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  1. Soupperson1

    2019 Friends Sets - Rumors and Discussion

    Definitely June in Europe I’m not sure about other regions, I’m sure what ever is usual. And yup that’s a punk narwhal. :)
  2. Soupperson1

    2019 Friends Sets - Rumors and Discussion

    I think it’s possible this could be the best wave of Friends yet! It’s certainly up there anyway. Unfortunately I don’t think I can justify buying too many as I already have many similar sets from Friends and I really don’t need repeats for all of them. 41337 Amusment Park Loop Swing - I think this is the only set worse than its predecessor. It’s the bumper car set but you’re paying $10 less to not get any bumper cars or the arena in which they were in. At least the beehive to cotton candy recolour is available in a much cheaper set now. 41362 Heartlake Supermarket - This looks like a slight downgrade to the 2014 Juniors supermarket, oddly enough I think it’s colours fit Friends better. All the food here is super common and it’s a shame that the budget only allowed for one new print for a food related item. The shopping cart is nice, but I’ll wait for it to appear in a better colour than green. Also I think it’s really odd that Andrea is the only one of the main 5 not to appear in a Juniors set. 41371 Mia’s Horse Trailer - This is the only remake that is more or less the same quality as the last one, it even has the same horse! It’s nice that we got four different horses this year considering most of the land animals in the reboot have been prone to appear in at least three sets each. The new recolour for the horse riding cap / hair for Mia is great! I think Emma’s legs are the most unnecessary inclusion of new minidoll parts here. 41372 Stephanie’s Gymnastics Spectacle - This set is awful in my opinion. The builds aren’t particularly clever or interesting and the colours look gaudy and unfinished. Stephanie’s outfit is beautiful but that hairpiece. Who’s decision was that?! It’s way to short and the bangs don’t match at all. I’m sure kids who like playing with bows won’t appreciate it either with the lack of holes for such. I think Sweet Mayhem’s or DCSHG Harley Quinn’s hair recoloured in cool yellow would’ve worked better. Mia reusing Stephanie’s legs in the same set is a really odd choice too. 41373 Octopus Carousel - I mean the set isn’t bad but I have Olivia’s Space Ride and I really don’t think there’s need for me to have both. I think the idea of teaching kids to create their own rides is cute and gives it a step over Olivia’s Space Ride. I think it’s a real shame that Ethan appears twice in the same wave when there’s only a limited space for tertiary characters. 41374 Andrea’s Karoke Pool Party - This is beautiful! Each time they make a pool set I don’t think they can top it but I’m proved wrong each time! I don’t have any gripes with this set really, I’m honestly tempted to buy it even though I don’t have a need for another pool. I just kind of want to support more sets like this being made. 41375 Amusement Park Pier - The coaster itself is obviously leagues and bounds better than the last. I really like the interactive features with the bat and light brick. The fact only one girl can ride at a time is probably the only factor that makes it worse. I’m not to over joyed with the rest of the set. The swing ride is cool but I don’t think it’s better than the Ferris wheel or the drop tower and it’s spinning function just makes it seem like an elaborate version of the carousel. While it’s print is nice, the prizes in the spin the wheel game makes it pretty lackluster. The entrance way is nice and the ice cream stand is fine. The minidolls in the bigger summer sets are almost always dissaponting but I think Chloe in her work uniform might be one of the worst designed minidolls yet. Why on earth did anyone think it was a good idea to include the hard plastic version of Emma’s hair that doesn’t have any spots for accessories?! The recolour of her hair in blonde has been used as recently as 2017 so I’m not sure why they can’t bring that back...I’ll degress. 41376 Turtle Rescue - I originally really liked this set when I saw the prelims but I think it’s really weird that most of the interesting parts come in different sets, I.e. Olivia’s rescue outfit and the baby turtles. I don’t think the builds are strong enough to stand on their own. 41378 Dolphin Rescue - This is probably the most unique of the new sets other than the awful gymnastics one. I think the submarine is a neat enough build, it’s a bit blocky in the back. The pirate ship and Kacey's water vehicle are both really nice. The play feature of turning the wheel to reveal the treasure in-particular is spectacular! Oh and the baby dolphin! I think it’s a little odd they produced 31 new pieces for the minidolls across these sets yet didn’t go to the trouble to make a single new piece for any of the tertiary characters besides Kacey. Kacey did get the deluxe treatment and get three new pieces though. 41379 Restraunt - I think it’s widely agreed that this is one of the best Friends sets of all time. It turns out the copious recolours are exclusive after all! I’m shocked this set isn’t a normal retail one I think it has mass appeal. 413780 Lighthouse and Seal Rescue - I don’t think this is better or worse than the last lighthouse, it’s just a different take on one. All the builds are solid and it’s nice to see the seals return. I do think the Stephanie on the box art would work a lot better here and would’ve worked better than having Mia in two sets. It would’ve been nice if we got an extra minidoll too considering the price of this set. 413781 Boat and Narwhal Rescue - I think the interior to this boat is the best yet! It has detail everywhere and doesn’t look crammed in, it’s quite an impressive feat to ever the designer is. The exterior of the boat isn’t quite as nice as the inside but I think that’s mainly because of them trying to make yellow and coral as a colour combination work. I know people have debated this before but in my opinion that narwhal does not look natural in that colour. I think the side builds are just worse versions than the ones found in other sets which is a shame considering how expensive this set is. We can hope so, but sometimes gaps are just filled in later waves like 41337. We’ve got two retail exclusives in this wave alone so I’m not sure if they’d bother doing another one. It’s great to see that both old light pink skirts from 2012 have come back this year with updated prints. Now we've got white and normal yellow skirts there’s not that many colours to go! I mean it’s only fair to the kids who missed out on those sets. Besides, I think that each designer has tried their best to make them as different as possible and have succeeded in the most part. It’s not like we’re getting vague space themed rides again or a light pink lighthouse with a shop next door. Even the boat has a really interesting interior and a bath for the Narwal. The turtle rescue, submarine and gymnastics sets are all completely brand new ideas for Friends so at least we get something.
  3. Soupperson1

