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  1. Svendp

    [MOC] City mocs - by Barthezz Brick

    Wow, all of your builds are simply jaw dropping. Keep us posted
  2. Svendp

    [MOC] Harry Potter's Gryffindor Bedroom

    Well done. I like the 'folding' idea. Great playablity added that way as well.
  3. Svendp

    Hogwarts Express Micro

    Nicely done. The mountains are my favorite part of the scene
  4. Svendp

    [MOC] House in Vilnius

    You nailed it. I love the picture of your model next to the original one as well.
  5. Svendp

    Mrs Miyagi's Flowers

    Looks good. Personally I would only put one crate sideways on the sidewalk, making it easier for pedestrians to pass by :)
  6. Svendp

    Emmet's Apartment Building Made of LEGO

    very nicely done. Are you going to make other buildings from the movie as well now?
  7. Very nice. It's a good tip to use rollercoaster tycoon as a reference for building a theme park
  8. Svendp

    Earthquake in Cologne

    This is simply amazing. I love the fact you've also mocced a bicycle :)
  9. Svendp

    Homemade Road Plates

    Actually, if I remember right they did sell it in packs of two identical plates 25 years ago. Somewhere down the road the changed this. Since then, I also stopped buying them :) Your printed version looks great. At first sight, you don't even notice it's not a 'real' lego road plate even, since you've used the same design. As for the 2nd generation ones, I follow some of the other people here. If you make them too realistic, it doesn't fit well with Lego itself. So a mixture of batch 1 and 2 would be ideal. I wonder if anyone ever tried to print over existing road plates ... :) That way you would also be able to put in extra markings. Thumbs up
  10. Svendp

    Medieval town

    very nice
  11. Svendp

    [MOC] Fantasy medieval house front

    wow. It's almost unbelievable this is your first moc ever. I can't wait to see what you build when you're an experienced moccer. I really love the ramshackle style
  12. Svendp

    [MOC] Central city building

    absolutely stunning
  13. Svendp

    [MOC] River Cruise

    I love the detail of the water coming out of the sewers. (y)
  14. Svendp

    [MOC] Modular City Park

    Wow, very nice.