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    [MOC] Liebherr TA 240

    Hi, I would like to show you a MOC of a Liebherr TA 240 articulated dumper. The dumper is in 1:38 (or 1:37,5) so it nearly fits the minifig-scale. The cabin offers enough space for a driver and the rear axles are built with some kind of suspension. I really hope you like this MOC even the TA 240 isn't everyones favourite in terms of design :D You will find a few more images here Have a nice evening Chris

    [MOC] Liebherr L586 wheel loader

    Thank you very much

    [MOC] Liebherr L586 wheel loader

    I changed the rims for white ones. I'm not sure which version is better. What do you say? Cheers Chris

    [MOC] Liebherr L586 wheel loader

    Thank you very much! I used a technical data sheet of the L586 with overlays of LDD-screenshots to get the right proportions. Therefor the wheelsize was most important for me. Luckily the width of the bumper fits nearly perfect:) The cabin is a little bit to high and maybe the whole model is also a little bit to long. I think 30, maybe 35 degree of deflection is possible. to peedeejay, deraven, capparezza, nerminded: Thank you all. I'm really glad you like it. :)

    [MOC] Liebherr L586 wheel loader

    Hi I would like to show you my Liebherr L586 wheel loader. The scale is about 1:42 or 1:43. So far I have used about 600 bricks. Maybe a few more will come later. I built the wheel loader in white because I liked this color scheme best. You can play with it, too. A minifigure fits in the cabin, you can steer and the shovel can be moved up and down and dump. I hope you like the L586. Looking forward to your comments. :) More pics here: https://www.flickr.com/photos/138111247@N07/with/39052677940 Regards, Chris

    [MOC] BR Railfreight VGA Van

    Very nice looking. How did you make the stickers? It must have been difficult to make them legible in this size. Edit: Just read the info about the way you printed those stickers. Anyways, what kind of printer do you use?

    [WIP] BR 01 513

    Thank you for your advice with gears I'll try that. I think this could work I just joined the group

    [WIP] BR 01 513

    Thank you I didn't 3D-print the wheels myself. For the first attempt I used BBB XL wheels but they were to small. While searching the net for larger wheels I found this on shapeways. As said before I'm very pleased, especially with the look & feel after painting. Problems can occure with narrow holes. I ordered 12 XXL wheels (6 Boxpok, 6 normal spokes) and I had problems to attach pins and axle with 3 of the boxpok wheels.

    [WIP] BR 01 513

    Thank you so much for your advice I'll check the drivetrain and model step by step with your suggestions. @tenderlok: To be honest the lights are a result of a bit of cheating and not working for now. I tried different solutions and as I wasn't pleased with any of them I went into the kitchen searching for the largest knife to cut the whole model apart . Ok, I only took two cylinders (3062b) and made them fit to the angle of the front. Furthermore I added some plastic glass. I only wanted to give it a try and in the end I was so satisfied with the outcome that I kept it like that. I know this isn't really the way it should be, but in my opinion the front of the BR 01.5 is so remarkable that the whole model depends on it. I hope you like it anyway.

    [WIP] BR 01 513

    I uploaded a few close ups here. I hope they are meaningful. @zephyr1934: Thank you! The whole drivetrain is not working as expected right now, but I'm not giving up. Maybe I'll get it to work with some more experience. @monai: Thank you very much. You can find the wheels here. I used the XXL ones with a diameter of 49mm which is nearly 6 studs. The surface is abrasive and the quality is neat. However, the color is a bit too bright compared to the normal red. That's why I used a tin of acrylic paint from the hardware store. The surface looks even more authentic after painting. Furthermore some holes were to tiny after 3d printing so it wasn't easy to fit the wheels to the axles. I hope this will help you.


    Hi @all! I am new here at Eurobricks and wanted to introduce myself briefly. As a young child, I loved playing with the colorful bricks. My focus was particularly on the city themes and knights. A few years ago I became a father and so recently the old boxes with the colored bricks were brought out of the parental cellar. Since my son likes trains, especially steam locomotives, I wanted to build his own steam locomotive for Christmas. So I started with the LDD last year and since then the passion is back. I am pleased to be here.

    [WIP] BR 01 513

    Thank you all for your positive feedback:) I'm glad you like it. As I'm a noob in taking pictures I had some pro support. But I'll try to take some close ups as soon as possible. Meanwhile you can look at these pictures. There are three additional pics which maybe offer some more details? Have a nice evening @Tenderlok You're absolutely right:) The deflectors are too big. I was struggeling with the height and tried to reduce it but ended up with too small ones. I think the right height is something between 3 and 4..:S

    [WIP] BR 01 513

    Hi everyone I'm new to Eurobricks and I want to show you my [WIP]-moc of a german BR 01 513 steam locomotive. This is my first moc and I have spent 6 month until now to create it. As I'm not a train specialist there might be a lot of mistakes and missed details :) The scale is something around 1:42 and for now 1300 PCS are used. A power functions train engine is located in the tender. The whole model is able to run on small lego curves but there's still much work to do to make it look smooth. Please let me know what you think. Any constructive feedback is welcome:) Cheers Chris Hallo an Alle, ich bin neu hier und möchte kurz mein [WIP]-Modell einer BR 01 513 vorstellen. Dies ist mein erster Moc-Versuch und es fehlt noch Einiges, aber ich dachte mir ich hole mir mal etwas Feedback und Verbesserungsvorschläge. Die Arbeit an diesem Model begann vor etwa 6 Monaten. Gleich vorweg: Ich bin kein Spezialist in Sachen Eisenbahn, weshalb bestimmt einige Fehler dabei sind. Auch ob die 01 513 in dieser Konfiguration mit Öl-Tender und der Seitenverkleidung so existiert hat, weiß ich ehrlich gesagt nicht.:) Der Modellbauhersteller Beckmann hat (hatte?) zumindest eine solche Lok in seinem Sortiment... Das Ganze ist etwa in 1:42 und umfasst bislang 1300 Steine. Im Tender sind ein Power Functions Zugmotor und ein Empfänger untergebracht. Die Lok kann momentan auf den kleinen Radien fahren, allerdings sieht es noch etwas holprig aus. Über konstruktives Feedback würde ich mich sehr freuen. Einen schönen Sonntag für Euch Chris