    2019 Friends Sets - Rumors and Discussion

    The chef’s face is actually Alicia’s. I find it bizzare for the first time ever I believe they’re bringing back minidoll prints that aren’t on the production line. Mia’s baker outfit in particular is a really weird inclusion. Do you think this could point at a Friends legacy wave similar to the SW and Ninjago legacy sets from this year? I also thought the bike was new but it’s just new to Friends, it appeared in a creator set this year. I’m just glad we’re getting yellow clothes in general. All previous yellow clothes were flame yellowish orange or light yellow. I’m not sure why we have to see Vicky again and again, but her thick eyebrows and grey eyes (albeit a lot darker :P) match me better than any minidoll so I’m happy to get that face again. You’re not going to like the Octopus Carousel if you find these builds creepy xD I do wonder why this set in particular had such a big budget for recolours. :P
  4. Soupperson1

    2019 Friends Sets - Rumors and Discussion

    But you wanted them to stand out :P The 41365 Emma was the first to stop wearing South Korean inspired clothing so there’s nothing about her the makes her obviously Emma. I guess their attempt to make all the girls wear different unique clothes in 2018 didn’t go well with kids? I mean a lot of these summer sets are going to have coral, so if they get any of the Water Rescue sets they’ll receive a few bricks in that colour. :P I mean usually kids will prefer things in their favorite colour, the pastels don’t only exist in Friends because of the “princess syndrome”. Girls generally like the pastel colours and gravitate towards them. LEGO spent 4 million dollars researching the theme back in 2008-2011 and I’m sure they spent a fair amount again for the reboot, of girls didn’t care about colours there wouldn’t be such a strong focus on them.
  5. Soupperson1

    Ideas for CMFs

    The tour guides and locals in and around Loch Ness refer to her as she. Also most versions of the Loch Ness monster in pop culture are a she or neither male or female.
  6. Soupperson1

    2019 Friends Sets - Rumors and Discussion

    Looks like you’ll be calling LEGO then I never noticed that about Emma’s sets, that’s pretty random. None of the girls use Light Royal Blue or Dark Azur I’m suprised they didn’t give her one of those.
  7. Soupperson1

