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  1. Merc4Hire

    May the 4th Contest - 2022

    Wow those great prizes! Best of luck to everyone who participates!
  2. Merc4Hire

    [MOC] A Soiree In The Scrubland

    A most excellent looking build! I especially really like the shaping on the building.
  3. That's exactly the one I was thinking of actually
  4. If LEGO does end up releasing more AOTC sets sometime soon, I would love to see a remake of the hailfire droid.
  5. Merc4Hire

    [I9-Selvais-FF] - the meeting

    Neat little scene! I like the wall gaps and interesting way of incorporating Luke into your story.
  6. Great work on all the vegetation! Very lush and detailed.
  7. Great work on the atmosphere, nicely captures the neon city look! I also like the forced perspective shot.
  8. @RocketBoy Thanks for the kind words, glad to hear it looked good! I am on Discord, though I'm still new to it so I'm still trying to get familiar with all its bells and whistles
  9. Meeko Vox, leader of a small crime syndicate looking to make it into the spice running business. He was an elusive target but after interrupting several of his operations he finally showed himself on Nar Shaddaa. Word is he's been working closely with The Imperial Triumvirate, providing them access to shipment routes for supplies. Chances are he knows where I can find the Triumvir hiding in the outer rim. Whether you want to or not, Meeko, you're going to tell me what I want to know. ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Finally got to build for the Black Sun. I took some liberties with Nar Shaddaa and tried to go for the more industrial undercity look, something a bit akin to Bespin's undercity. Let me know what you guys think and thanks for viewing.
  10. Merc4Hire

    [H10-Jedha-FF] Bad Soldiers Follow Orders

    Wow this looks fantastic! The greeble work is really well done and the overall design is quite streamlined.
  11. Fantastic probe droid! Great design and well done on the bulbous look.
  12. Merc4Hire

    [K12 - Kalist VI - TT] Rebel Interrogation

    I agree, good looking build. It has an imperial look to it.
  13. Merc4Hire

    Faction: Black Sun

    Merc has returned to serve the Black Sun!
  14. Merc4Hire

    Economy Contest Voting Thread

    I vote for 5 and 13
  15. Neat build! I like the bed design and the doorway. Also enjoyed the story, the conversation flowed naturally.