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  1. Couch

    A little gimmick for outfitting my latest MOC. ;-)
  2. Firefighter

    The Firefighter consists of 255 parts and was build in may 2017.
  3. Öncam & Egzoz Inc.

    Öncam & Egzoz Inc. chauffeur services mineral oils & lubricants Team Öncam & Egzoz by Filius Rucilo on Flickr. Öncams are ottoman immigrants in second and third generation ... Well ... emm, they are Germans! As the ancestors of the Candagios the Öncams migrate in the early 50th to Cross-Axleton for working at LMW motorworks. After work and on weekends they not only do a second job as taxi-drivers but breed many more little ottomans. (in the 50th there was no Turkish satellite TV available...) 15 years ago the old father Öncam realized that his children and grandchildren will never go "home" to turkey because they are all Germans. They only spent their holidays in Turkey.However. After the old Josef Fuhmacher retired, Öncams took over the fuel station and the taxi central in Snottingen. Öncam & Egzoz oHG by Filius Rucilo on Flickr. Taxi Central by Filius Rucilo on Flickr. A few years ago Akin added a Limousine-Service and today they are big in business driving VIPs to the airport or "Palixa and the Bricks" to concerts of the Band. Fuelstation by Filius Rucilo on Flickr. Akin has refurbished the old gas station next to the taxi central in a lovingly manner. He turned eBay upside down for snatching historic Octan Sings, oil cabinets and fuel pumps. His personal highlight is the old cash register. Octan-Figure by Filius Rucilo on Flickr. Today is big reopening of the fuel station. In last second Erwin Pumpöler delivers fresh fuel into the underground tanks. Hakan Güler, chief mechanican at Önvam&Egzoz Inc., blow up the giant Octan figure this morning and is now helping Erwin at filling the tanks. In the afternoon the Octan Racong Team will visit the fuel station with the huge 4x4 Offraoder. Hakan is big fan of the team an wears already the Octan-Racing-Shirt for welcome the racing team. Filling up the Underground tanks by Filius Rucilo on Flickr. Meanwhile the first customer refueld his car an pay for the gas. Handan Egzos-Öncam today operates the cash desk. Normally she manages the taxi central but today the temporary staff does her job. Cash Desk by Filius Rucilo on Flickr. Rriiiiiiinngggg! Taxi for Schrippenkneter, Bricksuferstraße, to train station please! Taxi Central by Filius Rucilo on Flickr. Now the moment of Adem Özwurst comes up! The talented taxi driver and Elvis fan knows all shortenings and radar traps in Snottingen. Every time you have a discussion with him the talk ends at "Elvis" and "driving Memphis". So let's keep fingers crossed that this order really goes to the train station... Adem Ützwurst by Filius Rucilo on Flickr. Persons Akin Öncam (The Boss) Berkant Öncam (Son of Akin, today in the Kindergarden ) Josef Fuhrmacher (retired ) Handan Egzoz-Öncam (Wife of Akin, Manager of Taxi-Zentrale) Erhan Egzoz (Limo Driver) Adem Özwurst (Taxi Driver, driving Memphis...) Hakan Güler( Chief Mechanican ) Erwin Pumpöler ( Octan-Truck Driver ) customers and passerby Statistics First documents of the Fuelstation dated in October 2015. I finalized the MOC on LDD in November 2016 and bought the parts form January to April 2017. The final build up was done in end of April 2017. The MOC consists of 5.800 parts plus street elements and vehicles we have overall 7.700 parts. The taxi cars and the Limo are rebricks of 60050 (Taxi) and 60102 (Limo). Some elements of the Octan-Figure are not available in the desired color, so i've took grey ones. Find more pictures on Flickr. More storys about Snottingen at snottingen.de (Only german) And now something totally different: I apologize for my terrible english. :-)
  4. Victory

    Indeed there is enough room for the pilot! The car is a mod of LEGO Set 3177. :-) As mentioned in on flickr: The Rennsemmel is fit for the 24 minutes of Le Mans! ;-)
  5. Victory

    Victory by FiliusRucilo on Flickr Jacques LeMans wins the West Highland Piston Trophy on his Rennsemmel R3-800 Tricolore.
  6. Bird's Nest

    brid's-nest by Filius Rucilo, on Flickr
  7. At Bahndamm Drv.

