door…. But it worked and it opened. He walked inside past all of the crates and the shelfs to the stairs to the roof, where Ol’ Kirk was waiting. Kirk was waiting for him by the balcony, if you could call it that, smiling, in his probably decade or older uniform, who knows, perhaps it was even more ancient that Kirk himself, it certainly looked that way. Kirk: Good to see you kid, been awhile. Beltar: Yeah, good to see you too. Kirk: Com’ere got some stuff to talk to you about. Kirk: Anyways, when I heard you were coming back for a week or two of studies here-oh wait, “Vacation”. I thought it would be nice to catch up. Beltar: Well, it always is nice catching up with an old friend. BLX-5: Excuse me sir, your beverages have arrived. Beltar was quite surprised to hear the droids voice, as he seemed to walk up to them so quietly. The droid appeared to be carrying some fine Bakuran blend orange texture colored tea, and the droid handed it over quickly, then stood aside. Kirk, seeing Beltar’s surprised face, began explaining to him. Kirk: This droids designation is BLX-5, or Billix, because he seems to have a problem with certain tasks that ‘bore him’. We got him when there was a Baobab Merchant Fleet ship that was didn’t have the proper credentials, according to this one trooper who seemed to just want a pretty gold medallion in it. Apparently he said that medallion (Which mind you, was a few feet wide) was part of the ship known as the Queen of Ranroon. The stuff of legends… Anyways, he was right, it didn’t. We seized the ship, sold the ship, took all the ‘valuables’, sold those as well, but I saved Billix here cause I thought he might benefit your team, he is equipped with a micro-slicer droid for terminals, that blue-box in his chest? It's called a "Blue Max", a slicer droid manufactured by MerenData. Think of Billix as the muscle and brain, and and Blue Max as the extra brain and computing power. Beltar: Slicer droid... nice...Wait- my unit? Billix: Who else do you thing sir? Even a womp-rat could’ve figured it out by now. Beltar: Oh, so it’s going to be one of those droids… Billix: I heard that! Don’t get me starte- Kirk: Quiet! Anyways… I did have him reprogramed as well. Oh!- Suddenly they heard what sounded like a Trandoshan scream from below them, they looked over the balcony table. .. To see two riot troopers beating a civilian, who Beltar could only assume, didn’t have the right credentials to back up that pile of Protocol Droids. Kirk: As I was saying, things have changed here. A lot. Since I bet you haven’t been to this home in a while now, you can see how tense this place has become. If you’re not an Imperial, you’re pretty much dead meat here. And after they beat the people- they take their stuff. Terrible, as the gap between Imperial and everyday citizen’s welfare has been growing. Ah well… Beltar’s time-piece beeped that it was time to return to the academy if he was to be ready to learn how to execute a battlefield surgery, and preserve a life in a tense situation. Obviously. Beltar: Well, that’s it… Need to go now Kirk, pleasure to catch up with you, sir! Kirk: Nice to see you too kid, have a good one. Kirk smiled the same way he did when Beltar approached. Beltar thanked him for the tea, then moved on with Billix following behind him. Then Beltar thought in his head, there were literally only two, maybe three scenarios where he would actually need to use what he was about to learn, one being if shrapnel was flung in their direction, but if the explosion didn’t kill them, or a blaster, then he didn’t know why he needed to learn this, though, maybe it will be useful one day. As Beltar walked out of his former home, well, his mind still thought of it as his home, he had many memories with it, he saw a female officer that looked quite a bit like Alyin, perhaps a sister, along with another officer beating a civilian senselessly. Perhaps they had a good reason he thought. Perhaps. Billix: Sir, let’s get moving. I’d rather not be late- not that I’m going to your class. As everything I need to know is programmed into me and I don’t need classes to teach me. But apparently you humans do. So let us go. Beltar sighed, his unit will hate him. Beltar turned and started walking the other direction where he came across the two riot control troopers who had beat that Trandoshan , they were partially covered in blood, but Beltar could almost feel that the one carrying the droid parts had a smug expression on his face. The other trooper gave him a vague salute, so he saluted back and went on his way. Beltar walked by the alien, still gasping for air. Alive, but nearly dead. He would’ve stopped to help, but he had places to be. And Billix would probably be a nuisance if he did help that alien. Perhaps he would get another chance to do something good. Then again, he was in the Empire after all, and they were good. They would stop that Rebellion before worse could happen. Beltar continued on his way, subconsciously wishing his old house was there, so that he could remember his days as a child, and relax it bit more than he could do now, but he felt that one of his homes was still right there, right behind him. === Since Brentaal IV is a relatively under-developed planet in canon and EU, there wasn't much to go off of, I tried to get at least the muddy ground like it said it had, along with a few pictures I spotted, so I don't know how lenient it will be since there wasn't much to go off of... And yeah judges, not technically his home, but definitely pushing the boundaries of "a place he had called home" That’s it, did the extreme amount of text work? Or not? I don’t know why I decided to change it up a bit/ write more than I normally do. Anyways, hope you liked it! Next episode I need to slap myself and tell myself to not procrastinate to the last week to get building more and to photograph it. I got like 80% of it done the 1st week, but then was too ‘busy’ to work on it for a while. Whoopsies. And now I need to actually work on freebuilds for once, I have this idea that would be awesome, though brick supply is limited, and since I want to do this in a very specific way, it may have to be in digital form… Oh well. By the way, theres quite a few references here to the Droids TV show way back, dug up my old DVD copy and watched it a few weeks ago, and recently I had re-read my old Han Solo book trilogy. If you get at least one of them, bravo. Comments and Criticism Welcome! ~Beltar EDIT #14 or something like that, sheesh, I've been re-proofreading this, noticed like 20 errors, a lot of them at different times. Not to mention, that I had my "The story so far" stuff in a spoiler tab, but the spoiler tab would just keep eating the whole post- so I had to remove that. Then this entire area right above this messages was supposed to be at the bottom, but noooo, the Extra Pics tab kept eating this too, so I had to move it up! Anyways, I think I fixed everything. Extra Pics as always. Though, some terrible photo quality...
  11. The story so far:First Day Aboard the AvengerAt The Table-Before The StormRescue MissionReassignedEliminating The CompetitionTarget Practice“Here we go again…”Evac EscapeA Quick Transaction"Black Sunshine"Repel and RetreatFlatline ReflectionA Promotional MeetingThe New Squad Farmland Triangulation Previously: The Rat Beltar learned, that apparently, we aren’t finished with The Black Sun. Though this time, rather than helping them ship questionable goods, or hunting for information: we are taking them out. Supposedly, there have been many traitors in the Empire at this moment, and yet again, one happened to be located on Naboo. It's dawn and the sun is rising over this coastal city in Naboo. Officer: Here are a small portions of the weapons you ordered. Took me quite a bit to get them here. Our mutual Chiss friend met an unfortunate end recently…. Black Sun Agent: Yes, yes. I assume the rest of the weapons will come soon? Officer: They will arrive when they do. DC: Alright… Move in on my mark. Beltar: Got it. DC: Go. The small unit of Imperials rushed in, taking out the Bith with a quick shot. The human Black Sun agent fell soon after. However, the Traitor surrendered before any form of harm could come to him. Beltar still felt essentially useless. All he had to do was check to see if any of the two Black Sun Agents were still alive. And to catalog the stolen Imperial property. DC: Gotcha. Black Sun Agent: Gah! Alyin: Get down on the ground! Traitor: Woah! I—I surrender! Beltar could see that the human wasn’t worth checking. He had taken a direct hit to the chest at point blank range. However, Alyin had only hit the Bith in the shoulder, which somehow, probably passed the Bith out. Beltar began to scan the alien. Beltar: Commander! Looks like this guys alive. He’s stable. DC: Good. We will take him for questioning later. Now for the traitor. DC: Beltar. I want you to call for the clean-up crew to come. Beltar: Sir yes sir. Alyin: So what do you want me to do with this guy DC? DC: Kill him. Alyin: Understood. Beltar: Wait we could use hi- *blaster shot* The traitor’s body now lay against the wall covered in blood. Beltar: That was unnecessary. DC: Well. If Palpa- The Emperor knew this planet was infested with traitors… Beltar: Ah. Beltar understood that Naboo was Lord Palpatine’s home world. Alyin: That officer. He was an officer at the academy were I went to. DC: Well how did an Academy officer end up smuggling guns to a crime syndicate...? Alyin: Perhaps there is more going on that we know. Beltar: Perhaps. DC: Alright. Our work here is done. I believe the cleanup crew will be here shortly. Dismissed. Let’s go. Beltar: Sir, yes sir. Alyin: Sir, yes sir. As the crew turned towards the door the cleanup crew just arrived. Cleanup Officer: Alright boys, let’s get this cleaned up. I want all of these weapons tagged, catalog, and shipped back to where they came from. Stormtrooper Squad: Understood. Beltar: Have fun boys. They walk to the door in the hallway they came from. Beltar: Sir, I’d like to know some more. Why are we chasing after The Sun right now? DC: Beltar, son. I honestly don’t completely understand myself. But there is something in the shadows of the sun that we do not yet see. But I believe a big strike is imminent. From either side. ==End== More pics/Random Thoughts: EDIT: Just at the bottom of the spoiler. Hopefully it's alright that I put that there.
  12. Commander Beltar

