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  1. theCroc

    [MOC] Corner fountain

    I always thought it was a shame that the terrace of the Parisian restaurant always gets covered up by neighboring buildings, so I decided to instead turn it into a corner! Or rather add a corner module with a fountain to it! Album with more pics:
  2. theCroc

    [WIP] Clocktower square. My latest Modular MOC.

    Updated the roof to stand out more and added some ground level details:
  3. theCroc

    [WIP] Clocktower square. My latest Modular MOC.

    Eventually I will redesign the tower with a lego clock, but right now I don't have any pieces that will do it justice. The goal is to use the Big Ben clock faces. I'll have to bricklink them eventually I guess. I still want to integrate some functioning clockwork though. Part of the idea is to have a functional clock.
  4. theCroc

    [WIP] Clocktower square. My latest Modular MOC.

    Here is a small imgur album of how the clock is attached:
  5. theCroc

    [WIP] Clocktower square. My latest Modular MOC.

    Yes that's an actual working clock! The solution was simpler than I thought (though it seems I can't get rid of those corners) I will post some pics tonight once I get home from work.
  6. theCroc

    [WIP] Clocktower square. My latest Modular MOC.

    The Clock tower is finaly finished! Now to deal with the street level!
  7. My current ongoing project is a Modular corner building with a square and a clocktower. So far most of the building exterior is done, with the exception of most of the clocktower itself (I havent decided quite how to do the clockfaces, may have to bricklink the Big ben clockfaces) EDIT: The clocktower is now done! Next step is ground level! See a small album at The plan is to house a restaurant (with the glassed in roof terrace, a small cafe and a sports goods store in the building as well as a market stall or two in the square bellow. Let me know what you think!