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  1. dmaclego


    I'm glad you published these pics while your model is still a WIP because, if you don't mind, there's something I'd like to show you - to make your model even better. Please, take a look at the picture below. Upper part is your model, of course, lower part is the original studio model. It's all about the proportions: red line vs blue line. Your "cam" part is much chubbier than the original. Like 33% chubbier, to be more specific. And it shows, I'm afraid. And not only mathematics is against you in this - it's also about the aesthetics: you chose to make your "cam" nice and curvy, while in the original it's all straight lines, rounded only at the ends. I truly hope you'll find some time and patience to correct this, adding another strong point to your otherwise very nice model.
  2. dmaclego

    The Journey back to Echo Base

    What an ambitious project, Cehnot. Kudos to you for a thorough research. I guess you're going to need a supercomputer to process the whole file once it done ;) . I'll keep my fingers crossed for you, hoping to see your creation built in real bricks (somewhere in not too distant future ;)). Good luck!
  3. dmaclego

    [MOC] Project: Endor

    Maybe I could, with my wife's kind permission, by how on Earth can one SEND a massage?! :D OK, PM sent, LukeBrickwalker. Hopefully the system will allow you to respond. ***** BTW, just today I received another question via Flickrmail and I thought an update here might be useful, so here it goes: thank you for your kind words but no, building instruction for Project: Endor are not - and will not - be available :) .
  4. dmaclego

    Minifigure scale AT-AT with 1 brick wide legs?

    There are Technic beams 1x15 in the upper, tapered part of thighs; the rest is just brick built. Also, the vertical 1x8 tiles on the front and rear part of each leg are somewhat structural, joining the bricks. That's not much, of course, but ANY reinforcement is important when the model is so tall and, by definition, so unstable.
  5. dmaclego

    Minifigure scale AT-AT with 1 brick wide legs?

    If your model is to be similar in size to Cavegod's, you won't be able to have legs just one stud thick. Even with two stud thick legs such huge models are extremely unstable. The ones from Hoth MOC are much smaller and even they have, effectively, two stud thick knees (including the exposed knee joints) and upper thighs. There are, of course, some simple SNOT techniques that would allow you to avoid visible anti-studs but in my opinion these would weaken the legs even more. Anyway, good luck with your project!
  6. dmaclego

    75204 Sandspeeder REVIEW

    Thank you so much! I was about to ask :) . The helmets are gorgeous. And the rest of the pilot minifigs - well, could be a nice material for, say, a Gray Squadron of X-wings in some huge Yavin IV project :) .
  7. dmaclego

    [MOC] Project: Endor

    Thank you. It took only 13 years :) . Unfortunately no, there are - and never will be - no plans for the platform. It's just too huge.
  8. dmaclego

    [MOC] The X-Wing Strikes Back

    Now this borders a personal insult (just kidding ;) ) so let me explain: X-wing gun recipe by Maciej SzymaƄski, on Flickr Note: Technic 8 tooth gears are available in two versions - some with stubby teeth and some with slender teeth. Only the first ones fit into the wheel rims; slender teeth are too big! Also, in case anyone is wondering how the guns are connected with wings, please, notice the square holes in the rims - short pieces of flex tube (hose rigid) fit there nicely or must be slightly squashed (if you happen to have thinner flex tubes). That's all, I guess. Good luck perfecting your model!
  9. dmaclego

    LEGO Star Wars 2017 Pictures and Rumors

    Spot on, mate! And same situation here, in Poland: you have to spend your average MONTHLY salary to get this UCS Falcon. By the way, it is some 100 pounds more expensive in Poland than in the UK. I, for one, can't afford this beautiful set.
  10. dmaclego

    [MOC] BTL-A4 Y-Wing

    Well, if you say so then ok, I believe you.
  11. dmaclego

    [MOC] BTL-A4 Y-Wing

    A business venture, huh? If so, then I regret helping you out with this build.
  12. dmaclego

    [MOC] Snowspeeder

    All the trans parts you used to build the cockpit - brilliant. I'm afraid I'll be exploring this solution even further if you don't mind :) . Great little model overall; the only thing I'm not sure about are all these wedge plates in the front - kind of chaotic to my taste. But the cockpit rules. Congrats!
  13. dmaclego

    [MOC] Project: Endor

    Haha, thanks, man :) . It wasn't that bad in our bedroom but the thing was set up on the floor for quite a while and we had to be veeery careful getting up and zig-zaging towards the door. On the other hand, I must admit it was quite a pleasure to open my eyes in the morning and see those meter-tall trees right in front of me :) .
  14. dmaclego

    [MOC] 1400mm X-wing

    Mission accomplished, then :) . I knew you could do this. Good luck with the rest of your X-wing!
  15. dmaclego

    [MOC] 1400mm X-wing

    Having finished a 200 kg model recently, I know exactly what you mean when talking about strain in the structure ;) . OK, I did my duty and i'm not going to nag you anymore. Good luck with your project - you're gonna need it, as Han said ;) .