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  1. I've built both your fisherman store and garage alternate builds. Can't wait till you take on the bookstore and police modular :)
  2. Svendp

    [WIP] Winter Diorama - Update #8 "Fire Station"

    Very nice. Thanks also for the fun speedbuild videos. Can't wait for the updates
  3. This is stunning. What an awesome build. Nice coloring, cool scenes, .... Top work
  4. This is neat. What a clever solution for the wings. Thanks for the pictures.
  5. Svendp

    [MOC] Collegium Mokotovum

    This is very beautiful. Do you have more pictures?
  6. Svendp

    [MOC] Smuggler's Shanty and Castaway's Raft

    Very nice. I like you've combined older sets, with the feeling of the new barracuda bay. If only would see the benefits :)
  7. Svendp

    MOC: A Knights Tale

    Batman scarecrow :)
  8. Svendp

    [MOC] Troll Warrior

    OMG, this one is epic. Wow, that cloth piece is very expensive I noticed
  9. Svendp

    [MOC] Medieval Market-Castle Wip

    Very nice. Can't wait to see this grow. All Ideas posts supported :)
  10. Svendp

    [MOC] 21322 + 31109 = ?

    This is very nice. Did you add lots of extra parts?
  11. Svendp

    [MOC] Modular: Mediterranean Way

    Thanks. I know what part to add to one of my next bricklink orders now :)
  12. Svendp

    [MOC] Modular: Mediterranean Way

    Wow, this is simply stunning. The two plumber look familiar :) What pieces did you use for the tan building roof? I don't recognize them.
  13. Svendp

    Winter Garden

    This is so nice. Very cool NPU
  14. Svendp

    [MOC] Black Monarch's Return

    Very nice, love the tree
  15. I just bought them. Looking forward to build it :). Thanks a lot for making this possible.