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  1. Laura Beinbrech

    The Lego Movie 2 - The Second Part 2019 Set Discussion

    So, after they'd been sold out at all the local stores for over 2 weeks, the local Voldemart finally got some more Ultrakitty sets in. Needless to say, I got one & am planning on modding it into a Spined Beast of Chaos & having some orcs/chaos warriors riding it. :)
  2. Sadly, I missed out on pretty much all the LEGO themes from 2000-2009 due to being in the military, then trying to get readjusted to civilian life after getting out, so I never was able to get any of the sets from any of these themes. That being said, though, from the perspective of being an inveterate army builder, I'd have to say that the Alpha Team is my favorite out of all these, due to the fact that both the Alpha Team agents & OGEL minion torsos (particularly the red/black buttoned/clasped ones) make for great military uniforms (and ironically enough, I'm currently using the blue & black Alpha team torsos as well as the OGEL minion torsos for different branches of the same faction in my setting).
  3. Laura Beinbrech

    2019 LEGO Trains - 70424

    If they go with the same method that they used for the Roller Coaster Wheel bases, i.e. where the wheels + axles is one part & the holder is another part that the wheel assembly goes into, it could arguably make coming up with custom wheel sets/bogie even easier, since you'd be able to use the wheel & axle assembly without having to monkey around with the metal axles.... Again, if either part is damaged out of the box, all you'd have to do is replace whichever part is bad rather than the whole thing...
  4. Laura Beinbrech

    2019 LEGO Trains - 70424

    I think that is the most likely approach that they'll take, since they use that exact method with the roller coaster car base wheels.
  5. Laura Beinbrech

    2019 LEGO Trains - 70424

    I have some 30 year old Athern HO-scale rolling stock with all plastic wheels & axles and have never had any issues with running them. I mean granted LEGO train cars tend to be a bit heavier than even O-scale equivalents, but if done right, I don't foresee any issues with going all plastic.
  6. Laura Beinbrech

    Temple Of Poseidon

    Very nicely done sunken temple scene! I love all the details, especially the entirely period-accurate diving bell & air-delivery hoses that were actually used on those old-school deep-sea diving suits.
  7. Laura Beinbrech

    The Lego Movie 2 - The Second Part 2019 Set Discussion

    They could give him a multipass. Oh well, this pretty much kills any chance I might have had to make a semi-official Corben Dallas minifig.... Still not too surprising, since as others have pointed out, most kids in the target age range probably have no clue who Bruce Willis even is (much like how most people my generation probably never even heard of W. C. Fields or Katherine Hepburn).
  8. Laura Beinbrech

    2019 LEGO Trains - 70424

    I'm with Aanchir 100% on this part: if the all-plastic design functions as well as the type with metal axles (and there's no reason they shouldn't, since, as @dr_spock mentioned, plastic axles have been used for decades in rolling stock for HO & O scale model trains), I'm all for the change, particularly if it reduces overall costs of the wheelbases for trains (and doubly so if they include everything you need on PaB instead of just the wheels & holders without the axles like they do now).
  9. Adventurers, hands-down: I've always like the 1930's & 1940's pulp adventure stories, like Tom Swift & various stories by Edgar Rice Burroughs & things based on those sort of "Two-Fisted Tales", such as The Rocketeer & Indiana Jones, and it looked like the Adventurers were going to be the closest we'd ever get to an ACTUAL Indiana Jones theme at the time (I mean this series came out at least a year before the first Star Wars sets, which were the first licensed theme LEGO ever released), so I bought as many of those as I could afford: I have the Bi-Wing Baron and the vehicle set (Treasure Raiders) that came with the mummy storage container (which I still have), and have three of my factions' armies based around torsos from the adventurers line. I wish I could have afforded more of the desert sets when they were out, or been able to get the jungle sets (particularly the boat), but the Jungle line came out after I joined the Navy, and I (obviously) wouldn't have had the kind of space required to store a bunch of LEGO sets on board a US Navy ship, which is why I went into my second dark age (but this time I just put all my sets into storage until I got out & could start messing with LEGO stuff again, rather than giving everything away like I did when I was in high school).
  10. Laura Beinbrech

