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  1. Vincent Kessels

    Stud.IO Parts List

    Depends on what you mean with "vaguely useful". You can upload your design as Wanted List to BrivkLink from On the Wanted List you can set the number of bricks you already have. Then in shops you can filter on items where the wanted quantity is larger than the have quantity.
  2. Vincent Kessels

    Antique Shop

    Yes, there are lights in the shop.
  3. Vincent Kessels

    Antique Shop

    I finally finished my new modular building, the Antique Shop. It is a 16 x 32 corner module without the corner. This allows the building to be used with a street corner or with an alley. Here are some front views: The shop has a full interior: The basement contains all kinds of "antique's": The first floor contains an apartment including a kitchen and toilet: The second floor contains the bedroom and bathroom: (Click on the images for full sized versions on Flickr...)
  4. Vincent Kessels

    PAB Cups: What Did You Get?

    There aren't that many elements with multiple colors.
  5. Vincent Kessels

    EB Members Title Archive

    Baby toilet + frying pan = flower - I suspect Hinckley gave me this one. If you want to know why you have to come to Brickworld Chicago (or wait for the photo's).
  6. Vincent Kessels

    [MOC] Singel 166

    Here is my newest 8-wide Modular Building: Singel 166 (Click on the photo's for larger versions.) It has a full interior. The first floor has the vestibule with grandfathers clock and garderobe, the entrance to the basement, and the kitchen. The sitting room on the second floor with couch and tv, and the computer desk at the back. The bedroom and bathroom are on the third floor. The second and third floor are optional in true modular style. Enjoy!
  7. Vincent Kessels

    Register Now for Brickworld Chicago 2016 Convention

    Having more display space available doesn't mean I can bring more LEGO in my suitcase
  8. Vincent Kessels

    Small Square

    Here is another Modular Building module I made recently: a Small Square. There are bicycles, as is typical for any dutch square 01 - Small Square by Vincent Kessels, on Flickr 02 - Small Square by Vincent Kessels, on Flickr - Vincent
  9. Vincent Kessels

    Modular Garage

    Here is my latest modular building: a garage. The garage consists of three modules making an alternative configuration with the door on the left side possible. This car is a shorted version of the car in set 60081 - Pickup Tow Truck. For more pictures see my flickr album - Vincent
  10. Doctor Johnson’s chicken-powered Dirigible See here the renowned traveling salesman Doctor Johnson. As one of the gentleman on the forefront of environment friendly technology, he travels in his chicken-powered dirigible. ✓ No more black smoke belching steam engine! ✓ No need for endless water supplies! ✓ And always something to eat in desperate times!
  11. Vincent Kessels

    Ode to the Brick

    Here is one of my latest modular 'buildings'. It is a small square that can be used a corner module. At the corner is a small statue called 'Ode to the Brick'.
  12. Vincent Kessels

    Brickworld Chicago 2015 Registration

    Unfortunatly I can't make it this year My brother is turning an old man that weekend.
  13. Vincent Kessels

    Brickworld Chicago Countdown and Events Thread.

    -1 for Pizza Unfortunately I can't attend Brickworld this year. I am going to miss the Pizza Party
  14. Vincent Kessels

    Transporting your display for shows

    As already said by others: build modular and stronger. I travel with my modular city layout in one or two suitcases. Every module is packed in a separate ziplock bag, which make a pieces that break off easy to fix. Cobble stones are not a problem (for the moc's at least, the wheels of a 25 kg suitcase is an entirely other matter), and I've traveled by plane as checked-in luggage (although with less lego and more cloths). The downside is that it takes more than an hour to pack a suitcase. Brickhuize @ Goes by Mr. Tomato Bread, on Flickr Broken down... by Mr. Tomato Bread, on Flickr ... and packed. by Mr. Tomato Bread, on Flickr
  15. This is madness! We should start a vote to convince them not to do this!