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  1. Soupperson1

    Latest news about Lego animal moulds

    I imagine the new puppy and kitten moulds from Friends will appeal to some of you guys who don’t normally like Friends animals. Friends has released some great looking baby animals with minifigure style eye prints in general. The only thing you need to get past is the hole for accessories, except for the baby dolphin where a hole would be there anyway. :P
  2. I’m glad everyone else is so happy but I really don’t like this series. I don’t think there’s been an unlicensed series I’ve enjoyed since series 18. :/ I agree with @Robert8 that the lack of four figures just makes all the bad figures look even worse. One thing I really can’t stand is that CMFs used to be a great way to get new hair recolours and this series reuses three colours of hairpieces that were previously in a CMF and one that’ll be in a set next year anyway.
  3. Soupperson1

    Updating Your Minifigs

    The secondary figure from 43181 Raya and the Dragon set has hair that would look perfectly on Cara Dune!
  4. Soupperson1

    Disney Princesses 2020 - Rumors & Discussion

    The Raya palace leaked! What a nice surprise this was for me to wake up to. :D The build isn’t spectacular but it at least it looks quite good and the icing on the cake is it’s really unique. That giant dome really makes it a lovely centrepiece and it’s neat that they found a way to reuse those Trolls Hot Air Ballon pieces in a good looking way. The print on them is just gorgeous too! The throne being directly beneath the centrepiece gives such power to it. That must be the best throne design we’ve gotten in Disney Princess too! The colours for it are actually consistent, as are the colours for the whole set. I’m really impressed. Oh and all that teal! The fountain is a simple build but it looks really impressive. I also like the map of the dragon! It’s a shame Disney Princess is still keeping last year’s minidoll count, but at least both the ladies here look wonderful. Raya does indeed use nougat skin and the other woman might actually have medium nougat, interesting. This is our first minidoll set with two figures where there isn’t also a light nougat figure. I’m not quite sure what leg piece Raya has, but I doubt it’s a new mould as she already has two! Both her hair/hat combo and sword look magnificent. I also really love how her colours are FYO, dark tan, dark red and brown as she really stands out from the other ladies as a result. TukTuk also looks perfect and I’m amazed that gave her such a big new mould! The build for her saddle is also great. It’s really nice to get a female mini doll companion for Raya as for all of the princesses we’ve only got the Fairy godmother, Ariel’s sister and Rapunzel’s Cassandra from the TV show so far. The other woman’s hair really sells the figure and it would look great on Cara Dune! I’m not sure I like her outfit, but I’m sure it’s accurate and I appreciate how it’s at least unique. I’m glad she has two swords too, more power! Lastly that medium lavender Fox with the teal and dark blue background really makes me think of Elves. :3
  5. Soupperson1

    Friends 2020 - Rumors & Discussion

    I just noticed Henry’s outfit seems to be a tribute to Ron’s outfit in the Astronomy Tower! Odd but neat. :P
  6. Soupperson1

    Friends 2020 - Rumors & Discussion

    Ellie V Toys found the park set: Look at those new balcony pieces! Also it’s great to get a little boy who isn’t an elf. :P A recolour or that hairpiece too! Update: it came from good old Promobricks!
  7. Soupperson1

