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Found 11 results

  1. And so, I give you another Black Pearl MOC! In my defence, I never really wanted to do the Black Pearl, seeing as there is no shortage of Pearls inside this forum and elsewhere, but I didn’t have a choice, they forced me to do it! But who could do such a horrible thing to a humble MOC designer? Well how about two persistent, annoying but all the while lovable nephews who just happen to be in love with the Pirates-theme? That’s who! And now, the digital renders of the forced work so far. ABOUT THE DESIGN As many designers before me, I tried to mimic the real Pearl as much as possible, with deliberate exception of the main deck length. Here I decided to make a big step away from the original because: 1) The distance between the masts looks too wide for my taste and thus I feel the overall ship looks slightly out of proportion. In movies this is hardly noticeable, as our eyes are fixed on the constant action frame after frame... but during the design phase, this issue readily pops up like a Jack-Sparrow-in-the-Box. Here is a broadside comparison against the artwork of the real Pearl, made for Disney by concept artist Jeremy Love. 2) Shorter mid-section ensures that the overall size of the ship is still within ‘playable category’ – meaning my 10year old nephew can still pick and carry the darn thing, and make swooshy sounds. I think that’s a good measure to have, if you are a ship designer and you are aiming to build semi-playable ships. Here is a size comparison with the new Black Seas Barracuda, which most of you probably have. ARMAMENT The Black Pearl carries 22 cannons: 12 on the gun deck and 10 on the upper deck. Its full broadside contains 11 cannonballs. Like the original, the Pearl has no chase guns in her bow or stern, which gives her a tactical disadvantage, while her high speed only partially negates this handicap. To maximise playability, and allow easy access to the gun deck, large section of the upper deck can be easily removed. More of the same applies for inclined quarterdeck, under which we find Captain Barbossa drooling over some 16th century Apple products. INFLUENCE & INSPIRATION Here I want to highlight two Pearl designs which had a big influence on me during this project: Black Pearl by @-DoNe- , and Black Pearl Project by @papacharly. Both are terrific designs and light-years better than clunky hideous official LEGO Pearl (if I dare to mention that shipbuilding blunder of the decade... whoops, I guess I just did). Thank you both for sharing your work inside the forum. THE REAL BUILD Digital design phase is for now finished, but I consider this still as [WorkInProgress] until I make the obligatory exciting test-build with real bricks. The total piece-count without minifigures is 3020, and going through my brick storage I managed to gather ~1600 usable parts. Now all that remains is to find and obtain the rest of the parts, test the cursed thing and show it to the world. I hope it will be ready for release by July/August of 2023, just in time to celebrate 20th anniversary of the POTC: The Curse of the Black Pearl.
  2. Hi mates! It has been some time, I only teased differend WIPs but never showed a finished one the last months... No honestly, I just had no time - but now it´s here: Davy Jones, do you fear the Black Pearl? The ship is fully motorized accompanying my "Rolling" Dutchman: Motorized Features: Rolling movement caused by waves (1. L-Motor) Motorized movement for- and backward (1. L-Motor, switched manually) Motorized steering with simoultaneously rotating ship´s wheel, rudder and steering mechanism (1.S-Motor) Motorized sail trim with turning capstan and changing sail position of all square sails (2.S-Motor) All features can be controlled by rc-control via 4 channels and two receivers The battery box can slide out easily to switch on/off and change batteries EXTRA: The lower cannons can fire a broadside automatically! General Features: Two decks with cannons (one side the lower deck is closed to store the motors) The two tripple-barreld chasers can manually slide backwards and then the gun ports can be closed Handmade sails or original Lego-Sails Two functional anchors Upper cabin minifigure size (illuminated by light-brick) The ropes between the masts can be removed easily to take them apart for transport Some videos in the flickr album, showing the different fuctions: Black-Pearl at Flickr Black-Pearl Full Broadside Firing 2 There is also a video on youtube showing the ship and its functions (german): The functions are shown at e.g. 04:55 and the shooting mechanism at 07:18. I have the ship with self-made sails fitting the style of my "Rolling" Dutchman as well: I hope you enjoy it! My dream is a video reassembling the popular footage in the maelstroom, I hope I can arrange something similar in the future... Yours, Captain Störtebricker
  3. papacharly

    [LDD] The Black Pearl Project

    LDD/MLCad 15D The Black Pearl Project - A joint venture by Courleciel and Papacharly EDIT April 1st 2015: Black Pearl mpd-file is available now. Please also note the relevant post #15 below! End of last year I had been invited by Courleciel to join a project he already started. The goal of this project was to virtually build the Black Pearl from the Lego video game “Pirates of the Caribbean” and, in a second step, to “make great renderings”. At this time the ship had already been built by Courleciel in real bricks. Starting point for this project was an “old” lxf-file (Lego Digital Designer) by captainjack. The virtual model was significantly optimized by Courleciel so as to make it more accurate and complete. A lot of parts have been repainted, some new elements were added (such as anchors, bell, grating, cannons...), and some were adjusted or rebuilt (like the capstan, figurehead, lanterns, masts...). After the model was nearly completed, the LDD file was converted to the LDraw format and my job started. According to Courleciels conceptual work I added rigging, rails, ropes and strings by using SR3D Builder and MLCad/LSynth. Sails were directly created in povray. Additionally it was necessary to manipulate some original LDraw parts (e.g. # x1609 batarang, see stern) to make them authentic with regard to the video game. Finally we decided on all setups for being rendered. All renders have status “as rendered”. There was no “photoshopping” applied, aside from scaling down and anti-aliasing. I have not counted all the hours I spent working on this project. But doing all the work Courleciel and me had a lot of fun. So we hope that you also will enjoy our work and have some fun too. High resolution “technical renders” showing the conceptual work of Courleciel can be found here. For high resolution images of the movie scenes click here. And here is the outcome of our project:: First we have some technical renders of the Black Pearl. Then we show some movie scene remakes. For all those which are not familiar with “Pirates of the Carribean”, please find the original movie scene respectively an original video game screenshot below each rendering. Here comes a remake of a video game screenshot: Two movie scenes from part 1 "The Curse of the Black Pearl": Movie scene “Pantano River” from part 2 "Dead Man’s Chest" Two movie scenes “Locker” from part 3 "At World’s End" Last but not least we have an atmospheric and maybe kitschy sunset render which is not related to any movie scene.
  4. Hello, not many words from me, these pics speak for themselves. These are my BSB Recolours. The studio file came from Humble Bricks. Number one : The Black Pearl Here I added an extra mast. Number Two: Imperial Brig Number Three : Brick Bounty II Thanks, C and C appreciated as always. Count Vroski
  5. Henjin_Quilones

