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  1. martinnygaard

    Teaser - Guess what I'm building

    A argitechnical straw baler is what comes into my mind.
  2. martinnygaard

    MOC - Claas Axion 960 (3rd party wheels)

    Great looking tractor - nice to see some more farming equipment. Looking forward to see the video :-) I have been looking for a rear wheel like that for ages - Would you reveal where you bought them?
  3. martinnygaard

    Moving LEGO Cars with Magnetism

    The drifting wasn't a problem for me, unless it drives at ridiculous speed. if you scale up the truck, it ran faster than a truck speed limit. in prototype i'm working at different tracksystems. i'm still using the "momorail"-guideline, but im trying to make a solution for a shifting track. Making it possible to drive different courses. one of my goals is making a bus which stops pickning up passangers, while a regular car overtakes it. :)
  4. martinnygaard

    Moving LEGO Cars with Magnetism

    is could run the truck as fast as my tracklayout allowed. Biggest problem was the truck would drift in fast turns.
  5. martinnygaard

    Moving LEGO Cars with Magnetism

    I've tried this som years ago. First i used lego train to make a smart car go arround in an Car washing system at LEGOWORLD 2011. ( )I renewed the system and integrated an NXT in every car. Itgave me the possibility of connecting multiple cars. I made a system where 2 cars drives a "8" (circle with a cross) and stops and wait at each other at the cross.
  6. martinnygaard

    Lasse's Model Team Construction Yard

    Uhh, that looks like a racing truck - but do you think it will beat an Combine? I have my doubt! A fantastic model, Lasse! I've always liked your MOCs. Especially your SNOT details!
  7. Hello, i'm working on a program to my Road System. (http://www.eurobrick...em#entry1497823) My problem is in the "Wait"-block. When i want it to wait at "go"-signal, then there's a "!" in the corner of the icon, and i haven't any idea why? The same is with the "!Rotation sensor" ? i do hope someone know what this is. I have to make the program work before LEGO Fan Weekend at friday. ;-)
  8. martinnygaard

    Can you create vacuum using pneumatics ?

    I've build a vacuumpump some time age. A engine with a crankshaft is turning regular 2-way cylinders and valves at the same time (opposite LPE) If the motor runs one way it create pressure - opposite vacuum ;-)
  9. martinnygaard

    What are the most ugly B models

    in my opinion, 8053 Mobile Crane's B-model is one of the worst. :-)
  10. martinnygaard

    Pjaltenborg's corner!

    Hmm - lot of sisters helps a lot :-P
  11. martinnygaard

    Pjaltenborg's corner!

    Accetly it's very simple - and take no time to build - From i got the idea, the first prototype was driven after 2 hours.
  12. martinnygaard

    Pjaltenborg's corner!

    And now it runs - Completly new system with a kind of "mono-track" it follows.
  13. martinnygaard

    Drive front axle for medium size trucks

    That looks really compact! i'll try that on my Manitou - Thanks!
  14. martinnygaard

    Pjaltenborg's corner!

    I'm currently working at a system that don't look like a big story from outside, but accetly it's a hole lot bigger than that. A driving car in a City-Layout at LEGO Exhabitions. Like this one i made earlier: In this video, it's a small RC Track with a custom train underneath the table, that drives the car via magnets. My new and bigger experiments is a Mindstorms robot driving round under the road plates, and then drives the car. There's lot of possibilitys like Stoping for red, turn a random way each time. More cars at the same way (Maybe a police car following a Bank robber) beaing able to drine in a gas station, parking lot ect.) (Figure the rest out yourself) I run a lot of prototype tests before making the complete model and program, just to make sure every little detail run exactly like it should. The first prototype is to make the robot be inside a area. I really don't like, if the model gets crazy and drive away from it's route, to the table edge and falling to earth. Therefor i made a Square of red PVC-Tape (Electrial-tape). like a big fat wall the robot can't cross. The next prototype is the LineFollowing program. I use the "Mindsensor LineFollower-sensor, and it works. it's kinda zig-zag, but i think it's my PID. Trying to adjust it, but i'm almost guessing. Haha Sorry the bad Video quallity. The test layout will be like this: - The black line at the "LineFollower" video it matching the road above.