    Friends 2020 - Rumors & Discussion

    I sent my friend my full thoughts on the sets. For anyone who likes long opinions on sets this is for you! xD New cubes - This year I bought a single cube from each series, in January I will be buying the lot. XP I’m not in love with these, but for €10 each I think they’re more than worth it. I find it bizzare how they can justify an exclusive colour of both sides for each girl and a printed front, where as this year each side of each cube was in 5 sets each. XP I’m not sure I like the graphic style of the printed fronts, but at least they’re something special? :P I really like the buildable ears on Mia’s and Stephanie’s. I wish the rest used bricks instead of those cloth/felt pieces. I’m not sure I’ll keep on the top parts either way as I stack my current ones. :P All cubes have an exclusive torso linked to the animals which I think is another amazing addition. Most of the outfits this year weren’t exclusive. The new faces are much better than this year’s ones too! We finally have sunglasses and that face paint is hilarious. XD There’s some other really nice pieces too including the bone in teal, a new watermelon print, a light pink frog, a red BB8 head and new cat ears! I also don’t have the blue bird, blue balloon dog and yellow leaves so I’m equally excited about them! The builds inside the cubes are definitely a slight downgrade, but if that’s the price I have to pay for all the other positives I’m more than happy. If I’m going to be nit picky I don’t like how the bases are repeated from the jungle series and that Mia’s is repeated from the first series. I think they should’ve been consistent and a new colour, which would’ve been consistent with the previous series. :P Speaking of previous series I don’t like how they’re repeating the flamingo, but luckily I don’t have that one. The colour choices are pink, FYO, lavender and teal. I still don’t like how they repeat colours! Off the top of my head still haven’t done red, orange, dark orange, gunmetal silver, dark green, bright green, green, sand green, lime, blue, medium blue, light royal blue, medium azure and sand blue! That’s not even counting the natural shades of browns, tans, black, white and greys! :P Oh and obviously no transparents or white glow, but those could be cool. :3 In all I’m very pleased with these I just have some minor complaints, which are all pretty nitpicky. :P The little cat car seems to be a direct remake of the 2018 one and I’m surprised that of all sets sold well. :P I really love aqua and I’m glad to see it in such abundant amounts here! I also like how substantial the side build is for a €10 set. Speaking of which, after 9 years they finally upped the minidoll count in sets! Now it’s comparable to City. :D The best part of the set is the new kitten mould! I think these baby animals would easily fit into regular minifigure stuff, especially once you get past the holes in the head. I’m shocked at the set’s initial release that kitten in dark orange is exclusive too. I might have to Bricks and Pieces them. There’s another new baby animal in the next set, a baby dalmatian! I love it’s mould just as much as the last one. This is another really good set with two great builds, but like the last I won’t be getting it. I have plenty of Friends vehicles including two cars of Olivia already! Again €15 for two mini-dolls is fantastic! When I first saw the café I thought I have to get this, but now after seeing the back of the set I don’t think I will. Those vintage arch panels look gorgeous but I think it’s too difficult to try and build with them. They’re a really an awkward shape and they always leave gaps no mater what you put beside them. The lime, FYO and white colour scheme is very reminiscent of the juice bar, with some pink thrown in to replace the orange. I already have the juice bar and the much better City Park Café on display so I don’t really need an in between model. :P I do really like the sandwich builds, the terrace, the recycling centre, simplistic tables and 3D sign! The smoothie cart is also quite fun! The minidolls are the best part though, two new characters! Last year there were only 6 new characters total and one of those were Mrs. Claus and another an elf. :P I quite like the microdolls as children now that they’ve introduced this new skirted mould. Ava’s face is great too, I just wish they introduced a slightly smaller head like how the older males have a slightly taller one. Ooh and the pigtails piece finally appears in a Friends set! Marcel looks great too in my eyes. I love his jumper, face and hair! I’ve wanted an elderly man for years and it’s great to finally get one. I wonder if they’ll reuse his face for Santa? :o I’ll probably just bricks and pieces/bricklink our new characters, unless I can find the set at a significant discount. The cinema is supposedly €50 which seems ridiculous from these images, it looks more like a €35 - €40 set. I’m hoping there’s more too it than that website suggests! XD I do really like it though and I’ll 100% pick it up. I think it will look nice on display next to the other friends shops, though I’ll have to modify it to make it slightly smaller to be in the same scale. I really like the old times movie theatre design to this set. The sign and ticket booth parts are both really fun. As is the