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  1. Great modding and overall interpretations. Your version of Elves is an excellent showcase that existing LEGO themes are adaptable to each fan/builders preference.
  2. How to spend US $800 without buying UCS MF

    @makoy I'm not questioning you for having only Modulars, do I?
  3. LEGO Nexo Knights 2018

    72003 is a must get for me. Pretty excited about seeing more details for the new helmet and armor piece. I don't believe this wave is an Euro exclusive one though. I suppose It's trans. light green and not trans neon green. Similar parts like the windshield with the thunder vortex print in the Goblin King;s castle set from Elve's and the long flags that are used as electric billboards in the Ninjago City set are all trans. light green. My prediction is that TLG just reuses those elements. But maybe it is neon. :)
  4. How to spend US $800 without buying UCS MF

    I prefer to take the Dutch price of €849,00 and Dutch set prices from if I may. - 10252 Volkswagen Kever €104,99 - 10242 MINI Cooper €99,99 - 10258 Londense bus €129,99 - 21307 Caterham Seven 620R €84,99 - 76085 Slag om Atlantis €29,99 - 70614 Bliksemstraaljager €69,99 - 70610 Vliegende kwal duikboot €34,99 - 70607 NINJAGO® achtervolging door de stad €19,99 - 853687 LEGO® NINJAGO® accessoireset €12,99 - 75172 Y-Wing Starfighter™ €79,99 - 75153 AT-ST™ Walker €54,99 - 75167 Bounty Hunter Speeder Bike™ Battle Pack €17,99 - 70908 De Scuttler €89,99 Total €845,86 I think picking sets that are available/backordered on the LEGO shop website feels more fair than retired sets and there's still a lot of sets I wish to have that are not retired.
  5. Space Police III Interceptor

    Great sleek design, goes along very well with the windscreen.
  6. [MOC] Modular: Town Hardware

    Great, It's one of those modulars that has too many great details to comment on. :P Looks fantastic and the goods for sale are reminiscent to real equipment.
  7. Special Pieces - Your Opinion

    Only minifigs and lightning! Maybe windscreens, but I don't have any from a non-LEGO brand.
  8. AG - Kawashita Group Dojo

    I haven't heard from Epsilon Eta yet, but is It still possible to get some creds back that I gave as a loan?
  9. [Brains] Cat A - Infected

    Very cool vignette and entry there! I got to love that plumenting railing.
  10. [MOC] Sword (or axe) & Sorcery

    I only have two of those orcs, wish I got some more.
  11. [MOC] Sword (or axe) & Sorcery

    Awesome! Definitely great use of the Dewback and Hobbit orcs.
  12. AG - Introduction and Discussion

    Congratulations, Octan. Thanks to all who made AG possible. I'm looking forward to the next chapter.
  13. AG - Kawashita Group Dojo

    As well for my self, I have 366 credits that I never used personally but gave away for corp. funding. If there's enough left of that, I would like to buy a Kawashita logo of that, please.
  14. [WIP]My bad try at an MOC

    I think you achieved the classic look really well and I love It.
  15. Where to buy Lego in Amsterdam?

    Gorinchem: Breda: Den Bosch: Zwolle, Arnhem, Utrecht, etc: I have mostly experience with the last store in Zwolle, both online and in store. There are many other toy stores that are mostly specialized in LEGO, I believe there's also at least one in the other two big cities: Rotterdam and Den Haag/The Hauge.