    [SoNE Ep. XII] E04 The Rat

    *Random Story/Page Flow Things will be changed in the next few hours since its only 7pm for me* The story so far: First Day Aboard the Avenger At The Table-Before The Storm Rescue Mission Reassigned Eliminating The Competition Target Practice “Here we go again…” Evac Escape A Quick Transaction "Black Sunshine" Repel and Retreat Flatline Reflection A Promotional Meeting Previously: The New Squad Coruscant: 2200 Hours Beltar was still getting a feel for his new unit, quite an odd bunch. He had taken some time off at a temporary transfer, and as that ends, Alyin came to pick him up to take him back to the barracks for some interesting news about their next mission, which is more so an inspection. Alyin: Mr. Beltar, pleasure to see you again. Hope your time here was enjoyable at best, but now DC is awaiting our return as we have a possible lead in the attempted sabotage of Skywalker. I personally think that guy should get a medal, but if Imperial information is leaking, we need to clog it. Beltar: I agree. Though, if there if there is a Rat leaking that information, that is bad... I am disappointed that that guy couldn’t nail Skywalker though. Alyin: Yea, I guess it’s not that easy when it’s an astromech doing the shooting. Anyways, let’s go otherwise we will be late. Approximately 2 Hours Later Technician Hekthor: Yes, commander. The prototype fusion speeder engine should be ready for field testing within 3 weeks. Officer: Thasa good Hekthor- hello there my friends! DC: Hello there. We are conducting an inspection of this lab right now. Hekthor: Everything should be in tip top shape! DC: My crew will determine that. The technician seemed neverous, his hands where shaking and a few sweats broke, but Beltar, Alyin, and DC pretended to not notice.. Hekthor: Alright sir as I was saying, looking at the data… *whisper* next week is the perfect time for our mutual friend to come* *cough* sorry, but it looks like the data suggests that there is a possible increase the- DC: Excuse my interruption. But I believe my crew has found somethings amiss. Hekthor: Ah, what could those miniscule errors be sir? DC: First of all, cross-referencing data, and with Beltar’s insight. Are you aware you are working with a known rebel conspirator? Dar-Dar Cyonie. I am unaware of how he escaped Coruscant prisons and how he infiltrated us but that does not matter to me. We are shutting this lab down until further notice. Hekthor: NO! Please! Sir! This is my lifes work in here! You cant! I-I-ve worked so hard for this! And this project will benefit imperial troops everywhere! Sir! WHY COULDN’T HE COME SOONER! DC: Who…? Hekthor: MY MUTUAL FRIEND! GAHHH! DC: We shall deal with that later I guess, as for you Dar-Dar – just come with us quietly. Dar-Dar: Neverrrr! Beltar: Oh not again. Dar-Dar frantically tried to shoot the blaster, only to realize it was in stun, and he was holding it backwards. As he turned trying to correct his error, he stunned Hekthor, the Rat, and Beltar had to quickly dive, as a bolt barely missed him. The unit then easily subdued the weak gungan. Beltar quickly administered a stimulant to the technician, waking him up. The unit called over for a few extra troops to transport the two to a detention block. Hekthor: I-I-I- would’ve gotten away with this if it wasn’t for you meddling Imperials! He will help me, he already has all the information he needs! Besides, it’s to get Skywalker! That’s good for us! I did it for the Empire! DC: Right… And Luke Skywalker is Vader’s son. Look. You ratted. Your gonna be court marshaled trooper. Beltar’s thoughts faded from the current situation to when he was on Tatooine. Dar-Dar. “How could that idiot escape Coruscant security. Who are their… ‘Mutual Friends’?” Beltar thought… perhaps one day these questions would be answered. The extra two troops arrived, and Dar-Dar started to shout: “You will never get away with this! My friend will come for you! You will PAY for this day!” The two DT’s left as well, and the three officers turned their attention towards the now abandoned prototype. Alyin: Based on these schematics, the micro reactor is unstable, but a quick re direction of the tank should let it stabilize. DC: Well. Since this isn’t Hekthors pet project anymore. We might as well take it, perhaps strap it to once of DT’s speeders and let him go crazy. Beltar: Sounds like a plan. Let’s get this piece of junk off that stand. The three lifted the machine off its stand, tossed it on the ground and began working on it, perhaps it would come in handy one day. And as they began fixing it they heard the scream of a Gungan a few hallways away, blasterbolts, and Hekthor screaming to just take him to the detention block already.
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    [SoNE 11.1] The New Squad