colour scheme - aqua, red, dark blue, medium azure, white and lavender! I think the lavender will kill the chances for a lot of AFOLS buying the set but oh well. :P I don’t get why the red carpet section has Friends as the backing though, the sets have never been that self referential. Anywho I’m glad there’s a brick built screen included too for kids whose parents won’t let them borrow their phones. :P Again two new characters, but this time Andrea has a new outfit too! LEGO are for some reason refusing to put Andrea in teal, FYO or aqua clothes even though they’re part of her colour scheme. I think this is her fourth magenta top within the reboot alone. XP Oh well at least she looks nice and I’m glad kids will be able to get a complete party dress from one set, rather than having to piece one together. I’m over the moon Amelia isn’t white. Toy companies tend to have white characters be the famous character, e.g. Livi and it’s great to have one of colour. :P Amelia has light brown eyes and really plump lips, so she stands out from all of the other darker characters too! I like her teal dress and I’m hoping this is a hint at a teal Merida coming soon. :3 The only thing I don’t like about Amelia is her hair! The last nougat character just had that piece in lavender and the only other nougat girl is Olivia. You think they’d give the new character a different hair piece? :/ I don’t really like having Friends females without holes in their hairs too. There’s already Andrea’s old hair, Olivia mother’s, Emily Jones’, Martina’s, all the Disney Princess’, Cassandra’s, all the DC Girls and a few minifigure ones to choose from! At least her hair is a recolour? Jessica Cruz can finally get the hairpiece she had in the movie she came with. XP Julien also gets a recoloured hair which appears for the first time on a mini doll! I think it looks quite well and I really like his new face - glasses! His torso is very reminiscent of Nate’s from The Grand Hotel but I’m not sure what else they could’ve done and mats in the iconic look. I love Andrea’s House! I’m kind of amazed at how all the colours line up perfectly at the front. Aqua is my favorite colour and I’m over the moon we finally have a building that’s majority is made up of it. The teal, magenta, lavender, medium lavender, gold and dark blue accents all look great too. I think the purple parts don’t mesh quite as well, but there’s so few of those I can’t really complain. I really like the giant teal arch design, bay view windows and the use of those curved plates as windowsills! There’s another terrace here and it looks just as good. The only nitpicks I have are: the balcony doesn’t go the full way and the pool seems kind of random. :P We don’t have the best pictures of the interior but it looks great so far. The last few houses have all had too much open space and this utilises all the plates available without keeping it cluttered for the most part. The table is nice and I’m really glad there is actually five chairs! The kitchen is smaller than what we’re used too. I don’t think there’s a fridge, but we don’t have a great picture of it. There is a sink, oven and hot plate which is good enough I guess. :P I thought the garage would be empty beside the instruments, but there’s at least a washing machine! I wonder if there’s any other hidden goodies? :3 A living room upstairs seems kind of weird to me, but it looks gorgeous! You seem to be able to fit 4 minidolls on the couches! :D There’s also a pink opaly lamp and I’m really glad the person on the tv is black as in almost ever other set she’s white. The bathroom is really small but it still manages to feel complete. We don’t have the best view of the bedroom but at least both girls get a bed and I imagine a lot of kids who buy this will relate to the bunk bed. The minidolls! Three new faces! The last time we got that was in DC Girls. It’s great to finally have a black man in Friends! He has glasses too which sets him apart from the other dads and men in general. :P Im really glad I’ll finally be able to get that spikier hair too and it also looks great on a minidoll. I’m a bit disappointed by his torso being almodg a recolour of the 4+ James’ but at least I have two Jameses and I can use the other one on the shelf Marvin will be on. :P I find it funny that all 5 dads have used the same leg piece now! We finally get another medium nougat woman in this theme! I don’t get why they stopped doing secondary ones in 2018 as before that there were at least two a year. :P Her face looks great! It’s a shame they didn’t bring back Andrea’s old hair piece back or create a new one as again I think minidolls should have holes for accessories! This hairpiece does look great on her though! She wears spring green too and we have barley any mini doll pieces in that colour. I don’t like how she’s wearing the same skirt mould as the two teenage girls in the set, but oh well. Liz looks great too! The bumblebee hair in dark brown is a win and I really like her cool yellow dress. I just wish her eyes were darker! :P Andrea’s new outfit seems unnecessary but I’ll take it! >:D I agree that Stephanie’s shoe horned in as they’re afraid it won’t sell otherwise. :/ I don’t get why she’s in an bikini esc top as I think that’ll make kids only put her in the pool if they’re detail oriented. :P
  8. Soupperson1

