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  1. Svendp

    [MOC] Black Monarch's Return

    Very nice, love the tree
  2. I just bought them. Looking forward to build it :). Thanks a lot for making this possible.
  3. Svendp

    [MOC] [WIP] - Merchants Bay

    Booty Bay :) Memories. This will even be more beautiful than the other one you did.
  4. Wow, this is really nice. Do you have pictures of it next to the other modulars as well?
  5. Svendp

    [Gunman]: Building Techniques - MOCs

    Thanks a lot for these tutorials. I really like how the needed pieces are floating to your hand :) This would be helpful IRL sometimes
  6. I noticed some visuals this morning on the new Monkey Kid theme (before the were deleted again). Almost every set has some knight like minifigs. Too bad I can't find the pictures anymore.
  7. Svendp

    [MOC] Days Gone - It isn't safe here

    Cool. I don't know the game, but your display is very nice. I especially like the bike and the tree. Would love to see how you did them
  8. Svendp

    [MOC] Leiden restaurant [modular building]

    Wow, your first attempt was a good one already, but this one surely beats that. I don't know the actual building, but looking at the photo you did extremely well.
  9. Svendp

    [MOC] Captain Sabertooth's Cabin

    Very nice captains cabin. And, where's Wally :)
  10. Svendp

    Pirate sets you would like to see

    A merchant harbor or port town with civilians and lots of stuff (food, barrels, cotton, ..) would be nice. I also really like that Kraken on ideas. Sadly it only has 1500 supports so far. A ghost faction as mentioned here as well would also be nice.
  11. Svendp

    [MOC] Convento Capuchinos by Jellyeater _

    This is brilliant
  12. Svendp

    Shrine of Sir Simonochrometrical

    This is so nice. Would love to see more detailed pictures on how you made the roof/arches
  13. Svendp

    ( MOC ) Police Building ( Rebuild )

    Oh my god, this is so cool. I like the funny details. And I really love the sprinkler system.
  14. Svendp

    [MOC] [WIP] Zombillenium - Amusement Park

    Cool, I like the progress. Keep those pictures coming :)
  15. Svendp

    [MOC] Motorized Free Fall Tower

    Wow, this is amazing. That's a themepark set I would definitely buy