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  1. LEGO Nexo Knights 2018

    No Nexo Knights in the 2H 2018 catalog at all.
  2. I think the box dimensions of 42083 speak volumes. It's 570mm long vs standard 582mm of "normal" large sets (42055,42069,42070,42078,42081,42082) so it's definitely special.
  3. Here's the catalog. Page 40 for Technic. Slightly less skewed pics and a bigger pic for one set at Page 2. Looking at the pneumatics, the red blade might actually spin...
  4. 2018 City Sets - Rumours and Discussion

    Page 72 for the Hospital. Personally, I was hoping for something less City-ish and more Modular-ish in terms of the outer design. It will all depend on what's included in the interior; hopefully it can supplement what we have in the Heartlake hospital.
  5. 2018 City Sets - Rumours and Discussion

    ^Can you give us some search terms to use? I've tried for the past 2 hours and found nothing.
  6. Year-Long Project: Through the Seasons

    I would advise, if possible, setting up a tripod and taking a picture from the same angle/distance every time, so that you can create a nice video at the end.
  7. That's quite disappointing. After the new pins/axles and other small parts in 2015/2016, it feels like Technic is getting the short end of the stick when it comes to new molds.
  8. I am willing to bet pretty much anything that almost nothing will in effect change. The pictures will be lower resolution than we are used to and may come through different channels than we are used to but I have no doubt in my mind the pictures will still get leaked. There is enough people looking for their few minutes of internet glory that someone is bound to find a way to take a picture and post it somewhere. And as has been mentioned above, if this is an attempt to stop copycat brands, it will be largely ineffective as well. Even if by some miracle the big brands don't have insider info from the factories, they work fast enough that you are at couple of weeks delay at most. Besides, the biggest market for these copycat brands is in Asian countries (not Westerners shopping online) and it matters even less there. Best advice I would give in this fight is to start producing parts requiring more precise measurements - copycats famously struggle with tolerance and end up being not enough/too tight.
  9. I don't understand the debate about the distortion of the image. The pin holes in the beam right below the panels in question on the boom are distorted in exactly the same way - and taking the holes as a standard measurement, there is no way you can only fit one between the two visible pin holes on the panel. For me, it's undeniably clear that the panels are 5 wide. Now I would be hesitant on calling the dog bones, as the picture is blurred in the middle of the connections. There is simply no way to tell what is going on in the middle - whether it's all one part or an assembly like ibessonov above shows. I am inclined to say we are not getting a new part, partly also because it hasn't appeared anywhere else and Lego usually uses new molds in more sets than just one (super specialized parts like 42055 turntable notwithstanding). So put me in the 5 wide panels, no new dog bone camp.
  10. So I've seen a couple of vids like this one where a scotch yoke mechanism is used to create a lift module in GBC. Unfortunately, none of the videos include a clear view of the mechanism or an explanation, apart from the brief obvious one. I am looking to understand in-depth how this works, especially what pushes the loaded ball upwards to make the entire column rise. I understand the moving part includes some blocks to prevent the column from falling again, but I'm not getting how it rises in the first place. The movement seems entirely horizontal to me which makes the vertical motion perplexing. I'm sure more experienced GBC builders will think this is obvious but if anyone is able to explain the vertical motion part or model it in LDD, that would be awesome.
  11. See. the problem with bookshelf set up is that you can't see/access the back side. That's probably fine for display purposes or light play but you can't really play out more complex stories in there. As you mentioned, a coffee table might not be big enough - how about a bed where the mattress folds up to reveal a lego city? Kind of like a Murphy bed with a standard fixed bottom.
  12. As my collection expands, I am looking to put all of the sets together in some sort of a town setup (with actual town block, forest block, water block etc.). Since I have young children visiting often, and they love to play with the sets, I want to have the blocks exposed and as ready-to-play as possible. At the same time, leaving it out in the open is just asking for it to gather dust. Has anyone found any ingenious solution to this problem? What I would find completely perfect, for example, would be a coffee table with a hollow inside where you could build the scenery, then remove the actual top of the table and have the blocks rise to the top, ready to play. When you're done with it, simply push it back down, cover with the standard table top and voila. I'm guessing I would have to make something like that myself though...
  13. Where is the 2018 speculation & wishlist topic, then?
  14. Not sure if this topic is still the place to post this question but I am looking for advice regarding my next purchase. I want to buy one of the pull-back models for my nephew and I am wondering which one is the best in terms of playability. If you were to choose one pullback set, which one would it be? And which one, if your options were limited to 2016/2017 lineup?
  15. Thanks for the wheels pic, Jim. I am stoked to see other wheel setups. I realized a few days ago, looking at the set pics, that I like everything from the middle up. It's just the treads that are not doing it for me. With wheels it looks significantly more appealing. I am also not a fan of Purple vs Black. Not enough contrast, in my opinion. Very interested in seeing it in orange (and I hope the wheel arches come in black or white soon). I may end up buying it after all when it goes on the same 30% Amazon sale that the 2016 sets just did. I still really dislike 42070 though. I didn't like it back when we only had the design and I don't like it now that we have seen the functions. No flatbad especially kills it for me. Seeing Jim's review when he mentions how there are only a few pieces left and yet the model looks extremely unfinished is what put the nail in the coffin for me.