    Disney Princesses 2020 - Rumors & Discussion

    There’s slightly better images of the sets on Promobricks: My full thoughts: Bruni definitely feels like he’s taking up a slot and I still can’t imagine too many people desiring him as character. :P I’m quite impressed with his execution though! He doesn’t look perfect, but I think he looks better than their Olaf. He has some really clever part usage and that’s something I don’t associate with Disney Princess designers. Also he seems to have four new prints! The small pink opal (!) fire and marshmallows are a nice little add on that makes the set feel like it’s worth it’s price. I don’t think I’ll get him though, I’m trying to be frugal so I can spend that money on Friends! :P Show Yourself clearly wasn’t designed to be translated into a play set, but I think the designers did the best job they could. The centre piece looks really good and the Opal pieces always look better in person too! I think it’s a bit weird one side of the book is the enchanted forest and the other is the cave. All Elsa does in the cave is see her mother and then almost freeze to death. :S Speaking of her mother - Why?! All of the characters who shouldn’t have been stickers, but now finally the one who should be isn’t. I just find this bizzare. I know they’ve released dolls of Elsa’s mother before but usually she came with younger versions of the girls. LEGO doesn’t have younger versions of them so they’ll be having adult Elsa play with her deceased mother. :S If they really wanted to release Elsa’s mother I don’t get why they couldn’t have waited a year or even a season to remake Arendale castle and include both parents and the girls as microdolls. Oh she also reuses Ariel’s face, I thought that was funny. :P The two Elsa dresses are kind of lazy. Both dresses are short yet they used last year’s ball gown to represent them. :S Honestly the new Friends skirt piece would fit better. The blue Elsa reuses the same head and hair from last year while the other brings back Olivia’s hair in cool yellow and has a new closed eyes happy face. I don’t think the white one looks like Elsa at all. :/ The Nokk feels like a waste of a new mould as I can’t imagine they’ll reuse it unless the Disney Princess theme expands the microdolls into the regular sets, which hopefully won’t happen just as the theme is getting good (still not great!). I really like the rock troll build! The one for Gale is lazy though, especially when the cylinder piece exists in transparent. At least she’s included though. :3 Olaf’s inclusion is unnecessary but I’m sure he was quite cheap and I don’t think he’s holding up another character’s slot when there’s 6 already. No Bruni is really disappointing when there’s the four other elemental spirits. I also think Anna, Yelena, Mathias, Ryder or Honeymaren would’ve been much better inclusions than Indua. The Ariel set seems out of place now that the theme is trying more with its colours. I think kids will quite like it though and you get three distinct and full looking play areas which is always nice. The kissing tile is so unnecessary, I wonder why they bothered including it? At least it’s kind of funny. XD I’m shocked we’re getting Ariel’s wedding dress! If we can get that we should be able to get basically every other dress worn by a Princess. The designers added teal and aqua highlights which I think is a good thing as otherwise it would’ve looked boring. A lot of fan artists have done the same too! Ariel has a new face too which might actually end up being good! :o Maybe I’m wrong the images are quite blurry. They have slightly tweaked Eric’s torso to add more dark blue detailing too. I think he might also have a new face, but I can’t really tell. I have no interest in getting the set itself, but I’ll definitely consider getting wedding Ariel and one of the versions of wedding Eric. :P When are we going to get Scuttle? He seems like such an obvious bird recolour! Whoever designed the Cinderella Carriage hates me. :( I feel really dumb for getting the 2017 one now! This one is so much more accurate and that one was already leagues more accurate than the last. This design isn’t quite perfect, but all the shortcomings are all really minor critiques. For instance the window as been transformed into a door. I imagine that won’t be too hard to modify and I don’t think any fans who aren’t picky will mind. The only think modification can’t do is put the C on the side and it’s a real shame there was no attempt at that. The wheels should also have been aqua or white. Frankly all the blue bits should’ve been aqua or white too, but I understand it has to be easy for kids to build and that involves sorting colours. The only other thing is there’s no curtains (which are even pink in the film) inside the carriage and the dome on top should be gold. :P Overall I’m very impressed in how they created the round shape and I really do like the design! That side build seems so pointless. :P I would’ve sacrificed the chest with shoes she can’t wear for a bit more substance! Gus! Yay! It’s about time! I don’t mind that he doesn’t have hat, because frankly I’m just happy to see him. It’s a shame there’s no recolour in red for Jac Jac though! Especially when both of their horse forms are included. Those horses look so film accurate I’m really impressed! Again after all these years! I like how they can bend their heads but, I don’t like how their tail and manes sit. I hope they don’t replace the old Friends horse for that reason but I’ll be surprised if they don’t. I wasn’t expecting them to reuse both Bruno and Lucifer, but I’m shocked we’re getting neither. The mini dolls really let this set down. A microdoll for the footman would’ve been fun, even if it would’ve been weird to get a human Bruno before Pocahontas, Phillip or Lady Tremane. :P The driver is Major and while the last set claimed it’s horse was Major, that didn’t make much sense when he had gold hair. XP I keep forgetting to tell you the top of that Cinderella dress is inspired by the live action version. That doesn’t make any sense though when the rest of the set is trying to be extremely film accurate. I don’t get why they stopped giving Cinderella gloves, did kids really not like them? :S The fact they’re continuing to use the skinner dress is really weird too when the bigger dress is used by Ariel and Aurora of all characters. On the upside Disney redesigned the princesses again. Cinderella finally has strawberry blond hair and her natural hair shape! Her dress is also more white and silver than blue again! I hope we get that figure sooner than later. :) I don’t think any of the other princesses’ redesigns gave us bad figures but at least for the future when we get Pocahontas she won’t have boots now. The Fairy Godmother has a new older looking face - yay! But the rest of her figure is bizarrely coloured - boo. I don’t get why she’s purple. LEGO has so many shades of blue, they could easily have picked one. :P Oh and I think she could’ve had the thinner dress too!
  9. Soupperson1

