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  1. dr_spock

    Single lithium batteries for Power Function trains

    My drone instructions say to inspect or replace the lithium battery after a crash impact. I had one battery puffed up like a bird looking for a mate. No earth shattering kaboom though. Maybe not the best battery type to use if you like making train crash videos.
  2. dr_spock

    Are 3d printed wheels any good?

    I printed some wheels in ABS and PLA plastic. They seem to hold up after running at a few train show events. I didn't bother removing the 3d print layer lines. I don't think anyone notice them as the train flies by. With ABS, you can use acetone vapour to smooth out the layer lines. Be careful though as the vapours are flammable. PLA is easier to print but very stiff, ABS has a bit more give. One thing with PLA, don't leave inside your car on a very hot day if you drive your trains around to different train show events. They can deform/melt.
  3. dr_spock

    Single lithium batteries for Power Function trains

    My PU Hub blinks and stops working when my NiMH batteries fall below a certain level. I assume it'll do the same when the output from the step up converter drops to it. If it corresponds to 3.2V on the Li-Ion battery, then it is good. I bought some of these 18650 battery protection when I tried to salvage some from an old laptop battery pack. You shrink wrap them to the battery after wiring them up. They make the battery a bit taller too.
  4. dr_spock

    Single lithium batteries for Power Function trains

    Does the PU hub low voltage detection cut off the power when the Li-Ion cell falls below 3.2 volts?
  5. dr_spock

    GBC Show Kit

    I've been asked to coordinate before but I don't have the balls to do it. As mentioned, have spare modules. If you have 10 modules, keep at least one aside as spare in case one of the others breaks. I have my less reliable ones for spares. If a module breaks, toss another in its place and the show goes on. I have yanked out other people's broken modules. The broken module can be repaired later by the owner. Shims for leveling tables. I do hospital kids picnics in the park, the ground and grass are all uneven. Have extra AC power extension cords. Gaffer or duct tape to tape down and prevent tripping. Charge up your rechargeable batteries if applicable. I use sealed lead acids out in the field. They are heavy and good at holding down table cloths in gusts of wind. My LUG brings play brick to events. That's my emergency parts bin. It saves me from transporting more stuff with the GBCs. Extra 9V or PF extension cables. Chopsticks or something to poke and pick up stuck balls. Water to keep hydrated as you could be doing a lot of talking. Do a few shows and learn what your particular situation needs. Have fun and don't over-stress yourself or the modules.
  6. dr_spock

    GBC Show Kit

    Are yiou doing your own GBC display or part of a group display? If in a group, your GBC co-ordinator may already be prepared for emergencies. Contact your coordinator and see what they advise.
  7. You are lucky to find them with discount. Maybe your retailer ordered more than they can sell?
  8. dr_spock

    Lost package...

    One of my LUG members had to call LEGO Customer Service for a missing package and they sent him another one.
  9. dr_spock

    Unpopular Opinions about LEGO

    LEGO had resealable bags at one time for their Grab Bags. They did away with that offering several years ago. Unless you bring your own, reusing used plastic bags can have health and safety implications for the germophobic.
  10. dr_spock

    42128 - American Tow Truck

    Function over form. The rotator crane feels a bit tall. Nice set nonetheless.
  11. dr_spock

    Lego and Cricut

    As a newbie, it took a few evenings of trial & error and salty pirate speak to get the machine to cut a sail piece. Not rocket science but dark arts and crafts.
  12. dr_spock

    Lego and Cricut

    Christ, have mercy! Or computer controlled Sword of Exact Zero. One of the steps on the Klic-N-Kut before cutting is to set the origin point (0,0).
  13. dr_spock

    9V Tracks - Cleaning & Protection

    Would electric contact cleaner work?
  14. Impressive. Does it pack up nicely to take to events and shows?