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Found 4 results

  1. legomac

    The Space Timeline

    I've been getting into LEGO Space recently, and I'm trying to construct a definitive timeline for all the various subthemes through the years. The original Space line is pretty straightforward, but it gets into trouble after 1998 or so. Here's what I've come up with, but I'm sure other people have their own opinions! 1. City Space? (2011) - Does this even count as Space? I say yes, due to the classic logo. Clearly the most primitive technology. 2. Space Port? (1999) - Again, an iffy theme to include in Space. But it's tied to Life on Mars, which certainly counts. 3. Life on Mars (2001) - Fairly primitive ships stay close to earth. First contact with aliens, who surprisingly turn out to be peaceful. 4. Alien Conquest (2011) - More advanced Earth vehicles, but nothing too outlandish. Why would the ADU exist if humans had never encountered aliens before? 5. Mars Misson (2007) - Humans are still on Mars, now fighting aggressive aliens with better equipment. Mining materials to power interplanetary flight? 6. Classic Space (1978-1988) - Peaceful exploration and colonization of far-reaching worlds. 7. Futuron (1987) - Civilian life in the colonies continues to advance. 8. Blacktron (1987) - Pirates exploit and pillage the Futuron colonists. 9. Space Police (1989) - A law enforcement agency is formed to protect Futuron and deter Blacktron raids. 10. M-Tron (1990) - Roving miners harvest raw materials to power long-range space travel. 11. Blacktron II (1991) - The space pirates continue their dastardly work and upgrade their technology. 12. Space Police II (1992) - The Space Police redouble their efforts (strangely, by removing most of their weapons). 13. Ice Planet 2002 (1993) - Dedicated scientists study the icy world of Krysto and test experimental rockets. 14. Unitron (1994) - A more militant group that shares some similarities with Futuron. This culture did not persist for long. 15. Spyrius (1994) - The heirs apparent to Blacktron, spies seek to steal valuable data and technology from other factions. Possible downfall of Unitron. 16. Exploriens (1996) - Scientists in deep space discover and study strange alien fossils on uncharted worlds. 17. UFO (1996) - Hostile extraterrestrials pose the first significant threat to human space exploration since Mars Mission. 18. Roboforce (1997) - Rather ungainly mecha attempt to maintain ground forces against the alien threat but cannot last. 19. Insectoids (1998) - A refugee race of aliens settle on an arthropod-infested planet and mimic native life. Little evidence that this species interacted with humans. 20. Rock Raiders? (1999) - The LMS Explorer is disabled near an unknown planet. Crew members harvest energy crystals to power their derelict ship. 21. Space Police III? (2009) - I'm not sure where this one fits. Apparently set 30 years after humans traveled beyond Mars. Futuron colors, with diverse (criminal) alien life. 22. Galaxy Squad (2013) - Small bands of color-coded fighters squash Insectoid-like alien invasion swarms. Whew, that's a pretty detailed history. But I haven't even considered Aquazone yet! Or Exo-Force. Or whatever else people think up...
  2. Darth Fandom

    My New HF Timeline of Media

    So, here's something I started making the other day, it's a Hero Factory timeline of media. Click here to go to the timeline. Right now it's just got episodes 1-6 and 8-10, but soon I'm going to update it with material from, novels, games and alternate reality material (some of the reality names are going to be made up, but they'll follow the same sort of thing the official reality title). I'm also eventually going to make a downloadable edition for when the timeline's done, which will look something like this. Hope you enjoy it so far!
  3. johnfilmsia

    Attn: Fellow Space fanatics

    Hello, Eurobricks! Longtime lurker, first-time poster, etc. I'm diving into the forums for one reason, and one reason only: To track down and exhaustively understand the LEGO Space shared universe. In particular, the "Golden Age" from 1987-1999, when LEGO went launched multiple factions and concurrent themes. The Space Timeline thread has been tremendously informative, and I expect to spend more time following that discussion. In addition, some day my dream is develop a short animated series set within the LEGO Space universe, spanning every single one of the classic pre-2000 space themes (including some Aquazone and Seatron, of course). I look forward to getting more involved now! Oh and while we're on the topic, here's a small MOC from my Flickr:
  4. SecondHandLego

    A chronology of Lego molds?

    Recently, I started selling some of my second hand lego at I happened to have bought a batch of second hand lego with some old parts in it going back to the early 1970s or late 1960s. On BrickLink I noticed there is an interest in these older parts. For example the ones with 'Pat. pend.' (Patent pending. Lego applied for patents in different countries as of the late 1950s or earlier) inscribed on the inside, or the ones that have it erased with a small 'blob' (after the patents were granted). Also the location of the molding 'pip' is apparently telling for the age of the brick and hence of the value of it to Lego collectors. Such markings are of couse very handy to estimate the age of a brick. However, I noticed that there is a more detailed coding scheme in the bricks that seems to identify their respective molds. It consists of letters and numbers in various coding schemes and locations on the bricks. I'm sure you know what I mean. (but if not have a look here https://frankvanderm...-of-lego-molds/ Interestingly, while going through a batch of 'Pat. Pend.' 2x3 plates, I noticed a few funny mistakes in the molds. Apparently, the images are too big and have been removed. Check the above mentioned link to see one of them. It seems interesting to me to have a chronology of the different molds (and colors), at least for a number of often-used bricks. I tried to find it through Google but could not find anything. Does anyone know of such a chronology? Would you be interested in having access to it if it existed? Would you be interested in collecting the data?