    Disney Princesses 2020 - Rumors & Discussion

    The other three pictures have been found: Im kind of disappointed. The storybook set is a real let down and Olivia’s old hair is such a lazy choice for Elsa. Now both Queen Iduna and Li Shang are exclusive to the books. :/ Ariel’s boat will be great for kids, but I don’t see much of an appeal beyond her wedding dress and new face! The carriage is lovely and shockingly movie accurate! There’s Gus too! I’d probably buy the set if it came with Bruno, Lucifer and better minidolls. Intrestingly the box has Cinderella in her classic strawberry blond, white dress look . I wonder if we’ll see that variant in the future? :-)
  10. Soupperson1

    Friends 2020 - Rumors & Discussion

    You bring up some very good points! Microdolls are definitely a possibility, but I think it be weird if so many different children were distributed amongst the sets at once. I believe Andrea is the only character with a younger signing in the show, though it’s not like the set designers always care about that. :P I guess if the children are customers or members of audience like Steve and Diana were for Andrea’s puppet show it would make sense why the teenage friends are hanging out with them. I fully agree on the mini doll torsos being worse in quality this year than they were last. I’d much rather no back printing to get the old way of printing back. XP I’m not sure if this made the characters that much cheaper to make though, as the torsos are now dual moulded. Lastly if Andrea’s House indeed has 5 mini-dolls they’re either going to have to have someone visiting, or introduce a new sibling for her. :P I guess it would be a neat way to get a medium nougat baby!
  11. Soupperson1

    DC Superheroes 2020 - Rumors & Discussion

    I thought it was too soon to get a Batwing a year after the Batmobile.
  12. Soupperson1

    Friends 2020 - Rumors & Discussion

    This website ( which I believe got its information from listed the amount of minidolls coming in each of next year’s sets, but they must be wrong? I’d find it very weird if they started increasing the amount of minidolls across the board at once, rather than just a few selected sets to see the sales differences.
  13. Soupperson1

    Disney Princesses 2020 - Rumors & Discussion

    This website ( which I believe got its information from listed the piece counts of the sets. I think it looks like both the Ariel’s boat and the carriage will be 4+ sets or at the very least use a lot of large specialized pieces like this year’s Rapunzel Tower. The Raya sets’ piece counts are a lot better though! Maybe we’re finally going to get some sets aimed at older girls in this theme.
  14. Soupperson1

    Friends 2020 - Rumors & Discussion

    They definitely exist as they were advertised on the back of the summer cubes in the Oceania region and @DragonElves found that lists them in name only as coming soon on the Play Cubes page. However if they’re being released is up for debate! :P
  15. Soupperson1

    Friends 2020 - Rumors & Discussion

    Yes if we’re getting a puppy I don’t see why we shouldn’t get a kitten. That might be the reason why they’re giving another cat in the next cubes, they’re not repeating a mould after all!