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  1. [SoNE Freebuild - XV-I] Recognition

    Great narrative as always and the well done on the figures and build, definitely looks very Star Wars-y!
  2. Welcome new members! Also, any news on when the next episode will begin?
  3. Welcome aboard @Lord Buckethead! Great name indeed
  4. [SoNE Freebuild] Jail Break!

    Neat corridor build and it looks like a new(?) character has been added to your story. I like the two action shots and the grate pieces are a nice touch, especially from the front-view angle.
  5. Also requesting a sig-fig picture change please
  6. [SoNE Freebuild] Prison Life

    Awesome work! I really like this build, especially the cell doors design and the way they protrude. Also enjoyed reading the chapter and the whole prison break/heist vibe with the unique team members. Well done.
  7. Episode XV: Operation Eclipse

    Definitely a fun episode with lots of great entries. Congrats to Commander Beltar and Cody Startale! Would also like to see more cross-contests, here and in other RPGs.
  8. [SoNE Ep. XV] Skyhook – Top of the Class

    This was downright awesome; so much SW goodness! The video set the scene perfectly. The photography in these shots is top-notch with the mix of micro and minifig-scaled models. Also great work on the micro-ships, especially loving the Star-destroyer and Outrider. All around, great entry.
  9. [SoNE Ep XV] - Sewers - In through the out flow

    Really outstanding build! Loving the scale of the entire pipe and the sewage water. Not to mention the other pipes and platform. Fantastic stuff man
  10. [SoNE Ep. XV] Skyhook - Ship for Hire

    Really is an incredible ship! The fact that its modeled after a micro build and captured perfectly in minifig-scale makes this that much more amazing. Well done
  11. When I was assigned my first mission as ISB, I didn't imagine I would be on another rahtar chase after the Black Sun Syndicate. To think It wasn't too long ago that I was hunting Xizor's spies back on Tatooine with Ulric's unit. Except this time was different. We weren't on some outer rim planet and the target wasn't some petty traitor. This time, the mark was no other than Prince Xizor. Apparently he's been biting off more than he can chew. I wasn't given the details, but ISB wanted him captured at all costs. Several teams of storm commandos were dispatched to push through Xizor's palace. But as it turns out, we weren't the only ones. The rebels had a mission of their own at the palace. Given the circumstances, we weren't allowed to fire on any rebel forces. The mercenaries, however, was a different story. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Hey guys, back with a bit of a rushed/quick build for this challenge(ran out of time but I figured somethings better than nothing, right). I took a bit of creative freedom and modeled Xizor's palace after Tatooine architecture. Since Xizor always reminded me of Djinns, I thought Tatooine's middle-eastern-like design fit his character's look. Hope you guys like it, tell me what you think and thanks for viewing!
  12. [SoNE Freebuild XIV-I] Welcome to the Rebellion

    Fantastic scene! You definitely captured the Rebel base look with the control panel area and even made a very fitting nice addition. I also like the Freemakers cameo, makes the story feel connected with the SW universe.
  13. [SoNE Ep. XV] Xizor's Palace - Entry Door 0429

    Splendid scene and layout! Definitely captures that Coruscant/Imperial hallway look. I especially like the slanted wall and the dining room is impressively well done. Most excellent work indeed.
  14. [SoNE Ep. XV - Black Sun ] Sewers - Low battery

    Impressive Black Sun entry! The build looks great, big and detailed. I like all the various sewage tanks and sewage water(and is that a Dianoga monster I spot, very nice touch). The rock-work is also especially well done. All around, great stuff.
  15. Laesonar 5 - Healing Wounds

    Great story thus far indeed The build looks great as well. I'm especially liking the largest tree, lots of vegetation and the mushrooms are a nice touch. Also liking the rock formations, I feel the clean uniform look is a nice contrast to the rubble-look of the terrain and shrubbery. All around, great stuff here, can't wait to see more of Laesonar's travels.