    What the heck is going on in Snottingen? The Bahndamm Drive is just finished and immeadetly the yellow-citizens doing fun rides just there. What a scandal! Do they have noting better to do? Today is a veried day for Operator Klaus Schrankenkurbler! Something's going on at his railroad crossing and Klaus feels like operating the world domination console. A few hours ago Jacqueline from the Stadtwache has set up her radar trap type "Blitz-Dings"* near the noise protection wall. Several dreamy cardrivers already catched by the trap. Just now Jacqueline has stopped a very fast scooter and she's handing out "the mother of all speeding tickets". Exactly 9 0'clock and 3 minutes. The train from Cross-Axleton is passing the rail crossing. Thanks god Snottingen Railways don't have to fight the four big enemys of Deutsche Bahn: Spring, Summer, Autum and Winter. In Bricks-Gau the weather is always cloudless an sunny. Today they drive the "Old Emerald" instead of using a newer diesel engine. Familiar friends of Klaus waiting at the track barrier. Joe returns from the excavations of the archaeologists and Max Klebermann wants to go to the advertising column next to the crossing. Klaus wonder what kind of posters will be pasted today... As soon as the train hass passed Klaus opens the barriers and traffic starts rolling. But what happens now? Jack "the chopper" Beilschleifer strikes again! The wonderful big spruce now lies across the railway tracks... What a mess! Klaus alerts the fire department, helps himself to big mug of hot chocolate and then he'll do a nap after all this confusion. Hopefully the'll have removed the spruce from the tracks until the 01-15 train arrives... Statistics Oh ... my ...god! I don't really know how many parts this MOC have. It must be around 5200 over all. Additional the Emerald Night, Joes yellow vintage truck, Billposter Max and Jacqueline with her Blitz-Dings*. I've created the MOC in November and December 2015 with LEGO LDD and built it in July and August 2016. The barriers works and lights also. All steered by power functions. You can see it in the movie below. The driver motor is placed in the electrical room below Klaus' operation room an linked to the barriers with cross axles and gears. The last centimeters of the way to the barriers i've used a rubber belt for saving space. For putting the cables thru the lamp post, i've made a 2mm hole with a very very long drill. :-) Link to the movie on Flickr. *The german word for the MIB neuralizer.
  8. [MOC] Cup o' Java (coffee mug stand)

    This is a really great MOC! Simple Setup, clear lines, excellent colors. With a little bigger Baseplate (32x32) it will perfectly fit in every modular town.
  9. [MOC] Faktor 4

    Huge LEGO®-bricks dropped off over Snottingen. A little bit like "Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs" A ride in the Bricks Brickolision Site Bricknic See more Images on Flickr.
  10. [MOC] Schrippenkneter's Pie-Howitzer

    When world war ends grandfather Karl snached a howitzer from the army and hide it in the basment of the bakery. After the war he carefully tuned the gun for using bakery equipment on operation. Today it uses high pressurized flour-dust as propellant and has a sparkeler-ignition for the jute-bag-combustion-chamber. The howitzer is able to shoot a 2.4kg Pie up to 12 kilometers, but only if the pie ist frozen! The air friction during the flight of the pie guaranteed a fresh and unfrozen pie at impact. The sugar bomb have full effect on up to 16 combatants on a bulls eye shot. The enemys can be admittet to hospital with a full sugar shock after such a hit. Schrippenkneters discover, that best ammo is "Black Forrest gateau". The traditional "Frankfurter Kranz" is not suitable because of the hole in the middel of the pie, even if the buttercream-pie have enormous calorie-fed at impact. The flour-dust propellant can't generate it's full power to the pie and the distance of the shot is unconvincing. Right now grandfahter Karl is developing a device for using coffee in jugs as ammo. This morning the team Schrippenkneter does a maneuver at the Bricks shore and the complete team is on duty. Alois has baked several pies last evening and put them in the fridge. Traniee Tim have to learn operating the howitzer. Someone have to hitting the nail on the head of the evil Heinrich Torfmangel in the future! 3 ... 2 ... 1 ... Fire!
  11. Friday near Feierabend...

    Friday near Feierabend by Filius Rucilo on Flickr This shitty machine! Georg Muffenkrimper is very angry about the broken washing machine in the basement of Hildegard Tastengaukler. Only 3 minutes left until end of work (Feierabend) and the machine dosen't work. The people responsible for build in this whole electronic mess into washing machines should be shoot to the moon...
  12. [MOC][Modular] Dance School

    A really great building with an lovely color scheme. (Except of the pink... ) Is the grand piano taken from Masao Hidaka?
  13. Tannzwacker's flower shop and nursery

    Hey Dudes! These are LEGO-System-Pianos! For transportation they will be take apart and build up at destination location again. So stairs are no problem! I want to mention that the pianos are taken from the amazing .
  14. Tannzwacker's flower shop and nursery

    I keep all my MOCs for building a complete city.
  15. Tannzwacker's flower shop and nursery

    Eastside view by Filius Rucilo on Flickr Westside view by Filius Rucilo on Flickr My latest MOC build of nearly 9450 parts. See many more exciting pictures on Flickr and read the Tannzwacker story on snottingen.de (only in german, sorry... )