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  1. Hello, returning member here signing up for Kaliphlin. I didn't get to participate as much as I would have liked in Book II but I'm hoping to change that with this new character. Also, I'll try to get a better photo up soon. Artorias is a warrior and member of the Majai, a mysterious order who has sworn to protect Kaliphlin from the shadows. Having lost his mother at birth, he was raised by the Majai after his father surrendered him to the order before passing away in combat shortly afterwards. Growing up in the Majai's remote monastery he was trained in the arts of swordsmanship and archery since his childhood. He proved to have promising talent but his adventurous personality would often invite trouble. Though despite his youthful recklessness, he has dedicated himself to the protection and prosperity of the people of Kaliphlin.
  2. Merc4Hire

    EB LEGO Star Wars Forum: Factions (coming this fall)

    This has me most intrigued!
  3. 10xp you say, sounds tempting. Though I don't know if I have the pieces for a large-scale Mimban but I'll definitely give it a go. Also @MKJoshA on the character index, I believe I should have 42xp.
  4. Merc4Hire

    Episode XVII: The Battle For Endor

    Congrats to the winners and everyone who kept this contest going and thriving! Really was impressed with how many builds and stories everyone was able to make. Looking forward to SoNE 2.0 and planning on participating much more as well.
  5. Merc4Hire

    AG - Introduction and Discussion

    Hey, I had a question on faction colors. For Mantis, can I use black with orange bits as a substitute or is it strictly black and lime green. This is only for my sig-fig and personal vehicles.
  6. "This is Commander Ulric, we have broken through the rebel line." "Very good commander. My team will meet you 3 klicks from your position. Keep pushing forward." "Copy that. The rebels will have no idea whats waiting for them. They're finished." "Affirmative commander. This war ends today."
  7. Merc4Hire

    [Ep. XVII] [Empire] [Week 26] Rough Terrain Ahead

    I agree, brilliantly executed! Really like the spiral design and the base is also well detailed. Well done as always.
  8. Merc4Hire

    A Risky Endeavor

    Never get tired of seeing your creations; fantastic work on this! The rock-work is brilliantly done, especially loving the top mid-section, and the bits of shrubbery are a nice touch. The dragon is also very nicely designed all around with just the right amount of jagged pieces. Another excellent build Soccerkid6
  9. Merc4Hire

    Episode XVII: The Battle For Endor

    This is a really cool idea, its like a tactical rpg. Can't wait to get started!
  10. Merc4Hire

    Scarlet's Scarlet Brothel

    Excellent entry Kahir! I like the modular design and stonework; nicely done Also, I'm interested to see where you take this Brotherhood series.
  11. Merc4Hire

    Guilds of Historica New Member Guide

    Hey guys, not sure if this is the place to ask but I've been having some trouble with the spoiler option. I tried adding a spoiler into my post but it instead put the whole post in a spoiler and I can't seem to remove it. Does anyone know how to solve this problem?
  12. Merc4Hire

    Who's Laughing Now?

    I agree, you did a splendid job with how you arranged the 1x1 tiles and the lantern is very cleverly designed! And the story-bit has a comical sense to it. Well done
  13. Hey guys, back with a new freebuild
  14. Ch. 1 - Ruins of Erendir With no leads and desperate to find Osiris, Aravorn grew impatient and so decided to trust in Thruk's word. Thus, he traveled to the Siccus Badlands where stumbled upon something unexpected. As Aravorn delved deeper into the plains of the Siccus Badlands, he heard the sound of a rumbling that kept growing louder and louder. At first it did not worry him much. After all, he knew of stories about the monolithic beasts that lived in Nocturnus. Instead, he wondered if he would finally catch a glimpse of them. Curious, he followed the rumbling and got as close as he could. When he did, Aravorn peaked over one of the rocky hills but was astonished at the sight he did not imagine to see. "By the lords... its a siege beast...", he proclaimed as the creature roared its loud cry. Stunned by their sheer size, Aravorn almost couldn't look away. At least until his eyes were drawn to an even more troubling sight below. "And an invasion force of hundreds...". His innocent curiosity quickly became deadly concerns. "Why are they mobilizing their soldiers? The war is over?". Aravorn wondered in deep thought until he was interrupted by a coming group of soldiers. "Get moving! Pharan expects us to be there by dawn. Now march!", the commander shouted. Aravorn quickly hid himself atop the cliffside. "Looks like that tip from Thruk was right", Aravorn said to himself. And as he secretly watched the passing soldiers go by he noticed their distinct armor. "Its the Toraga people, the barbarian tribe of half man and half orc. I did not expect that they would join Osiris' ranks, especially since they don't do well with taking orders. But I shouldn't be surprised, after all they do revel in the pride of brute strength. Still, why would they join the defeated Spire?". Aravorn quietly pondered as he noticed two soldiers part from the line. "Look at 'em, barking Pharan's orders. Here we are breaking our backs while that filthy Pharan sits in his throne room all day". "Aye, I heard its cause he gets special treatment. Something about him being one of Lord Osiris' favorites. Even gave him the fortress near the mountain range of Grum, or what's left of it anyway". "That spoiled filth ain't no warrior! He ain't deserving of a fortress". The disgruntled two continued to banter with each other. "Looks like they're not on good terms with Pharan", Aravorn thought. "But they're still following his orders and now they're headed to a fortress on the mountain's of Grum. That's all I need to know". Aravorn unsheathed his sword. "Wait, did you hear something?", the two unsuspecting soldiers looked unto the hill beside them only to see Aravorn's blade strike them down and so quickly that they could not react. With this new information, Aravorn's doubt had ceased and his new-found certainty made him all the more eager. "Stay where you are Pharan. I'm coming for you". ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Hey guys, I'm back with a recent weekend build and this time with the AT-AT walkers of the Castle universe, a war elephant. This build is actually based on [DustyBricks] brilliant Lord of the Rings Oliphant. I took a few liberties with the design, primarily with the basket. And although I unfortunately didn't have the wedge pieces to make my ideal basket design, overall I'm satisfied with the end result. As for the story, this was a bit of a rushed chapter since I haven't had much free time, but I thought it at-least got things moving. So tell me what you guys think and thanks for viewing. EDIT: Also, please ignore the spoiler tag. I screwed something up that put this entire post in a spoiler; many apologies