    --==Please Judge this freebuild!==-- The story so far: First Day Aboard the Avenger At The Table-Before The Storm Rescue Mission Reassigned Eliminating The Competition Target Practice “Here we go again…” Evac Escape A Quick Transaction "Black Sunshine" Repel and Retreat Flatline Reflection Previously: A Promotional Meeting Beltar just got out of the armory and started walking down the hall thinking how spiffy and awesome his new armor looked even though it was an old beat up shock-trooper suit. “Red for medical division, I presume” thought Beltar as he neared the entrance on the Avenger, an old retrofitted speeder repair garage was the location of this new squad, Beltar had read the report. Hopefully they were in a good mood for once. Beltar opened the door and was greeted by wonderful sounds from his new roommates: Darktrooper 1: “It’s Not MY fault that he walked into my proximity bomb!” Female Officer: “OH YOU KNOW WHAT? PERHAPS I’ll JUST LEAVE A PROXIMITY BOMB UNDER YOUR BED!” Scout: “Or! I’ll get you courtmartialed that!” Darktrooper 2: “Can’t you do anything right? You piece of Bantha Fodder!” Darktrooper 1: “OH THAT’S IT!” Beltar was surprised at how his superiors where acting, then the one outcast shadow trooper closest to the door turned to Beltar, with a confused look. Sargent In Command: Hello there Mr. Beltram..? Glad you on board with the new squad. Please excuse the mess. DT-202 got DT-203 killed last mission. You are his new replacement. Never knew you specialized in medicine Officer Beltram. Beltar: Uh…Sir? You must have me confused with another officer. Belt-ar not ram. DC-101: Well then Mr. Beltar. I must have read the file wrong. Refer to me as DC-101 or Sir, no other name required. Sorry about the mess soldier. You’re a medic right? That’ll be useful with this unit’s casualty and injury rate… One second please. DC-101 turned around and yelled near the top of his lungs: “ATTENTION! GET UP YOU LOUSY RASCALS! STOP FIGHTING FOR ONE MOMENT!” The arguing stopped instantaneously and all men rose instantly. DC-101: “Squad, this is Beltar, the new transfer. Medical Division, I’ll let these lackeys do the explaining to you Beltar...” Alyin: Hello there Mr. Beltar, I’m Alyin, the pilot at your service, also the only person able to keep the two dark trooper nitwits in line…from time to time. Reimer: Well, obviously I’m the scout. That’s all you need to know at this point. Duke: DT-201 is my designation, nice to meet you, just call me Duke though. I’m the muscle depending on who you ask. *cough* NOT 202 *cough* Reeder: DT-202, despite what these idiots told you, I’m the muscle, and the smartest of the group. Alyin: Oh. That’s debatable! Reeder: What did you say? Beltar: Well, carrying on! Beltar continued to get a feel for his unit, not a nice one. ‘101 and Alyin where the nicest of the bunch so far. Reeder and Duke continued to make a ruckus, and almost got into another fistfight before DC broke the up and forced them to their bunks. Alyin: First off, they’ll never stop. They just can't. I would've shot them with my blaster or left them on the last planet if it wasn't for DC. Reimer: You’ll get used to it at one point, at least after a few weeks…or months…or never. Just hold out hope that one day, the Emperor will smack them in the face. Beltar: Thank you for this…well semi-warm welcome. Beltar: What a lovely group of people... Thanks for making it through this long freebuild story! Finally got a little more ‘complex’ build, even though it's certainly not the best. Still moving my character’s story along. I just had to fit Beltram in because of Puvel’s build! I didn't even know there was a DJ named Beltram! This is probably going to be Beltar's squad for awhile. I keep having him move around, but I think I've settled on this Unit for now... Also the lighting at this time was pretty bad. I photographed this at a terrible time, and I forgot to close my blinds, oh well. Thanks for stopping by and as always Comments and Criticism welcome! ~Beltar
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    [K - D10] Days of Beltar's Past

