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  1. I think you underestimate LEGO designers. in private, most of them build or used to build models on stellar level so it is not a matter of AT-AT being "too difficult" for them. It's all about the rules they must follow as toy designers. Even sets marked 14+ must be robust to a certain degree and buildable for a single person. Unfortunately, AT-AT is, by definition, a very delicate construct and a huge one is extremely hard to assemble for one person. For these two reasons either we'll never get a truly UCS version of this machine or we'll get a big, simplified AT-AT with extra-thick legs, which will cause a massive outcry from adult fans. Actually, the only solution to avoid that is adding some kind of support structure (a stable building to which the model could be anchored) but that would easily double the part count and, consequently, dumbed down the AT-AT itself. All in all, I can't see possibility a REALLY GOOD model of AT-AT in forseable future - but it has nothing to do with LEGO designers' abilities.
  2. dmaclego

    [MOC] Project: Endor

    Project: Endor visited Skaerbaek Fan Weekend in the last days of September. The crew of Beyond the Brick were there as well and I was asked to talk a bit about my work. I'm still determined to create my own film presentation of Project: Endor but in the meantime - here's what BtB guys recorded:
  3. dmaclego

    [MOC] Project: Endor

    Thanks, Jarek. And yes, it is evolving all the time - if not in real bricks, then only in my head, but yest, it is :) . However, implementing changes gets more and more difficult, since with each improvement there is less and less space for another. And I mean it quite literally. With each overhaul more and more parts are becoming "essential" for proper work of mechanisms and cannot be moved/removed/miniaturised. But new ideas keep coming, so... no, it's never over :) . Daniel - sorry, but no chance for instructions. Unless you're absurdly rich and willing to support me and my family for several months, of course :D . Thanks for your kind words, anyway.
  4. dmaclego

    [MOC] Star Wars: The X-Wing Story

    Great job, Jarek! Obviously, you sacrificed certain details (landing gear and guns accuracy, for instance) to make the model buildable for any buyer but overall shape is spot on. I would even say it's as good as possible until we get a proper X-wing windscreen, which is not going to happen antytime soon, I'm afraid. Slightly bent sidewalls make it even more similar to the original. Congratulations!
  5. dmaclego

    [MOC] Project: Endor

    Two quarter domes are 6 studs tall and my shuttle's hull is only 5 studs tall (and still a bit too thick, by the way). So yeah, it's a neat solution but for a bigger model - like the official 10212 or Marshal Banana's Tydirium.
  6. Gosh, now I envy you - I never thought about DRAWING my own instructions back in the 80's! :) What a sweet reminder of childhood. Boy, those were the days! Just a handful of bricks was enough to build ANYTHING.
  7. dmaclego

    [MOC] Project: Endor

    Is it the one in 1:144 scale? I wondered more than once, so maybe you can tell me: how tall is it? Did they calculate the scale according to formerly official numbers (15 m), currently official numbers (20 m) or used even more realistic appraisal (some 22-23 meters)? About leg pivot point - yes, fortunately I knew that and in my model it's exactly as it should be. Plus, the bigger parabolas are NOT attached to the belly. Only the smaller ones. Didn't know about the neck though (if that's a faithful copy of studio model, that is). In my model the whole neck is somewhat flexible, both vertically and horizontally.
  8. dmaclego

    [MOC] Project: Endor

    Thank you, guys. And here is the AT-AT's gallery although nothing's changed there since 2015 ;) :
  9. dmaclego

    [MOC] Project: Endor

    OK, it looks like my Project: Endor will never be over... Inspired by Marshal Banana's shuttle and forced by malfunctions that plagued my Lambda model, I decided to give it a major overhaul. Completely new cockpit, red lights under belly and white over the landing ramp (exactly as in the movie), improved ramp mechanism, brand new mechanics for landing gear flaps, blue exhaust lights... The list is very long :) . Not to mention changes to the landing platform: new mechanism that elevates the shuttle, new cables, steel rods installed permanently in the platform and many, many other improvements. Currently I'm working on adding the red LEDS to boarding ramps of the landing platform itself but I'm not sure I'll manage to finish that before the last weekend of September (Skaerbaek fan event, Denmark). And here's some visuals to illustrate the progress with the shuttle: New lights with old cockpit: (I hope the movie works here... no it doesn't so click the picture to see the movie on flickr) Joined The Light Side by Maciej Szymański, on Flickr Old shuttle, new cockpit: Lambda in flight by Maciej Szymański, on Flickr "Chin" details: Lambda - cockpit guts by Maciej Szymański, on Flickr Exhaust lights (darkened here, bright as hell in reality ;) ): Lambda - rear parts by Maciej Szymański, on Flickr And finally - a comparison pic, courtesy of Marshal Banana: Lambda cockpit comparison by Maciej Szymański, on Flickr That's it for now but, as I said, time has proven that it's never really over...
  10. dmaclego


    I'm glad you published these pics while your model is still a WIP because, if you don't mind, there's something I'd like to show you - to make your model even better. Please, take a look at the picture below. Upper part is your model, of course, lower part is the original studio model. It's all about the proportions: red line vs blue line. Your "cam" part is much chubbier than the original. Like 33% chubbier, to be more specific. And it shows, I'm afraid. And not only mathematics is against you in this - it's also about the aesthetics: you chose to make your "cam" nice and curvy, while in the original it's all straight lines, rounded only at the ends. I truly hope you'll find some time and patience to correct this, adding another strong point to your otherwise very nice model.
  11. dmaclego

    The Journey back to Echo Base

    What an ambitious project, Cehnot. Kudos to you for a thorough research. I guess you're going to need a supercomputer to process the whole file once it done ;) . I'll keep my fingers crossed for you, hoping to see your creation built in real bricks (somewhere in not too distant future ;)). Good luck!
  12. dmaclego

    [MOC] Project: Endor

    Maybe I could, with my wife's kind permission, by how on Earth can one SEND a massage?! :D OK, PM sent, LukeBrickwalker. Hopefully the system will allow you to respond. ***** BTW, just today I received another question via Flickrmail and I thought an update here might be useful, so here it goes: thank you for your kind words but no, building instruction for Project: Endor are not - and will not - be available :) .
  13. dmaclego

    Minifigure scale AT-AT with 1 brick wide legs?

    There are Technic beams 1x15 in the upper, tapered part of thighs; the rest is just brick built. Also, the vertical 1x8 tiles on the front and rear part of each leg are somewhat structural, joining the bricks. That's not much, of course, but ANY reinforcement is important when the model is so tall and, by definition, so unstable.
  14. dmaclego

    Minifigure scale AT-AT with 1 brick wide legs?

    If your model is to be similar in size to Cavegod's, you won't be able to have legs just one stud thick. Even with two stud thick legs such huge models are extremely unstable. The ones from Hoth MOC are much smaller and even they have, effectively, two stud thick knees (including the exposed knee joints) and upper thighs. There are, of course, some simple SNOT techniques that would allow you to avoid visible anti-studs but in my opinion these would weaken the legs even more. Anyway, good luck with your project!
  15. dmaclego

    75204 Sandspeeder REVIEW

    Thank you so much! I was about to ask :) . The helmets are gorgeous. And the rest of the pilot minifigs - well, could be a nice material for, say, a Gray Squadron of X-wings in some huge Yavin IV project :) .