    [MOC] The Black Pearl

    The Black Pearl I built this for Innovalug's Style it Up contest, where the prompt was to build something, anything, with only one color. So after contemplating many colors and subjects (spaceship, dragon, etc.) but ultimately rejecting them all, I started building a ship. Then, since my color was black, I settled on the Black Pearl of Pirates of the Caribbean fame as a reference. She's not a perfect likeness, as I did not bother with all of the gunports and other details like that, as it would have been beyond my collection at this scale, but I am pretty pleased with how it turned out. C & C welcome.
  6. peppe1983

    my first moc ship

    Hi everyone, after having introduced myself I am here to share with you the construction of my first ship that still does not have a name. the base from which I started, as you can see from the hull, is the black pearl. the idea is to inspire me to the black pearl, but without faithfully creating the ship of the film .... in fact, my ship will be different both in form and colors. For the project, being a little expert, I started with the techniques of the captain green hair, which I thank very much for this resource. I do not pretend to create a historical ship, but a fantasy ship that is, however, realistic. The ship "should" be a cross between a small frigate and a brig. The hull includes the bow, 3 intermediate sections, while the stern will be made only with the pieces I have available. At the moment the armament provides 12 guns, but I'm considering to insert others on a further bridge ... if I advance the pieces to build it :) I share with you the first images of this work, where you can see that the sides have been created, I still have to design the stern and the bow. I await from you, experts, a positive or negative opinion of the work done up to now and possible suggestions. thank you very much, Giuseppe
  7. Moved to main BSTF forum
  8. Ltfalcon

    Flea Market find :)

    A friend let me know that one of our local Flea Markets had some Lego stuff. I stopped by at lunch and found a box of goodness for $20.00 :) I started construction and assumed some pieces would be missing and after a $11.00 bricklink order here is the result; PRICELESS.... I now own an offical Black Pearl :)
  9. orfeuz

    [MOC] My Black Pearl

    164D Hi all! Since the end of my Dark Age, one year and a half ago, I have worked on my first big creation: yes, another Black Pearl! My work finished ten days ago, just in time for ItLUG Lecco 2014, and now I am here to present you my creation! More pictures can be found on this Flickr gallery. Other photo on this WIP gallery. Sorry for the quality of the photos but I'm not a photographer! I hope you enjoyed my work!
  10. Pirate vessel off the port bow! Ready the cannons and prepare for battle! Three Masts 21B Here is the pirate vessel, the Terror. She now has Technic sails, as the original cloth ones were VERY expensive. The ship is 100% build-able, and perosnally I think it looks better with Technic sails than the cloth ones. I had the Black Pearl by M***B**** back way in 2007. I got it when there were no LEGO pirates offerings, (at least cheap ones!) I eventually destroyed it & threw it out (I think) Anyway, I had a massive pirates-meets-trains layout with a VERY long dock, and am wanting to get it started again, but with all LEGO parts. As of 8/31/15: this model has been shortened to a better length of 1 less bottom section and just 8 cannons instead of the original 10. This ship features: -Removable deck pieces -8 firing cannons -Revamped Angel statue -Raised captains quarters Also, the name TERROR is supposed to be spelled out the stern, just below the lanterns using printed 1x1 tiles. This flag goes above the rear sail: http://alpha.brickli...25pb008#T=C&C=1 Here is the LDD file: http://www.mocpages....1441049410m.lxf EDIT: and here is the Terror's adversary, the HMS Archangel: http://www.eurobrick...howtopic=114065
  11. Captain Braunsfeld

    MOMOD: The Black Pearl

    [pid][/pid] 162B Ahoy! It had been on my mind for some time to MODify the Black Pearl (because it was such a small and poorly fitted ship). Now I have found the time - but probably the result needs to be discussed. So here is the MOMOD (which is My Own MODification): Here we are facing the first challenge related to the Black Pearl: It is mostly black, at best dark grey and dark brown in a few parts. This means: YOU DO NOT SEE ANYTHING ON THE PICTURES! And it looks a lot like something the monster fighters might be after. Nothing more depressing than a combination of black and dark grey in the world of LEGO... This is why I took the pictures outside - just to catch some rays of sun and make it look a bit better. Then you can see that I added a deck and four cannons (however, the standard red-painted wood is too lively for the Black Pearl...). I changed the bow a bit: But then I basically stopped. It was great fun to MODify the "Queen Anne's Revenge". Unfortunately I am not really happy with the Black Pearl. May this serve as "warning" or "inspiration" for you to try something else