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  1. Modular Building Sets - Rumours and Discussion

    It's just completely different from AS but still pretty good
  2. Old Town Pub [moc]

    I love it! Congratulations!
  3. [MOC] Modular Tearoom

    There wasn't enough space. I wanted to use different technic pieces, but they aren't available in white colour... Thank you very much!!
  4. [MOC] Modular Tearoom

    Thank you very much! I also had GG in mind when reading that criticism...
  5. [MOC] Modular Tearoom

    Thank you ! What about using cool yellow instead of that yellowish orange? It's the lightest shade of yellow currently available
  6. [MOC] Modular Tearoom

    The yellow building was the first to be built around 1650. It featured wooden floors and really small apartments with just a bed and a spire staircase connected them. It's still unclear why they built them so small, but they were probably used by merchants coming from overseas. In 1815 a noble family wanted a residence to be built near the seaside. The yellow building, abandoned and with rotten floors, was then deprived of its interiors and its walls were repaired and painted the same color as the green building, once it was completed in 1817.
  7. [MOC] Modular Tearoom

    Thank you. The white plates with clip are connected using bars, and they do connect bars too! Then they are held by the tan clips at the top and at the bottom. I must admit I like the secondary building just the way it is...I actually didn't want to use different interior colors just because it's a separate building. Even Brick Bank has a secondary building but its hidden sides are not a specific colour...
  8. Submerged Ruins

    Really like how the glass plate works with LEGO. Great work!!
  9. [MOC] Modular Tearoom

    I see...thank you for being objective...I'll try to improve it
  10. [MOC] Modular Tearoom

    Thank you. That tile isn't actually custom...As for the turret, you may be right, but many buildings around Europe have that sort of turret even though they aren't corner buildings...
  11. [MOC] Modular Tearoom

    Here it is, my second MOC modular building, the Tearoom, scheduled to be built after the Elementary School. PDF instructions of it are available, contact me if you're interested...Let me know what you think!! Cozy tearoom on the ground floor Vintage flat on the first floor Lawyer's on the second floor

    Lovely MOC...it looks like an official modular building! I'd really like to know how you shoot such gorgeous pictures...
  13. [MOC] Bricksfield Public Elementary School

    Thank you! I'm probably going to build an expansion for it, so as to allow more kids to receive a proper education
  14. [MOC] Bricksfield Public Elementary School

  15. [MOC] Bricksfield Public Elementary School

    Are they visible now?