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  1. [MOC] Modular Tearoom

    Thank you very much! Actually I'm building the florentine steak house right now
  2. [MOC] Modular Tearoom

    At last I managed to complete it with real bricks! Enjoy! 20180216_163804 by bricksandtiles, on Flickr 20180216_163933 by bricksandtiles, on Flickr 20180216_164122 by bricksandtiles, on Flickr 20180216_164052 by bricksandtiles, on Flickr 20180216_164028 by bricksandtiles, on Flickr 20180216_164437 by bricksandtiles, on Flickr 20180216_164510 by bricksandtiles, on Flickr 20180216_164457 by bricksandtiles, on Flickr 20180216_164444 by bricksandtiles, on Flickr 20180216_164658 by bricksandtiles, on Flickr 20180216_164737 by bricksandtiles, on Flickr 20180216_165345 by bricksandtiles, on Flickr
  3. [MOC] Central Station

    Great! Thank you
  4. [MOC] Central Station

    Just subscribed on Flickr...are they visible to everyone?
  5. [MOC] Central Station

    I'm afraid you can't see them. Anyway, more info and pics HERE on Rebrickable
  6. [MOC] Central Station

    Now I can see them on my phone as well, hope the issue has been fixed
  7. [MOC] Central Station

    Is anyone able to see them?? I followed the tutorial and I can see them. Please I need your help mates... I'm nearly 18 and many people have appreciated my works and their support allowed me to build them. Someone simply can't design buildings on their own... Please be kinder next time ;-)
  8. [MOC] Central Station

    Sorry, I can't work out why they are not visible... I used "Insert Image from URL"....
  9. [MOC] Central Station

    Are they visible now?
  10. [MOC] Central Station

    Catch the train at the Central Station! Buy tickets and ask for useful information at the desk and, if you feel hungry, a kiosk will serve you delicious food . It includes five minifigures for a total of 5602 pieces. Hope you like it! Facade by bricksandtiles, on Flickr Platform by bricksandtiles, su Flickr Skylight and clock by bricksandtiles, su Flickr Ticket office by bricksandtiles, su Flickr Food kiosk by bricksandtiles, su Flickr
  11. [MOC] Modular Florentine Steakhouse & Butchery

    Thank you so much! I'm collecting parts to build this and hopefully next month I'll show you the complete Steakhouse! I've also completed the Tearoom, but I need some extra bricks to do a correction
  12. How to Design a Modular or a Non-Modular Building?

    I always start with the facade: I build it thinking about the color I want to use (if possible a color which has never been used for official modular building) and the general shape of the building (with two towers, with balconies...). I draw inspiration from real buildings I see in first person or from Google Street View: my recent visit in Vienna has been crucial for my next modular MOC. Then I complete the exterior and subsequently I work on the inside, choosing again a business not included in any modular. I love using rare bricks and handling them in real life, however I tend to replace them when they're ridicolously priced. Thanks for including me!
  13. List of MOC Modular Instructions and Searching for More!

    Thank you! Hope to be in your "first class" list one day😄😄
  14. [MOC] Modular Florentine Steakhouse & Butchery

    Thanks again!