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  1. The Greatest Pirate Set of all times! STAGE 2 GROUP 5

    QAR and BP.
  2. Greetings from the US

    Welcome to Eurobricks. You can use LDD for builds in Brethens of the Brick Seas. In BoBS Challenges with real physical prizes, real bricks would be required for qualified entries. See you over in the Pirate forum.
  3. Your Photobucket has kicked the bucket. Try another pic sharing site like Flickr, BrickShelf, etc.
  4. Hello From Oregon, USA

    Welcome aboard.
  5. Laptop and drills generally use Li-Ion batteries. They are not the same as LiPo. LiPo needs more tender lovingly care than other types of batteries. The LiPo in my drone get warm hot due to the amount current is being drawn by the motors. I suppose it can get very hot if your train motor stalls and there is no over-current fuse potection. Here's guide to understanding LiPo if you haven't use them before: https://rogershobbycenter.com/lipoguide/
  6. If you are not experienced with LiPo batteries, buying the LEGO rechargeable battery would be a safer Christmas option. It has all the electronic components to recharge the battery cells correctly and to keep them from draining below the minimum safe LiPO voltage. You can also get a couple sets of AAA NiMH rechargeables and a charger for about the same as the LEGO LiPO + charger. Run one set in the train while the other set of AAA is recharging. The downside is swapping batteries in and out of the AAA battery box. It's easier if you don't screw down the AAA battery box screws.
  7. HELP! ! !

    Click on the quote to highlight it and press DEL to delete. There is a [+] at the top of the quote that you can use to move it around.
  8. What was the last movie you watched?

    Justice League, courtesy of VW.
  9. Adventures into 3D printing train bits

    Which 3D printer did you get? I've been looking at getting one and there are so many. I've been using the local public library but they limit you to PLA, colors on hand, and maximum print time.
  10. The Greatest CMF 2 (Revenge of the Ninjago) ROUND 3

    I voted for demoltion dummy. It doesn't appear he is going to survive this round...
  11. The Greatest Pirate Set of all times! STAGE 2 GROUP 5

    Islander and Bounty. I prefer my own Redcoats vs. Bluecoats chess game.
  12. The Greatest Pirate Set of all times! STAGE 2 GROUP 5

    Random.org is evil. SES and RBR
  13. Hello!

    Welcome aboard, spiderfan2000.
  14. Type E Coupler for LEGO Trains

    Perhaps a box that can make use of Kadee couplers rather than reinventing the spring centering coupler for LEGO applications. It can have studs and Technic holes to mount to your LEGO carriages.