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  1. dr_spock

    Suggestions for a short train

    Nice. What kind of plastic filament did you use?
  2. dr_spock

    Is LEGO using the 18+ rating wrong?

    It's branding to help the non-AFOL adults figure out which sets is meant for them. Otherwise, they could end up buying Duplo not knowing.
  3. dr_spock

    BuWizz and Powered Up

    For simple dumb motor control, you can wire the PF C1 & C2 to pins 1 & 2 on the PU connector. We'll have to start using PU motors for replacement of burned out PF motors in GBC modules at some point. https://youtu.be/_N65u7n6Ov4
  4. dr_spock

    Suggestions for a short train

    Neat. Print it and see if it works? No rules except for contests and stuff like that. It's your hobby.
  5. dr_spock

    FREE! 3d Printed Parts and FREE! Wide Radius Curves+Wheels

    4DBrix.com listed the following as pretty close to LBG: colorFabb Ral 7031 justpla Gray ABS Paramount-3D Battheship Gray
  6. The 9V train speed regulator would output to the C1/C2 pins on the PF connector. The IR Receiver needs power on the +9V and ground pins of the PF connector to work. The PF LEDs and motors are powered by the C1/C2 pins that's why they work with the train controller.
  7. dr_spock

    Should people buy Fake Chinese PF motors?

    Hoi Po appears to be the Chinese manufacturer of the DC motor inside my dead LEGO PF M-motors.
  8. Our product release plan is as follows: 1. S32 straight track - available Dec 2020 2. R27 curve track - available early 2021 ... Maybe it is for trolleys?
  9. Can wireless charging cause issues for some types of implanted heart pace makers? Any legal risks or liabilities to a LUG running public train show events that has wireless charging points on their layout?
  10. dr_spock

    New 9v motor

    How about parts to rebuild broken 9V train motors and PF motors. At one time I found the manufacturer of the can motor inside the PF M motors on aliexpress but have buy in quantities of 1000+ at wholesale.
  11. dr_spock

    Powered Up - A tear down...

    Something like this? https://patentimages.storage.googleapis.com/43/8c/80/777f14b66427d3/US20180145448A1.pdf There are inexpensive Chinese 3D printers good enough to print male and female connectors for a DIY PU splitter cable without cutting or harming any LEGO cables in the process. I can't bring myself to cut LEGO extension cables. :-)
  12. dr_spock

    Powered Up - A tear down...

    Welcome aboard. I like how you put in a pocket for the resistors. I think the new connector is patented.
  13. dr_spock

    BoBs Discussion : Fleshie or Yellow heads?

    Fleshie, yellow or whatever, Sea Rats are an inclusive bunch.
  14. dr_spock

    Fleshies vs Yellow

    Usually it's not too hard to modify fleshies minifigs to yellow if so desired. I keep a supply of smiley yellow heads and hands handy.
  15. I see TLG trying different things to extend reach to more and different consumers than their traditional customer base. There is also revenue from licensing their IP to other companies to use. For companies with a large IP portfolio, it can be a significant amount of income. It is up to Ikea, Adidas, Levi to market and sell those licensed products. Success or failure is on the licensee. On the LEGO House AFOL Day virtual event the other day, they did talk about this. The Ikea products are geared towards families living in small apartments and condos. Storage boxes with a building surface for keep bricks "contained" in a small area. They also said they are picky to whom they would license but would be open to other companies approaching them for licensing. You never know.