    2019 Friends Sets - Rumors and Discussion

    I know adults love coral but I can’t see kids demanding it over any other pastel colour. A lot of kids don’t buy sets for parts packs and they’re obviously the main demographic xD I didn’t catch the stripes looking like a light house or beach chair, props to you for realizing that. Hopefully it’ll look more clear when they’re stacked on top of each other. :P Im kind of confused what you mean here? Wasn’t the unique colour schemes what made them unique? I mean I guess since the reboot Mia only where’s shorts and trousers and Andreas outfits are a bit flashy. But apart from those there’s nothing that really makes their outfits unique apart from the colours and Emma’s outfit doesn’t use her colours. Not really I just find it odd they make Emma’s tile in one of Stephanie’s colours where all the others’ tiles are in their own colour :P 41337 Swing With Looping in the Amusment Park, the name doesn’t sound very final. Speaking of the Amusement Park, there’s blurry final pictures of the two retail sets on Instagram. 41373 uses no stickers by the looks of things. I know some people were looking forward to the clam piece in teal, but in the final images it’s medium lavender. Andrea uses her legs from the Park Performance set, I think her torso is the one from The Accessory Store from last year. I think the boy included is Daniel, who seems to be wearing a new olive green jumper. 41375 looks almost identical to the preliminary images. No major differences except the background is a lot less clear and it’s very obvious the Ferris wheel is not included. The mermaid seems to use Ariel’s tail in the same colours which is super dissapointing.
  8. Soupperson1

    2019 Friends Sets - Rumors and Discussion

    I think it’s bizzare the heart boxes now have new outfits, as I said before who will want the winter ones? XD It’s lovely to see them nevertheless, especially a new skirt for Olivia’s skin tone! I love how each of these outfits have an unique style to them, but still give off the beach theme. Andreas is my personal favorite, I love her new teal skirt. Zobo’s binoculars are actually a new mould which is also exciting. One thing that is really off is the colours of these boxes. Why do they all have a strip of coral and aqua? It just seems odd that kids who are lucky enough to get all 5 will have 5 very similar looking boxes from the side. XD Emma’s set suggests the designers are straying away from the strict colour scheme. Her 2x4 tile is azure (Stephanie’s main colour) and her outfit consists of navy and basic blue, none of those colours are part of her colour scheme. Let’s hope we start getting Olivia in different colours if we’re not going to get non Disney Princess characters with her skin tone. Lastly did anyone else notice Emma uses Clay’s helmet instead of last year’s go kart subtheme one? I find that crazy, didn’t they produce that mould just to appeal to girls as they wanted to see hair from out of the helmets? Oh and that German site from yesterday that had the photos, listed a new Friends set: 41337 Swing with Looping in the Amusement Park!
  9. Soupperson1

    Ideas for CMFs

    Shouldn’t the Loch Ness monster guy be a girl, Nessie is female after all
  10. Soupperson1

    2019 Friends Sets - Rumors and Discussion

    It can be found in both. :3 The cart does look like a new piece, that’s quite exciting! It also suggest we’ll get a normal non 4 plus supermarket soon. I think it’s odd that they have eleven sets based off heart boxes and all of those come with a friend. I doubt many kids will want both the winter ones and the summer ones. If the summer heart boxes have exclusive outfits I doubt anyone who haven’t purchased them yet will want the winter ones. XP We have had a few friends set with a sole minidoll who wasn’t one of the main five but I doubt they sold well as they don’t make them anymore. That being said I think it would’ve been nice if they accommodated for that and did a dual pack of two similar to the Ninjago dual spinners from this year. It would’ve been a nice cheap way for kids to get a side character.
  11. Soupperson1

    Lego Animals

    I’m sure you’ve all seen the leaks of the new Friends sets? We’ve got a few new animals: a baby dolphin in light aqua, a baby turtle in spring yellowish green, a baby narwhal in light pink and a beach assessory pack in coral that contains a few new under the sea animals, including a sea horse!
  12. Soupperson1

    LEGO Store "Build a Minifigure"

    I believe you can now get the party short girl pigtails hairpiece in brown from build a minifigure now! 😁
  13. Yup, there’s no way they’d randomly do a set months after like they did for TDKR. That was a special case, I.e. it had Batman
  14. Soupperson1

    2019 Friends Sets - Rumors and Discussion

    If you look hard enough you can find them. The baby dolphin is aqua and is rather small but not tiny. The seahorse, Paracnthurus hepatus, adult starfish and baby octopus all come in a new accessory pack, so far we’ve only seen it in vibrant coral.