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  1. Well, I'm always tempted to overdo the greebling so I purposely left the sides of the cargohold plain. It's intended to be the cargo hold anyway, there's presumably not going to be much machinery in that part of the hull. That, and it's slightly more true to the original sub that way. The only significant disadvantage is that slight colour differences in yellow Lego bricks will stand out more. It appears yellow colour consistency is suffering a lot from the new production methods, something that might become a problem in my larger Aquazone builds later on...
  2. Pimbo

    Storage and Sorting LEGO

    There's been a topic about that question here. The general consensus seems to be, that your bricks will be fine. Not quite sure if the bricks being enclosed in plastic containers will have any additional impact. (Also, to 95.6 percent of the world population those numbers you mentioned are just silly)
  3. If you're anything like me, you were probably struck with awe when the 1995 Lego catalogue hit the stores. The Aquazone theme was something different entirely, and the diorama pictured was totally awesome. A whole new world opened up for us legomaniacs, literally! Arguably the most realistic, and in my mind the coolest submarine was the cargo sub that came with the 6195 Neptune Discovery Lab. Of course, at the time I never actually owned the set. But now I do, and after building the little sub I was a little disappointed, because it only looked good from several angles. From the pictures in the catalogue, I somehow imagined it being much, much beefier. So I set about building an improved version, another vessel for my Aquazone project. It serves as a medium range cargo sub, features a long-range com antenna, storage bay that doubles as airlock, redundant air-supply systems for those extended trips, electromagnetic container hook-up crane, dual harpoon launchers, and ofcourse aquazone-mandatory magnet & gripper arms. I tried to remain close to the design of the original 6195 sub. The yellow flags that probably functioned as hydroplanes were copied, as was the "pontoon" layout on the underside of the craft. The main prop located higher up on the sub, two manuevering pump-jets on the sides, just like the original. The dark grey clips that hold the yellow flex hose have since been replaced by black ones. Inside the cabin, a seat for the pilot with steering controls, and one for an engineer with joystick controls for the manipulator arms. Behind them, a torch and pire extinguisher, and the airlock door to the cargo bay. The cabin will fit three minifigs comfortably, altough the rear crewman actually has to remain standing during the entire trip. Or, he could just go lie down in the spacious cargo hold. The cargo bay, big enought to even carry one of the cargo containers used by my Aquanauts. Although, that's what the extending magnetic crane on the back is for. Hydrogen refueling in progress. The container has a hydrolator crystal powered electrolysis device, which generates hydrogen from seawater. Hydrogen is then used in the subs fuel cells. Larger submarines actually have these devices built in. With the huge power durability of the crystals, these submarines would be analogue to present-day nuclear submarines. Ofcourse, radioactive isotopes and hydrocarbons for fuels are a thing of the past in the aquazone. A side by side comparison of the two cargo subs. My version is just a couple studs longer but probably has four times the cargo capacity. Overall, I think it would be instantly recognisable for anyone who owns the 6195 set. I did replace the neon orange lamps with regular lamps on the 6195 sub in the photo however. More pics on the Brickshelf, and more Aquazone moc's coming in the future! Thanks for viewing, and please consider building and posting more underwater ceations in the Action and Adventure forum!
  4. Absolutely fantastic! I'm happy to see another submarine for the Action/Adventure forum! Quite a realistic scifi sub, sleek hull, lots of vents. The contrasting colour for all the hatches is a really nice touch. The interior is really cool, the stretcher as bunk bed is simply brilliant! Wish I'd have thought of that in my Neptune Carrier Mk.II which you should check out if you haven't already I suppose. I'm really looking forward to seeing this built in real bricks, be sure to adjust the lighting for photos because black builds can be a pain to photograph. Curious to the other builds you're planning as well, what will the Confederate colourscheme be like? All in all, I'm reminded about the 1863 Hunley for some reason
  5. Pimbo

    Oxford World War Series - WWII Planes, Tanks

    These don't look half bad! The "made in Korea" tag is pretty smart, it inspires a lot more confidence. Level of detail is excellent, kill count decals etc. If these are available in Europe I might even be tempted.... It's really too bad TLG is sticking with their "never have, never will" stance on military sets. Evidently there's a market they're wilfully missing out on.
  6. Pimbo

    [MOC] Truck trailer accident

    Love it! This really reminds me of my youth, when stuff was actually happening in my lego towns. Accidents are never fun, except in lego towns! (I looked in your Flick album, and there's a lot of action in your town!) When I saw the firetruck I immediately knew, this has to be a Dutch firetruck. Great job, very recognisable!
  7. Pimbo

    Favorite Space Line?