    Location: D10 The Hamilton Belt Tags: Military, Civil Previous Build: Turmoil LOCATION: Artificial Earth: Kawashita Prison And Experimental Facility Memory: Where it all began One Year Ago Tags: Building, Civil/Military...? The moment that all some have been waiting for…for a long, long time, in a galaxy far, far away… ============================================================================================================================ *static* Begin Log, Chapter 2, Part 001, A New Day Voices… Is that…You? Voices….Oh, it’s been far, far too long my friends…. The…Trial went south…at least I’m not de-e-ad… They were…arguing over me after pleading insane… And Mantis didn’t care…but they sent assassins…They missed… Kawashita tried experimenting on me….They ah…”Fixed” me… They fixed me! ME! Like I needed fixing! They took YOU away from me! And they took my ideals away….I thought clearly for a few weeks or…months…all in a flash… But then…then…OCTAN was restless! They…sent…oh… The Sentinels! THE SENTINELS! The chip… Nu’q gave me helped…Only gave me few equipment’s… and a few corridors away from the prison area…But it helped. I thank him. I-consider him not just an al-ally. But….a – friend. And-and then that’s when they arrived! I saw her at that moment…running at me, embraced. It felt good….like – a moment out of time-happiness. She wished me…something odd…I barley remembered it. A date lost in time and space. That even I had forgot….but the happiness-was-gone… then I suddenly realized the….the… Sentinels where destroying the Facility…in the chaos…I escaped with her… It’s been….A-a year since I started back out from…the….E-vent…Horizon Incident…And after…paradise….She told me….Maian 16th…. Is-wait…--- “Lauren- Wat-wat-watch the beam! GAH!...” “Don’t worry about me! Make for the hangar! Just a few more corridors away!” She told me…It’s apparently…my birthday. It’s…convoluted….Released on Maian 16th A year ago from paradise…..Born on Maian 16th Many…many…years ago...I break out on Maian 16th….This day…or week…or millennium can’t get much-much worse… Voices…We gotta make those few more corridors to get off this…this….forsaken asteroid facility…I see the skies if space though…Filled with enough sentinels that blot out the sun…This…secret war going on….I remember a few words of the…scientists…Event Horizon… I need to re-learn….These menaces….they remind me…Event Horizon…Sentinels…Lauren…Paradise….By Golly! I-I think I got it! Wait…Wait… Too many lasers…Too many to think straight….I can do this… I think that-that once this day is over I can remember it clearly…possibly….Wait-is that a Mantis squad ship in the middle of Kawashita territory? What did I do…I can’t remember… Am I a piece to this puzzle or not? CHAOS! CHAOS EVERYWHERE! MANTIS VS OCTAN, OCTAN VS KAWASHITA, KAWASHITA VS MANTIS! It’s all…spiraling out of control with this…this secret war…I don’t know how…But I gotta go…I think that either I’ll make it to that ship over there…or have to take another 50 of this tin cans out…Why… I gotta leave…Goodbye for now voices…. Close Log, Chapter 2, Part 001 kszzzsz ============================================================================================================================ I’m back! Surprise! Thanks for reading this new installment in Beltar’s story, bet you all barely remember the other parts of my story! Well, go catch up on this convoluted mess if you wish, and as a note, I’m back in business, but builds won’t be frequent. Basically, Beltar is still screwed right now and still a loose cannon! Hope you liked the build and story. Consider the time that I didn’t build off season, like a TV show. Also, the image I included is almost exactly like the original X-Men Days of Futures past comic (Uncanny X-men #141), that’s where the name comes from, and it will be important to his future in coming builds, back to as always, C and C welcome! Fun Fact: I’m posting this more or less around the same time, down to the minutes, as my first build on AG. I've been planning a return since last year, waiting for the proper time, and VK gave me a kick in the pants when he sent me a PM awhile ago! Ah, a year went by so fast. Hope to get back in the game again. Time to go dust off the rest of my AG figures! And although I haven’t been here for a while, I’d just like to thank all of the people who supported my builds last year, and helped create the story. All in all. Happy Birthday Andromeda’s Gate! ~Beltar
  15. The story so far: First Day Aboard the Avenger At The Table-Before The Storm Rescue Mission Reassigned Eliminating The Competition Target Practice “Here we go again…” Evac Escape A Quick Transaction "Black Sunshine" Repel and Retreat Flatline Reflection A Promotional Meeting Previously: The New Squad Any Rebel on Kaut was a prime target at this point, but Beltar’s new squad was tasked with attempting to locate the stolen supercomputer. DC guessed that it A: Wouldn’t be in a high populated area, they wouldn't risk civvies, and B: Would be using large amounts of power for the Rebel’s to attempt to decode it. He was right. On the scanned map of the planet’s surface, there where multiple locations where large amount of power being used...In the middle of farmlands nonetheless. Using this information, he triangulated the possible location of the supercomputer. And now this squad was in the outskirts of the farmland of the bigger cities, they had discovered a trench, recently dug and decided to follow it. DC: Watch it soldiers, in coming! Beltar stay here! DT’s- With me! Alyin, you know the drill. Entire Unit: Sir, yes sir! The squad engaged the Rebels, two more had come off the pathway near the house, while the other two were completely off guard. DT-202: I got him! DT-101: Yeah right you did! DC: FOCUS MEN! DT’s: Yes Sir! Alyin: Yeah, you normally get left behind for a few missions, and as a medic. Beltar: Figured… Wait…Woah what’s going on over there? The two idiots where beating the one living Rebel, all of them where dead except this one, but Beltar knew this Rebel’s strategic value and that he was needed alive. DT-202: EY! Where is the computer! TELL US! Rebel: Ughh…. DT-101: HE WASN’T ASKING! Beltar pushed Alyin out of the way, and ran towards the other three, he pushed the two aside as DC watched in wonder…Beltar set his pack down, took the needle, and instantly administered it too the injured soldier. Beltar: Woah, move! Stop STOP! DT-101: What? What is the meaning of this, soldier? DC: Hmm….? Beltar, again knowing the value of this target, tried as much as he could to save him, and this kept that one Rebel alive. Beltar: Stay with me Rebel Scum… DT-202: What are you doing! Beltar: He’s an asset! We need him ALIVE! DT-101: But- DC: Let him work! I have to agree… Beltar had knocked him out to continue to work, once he was stable for the time being, Beltar got up and they continued to discuss the rest of the mission, and rather than continuing the search, they’d send DT’s for more scouting, and the rest would return to the rings to interrogate the Rebel. DC: I just dispatched the two nitwits, we will be taking him to the interrogation room. Beltar: Understood sir. Wait, he’s waking up. Alyin: Sir, The Room will be ready. DC: Good, now one second... DC: My turn...*punch* Alright, know that he’s out cold we are all good. Beltar: Well…That was…slightly unnecessary. Alyin: For now Beltar, yes it is. ===Later=== DC: Look…This is gonna heart real...real bad… Or I’ll take some information…You know… Rebel: I… Don’t know anything! Please! AHHHHHHHHHHH DC: I JUST NEED THE LOCATION! After a little more…’convincing’ the Rebel spilled out much information, about the location of the supercomputer, who they were recruiting, and how they were getting into the system undetected. Even though the Rebel gave all the information he knew, DC continued to torture him, and at one point the screams became truly haunting. Beltar: That’s ENOUGH! We got what we need! DC: FINE! But next time…Don’t interrupt me. Admiral, now that we know, keep the Rebel’s from entering the system for now. And Beltar, Alyin, and I will head back to the surface using the information, and combine it with what the two found on the surface. We might have to contact Kiriana about this, if he’s been looking in the city, that’s most likely the wrong area. We need to act fast. Admiral: Understood, I will notify Kiriana at once, Mr. Beltar, you are dismissed, you may return to your barracks. Beltar: Sir, yes sir. End Thanks for making it through this long episode build. Finally finished it, might edit the story tomorrow, but had to post it today because I won’t be home till 10:15PM PST, which leaves not much time. I tried to combine all of the ideas of this episode, interrogation, searching for the supercomputer, near the farmlands like in the episode topic, etc. More Images on my Photostream! Way too many extra pictures for me to embed in a spoiler, cause I'm really busy at the moment. The lighting was finally decent, but there is a huge crack in my photo studio now, so I’m going to have to get a new one…Thanks for stopping by and as always Comments and Criticism welcome! ~Beltar Edit: I got an OK by a judge to embed my photos afterwards.
  16. After Beltar’s recent reassignment to an Imperial Medical Team, going to Tatoone is one of the last missions he expected himself to do as a Medical Official… He was briefed on the mission at least five times, but he still could not comprehend why he was chosen to do this, and not someone higher up in the Empire. He wasn’t sure that this was the best thing for a very unexperienced stormtrooper to do…His old staff sergeant would have loved coming here… The three Imperials surveyed the pod and the surrounding areas before the sergeant in command said aloud a needless order, “All right, Beltar, get in touch with the contact, we will take it from here. Ugh, looks like there's a Kel Dor wanting that pod...” Beltar then proceeded to begin the first phase of the mission.Before Beltar knocked on Dar-Dar Cyonie’s quaint little house, he kept thinking that this was not a mission for him, but then, without any more hesitation, he knocked. Dar-Dar: Oh, Hellos! Yousa must be that bombad Imperial Officer who is coming to talk to mesa about the races. By the waysa, I did nothing wrongs! Beltar: Hello there Mr. Cyon- Dar-Dar: Please call me Dar-Dar! No need for formalities, comsa inside Beltar followed Dar-Dar inside, and Dar-Dar directed Beltar to sit, while he prepared some traditional Gungan Tea, but Beltar insisted that he was fine. Dar-Dar: Are yousa sure bombad Beltar? Beltar: I’m fine, thank you. But let’s get onto business, such as why I am here. Dar-Dar: Okay! Mesa say perhaps after wesa talk, wesa can drink some of my tea? Beltar: Perhaps, but please, take a seat. Dar-Dar reluctantly sat down, where he may have broken a sweat, but Beltar paid no mind to it, the plan was going smoothly. The other operatives where in position, working on finding the answer. All Beltar had to do was stall for the next couple of minutes… Beltar: As you are no doubt aware, I am here for the races. The Empire is looking to recruit you for the race in the coming week. Dar-Dar: Isa would accept this most humble offer if mesa pod was not broken down. Last race, I got in Bombad trouble. Most of mesa pod’s innards are not working anymore. Theysa need to be replaced. Beltar: The Empire will pay for whatever you need. Tools, pars, equipment, fuel, an- Beltar’s commlink beacon was active, then the Sargent in command announced to Beltar over the com, “Phase II is a go. Possible hostility confirmed, we will be their soon. Keep stalling…” Beltar: Sorry, as I was saying: and any other supplies you might need. Dar-Dar: Yousa Imperial scum, yousa stalling! Two Minutes ago: Stormtrooper: Sir, looks like our suspicions were right. He’s a rebel. But why would he actually paint their insignia here, on his house? Sargent: The world may never know Boris, but for now, let’s proceed with Phase II. Presently: Beltar: How kind of you to notice, though, you were a good pilot, too bad all of your winnings and belongings will be confiscated, and you will be arrested. Dar-Dar: Neve- As soonDar-Dar yelled never, the other two Imperial officer’s stormed through the two doors, Dar-Dar tried to dash for it, but when both doors where blocked, the attempt to escape was futile. He was quickly apprehended. Boris: You have the right to remain silent, anything you say can and will be used against you in a court of law. Wait, you won’t have a trial! Never mind then. Sargent: Boris, you have terrible jokes, alright Mr. Cyonie, you are under arrest by the Intergalactic Empire on the charges of Treason. Other charges are to be determined. Boris: You did well Beltar, perhaps you will make your way up to a sergeant! Probably not though, joking of course…Aw, what’s that smell! Beltar: Probably that Bantha outside… Sargent: Okay you lazy soldiers, get outside! I want every piece of equipment and the pod to be shipped to Coruscant immediately. And if you excuse me, I have some real estate to ‘sell’. ================================================================================================================================ Huzzah! A new subforum! More Pics in the spoiler! C and C welcome! ~Beltar
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    [SoNE 10.2] A Promotional Meeting

