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Found 6 results

  1. Okay, so this one isn't totally new but it has improvements.......which I have taken better photos of those and aspects of the MOC. People and more fruit & veg are coming......keep watching !
  2. Aussie BJ

    MOC IGA Supermarket (Large)

    Hi All Here's a little something I built a while back. It's based on a new proposed supermarket which is to be built in my local town. As you'll see I had to build it twice when I found out the developer had changed the original design. It was a great build and I even got to display it in the local RSL when a town meeting was held by the developers to update the community on the progress of the supermarket. Early design and layout taking shape. Some more initial ramp designs. Facade coming along well. Just after finishing this, I found new plans for the updated supermarket so it was back to the drawing board. Just a mess! It was actually good to build the first one which gave some sense of scale. So when I started the new one I basically started with the underground car parking and went up from there. It ended up having a full interior complete with shopping trolleys, automatic (HOG) entry door, carpark lighting, HOG ceiling fans and much more. I hope you enjoy Cheers Brendan
  3. Bennemans

    WIP - Old Town Center

    UPDATE FEBRUARY 3rd Second version of my Dairy Shop! I made it more sturdy, and converted it into a modular. The roof was changed and a cellar at water level was added. The dairy and cheese shop is run by Cam and Bert (... get it? Cam and Bert? Camembert?), who also live above their shop... seeing as nobody else wanted to live above that, erm, "aromatic" place. The shop has a large cellar where cheese is made. A waterwheel powers the butter-churn. Outside the shop a lot of wares are displayed; a variety of cheese, milk, cream, eggs etc. The home upstairs has a living/kitchen, toilet, and a bedroom with ensuite in the attic. Dairy Shop by Ben van Middendorp, on Flickr Dairy Shop by Ben van Middendorp, on Flickr Dairy Shop by Ben van Middendorp, on Flickr Dairy Shop by Ben van Middendorp, on Flickr Dairy Shop by Ben van Middendorp, on Flickr Dairy Shop by Ben van Middendorp, on Flickr ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- UPDATE DECEMBER 16 Another little piece of my WIP Old Town Center is done; this time it’s a fishmonger. I wanted the building to be a little brother to my green grocer, using dark colors instead of the lighter shades I used in my green grocer. I used mostly dark blue, shades of brown and gray. The ground floor consist of the shop, with an office in the addition at the back. There’s a gate to the side for the delivery of supplies. On the right side is the entrance to the home above. The stoop to the front door is littered with potted plants and flowers. Below the shop is a basement where the fish is prepared, gutted, smoked and stored. The wharf assures a constant stream of fresh fish, sold by local fishermen to the fishmonger. Above the shop is a little home, with 2 bedrooms, 1.5 bath and a livingroom with open kitchen. Fishmonger by Ben van Middendorp, on Flickr Fishmonger by Ben van Middendorp, on Flickr Fishmonger by Ben van Middendorp, on Flickr Fishmonger by Ben van Middendorp, on Flickr Fishmonger by Ben van Middendorp, on Flickr ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- UPDATE! 12 july The Baker's Mill will be part of a larger complex with a bakery. The design of the Mill is based on a Dutch 'Standerdmolen' (meaning literally "Mill on a stand") The top part of the mill can turn to face the wind, and of course the sails can turn too. Speaking of sails… seems like the miller's son has gotten himself in some trouble O_o Baker's Mill by Ben van Middendorp, on Flickr Baker's Mill by Ben van Middendorp, on Flickr Baker's Mill by Ben van Middendorp, on Flickr There's a little dock at the river where wheat and flour can be transported. Baker's Mill by Ben van Middendorp, on Flickr There's also a little chicken coop and some beehives for fresh ingredients for the baker's baked goodies ^_^ Baker's Mill by Ben van Middendorp, on Flickr Baker's Mill by Ben van Middendorp, on Flickr ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ UPDATE! 29 june Just finished another little part of my old town center ^_^ This is the tobacco shop of Chester Field, the little neighbor to Miss Clementine's Green Grocer. Tobacco Shop by Ben van Middendorp, on Flickr It sells tobacco products, newspapers and magazines and some office supplies. And there's a gumballmachine outside. At the back, one of Chester Field's trusted suppliers; Ziggy Rett, is about to unload a boatload of new merchandise straight into the cellar of the shop. Tobacco Shop by Ben van Middendorp, on Flickr Tobacco Shop by Ben van Middendorp, on Flickr Tobacco Shop by Ben van Middendorp, on Flickr --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Another part of my Old Town Center is done! It's a Green Grocer, situated next to the water (river) and bridge. Its architecture is based on old Dutch, German and Flemish buildings, with a big dose of my favorite artist; Anton Pieck. The building has a cellar (stock room), a shop on the ground floor, and an apartment. There's also a little extension at the back. There's a pump outside, between the front door of the apartment and the bridge. The shop displays a variety of food stuffs outside. The ugly black mess around the base hides some even uglier scaffolding. None of this will be visible as I build more around this part of the Town Center. Miss Clementine greets her customers buying her fresh produce. Outside she has apples, pineapples, strawberries, bananas, cherries, pumpkins, chilies, juice and more on display. There's garlic hanging next to the door, doubling as a vampire repellant ^_^ Mr. Jonah Gold brings a fresh batch of bright red apples, straight from his farm! Artie Choke, the stock clerk, comes out to help him unload. Around back is the old little wharf, where produce can be brought by boat, straight into the cellar. Hope you all enjoyed! Thanks! ^_^
  4. Hi and welcome to all of you. I'd like to introduce myself here at the eurobricks forum. I'm quite new here and so i started building modulars wit LDD only a short time ago. Here is my first attempt of designing a modular supermarket. Only first steps are done, but I'll post more images step by step. I'd like you to comment on what you are seeing and maybe you have some good hints for a noob like me. The cash desk and the trash container in the backyard are the only two details I have finished yet.
  5. El Garfio

    LEGO Junior SuperMarket upgraded

    Inspired in the coming soon LEGO Junior 10686 - Family House
  6. Bennemans

    MOC Grocery Store

    Hey all! First time I'm posting a MOC! I don't have a good camera, so I made the pics with my phone. Forgive me! I wanna show you my grocery store. It's a small corner building in dark colors (mostly black, dark red and dark green). On the outside there are crates of fruits and vegetables, a tree pushing up the stones of the sidewalk, a dumpster around the corner, Chase McCain on patrol, and the entrances to the shop and the apartment above. The roof plates will be replaced with a darker color, I was thinking dark brown or dark gray, but Kristel's suggestion of dark green got me thinking ;) Inside the shop there are stocked shelves, a counter with a scale and a busy shop owner. What you can't see is the refrigerated area across from the counter and the restroom underneath the stairs behind the counter (even though the toilet is basically invisible, I want my buildings to be functional, and a place for the shop owner to lay a brick [badum tsh] is part of that) When we go upstairs, there's an apartment. First level is the kitchen (with toilet and laundry room), second the living room, and third the bedroom and bathroom with a small balcony. I hope y'all like it! I've got some more MOCs I wanna show you when I get the chance! [EDIT] Just a few extra pics I had: