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  1. Soupperson1

    DC Superheroes 2019 - Rumours & Discussion

    I’m a huge DC fan, but I have mixed feelings on some of the aspects of this series. The major con is the U.S. price increase. I do think that will have a huge affect on the sales of this series. Think about this, the Harry Potter graveyard duel comes with 4 figures for $20 and a substantial build. I know those figures aren’t as detailed as these ones, but they’re still of a pretty high quality in my opinion. I can see parents refusing to buy minifigures as a result of this price hike and more casual AFOLs too. I hope LEGO doesn’t blame DC for the series doing poorly and blames the price increase, as we need at least one sequel series! The first appearance of the trinity seemed like the obvious route to go for me, as you could have them all match. I was hoping they’d come with 2x2 tiles with prints of the first issue, but obviously that isn’t happening, which seems like a missed opportunity. I much prefer Batman’s cowl here, then it looked in LB3. His face is a little similar to the ones that can be found in sets, which seems like a missed opportunity. I guess he was serious in his first appearance, but an unique alternative expression would’ve been cool. I like his torso and I don’t mind the printed belt. The legs are fantastic and if your a DC fan, it’s worth picking him up for those alone. Wonder Woman looks perfect, except for the hair! For a $5 CMF they should really be making her look more deluxe. I guess it’s neat her tiara is yellow instead of gold, as the only other figure to do that was the DCGirls Wonder Woman and her hairpiece was slightly different. If I’m nitpicking Diana’s face could’ve been more unique, as it seems to be just a modern update of her 2012 face. The face does look really good though! I love her torso, the use of that skirt and her legs! Her bracelets are a lovely touch and I’m planning on getting at least one spare of her for those arms alone. I have mixed feelings about including the rest of the seven. On the one hand it makes sense, they are some of DC’s more popular characters. Aquaman obviously had a very successful movie, Cyborg has been a staple in many children’s households for years thanks to Teen Titans and Teen Titans Go, The Flash has his CW show and they couldn’t make 6/7 and not include Green Lantern. On the other hand, they do feel like they’re taking up space. If casual fans wanted a Cyborg or Aquaman, they’ve both appeared in sets under $20. I think the Trinity could’ve sold this series by themselves if they had some strong back up, which I’ll explain later. The 90’s Aquaman has always been a favorite to some DC fans and LEGO made a perfect interpretation of that costume. The hook hand is a lovely touch, I’d assume they’d just give a gold minifigure one! I agree with others the reuse of the face and hair is annoying. I think a more serious expression and an annoyed face would’ve worked better with this rendition of the character. I think they could’ve redone his hair in “Cool Yellow” as it would’ve been different and make him stand out more against other Aquaman variants. I also think a new hairpiece would’ve increased AFOL appeal. Cyborg looks perfect for what he’s representing. The purple chain is a lovely touch. This variant looks fairly similar to his Super Friends appearance, which seemed to be a deliberate choice. I do think him and Aquaman are wasted slots though, another JL and TT member filling their slot would’ve made sense to me due to the limited number of 16. Giving us fourth and fifth versions for these characters over new ones just seems like a shame. Or at least ones that haven’t appeared in sets for a while. Simon Baz’ green lantern looks phenomenal! Print wise, we couldn’t really have asked for more. My only gripe with his printing is his face could’ve been smiling, just so it would’ve fit with the other lanterns, but I guess this is more in character. I don’t think the figure will appeal much to kids or casual fans though. The mask looks more like a wrestling mask than a superhero one. I think if he had accessories with a broad appeal it would’ve made him more desirable to that demographic. A funny looking transparent green construct, Bd’g or even Dex Starr (if they wanted to include a villain versus hero scenario in the series) seem like better choices then the Lantern. I do think the Lantern is nice, but again it has really limited appeal. Splitting him and Jessica (who had a really limited release) up, seems really weird too. I love the ring though and it’s a shame that won’t appear in more sets. We’ve got another four heroes on top of the seven. These are all new characters thankfully. Bumblebee! This is a really nice surprise. Turns out she was a main character in Teen Titans Go over the summer so some kids might know her better now. I guess she was in DC Girls too so maybe this might be a favorite amongst kids. I love her new hairpiece and I expect it to come in dark brown whenever they make Liz from LEGO Friends in a set. I love her dual expressions, they’re really fun! I think her torso and wings look better in LEGO form then they did in the comics! :P That yellow lightning is a lovely touch too, that I’ve been wanting for a while. Once again some nitpicks. XP I would’ve liked her torso to be ‘Cool Yellow’ rather than the normal yellow, just so it could stand out more. She could’ve done something with the legs too, I know it wouldn’t have been comics accurate, but I’m sure most LEGO fans have spare black legs. I would’ve suggested black and yellow dual moulded legs, as City fans would’ve loved that. After waiting since 2008’s LB for a Huntress I think this is kind of disappointing. A new mould would’ve been preferable considering it’s a CMF, at this rate she could’ve appeared in a set with no arm printing and limited leg printing. I don’t think the figure looks bad though, it certainly looks deluxe from the neck down. Kids who aren’t allowed sneak into BoP should at least enjoy her crossbow, as that doesn’t appear in two many sets these days and looks cool. Mister Mircale is perfect! I wouldn’t have done anything different! I love his smug grin. :3 Stargirl looks incredible. Her braces face is all I wanted! Her torso and legs are perfect too! Her hairpiece is a real disappointment though. If they had to use that piece a recolour in tan or yellow would’ve been nice and made her look more unique, but that’s the only problem with the figure. I’m once again worried about mass appeal. I guess the glitter in the staff is a nice touch and she does look like a gender bent Captain America to casual fans. Lastly we have three villains to round things off...for now. I love Parscilla’s Cheetah! She couldn’t have looked better! I think her being in a fun animal costume will appeal to non fans, especially with the great printing all around! The money bag is a lovely touch too! Sinestro is the worst choice of the series in my eyes. Could we really have not gotten any other Lantern villain? He seems like such a wasted slot. Nevertheless, the figure does look fantastic for what he is. I have to wonder was he, Cheetah and Cyborg included for us all to complete our Super Friends roster?! The only heroes we’re missing are Samurai, Gleek and Rima. We’re missing a few more villains (classic Lex, Grundy, brown Grodd, Toy Man and Giganta), but these still seem like an achievable number. Metamorpho seems really out of place. He’s really obscure compared to everyone else which makes me puzzled about how the choices for the series were decided. I do love me some obscure characters though and I’m not complaining about his inclusion, I just wish there were more included like him. :P I’m really excited to see the last four figures and I can’t wait to buy these in person. They all look really good, even if I’m dissatisfied with some of the choices.
  2. Soupperson1

    DC Superheroes 2019 - Rumours & Discussion

    Prisclla Rich is a great idea for a figure on LEGO’s part! People love costumed characters and I can see non fans searching for her. I wonder will she be the only one or will characters like CopperHead follow?
  3. Soupperson1

    Ideas for CMFs

    The butterflies should count as a new mould as they only come in accessory packs and cannot be separated out of them. Apart from that, best series yet! The baby King Kong is gorgeous and I love the dark fairy!
  4. Soupperson1

    2019 Friends Sets - Rumors and Discussion

    The previous reported 2020 sets will likely be the summer wave, which is why LEGO probably wanted them down. Strangely the cubes that were reported earlier are coming with these. Anyway next winter’s line up is: 41389 Stephanie’s Ice Cream Cart - 97 pieces 41390 Andrea’s Car - 240 pieces 41391 Heartlake City Hair Salon - 235 pieces 41392 Nature Glamping - 241 pieces 41393 Baking Competition - 361 pieces 41394 Heartlake City Hospital - 379 pieces 41395 Friendship Bus - 778 pieces 41396 Puppy Playground - 57 pieces (4+) 41397 Juice Truck - 103 pieces (4+) 41398 Stephanie’s House (4+) 41400 Andrea’s Play Cube - 49 pieces 41401 Stephanie’s Play Cube - 44 pieces 41402 Olivia’s Play Cube - 40 pieces 41403 Mia’s Play Cube - 36 pieces 41404 Emma’s Play Cube - 40 pieces
  5. Soupperson1

    DC Superheroes 2019 - Rumours & Discussion

    They won’t have any magazines left for kids if they do that :P
  6. Soupperson1

    DC Superheroes 2019 - Rumours & Discussion

    I did find it weird they included Flash. Surly he’s supposed to be one of the selling points of the ivy mech set to kids? More common characters like Batman and The Joker make more sense to me. The Jason Robin made sense too as he was only in a 4+ set and the magazine is for older kids.
  7. Soupperson1

    Disney Princesses 2019 - Rumors & Discussion

    I think these sets all look fine, nothing is spectacular. If these weren’t frozen sets I think I’d likely skip on them if these prices remained, some of them are atrocious! The treehouse is my favourite set, but that one probably has the worst price. XP I believe there’s seven new moulds in total for the line. I think Anna’s hair will be the first of which to make its way into other sets. I’d love to see that in different colours! The new window in the jewelry set could possibly show up in next years Cinderella’s castle too. I too like Olaf’s new body, even if the hair is still missing! I’m a little saddened were loosing the building aspect of him though. One thing I noticed about him is one of his stones is hollow, I wonder what that oppening is for? I don’t think the Elsa is that bad. Sure aqua or light royal blue would’ve worked better, but whites okay. What I think is more annoying is that they still haven’t made a more accurate hairpiece. I wish the braid would fall over her shoulder like the minifigure’s one does. I think that would’ve been a great use of the new moulds budget. The lack of new characters is surly to avoid spoilers. I think it’s very likely this line will continue into next year and feature new characters in new waves. I do agree with you though, I can’t imagine the canoe set selling well. The builds are subpar and both Anna and Olaf appear in the treehouse. That bunny has appeared in like seven Friends sets too, which I imagine most little girls would have a few of. It’s not even that cheap that I can see parents picking it up for their kids to test out the line, it’s $20! In fairness the other sets aren’t awful for kids as they at least have an exclusive character each.
  8. Soupperson1

    LEGO Store "Build a Minifigure"

    The torso is exclusive too.
  9. Soupperson1

    LEGO Store "Build a Minifigure"

    The link doesn’t work, could you post it again? Please?
  10. Soupperson1

    2019 Friends Sets - Rumors and Discussion

    In case anyone didn’t hear, once again Friends is in the top selling six themes! :D
  11. Soupperson1

    Disney Princesses 2019 - Rumors & Discussion

    I don’t think it’s guaranteed that we’re getting sets for Raya as it looks like she’s not intended to join the princess line, which Moana, Elsa and Anna were. My point was if we do get sets for this movie it could open the doors to other non Princess movies getting sets. Hopefully next year we’re going to get our first Pocahontas minidoll and complete the line up of princesses, but then what’s next for this line? The villain sets didn’t seem very popular as they haven’t continued such. I guess we could get princes for each of the princesses, as they’ve been included in sets nearly every year of this theme’s existence. I’m not sure we’re going to get any new princes next year basing it of the piece counts of the sets. It’s likely were just going to get our fourth Prince Charming. I can see kids being less likely wanting to collect all the princes as Merida, Elsa and Moana don’t have them. My idea to keep this theme going is having a set based off a different disney movie in each wave. I don’t think it’s out of the realm of possibility as many hair moulds already exist. Since my initial post I’ve thought of Jessie and Violet (or Mrs. Incredible, if she’s more popular). Small sets on those characters and other non princesses could be good introductions into different play styles.
  12. Soupperson1

    DC Superheroes 2019 - Rumours & Discussion

    I think Shazam counts as it’s likely next to no one has the SDCC version of him. :P Maybe I’m being naive but since this wave had Batman’s most popular rogues I think it’s unlikely that a lot of them will show up in the CMF. The CMF will more than likely give us plenty of new characters. :3 I don’t think it’s fair to say LEGO isn’t kind to the DC fandom, when they’ve tried next to every one of their product types with DC. We’ve got regular sets in larger waves and in smaller waves, Juniors sets, minidoll sets catered to girls, BrickHeadz, D2Cs, constraction figures, DUPLO sets, a remote controlled set, dimensions sets, video games and a LEGO themed movie. That doesn’t mention the copious amounts of LEGO DC merchandise (costumes, plushes, notebooks, keychains etc.) and the CMF we’re getting next year. It’s not LEGO to blame for the lack of sets, it’s the average consumer not buying these products.
  13. Soupperson1

    Disney Princesses 2019 - Rumors & Discussion

    This line is technically not just Disney Princess centric, I can see Raya being the first non princess (other than Moana, Anna and Elsa) to get a set. Hopefully Alice, Tinkerbell and Wendy will follow.
  14. Soupperson1

    Disney Princesses 2019 - Rumors & Discussion

    To continue on Rambo’s point, there was this post on Instagram that shows off 5 new characters. Personally I think it’s unlikely we’re going to get 7 minidolls plus Sven, Olaf, the Nook and the gecko across six sets, but hopefully we’ll get most of them. Perhaps the two unnamed DP sets from next year will be more Frozen sets? With this many characters plus the trolls and the two Caucasian characters we saw in the trailer who aren’t featured in the board game, I can see them creating many more sets. Anna and Elsa also seem to have a myriad of new outfits which hopefully means we’ll get lots of exclusive outfits for sets!
  15. Soupperson1

    Overwatch 2019 - Rumors & Discussion

    This Overwatch situation is really similar to what happened with DC Girls, before it became hastily discontinued right after the second wave was released.