    --==Please Judge this freebuild!==-- The story so far: First Day Aboard the Avenger At The Table-Before The Storm Rescue Mission Reassigned Eliminating The Competition Target Practice “Here we go again…” Evac Escape A Quick Transaction "Black Sunshine" Repel and Retreat Previously: Flatline Reflection A Promotional Meeting Beltar was contemplating the ringing, the heartless ringing. Heartless. As he walked into the officers room. Green. That was odd for an officer to have his own custom made green chair, Beltar thought, it just seemed odd. Recently he seemed to be noticing trivial things, like how the technician’s collar was slightly bent down and wrinkled. Then he noticed Sarge in a uniform and was relieved that this meeting couldn’t be that bad. Imperial Officer: Hello there, Mr. Beltar. We have much to discuss. Oh yes, be amazed that Sarge is dressed up in that new uniform, go on tell the lad. Sarge: Well Beltar, I was offered a job as a chief medical officer aboard one of the Empires Outer Rim research facilities. I’ve taken it. Beltar: Congratulations Sarge! I imagine it’ll be great.. Who’ll be in charge of us then? Oh, that’s what this is about, isn't it? Imperial Officer: Precisely my dear boy. That is where you come in. But please, hand that Data Disk to the officer first. Beltar: As you wish, Sir. Beltar once thought again about what was so important on this disk, of course he didn’t ask, but what was on that disk out in the middle of deep space is a question he’d soon ask again. Imperial Technician: Thank you, you’ve been a great help Mr. Beltar. The Technician then proceeded to put the disk into the droids socket and walk towards the door. Imperial Officer: Due to the recommendation of Sarge and whim of some other high ranking officer, I reviewed your files, and as TK-821….isn’t in the position to lead, you are. You will be the new “Sarge” As a captain though, within the medical Dark Ops Units. Beltar: I get Sarge’s old job? Wonderful! This’ll be fun. Imperial Officer: Not so fast, there will be much paperwork sent to your barracks, but you may also report to the armory when ready for a new set. Also, it is not the same job. Different Team, no Kirk, different missions: more... “Under the Radar” type. Dismissed. Beltar: Thank you sir. Beltar: It’s a goodbye then, isn’t it? Sarge: Yeah, but I got a feeling we’ll see each other around sometime. Beltar: Well then, perhaps we will. Sarge: Maybe, I’m heading to my ship at the moment, goodbye Mr. Beltar. Sorry about what happened to Borris. Beltar: Couldn’t have done anything about it. Goodbye Sarge. -End- Dark Trooper: Where they both transferred? He doesn’t like to wait. Imperial Officer: Of course they were, you can leave, and I don’t need you at this time. Just tell him I don’t see where he is going with this. Dark Trooper: Understood. Thank you for stopping by! I tried to continue the serious tone from my last freebuild. Not to much on the build, again, more of a setup to get my character’s story going even further and most of my parts are in storage or on my next MOC, very greebly and It used many of my parts, non SoNE related though.. Thanks for reading and as always, C and C Welcome! ~Beltar
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    [SoNE 10.1] Flatline Reflection

    The story so far: First Day Aboard the Avenger At The Table-Before The Storm Rescue Mission Reassigned Eliminating The Competition Target Practice “Here we go again…” Evac Escape A Quick Transaction "Black Sunshine" Repel and Retreat Flatline Reflection Beltar had just returned from the Suprosa, when he tried to help Sarge escort Borris to the med bay, but was cut short by a few med officers, and a soldier informing him he had to go to the debriefing. The debriefing was boring, but detailed the extent of each persons’ mission, and how well they fulfilled it, then they asked for any pieces of equipment recovered from the Suprosa, but Beltar did not turn the disk in, and perhaps the Commander noticed as Beltar walked out, fiddling with the disk in his hand as he went towards the med bay. Yet no one stopped him. Beltar was staring blankly into the nurse’s face. He had been sitting in this chair for at least 30 minutes. He lost count. Beltar got here late, while the Sarge got to cut a corner and go directly here to help Borris. But now he’s at his debriefing. Who knows what’s going on there. Beltar was remembering how in such a short time, Borris became one of Beltar’s best friends in the Empire. The nurse’s comlink rang. She listened through her earpiece, she gave a sigh and responded: “Yes sir. And the patient is…Well. You know. Almost…there.” The nurse then began to walk towards Beltar and said, “Well. The Sarge and one of the Generals has called you in. I don’t know why. Might have to do with you not turning that…disk in, or with TK-821’s Condition.” Beltar gave a nod. But he didn’t want to move. The nurse asked him to get up again. Beltar didn’t. He was replaying the moment when Borris was shot. And how did they not see the rebels a few meters ahead…And just other outcomes of the event if they had just paid more attention. The nurse then gave him a nudge, and he sprang to his feet, now fully awake, and he just started to walk off. Beltar turned his head and thanked the nurse for what she was doing, with the most mundane voice he had. The nurse seemed to be annoyed with this, but Beltar just kept walking without a care in the world... The nurse turned to the doctor and said, “Alright let’s see what we can do. It’s looking bad.” The doctor agreed. They began treating Borris again, when a piece of equipment malfunctioned, but they proceeded to try, after a couple minutes, they stopped to get something else to attempt to help Borris. Perhaps they didn’t try everything though, because as Beltar closed the door while exiting the hallway next to the room, he heard the flat ring of a malfunctioning piece of equipment. Or what he hoped was a piece of malfunctioning equipment. . . -End- Thank you for reading/looking at this freebuild. Pics are a little blurry/grainy because a storm just rolled in today. (At least it’s raining…) Also I tried to make this build/story in a more serious tone, also, I really liked WickNole’s color choice for his build, so I decided to use it here, as it reminded me of some of the medical places in TCW. As always, C and C welcome! ~Beltar Edit: Forgot to say again: Please Judge this Freebuild!
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    [SoNE Ep. X] Repel and Retreat

