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  1. Marooned Marin

    [MOC] Imperial Outpost Fortress

  2. Marooned Marin

    [MOC] Imperial Outpost Fortress

    Captain Braunsfeld has built this fortress which was inspired by a MOC he saw on a brick-event. Set sail inside the LEGO Pirates Forum.and find more pictures of this eye catching build!
  3. Marooned Marin

    [MOC] Hungry Boar

    Always nice to see your work, even if it's somewhat older build. I already told you how I admire the clever technique you employed on the stern. Add more images inside the first post, only one cannot capture all the brilliance of this vessel.
  4. Marooned Marin

    [MOC] Imperial Outpost Fortress

    Looks good! Does it come with interior, and is the back side open to allow easy access or you made the tower modular?
  5. Marooned Marin

    [MOC] Crossed Bones Ship COMPLETE! (Until disaster struck)

    Very beautiful ship with nice curves and lines, and with many beautiful details. Hope you'll be able to rebuild it as it was before disaster.
  6. Marooned Marin

    [MOC] North Tower

    Amazing work! Really well done
  7. Marooned Marin

    [BDP] Imperial Frigate Concordia

    You have created a mighty fine vessel and you got my vote on BDP! Good luck Lets also add that shiny red button to your submission. VOTE NOW
  8. Marooned Marin

    [ENTRY] SIN ISLAND: Keg & Cutlass Inn + Comic book

    Yes, I used the same idea from POBB, and then using bracket and tile I hid the less visually appealing part.
  9. Marooned Marin

    [ENTRY] SIN ISLAND: Keg & Cutlass Inn + Comic book

    Building instructions are available on the ReBrickable. For all the Classic-Pirates fans there is, as before, 25% discount code: CP25 And now, couple of images of the finished real build.
  10. Marooned Marin

    Third Party Small Boat Hull 6054

    I have some experience with third-party bricks and pieces, and the one I use they do have hull pieces - LINK For instance, here is the black bow used on the LEGO Black Pearl, which is now rare and expensive on BrickLink. These big pieces usually come with several scratches, but they are compatible with the rest of LEGO bricks and I find them quite good for test-building a design with real bricks. I often get black masts also with scratches. Bricks, plates and tiles are great, no problem there, they connect easily and stay connected. Beside obvious cons of not being a LEGO quality, there are few pros: - they are cheap - free shipping to Europe, and hand delivery to home by DPD service - customs tax for importing Chines goods into EU-zone is covered by them, not by a customer - if the package arrives with missing parts, after informing them they will send extra package with those parts free of charge If you are interested, prepare an excel part list (exported from Studio) and send it to They will give you a reply with the price offer, or will inform you if the desired part is not available in colour you wanted and offer colours they do have. Last advice, using Studio 2.0 Instruction maker, make a simple Bill-of-Materials list where they can see parts with images. They use this for quality check before shipping out goods. Hope this helps
  11. Marooned Marin

    [ENTRY] Sloop Windy (Mini Set)

    Hello. I've never used Pick a Brick service, so I really do not know anything about their ID codes. Studio 2.0 uses Bricklink database, but I have exported CSV part-list and added it on Rebrickable. Hope this helps. --------- I received the package with needed pars to assemble little sloop out of the real bricks. Imperial flag is missing, I lost it somewhere, so here I temporary used solid blue flag. For sails I used some leftovers from Triton, and in the process I established that the first template-for-sails in the instructions needs correction. I plan to fix that soon and replace old instructions on Rebrickable with new tested version. Also, the piece of rope works much better for mounting the front sail then the original idea of technic balls and holes.
  12. Just in case someone did not get the message: THERE IS OPEN POSITION FOR A NEW BLOGGER, and that could be YOU! PROS of being a blogger for the best LEGO blog: You get to meet a number of highly creative individuals, master builders, multiple 10K LEGO Ideas members, and other extraordinary AFOLs who now and then astonish everybody, including themselves, with a creation out of this world. You get to pester them with questions during the Q&A torture session. You get to steal –ahem- borrow their ingenious ideas for your own future MOCs, in other words, you learn a bunch of new cool building techniques and ideas. You get to improve your writing skills under the Governor mentorship Remember, this is not a job it's an adventure! JOIN NOW, THINK LATER! (post in the comments below if ye are interested)
  13. Dear @F1stzz I firmly hold that you are reasonable individual. I hold that many other members who shared their thoughts for the improvement are likewise reasonable. Your suggestion, as all other suggestions, are all good and well intended. Mister Phes did not choose this one-man approach to this contest because he likes to micromanage things, nor because he thought he could manage all this by himself. Far from it. He is the happiest person in delegating work and tasks to others. Believe me. The trouble is, there was no one to delegate tasks to. Allow me to shed some light on that matter. The topic for organising the Pirate Contest was created in the early months of 2023 where all staff working behind the Pirate scene (known as The Shipyard) was invited to chip in their thoughts. Month after month passed with not a single constructive comment. Why? Simple. The backstage of this beloved Pirate community is run and maintained by a few overstretched volunteers. Two moderators are heavily involved and oversee BoBS, LEGO Pirates and Pirate-MOC forum. One of them is also overseeing the C-P Flickr group and Discord section. We have few outstanding members moderating the C-P Facebook group which surpassed 10,000 members not so long ago. Two thumbs up for them. The amount of spam is kept at minimum there thanks to these fine Facebook pirates. One fantastic individual posts week after week Pirate-MOCs on the Frontpage, for I think 18 months, without missing one week. And I will not even start going into details of Mister Phes role and work he does, which is absolutely staggering by any chart. And that's about it. That's all of us. With the regular influx of tasks and responsibilities to keep the show running, nobody showed any initiative to make the contest happen. When the deadline rang, Mister Phes decided to single-handedly make things happen, even at the risk of his health and mind. Then he had that 7-country voyage thing - I believe we all here know that story, which left us where we are. And where are we? Name of this topic is How can we make future contests bigger...better...exciting Plenty was said in this topic, but we are approaching the point when someone needs to execute all of that good advice, do some heavy lifting, and make things happen. Who? Mister Phes? One conclusion we can all agree on is: we need to have more people helping out anyway they can. Not only during the contest, but all the time. This topic proves there is a number of people who care and support the Pirate theme, have good intentions and would like to help. Moreover, there are several individuals capable of writing their thoughts in a clear and constructive manner, and their names pop-up regularly. These are the most wanted. It's never late to join the adventure and help make things happen, and what better time then now.
  14. @Brickshipyard My overly sarcastic written comment was intended to highlight problems and loopholes which someone could take as an advantage if division occurs, which would be shame for future contest. I'm truly sorry if I have offended you, or any other forum member, because I could have presented the problem in a much lighter tone, touch crucial points, and spare everyone reading this discussion of unnecessary philosophy. Sadly, I do not have a sassy reply for you, nor anything in spades.
  15. I agree with you, I also dislike those David vs. Goliath head on bouts. My comment on categories was on dividing digital vs. real. I'm against division in that matter, and I've highlighted possible issues if the future contest goes down that road. Back to your point, regardless of the builders preference (digital of real), future contest should have maximum part limit in given category; call it Mini<50pcz, Medium<3000 or Open>unlimited pcz. On a mentioned LEGO Ideas that part limit is 3000, and I think that is a fine number both in economical and size aspect.