    This is a difficult question! When I was a kid, all new themes were awesome. And now, all those themes conjure up romantic images of my youth. But I do prefer the early civilian, peaceful themes like CS, MTron and Ice Planet. Although, I suppose Blacktron 1 was pretty cool too!
  8. Pimbo

    Could SLCC someday have Lego exclusives?

    Some people sure do, some people sure don't. I suppose for Lego it's a balance between making money off these pretty-much-guaranteed sales and brand recognisability, and alienating a large group of customers who are unable to obtain their product.
  9. Pimbo

    The best of the worst Lego Ideas

    This exactly. I always imagine some young kids' parent uploading these to Lego Ideas, or the kid uploading it under supervision of the parent. I understand that these post-babyboom parents feel like they need to encourage their kid at every turn, but I also feel these parents could be a little more realistic and honest with their kids. Their "awesome" design really isn't gonna be made into a set. Maybe somewhere in the process of uploading, the Ideas site should be showing pictures of the successful Ideas sets so far, accompanied by the subliminal message "is your idea really up to these standards?"
  10. Pimbo

    Pirate theme getting worse

    Much can be said for the latter, but compare the Black Seas Barracuda with the Brick Bounty.... or compare the Eldorado Fortress with the 6242 fort.... yeah I'd say the classics actually were "all that great". (Maybe not filled to the brim with pre-defined play features, but did we really need those when we were kids?) Curious, is there any evidence that TLG would consider these anniversaries is their product line planning? Other than the promotional minifig here and there
  11. Pimbo

    Donald Trump microphone LEGO remake

    The yellow bricks really ought to be orange... believe me folks. Thing is, like with all Trump things, there's no way to tell if someone is supporting him or just plain making fun of him. But maybe that's for the better, it's a brick forum and not a political one.
  12. It's been a while since I've been on Eurobricks, but as you know, after some months on non-Lego duties and interests, at some point the itching becomes unbearable... So picking up where I've left off, I present to you another Aquazone MOC in the underwater quest for hydrolator crystals: The Hydrolator Recovery Vehicle / Submarine Terrain Recon (HRV/STR) It is of course heavily based on one of my favourite Lego sets ever released. Now, why would you drive a lumbering vehicle over the ocean floor when a submersible would be infinitly more swift and practical? Because Lego Aquazone, that's why! Its role is to provide a long range mobile base of operations for the recovery of the much sought-after Hydrolator Crystals. It has long-range communication capabilities, a submersible docking platform, armaments, and carries two multipurpose container units. The Utility Sub firmly locked in place on its platform. An Aquanaut can enter and exit the sub through the airlock. The cabin opens up to allow placement of the captain, pilot, and engineer. Guided harpoons offer defensive capabilities. The sonar/underwater-lidar array keeps the window in place and is used to steer the vehicle, exactly like in the original set. The airlock door at the rear of the vehicle. The lower pair of propellors offer additional thrust, the top one is actually the sub's prop. Notice the license plate, gotta have that valid registration for those bureaucrats at the Aquanaut admiralty! The container units are interchangeable and fulfill different roles supporting the Aquanauts. On this expedition, they equipped themselves with a maintenance unit and an armoury unit. The armoury especially is very neat, the speargun rack folds nealty into the container. First rule of Aquanaut admiralty spending: Why build just one when you can build two for twice the costs? More Aquazone mocs to come, and more pics in the brickshelf!
  13. Pimbo

    [INDEX] Ships of BOBS

    I'd like to point out that the Torrent is currently neither licensed nor is Billy the captain. I haven't heard him complain though, sitting here on my desk.
  14. I'd love to contribute to the BrickMania layout, but isn't that for Belug members only?
  15. Pimbo

    [OL-FB] The Pegasus

    Argh! Great minds evidently think alike! I, too, am building a custom hull cutter, and I, too, was thinking of using that shield and the name Pegasus. Fortunately, I had been composing a list of possible shipnames. But your hull definitely looks nice, I know now how tough that is!