    The story so far: First Day Aboard the Avenger At The Table-Before The Storm Rescue Mission Reassigned Eliminating The Competition Target Practice “Here we go again…” Evac Escape A Quick Transaction "Black Sunshine" Repel and Retreat With Beltar’s recent involvement with break-away organizations of the Black Sun, Beltar decided to cut his vacation short. Now we find Beltar with his team boarding the Suprosa after being briefed by none other than Commander Lucas Kirana, and being deployed one of the Empire’s top pilots, Artizan. But Beltar and his medical team may have gotten here a little too late to repel the enemy forces…As they head towards their objectives, it seems the Rebels may have gotten to the computers first. --Around 15 Minutes Ago-- Rebel Transmission: “We are boarding the Suprosa, we should be landing on what appeared to be a major computer station that should have direct access to the main databanks" Imagine this picture has space and more Suprosa hull. The Imperial Officer below heard the hissing of something strange above him…when suddenly he saw the spikes of the rebels modified Dorch-Class boarding ship run through the ceiling of the computer station! He thought he may have been safe, but then he saw the rebels cut an opening right above him… Rebel Commander: Alright boys! Get ready to move! Duros Rebel: We are ready to move in commander. Weequay Rebel: I’m all set. Human Rebel: Sir we are all ready. Remember that you two need to secure the hallway to stop any Imperial advancement. The rebel commander acknowledged this with an nod, and had his team drop below to suprosa surprise the officer beneath them. Hahaha! Terrible joke! Rebel Commander: You! Download the information onto this drive! Imperial Technician: I…I have no idea what you mean! The Rebel officer pointed the gun closer... And held out the disk in one hand. Imperial Technician: On-On second thought…I think I may have something for you. --Presently--Imperials--Location: 2 Corridors from Boarding and Escape Hangars-- Now we join our heroes who have just reached their first checkpoint, before the teams split up, but here they find an injured Storm Trooper, TK-941, and Beltar rushed to his service, instantly administering pain reliever to the soldier. As he treated this soldier, he noticed Lord Tyrus, one of the Shadow Troopers that was following them vanished. Hopefully he was following his objective. TK-941: Thank…you…They-They surprised my unit…My unit is a group of cowards! They all ran but me… Beltar: Save your strength soldier, the ship at the hanger should have more medical equipment that could help you. Sarge signaled the rather out of place Storm Trooper, ZW-461, to get TK-941 to the back-up ship awaiting at the hangar. TK-941: You’ve got to be kidding me lad! An Alien in storm trooper armor? Your unit has set the bar real low for the Empire! Sarge: We all can’t have the best units you know…Those aliens really don’t make us look uniform… Sarge’s eyes followed the nervous Zabrack as he got closer and started helping the wounded soldier get on his feet. Beltar himself never really understood why the Imperials hated having Aliens in their ranks, and Life Day has recently passed, a very alien centered holiday, it seems to annoy many Imperials...Sarge then turned around to speak to Kodan’s Team of pilots who were fixing a leaking power converter before heading off to the bridge, in an attempt to regain complete control of the ships movements. Sarge: Alright, I assume this is where we split up, you take Corridor AA1134 Left, we will head Right, and hopefully we can finish our jobs and get off this lost ship and hopefully we will be able to repel these rebels without any setbacks. Kodan nodded, and signaled us to follow. We eventually broke loose at the Corridor, and embarked on our path through these almost maze-like halls on the Suprosa. Beltar: Those stories about this ship being huge...It’s true. All of it. You know I just had to make another joke with FA. Sarge: Yeah, I was actually stationed here for a day because I transferred right out after seeing these hallways…Worst day on the job. Ever. As they continued down the winding corridors, they had almost arrived at their objective, when they came across a Gonk and Mouse droid: Beltar: What are these guys doing here? Sarge: I…I don’t know, Borris, this is on you, you’re the only one here who can understand these guys. They shouldn't be here. Unless they got lost. Borris gave a short laugh, then he began listening to these droids tales. Borris: Well, EG-89 tells me we got some rebels up ahead. And the mouse droid says. Wait. Their preparing to fire? How do you k-- Without warning, a shot hit Borris on the back of his helmet, Sarge and Beltar instantly rushed to the sides of the hallway. Beltar could eye 2 of them, one was about to come out of the door, but turned back instead. As this happened, the GNK droid waddled away while the mouse droid stayed to watch the show. Beltar: We have no cover out here! Sarge: Rush them, I’ll cover and then I’ll deal with Borris. Got it? Beltar nodded, and Sarge yelled: "Now!" Beltar instantly sprang forward, getting the upperhand on the sitting rebels. After some quick shots, Beltar realized and said to himself: “How did we not see these guys moving down this hallway?” Then he looked out of the corner of his eye and saw Sarge was already treating Borris. It seems Sarge really took this job and his unit very seriously. As long as they weren’t aliens it appears…And it looked like Beltar had to do a hopefully easy job, by himself…Beltar rushed into through the door, gun raised. Rebel Commander: Ha! We have the upperhand! The download just finished, move and I’ll shoot. Beltar gave a slight movement on the barrel of his blaster to signal the officer to get down. And as fast as a the Rebel Alliance falling into a trap, Beltar shot both of the two rebels, they lay on the ground dead. Beltar then realized, “these may be the first Rebels I’ve actually killed….Strange…It’s an odd feeling…” He then walked over to the officer and helped him up. Beltar: Is there any way to wipe this computer? And possibly the other databanks? Imperial Technician: Yes and no. We cannot wipe other databanks on this ship, but we can set up the manual override, just pull down that handle on the wall…And thank you. Beltar handed the Officer his gun while he pulled down the lever. The light on the computer went from green to red. It worked! But then Beltar saw that the Rebels did download something important onto the disk, as its display screen showed it was full, and it was attempting to decrypt the files. Beltar picked it up and just wondered, what was so important that we had to keep these Rebel’s from getting? Instead of breaking it apart…he just held it...He didn’t know why, but he just did. Beltar: Alright, we should get moving back to the escape ship. Hopefully it hasn’t left yet. Imperial Technician: Understood. Hope you took care of that disk. Too much valuable information to be fall into the Rebel’s hands. Beltar showed it to the officer in his hand, and the officer just smiled. To Beltar, this seemed rather odd. As they walked out, Beltar realized that Borris’s condition was serious. Beltar took off his med pack, unfolded it, and attacked it to the other pack. Sarge and Beltar then moved Borris’s body onto it and picked it up without saying a word. Sarge: Well. His condition is very serious, I’ll need better equipment. You, tech-officer. Imperial Technician: Yes? Sarge: Watch our backs, will you? And mouse droid…Hit me if rebels are coming in that way.Huh? Why I trust you? I don’t know…Well this is one fine setback, but at least we accomplished our goal. Repelling these guys. Beltar: Yeah, but this is also a retreat at the same time. They back-tracked their way to through the long and winding hallways to the back-up transport’s hangar, only to find it missing with a soldier laying against the wall unconscious and ZW no where to be seen. Beltar: Wonderful. Maybe we can hitch a ride home with Artizan when all troops are recalled. Unless Kodan and his team succeeds. -End- More Pictures in the spoiler: There are some more closeups of certain shots on my flickr, thanks for reading/looking at these lots of pictures! This build underwent many changes…I was going to greeble the walls behind all of the build to make it more presentable as a whole, but I ran out of parts… Of course. The Rebel ship is based on the droid boarding ship from TCW, if anyone wants some detail pics, just ask. .I also couldn’t resist sneaking in a Force Awakens line in….hehehe…Only 3 weeks away, wow! Note: Any builders mentioned should be a way to tie them in, if it changed when they post their build, I'll edit this post. As always, C and C Welcome! ~Beltar Edit 1: Fixed Story Link after Builder Posted
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    [SoNE 9.2] "Black Sunshine"

    Please Judge this Freebuild Edit: AHHH! Just realized a part fell off before the photoshoot...Please imagine its there! Or Imagine it broke in a fight, and that's what the Imperial Patrol is for The story so far: First Day Aboard the Avenger At The Table-Before The Storm Rescue Mission Reassigned Eliminating The Competition Target Practice “Here we go again…” Evac Escape A Quick Transaction "Black Sunshine" After having missions involving the Black Sun, Beltar finally clocked in enough hours to get some alone time on his home, Coruscant. Beltar’s grandfather was a wealthy political figure in the Republic, but he had got involved in various crime syndicates over the years, he left a bulk of his possessions to his son, including a nearly mint BNTLY-1948 air speeder, one of the rarest, commonly used among the Skull Crime Syndicate back in the day, Beltar assumed this is how this one came into his possession…But first, he had to stop at his old friends, Mak’s, garage shop to pick her up… Mak: Back on Coruscant, eh old friend? I kept ‘er in the best condition I could…Was a trouble to find the parts you was missin’ Beltar: Ha! Good to see you too, always nervous, weren’t you. I’ll give you a check for all those pieces you had to acquire later, the salary of a medical officer in the empire at my level isn’t the best! Also…how many times did you taker her for a spin Mak…? I know you would… Mak: Your salary is probably better than mine down here, in these parts… And uh… Perhaps more than once… It’s a long story, but the thing is that she’s alright right now…! I was surprised that it was in the good condition that you brought it to me in! Beltar: Yea, well my good ol’ grandad loved his air speeders. Sometimes more than us. But, he got involved in some bad people, after the air speeder was shot down, he was killed, by a Corouscant gang, but surprisingly the thing was left in okay condition! Mak: You know the gang’s used to call these babies Black Sunshine’s back in the day, my father told me about it. Because apparently the Black Sun controlled the BNTLY Speeder Inc, and they sold modified ones to their partners, and rigged ones to their rivals… Beltar: I guess I learn something new every day, whether it be how to save a life or something about the Sun’s. Anyways, I should get going, vacations don’t come often! Mak: Aight ol friend! Perhaps later, I can buy you a drink! Same time as before? Beltar: Of course! Later than day while Beltar went for a ride on some familiar streets that he hasn’t seen since he joined the academy… He drove by the Falcon district, near the Eagle Bar… Something clicked in Beltar’s head. This area was controlled by the Skull Crime Syndicate, and the crate he shipped earlier this month…had the symbol of the Eagle Bar, a known hangout of the Skull C.S… As he noticed this, he spotted an air speeder out of the corner of his eye, and of course, they noticed him. And another light went off in his head, he then remembered he had seen one of them while delivering the crate, he must’ve been there to spy on the Imperials… “Gotta warn Sarge later,” Beltar muttered under his breath. And suddenly, shots fired, a chase started. Beltar knew he had to lose the Skull’s somehow, since the BNTLY-1942 was one of the smallest models built from BNYLY Speeders Inc., he saw a slight chance of fitting into the street, and he could get into alleys easier this way… Beltar: “Just a little lower, come on…” “COME ON BOYS, SHOOT HIM! YOUR AIMS IS WORSE THAN STORMIES!” “Yea, yea, yea, bossman, we got this!” “You’re all idiots….Keep firing…” “Aw, almost got him! Watch out for pedestrians though!” “SERIOUSLY? WE CAN”T LET HIM GET AWAY!” “Why bossman?” “That’s the Imp I saw on N.E.! And that’s Mr. Beltar’s BNTLY somehom!….Ha, coincidences! Lovely, lovely thing!” "Yea! We'll get 'im!" “Run! Run for our lives!” “Move! Outta my way!” “No respect for bystanders!” “THAT VIOLATES 11 CODES!” Sarge: “Wait. Is that Beltar?” “Maybe Imperials? Gotta run!” Shortly after this event, Beltar managed to lose the Skull’s through a tight alley maze, the engines where almost shot, and Beltar knew he was going to have to get this speeder fixed again. Hopefully the Skull’s don’t come looking for Mak’s Garage…or Beltar… This time, I tried to write far more than my other freebuild, because that wasn’t the best build or story wise at all. I also get better photographs! Anyways, hope you liked the build and story! C and C welcome! ~Beltar
  21. Commander Beltar