    Denver & Rio Grande Western / Silverton Durango Passenger Train

    Very nicely done! I've seen plenty of pics of the Durango & Silverton rolling stock, and immediately recognized those coaches & the combine car. Yours are spot-on. In regards to your comment about the LEGO narrow-gauge curves being too tight for the cars, I actually came up with 6 stud-length narrow-gauge bogies for standard LEGO train car bases that work with the Narrow-gauge curve radius, but I think your cars might be a bit too long even for those particular bogies to work...
  11. Pharaoh's Quest for sure, but with Monster Fighters & Atlantis close behind. I loved Pharaoh's Quest because it was basically a reboot of the original Adventurer's theme, and I think I own more sets from that theme than any of the other action/adventure themes that have come out since I got back into LEGO around 2010 (I have the Flying Mummy Attack, Cursed Cobra Statue, Guardians of the Golden Staff & like at least 3 of the Scarab Attack sets). A close second is the Monster Fighters in terms of having stuff I liked, but I was unfortunately not able to get even half the sets I wanted from that theme due to being under rather severe financial constraints the year it came out (mostly due to making the biggest mistake of my life, i.e. getting married to She Who Must Not Be Named). One of my biggest regrets since getting back into LEGO stuff is never getting the Ghost Train set....
  12. Laura Beinbrech

    [MOC] Kestrel - SkyFi Plane

    Nifty design for your turboprop sky-fi plane (I have always loved the interwar & WWII era aesthetics, so I've always been a fan of dieselpunk/sky-fi). It very much puts me in mind of an upgraded more powerful version of the (in)famous Geebee "Flying Engine" racing plane that existed back in the 1930's. I also like the use of that Ninjago(?) printed tile for the roundels on the wings.
  13. Laura Beinbrech

    Roller coaster as narrow gauge

    I've actually considered using that steep slope for such a project as well (but possibly with two parallel tracks, since most funiculars tend to be broad gauge), if I ever build something that could use a funicular, that is.
  14. Laura Beinbrech

    [MOC] Teithiwr (Traveller)

    This is a really nice & realistic design for a near-future spacecraft. The only change I'd make to it personally would be, instead of having the astronaut piloting it positioned the way you have them, I'd have them face-up, but with their feet towards the nose, similarly to how the astronauts in the early Mercury & Gemini space capsules were positioned, but realize there is probably not enough room in the top part to add such a seating arrangement, even using some tricky SNOT techniques....
  15. Laura Beinbrech

    2019 LEGO Trains - 70424

    While I tend to agree with the sentiment that the set would have been better with a more vintage style locomotive, I'm definitely getting this: With the addition of some Powered-up/PF motor & battery box/controllers, and a few other modifications, I can use the locomotive for one of my main evil-aligned factions, the Grand Duchy of New York, which is ruled by a mad scientist & tends to reflect the dark side of technology, so having a modern styled locomotive in the current trend of the soulless iCrap design philosophy that seems to have taken over everything these days would be perfect for them. Also, speaking as someone who is in PennLUG, which is a fairly train-heavy LUG, particularly when it comes to public displays, I'm interested to see how the ball & socket method of coupling cars compares to the magnetic couplers. The reason being that when we run shows, even with the old-school open-magnet magnetic couplers, we have to put small rare-earth magnets between the couplers in order to run trains that have more than like about 4-5 cars in them. If the ball socket connectors do a better job of holding together (even if it's not as easy to couple/decouple cars on the fly), I'd gladly switch to those, especially if I can get the parts to make more of them for cheaper than even the brand-new sealed magnet couplers (it would be funny if they use the exact same system I came up with almost 10 years ago for my narrow-gauge trains, which seems to work pretty well). And speaking of public displays, I'm pretty sure that the LUG could use a few of those railing ramps for rapidly setting up the trains for shows (and I'd be more than happy to more or less permanently loan mine to the LUG, since I don't have any kind of permanent display at home and would most likely be running my trains on the LUG's display at various shows anyways.) EDIT: Also, in regards to the train windows/bogie plates thing that also came up earlier in this thread I have the following observations to add: First of all, while it would be nice to see the old type train windows come back, I generally find that the airplane windows/generic 1x4x3/other modern equivalents are generally satisfactory for train use. Secondly, again, based on my experiences as a member of PennLUG & working with the LUG's train layouts, I can say for a fact that the bogie plates are not only not necessary, but actually an inferior option to using 2x2 turntable plates for connecting the bogies to the base of train cars (not to mention way, way, WAY cheaper): After all, that's the method that @Cale & Brick Model Railroader uses for all their rolling stock, and that method seems to work better for keeping the bogies attached to the bottom of the train cars.