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  1. Laura Beinbrech

    [MOC] Futuron Dropship & Speeders

    Nice to see some neo-Futuron stuff. I like how you kinda stick to the original design style while also incorporating some Star Wars into it.
  2. I love the "Spirit of St. Louis" vibes the first version of the airplane gives off. Definitely fits for the late 1920's early 1930's.
  3. Laura Beinbrech

    [MOC] FNS Black Pearl, Fusion-powered Attack Sub

    Glad you like it! And funny you should mention this, but I do have plans on re-visiting the Mobile Bay class of Neo-Confederate battlecruisers in the near-ish future. The main issue is I basically need to acquire, at minimum, a complete second set of black hull components from the 2011 Black Pearl set (part ids 64645, 64651 & 95277 in black) to make this thing look reasonably proportional. I did work on re-organizing my LEGO ship bins, including adding a new extra-large storage bin for the bigger ships, so I can get back to work on that project though (I have a partially built old, short version that just doesn't look that great that needs to be tore down & rebuilt using the new hull base, once I acquire the parts I need). I DO more or less have all the hull parts to build the Federal Republic of America Navy's rough counterpart, the Philadelphia class heavy guided missile cruiser (basically by taking the white versions of the aforementioned parts from two Dolphin Cruiser sets), but I need to work on designing the actual build... I will see about trying to design both of those in BL Studio, due to the fact that even a significantly shorter version of the CSS Baton Rouge tended to give LDD a fit due to its size... I also have the rough beginnings of one of the first boats for the Grand Ducal Navy, which will be a guided missile sub (so it will be a bit bigger than this bad boy.... Especially since I finally figured out what I want to use for the Grand Duchy of New York's naval uniforms (the old Aquashark or Aquaraiders II torsos would be perfect, and I have like one or two).
  4. Laura Beinbrech

    [MOC] FNS Black Pearl, Fusion-powered Attack Sub

    Just bumping this to let everyone know that I've finally finished actually building this thing in real life & have edited the first post with the new pics & descriptions! :D
  5. I love this concept! I am presently toying around with some similar ideas for retro-futuristic trains for my dieselpunk post-apocalyptic setting, and am always happy to see people with similar ideas out there.
  6. Laura Beinbrech

    English Electric - Takargo 1449

    That's pretty interesting, Sergio. You might find it kinda interesting that a railway preservation group in Pennsylvania has a piece of Portuguese equipment that it runs: The Rockhill Trolley Museum has one of the original Porto street trams that was built by CCFP(STCP) in 1929 and acquired by the museum when STCP was modernizing its tram fleet back in the 1980's, IIRC...
  7. Laura Beinbrech

    English Electric - Takargo 1449

    Sergio, I really like your ever growing collection of Portugese locomotives, especially since it gives a lot of interesting insight into the extreme diversity of sources for said locomotives. Like I never knew that they had British designs or even a North American one (As soon as I saw the Takargo 1565, I thought it looked like the type of old Alco road-switcher/general purpose locomotive that was popular in the US from the 1950's to the 1980's, and sure enough, MLW was a division of Alco). Still it was rather interesting seeing something that looked so familiar running on European rails.
  8. Laura Beinbrech

    [MOC] DSB Litra MZ I & III (8-wide locomotives)

    I'll definitely do that, especially since Odense is fairly close to a castle (Egeskov Slot) that's near the top of my list of points of interest to visit in Denmark.
  9. Laura Beinbrech

    [moc] Reading Bobber Caboose

    Well there's a good reason one of the railroader terms (at least one of the printable ones) for this type of caboose is "Crummy Wagon" or just "Crummy". Still, excellent work on this model.
  10. Laura Beinbrech

    [MOC] DSB Litra MZ I & III (8-wide locomotives)

    I really love this MOC, and I have to echo that 8-wide seems to be a really good scale for LEGO trains (at least for standard-gauge anyways, I use 6-wide for my narrow-gauge stuff). I also have always been a fan of the DSB locomotives ever since seeing the MX & MY, and this one is no exception. I'm hoping to make a trip to Denmark sometime in the next couple of years and plan on hitting up some of the Danish railroad museums/heritage railroads when I'm there.
  11. Laura Beinbrech

    [MOC] FNS Inferno Patrol Boat

    In early 2078, several months after the final battle of the Final War triggered massive temporal storms that ravaged the earth, the survivors began to try rebuilding civilization. One such group were survivors of the old North American Union military on the East Coast who founded what would in a few years become the Federal Republic of America, a bastion of hope & freedom in the post-war world. Of course, they soon found themselves beset by enemies on all sides: The authoritarian Grand Duchy of New York and Hordes of Chaos to the north, the fascist, human centric New Confederate States of America to the south, vicious bands of raiders in the arid lands west of the Mississippi and pirates & sea monsters in the Atlantic Ocean to the East. Thus the new nation found itself at war & in need of ways to defend itself because war, war never changes.... One of the earliest efforts by the Federal Republic to defend its coastal waters was the conversion of abandoned cabin cruisers & other boats into ad-hoc patrol boats, one of which was the one that would eventually become the FNS Inferno. After several years (and once the Republic's naval shipbuilding program got off the ground), the Inferno was taken in, stripped down to its bare hull, and rebuilt from the main deck up. The hastily mounted twin .50 caliber machineguns on the front of the vessel were replaced with a 37mm manually-operated light auto-cannon mount and the aft single .50 cal was replaced with a 7.62mm minigun. The overall shape of the superstructure was rebuilt similarly to how the old Higgs PT-boats from World War II were designed, and eventually the forward 37mm cannon was replaced by a DARDO dual-purpose twin auto-cannon turret (this particular choice of armament was heavily influenced by some of the orc technicians who had sought asylum in the Republic, citing "more dakka" as their reasoning for adding such firepower to a vessel of this class). Thus the Inferno Class general purpose patrol craft were born: Captain One-Eyed Willie at the master plot in the crew cabin of the Inferno (yes this is one big Goonies reference): The business end of the Inferno featuring the DARDO 40mm mount & MK 51 heavy sonar guided torpedoes: The Inferno's Brave Crew: Anyways, I was up until 5am last night getting the forward gun mount to look right, and I hope you like it.
  12. Laura Beinbrech

    [MOC] Tarpons-class of Light Cruisers

    I served in the US Navy for 6 years, and I can appreciate that. :)
  13. Laura Beinbrech

    [MOC] Tarpons-class of Light Cruisers

    Man, I love these ships! And the background stories you give for all of them are excellent.
  14. Laura Beinbrech


    I would be absolutely over the moon if they came out with a remake of the El Dorado Fortress, considering that not being able to afford the original El Dorado Fortress when I was a kid was my second biggest Lego regret, right after not being able to get the original Black Seas Barracuda for similar financial reasons.
  15. Laura Beinbrech

    Lego 10277 - Crocodile Locomotive

    I think Lego severely underestimated the demand for this thing... It's only been out for like a week or two & it's been listed as "out of stock" on the US webpage for a week... I just hope they at least make it available for backorder soon.