    [SoNE Ep. IX] A Quick Transaction

    The story so far: First Day Aboard the Avenger At The Table-Before The Storm Rescue Mission Reassigned Eliminating The Competition Target Practice “Here we go again…” Evac Warning: Pic Heavy! Welcome to Jon’s Spaceport! Home of the original Spacewaffle! (In atmosphere) Air Space Patrol: State your business. Sarge: Look, I'm sure your busy, we need a quick landing to deliver a some medical supplies. Air Space Patrol: What kind of supplies? Sarge: Look, my friend is 'hurt' and he needs some help. Air Space Patrol: Alright, but before you land I have some more questions. Sarge: Look, I don't feel like answering anymore questions. But we will be landing at Jon's spaceport, send the local police if your so worried! And bill the Empire to make up for it! Ugh. Air Space Patrol: Will Do. Sarge:Your Funeral Air Space Patrol: What did you say? I can have you shot down! Sarge: Nothing. Just shut up please and let me land. Sarge: Let’s get this over with! Flying literally half a Gozanti is slow! The 3 disguised Imperial medical officers walked over to a guard to show their landing permit to before completing a quick transaction... Sarge: Alright, alright, here’s our landing permit! And a couple credits to buy us some time…Or else…. The guard took a quick glance at it, scanned it, and let them on their way. As the three medical officers approached their client, an Imperial Officer stopped them. IAA Female Officer: Good, you boys are here. Dajyra the Hutt upset…your behind schedule. By FOUR hours! Boris: We had t- IAA Female Officer: I don’t wanna hear it! Move along now! Sarge: Understood Sir. The officer was clearly upset, so they quickly walked over to the Hutt. Beltar and Boris where startled at what they saw as a guard approached them... Nemoidian Guard: Halt! State your business before approaching the illustrious Dajyra the Hutt! Sarge: We are here for your Master’s… “Medical Supplies” according to my transaction papers. Beltar and Boris where almost speechless at the age of the Hutt...Almost... Beltar: By the Emperor…They raise ‘em real, real young… Dajyra: Silence before I have your head! Give me the transaction paper. Leave the crate. And be done with it! Sarge: Excuse my friend… Here you go your highness…We will be leaving now before the local police arrive…. The transaction was very quick and painless but they had to move fast before someone noticed the obvious Black Sun Transport... Sarge: See Beltar, that over there is top notch bargaining practice. But, scum are scum, so not here. Alright boys, let’s go now…oh come on! BORIS! COME ON! Beltar: Ha, gotta try some of those things you told me about on this planet someday.. BORIS! Boris: Uh, Coming! Sarge thought they where in the clear, but then the officer started to approach again. Hopefully she wouldn't blow their cover... IAA Female Officer: I will file this report ASAP, the Emperor wishes to know. We will leave through a different port to leave little trace. Drop the Black Sun Transport off at Mustufar, and take a shuttle to Coruscant. Sarge: Understood. Let's move out! Beltar, remove the crate ASAP! Beltar: Right. Boris: Fun stuff... Beltar unhooked the crate and Boris ignited the engines and they where off to Mustufar for their next mission on Coruscant... The Hutt began to approach his item... Dajyra: Mwahahaha! Those fools! IAA Female Officer: Alright, let’s get off this planet quick. I never want to come back here again. IAA Male Officer: This planet sucks. Jon: Spacewaffle? Both IAA Officers facepalmed. ===================================================================================== Side Stories Within the Build/Details Extra Pics Below! Stop by for our original spacewaffles anytime! ===================================================================================== So many images so little time…. I added lots of little details so I hope you looked through all of the pics one of my favorite details I added was the partial black sun logo on the top of the ship, as seen in one of the SW:TCW episodes on a Gozanti cruiser. Also, since I used natural lighting, there are some pics where light reflected of the lens so it looks a little weird. Hope you liked this build and story! C and C welcome! ~Beltar
  22. Commander Beltar

    [SoNE Freebuild 9.1] Evac Escape

    Please Judge this build! The story so far: First Day Aboard the Avenger At The Table-Before The Storm Rescue Mission Reassigned Eliminating The Competition Target Practice “Here we go again…” Er, photography on this build was terrible…But I must get this done! Somewhere on one of the Northern Ridges on Rishi’s Moon: TK-1313: Sir. *Cough Blood* Do you…re-really think anyone is…is coming? Commander Weisson: Well…I don’t really know…Stay with me soldier. Later: Boris: Found ‘Em! Hurry Up! Ha! We beat ol’ Scout! Beltar: Jace! Er, Commander! Sarge: Wait, son, might be some Rebe- Boris: Let ‘im have this sir… Sarge: Fine, but I want at least one person on lookout just in case there is some Rebel activity near here… Commander Weisson: *Cough* Beltar? Thank the Emperor…How’d you end up on medical duty? Beltar: Aw come on Jace, of course I’d be here! You save someone from the Coruscant Underworld, gotta return the favor sometime! Now let’s get you up. Sarge: Come on men! Load TK-1313 on the stretcher. Let me help the Commander up! Sarge: Alright, Beltar, get the pain reliever, that should help. *Scout over Comm* Sir! Rebels approaching! Get outta there fast!* Sarge: Roger that, Team 2 report. *Team 2 Report!* TK-4712: Sir, Y-Wings incoming! PULSAR BOMBS! RUN MEN RU- *Team 2 REPORT!* TK-3478: Sirr…. Get out while you can….Everyone but Rak and me is dead…GO! Arg, REBELS INCOMIN! *static* Sarge: Wonderful…We gotta move NOW! Tell Kirk and the scout to take the camp down and to stay low with that walker! Tell them about the bombers! Sarge: Come on men, come on! Move it! Later: *After returning to base camp and being attacked by some Rebels here and there* Pilot: This is Imperial Evac Barge 25, prepare for our landing! Sh*t, Y-Wings inbound, better get here quick! Sarge: Roger that Clurg!! Pilot: All right, Kirk is magnetized. Let’s go home! *SSD Massacre, coming in for a landing* Thanks for reading! Hope you enjoyed the build and story! (Again sorry for the bad photo quality and please judge this freebuild!) C and C welcome! ~Beltar
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    [K - D09] Turmoil

    Location: D04 Magrathera Tags: Military, Civil The moment that all some have been waiting for (part II)! Continuing basically where we left off… ============================================================================================================================ *static* Begin Log, Chapter 1, Part 016, Nu’q: I’m…sorry. *Gunshot* (Note, real gun, not blaster, thus blood) Beltar and his friends were forced to retreat….being pursued by Madame Kawashita. Nu’q activated a com beacon for any Kawashita Guards around to converge on their Location…Kawashita Dark Ops was very, very close by. Jeb: Come on, come on! Quickly now! Dang, Dark Ops! Beltar; Yeah, yeah yeah, my arm is gushin’ out blood if you haven’t noticed! Robin: Shoot. Kraig: We are surrounded! Jeb: Everyone stop. Just wait. All of them would be branded criminals in Kawashita…if they weren’t already. Jeb: I’m sorry, but- *Poof* Beltar: Screw Octan. And Mantis. And Kawashita. Lauren: That sonuva- Robin: Look my friends, a mustache-man approaches. Beltar: Doctor Markam, and your little slave, Mr. Petere. Markam: Silence. I helped save your life! The LEAST you can do is respect me! Beltar; Like that’ll happen. Markam: Disarm them. All of the guards near them grabbed all of their equipment and threw it in a pile… Markam: Madame, would you please remove Lauren from this… disturbance. Madame Kawashita: As you wish. Lauren: Wait, wait! WAIT! Sonja! Beltar! BELTAR! Sonja: … Beltar: NOOOOOOOO! You’re a monster Markam… Markam: I know. Lauren: BELTAR! Markam: Time for Kraig. Kraig: What, what, what, Doctor, we can work something out? Hehehe? Markam: You will be reprocessed. And perhaps re-brainwashed. Kraig: …Si-… Beltar: Please…Spare him. Markam. NO, you know what, now I need to set an example. ARCHER, on your knees. Robin: No need to push mate! Beltar: No. You don’t have to do this Doctor. Markam: You have pushed me to the extremes. Robin: It was a…memorable journey to say the least my friend. Good-bye. Beltar: Ah screw my life. Good-bye. *Blaster Shot* Beltar looks at the body, wondering if he is next…. Markam: Alright come on you fool. You’re going to finally await trial… Sonja: I…I’m sorry….I…didn’t realize what would happen…Forgi- Beltar: I will never forgive you. Rom. Or even Rod. Nu’q gave a nudge because of a datachip in his hand… Nu’q: Beltar, keep moving. Beltar: ….Thank you…… Nu’q: Move along. That chip could be Beltar’s way out. Markam: Get someone to clean that up fool! Dark Guard: As you command. Close Log, Chapter 1, Part 016 kszzz ============================================================================================================================ Back to extra pics! Thanks for reading this new installment in Beltar’s story. Basically, Beltar is screwed right now, every ally except Nu’q is gone….I can't believe I just 'killed' Robin... Hope you liked the build and story. I’d like to say that some of this story included what Nuck character would actually do in this situation (No, he did not suggest killing Robin.). As always, C and C welcome! ~Beltar
  24. Commander Beltar

    [K-D09] Madame Kawashita Presents...

    Location: D04 Magrathera Tags: Military, Civil The moment that all some have been waiting for! ============================================================================================================================ *static* Begin Log, Chapter 1, Part 015, *Beltar has been wandering corridors for some time now* … Madame K: Welcome Mr. Beltar, have a seat. Beltar: … Beltar: You must be the-the- M ad-Madame Kawashita in-in charge of the K.A.W.A.S.H.I.T.A. division? I knew this was a trap. You locked certain corridors Madame K: Right you are. I believe you know who that woman in that chair is? Beltar: So-Sorry to disappoint but I don’t know. (Woman in chair): Aw, I feel almost insulted! Well, I guess you did have memory loss… Madame K: Mr. Beltar, meet Lauren A. Beltar. Beltar: WHAT. THE. ACTUAL. HECK. Beltar: I’LL TAKE YOU ALL ON FOR THIS! Madame K: Well, you are alone. Beltar: Who said anything about being alone? Madame K: What do you mean? Beltar: You locked corridors, but not computer sockets...Computer? *Over an inter-com* This is Computer: 38.5% Of Kawashita Base Programs Over-Ridden Madame K: NO! Shame, you will have to die now. Beltar: NEVER!...Computer? Madame K: Looks like your computer is having trouble getting past certain firewalls. To bad…Looks like you will have to take us on alone… *Explosion at the door way* Robin: He is not alone. Hello my friend! Beltar: Robin? Robin: Yes! I escaped with some help. And my hat is here! I also found these new goggles in their storage! Beltar: Who helped you? Robin: Oh, yeah, I brought them too! Kraig: You were expecting maybe, Squirrel Girl? Jeb: The offer is still up by the way. Beltar: I’ll consider it again later….WAIT, KRAIG! Kraig: YE-HA! Madame K: Wonderful, Sonja, Please protect Mrs. Beltar. Don’t let your personal attachment get in the way. *An all-out fight started* Jeb vs Rom Jeb: Take that you Kawash*t! (I needed to use that eventually) Madame Kawashita Vs. Robin Robin: My dear, I can’t fight y- aye-aye-aye. That HURT! Madame K: It’s supposed to fool! Beltar Vs. Pilot Beltar: To-to thi-think that when you saved me it was all for this! Pilot: … Eventually, Lauren Beltar decided to join in after stealing the staff from her sister, and a sibling battle began. Lauren: I’ve always been better than you! Sonja: Well, look where that got you! And who! An INSANE MANIAC! Lauren: You know, the only reason your in Kawashita is because of ME! With the ENGINE! Kraig Vs. Rodrigo Kraig: I never see this much action! Not even in the Mail Room! And there’s lots of action in there! Rodrigo: AHHHH! Kraig: I Thought you wanted action? (Forgot what build to link to here..) Rodrigo: I did. SPARE ME! Kraig: heaheaheaheahea! ... Nu’q: Come on man…Time to pick a side. Nu’q: You. Nu’q: Or you. Close Log, Chapter 1, Part 015 kszzz ============================================================================================================================ Hey, no more extra pics! There is one, but it’s a slight variation of a picture, so I just left it in the photostream on flickr. Back to longer stories hopefully! And this build is better than some of my recent builds. Also, this is a Part 1 of probably 3. Finally a look at Lauren, a huge fight, and Kraig is back! Who will Nu’q Shoot? Find out next time! (Same Bat-Channel, probably not the same Bat-Time!) And as always, C and C welcome! ~Beltar Edit: Story Error...
  25. Commander Beltar

    [K - D09] Survival Instinct and... Rats...

    Location: D04 Magrathera Tags: Beltar in Exile (Got nothing….) ============================================================================================================================ *static* Begin Log, Chapter 1, Part 014, Exile. My good old friends…Ha-haven-haven’t talked to yall in a wh-while. I got nothing to live for at this point. I’ve been betrayed by Kawashita. Dumped here by Octan. And MANTIS caught me in a bad mood. Ever had the idea to hold a sword too your neck and drop it? No? You are not in my sh-sh-shoes then… Ha..Ha…Ha….Then there’s: r-ra-ra-ra-rats. Rats…Rats…Wondrous Rats… Hehehe….Computer? That old piece of ju-ju-jun-junk? I…decommissioned h-hi-him. I still got his memory di-di-dis-disk…But I considered myself alone even before I…deactivated…him. Hehe! I will beat these machines….ugh… What. The. Absolute. ****. Is that a Robbinhood Rat? This is one s-s-si-sic-sick planet…It really ca-c-can change m-m-my mi-n-d. What…is…ha-hap-happe---happening to m-e… This is one sick planet. This is one sick planet. This is one sick planet. This is one sick planet (This was supposed to go all the way to font size 1, but pasting it is restricting me...) *Silence* Epilogue: I-i-s….t-t-th—tha-that…a…s-se-sett-settle—settleme---settlement. People. Who is my unlucky victim today? Close Log, Chapter 1, Part 014 kszzz ============================================================================================================================ Overview of the build in the spoiler: Back to completely insane Beltar! I didn’t have time nor a good enough Idea for category B…So I whipped this up as fast as I could, also the reason the picture quality is worse… Hope you liked this build and story! Even if the story is definitely shorter than what I've done before like Tappudansu, at least there's far less pictures! And as always, C and C welcome! ~Beltar