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  1. Marooned Marin

    [MOC] Dark-red imperial Frigatte (WIP)

    This is very clever design from what I see. You certainly made a great effort to make the rudder actually turn, and by doing that you sacrificed the captain cabin on the stern... or you didn't? I have only one thing which makes me worry looking at your latest pictures, and it the sails, or more precise, the spanker sail (the one above the wheel). Connecting it to the mast via two ball-joint connection could be an issue when trying to move the sail left or right (if you intend to 'borrow' the ship for light play). The design of the 'Boom' and 'Gaff' is quite different of the other 'Yards' on the mainmast and foremast. Similar technique for yards and masts was used on Barracuda brig. Take a look at their design of the Boom and Gaff for the spanker sail. They used one ball-joint connection which is more secure and still offers the same room for moving the sail left or right (it is less flimsy than two ball-connection). Plus the design of Gaff and Boom is in the spirit of other yards of the sails (no need for tiles). I really like the overall design and good luck with the sails
  2. Marooned Marin

    [MOC] The Flying Toucan

    As far as I know you can't. You need light while rendering just as same as you need light when taking a real photo with camera. Imagine a photo taken in pitch-dark without flash. Here is something I would suggest you can try and experiment, since you are to embark on photo-editing journey in This is only for your consideration. 1. Loose the water and background! Hide all parts and leave only ship and island. Add minifigures to make Mister Phes happy. 2. Create the render of your with this SET-UP of resolution, quality, and lightning. Use Transparent background. I will use as example C-Clipper ship, just follow everything in red field. 3. After two or three hours, should be 2hours, open a sea background also in (you can find great sea backgrounds on Google) 4. Open your new render in (I used your original picture minus the unnecessary parts) 5. Select ALL and copy render (CTRL + A, then CTRL + C) 6. Go to SEA-Background tab in and click 'Layers' and then Add new layer 7. In the new layer click PASTE and adjust your render as you consider best. Now the result looks promising, and with the right angle and better background you can create truly stunning image of your creation in just a few easy steps.
  3. Marooned Marin

    [MOC] The Flying Toucan

    What is your resolution size when rendering? TIP: go with resolution 1024x768 and very high quality. This should take around 2 hours to render your ship with background made of thousand Tiles. BEWARE: when you go to higher resolution 1600x1200 the same picture can take 3-4 hours to render... It took me once solid 7 hours to render one BIG set-up on 2048x1536 resolution. another TIP: close all applications when you render. Having PDF, Firefox, Photoshop and Studio open during the process will slow things down. Best thing you can do is adjust everything, click 'render' and go to sleep. May I suggest nice little powerful software which I use regularly (even though I have Photoshop): PAINT.NET It is FREE if you download it from the original developer website and install it. If you use Microsoft Store it comes with price. As for lighting I repeatedly found that for me render come out best when I use 'Building' lighting 'Right-Front' and 'Intensity' 1.5 Hope this helps. Give it a try.
  4. Marooned Marin

    [DIGITAL] My very first MOC - The Forgotton Beach Fortress

    You mean exporting it in to better quality? If so when you click on 'Export' be sure to check 4X size on image size.
  5. Marooned Marin

    Folviken Fortress

    I really, I mean really, like the combination of colors. The overall result is superb. Well done!
  6. Marooned Marin

    Arabian Street

    This is just stunning build, so many details to look and absorb. What others already said, well done!
  7. Marooned Marin

    [MOC] Ferry boat

    Thank you both for kind words, I am glad you like it
  8. Marooned Marin

    [MOC] Ferry boat

    BACKSTORY Somewhere in the heart of the Mediterranean lies one of the most beautiful cities in Europe which goes by the name of the Dubrovnik. Those familiar with the Game of Thrones will know Dubrovnik better as King’s Landing since it served greatly for principal photography of the series. Nearby lies (conveniently) the most beautiful island in Europe, the evergreen and very much cursed island of Lokrum, but we won’t go into that now. Built over a half a century ago, unique in design and specially made to dock shallow waters of the island port, twins Skala and Zrinski have transported more than several million visitors, both residents and tourists, on and off the beloved cursed island. Today, after 50 years of loyal service, two wooden ferries are more than means of transportation as they grew out to be a hidden bond between the residents’ heart and soul, one being the city and other the island. ABOUT the MOC To maximize play and ensure an easy access to passenger area, bridge deck is (almost) easily detachable from the main deck. Small annoyance comes from detaching and reattaching the white rail guard. With or without bridge deck, the construction of the main deck is exceptionally sturdy. Roof of the bridge cabin is also detachable. MOC was first designed in and later built, and re-built, using the real 100% legal build techniques and original LEGO pieces. RARE AND CUSTOM PARTS The use of RARE parts is minimal and only few represent a challenge: 1x 64645 Boat, Hull Brick 16 x 10 x 3 in WHITE 3x 30340 Minifigure, Utensil Flotation Ring (Life Preserver) in RED Several Hose, rigid, 3mm in longer dimensions There are few UNIQUE parts used in this MOC, mainly decorative stickers for the flag of Saint Blasé (city patron saint); Dubrovnik coat of Arms; last ship poster; and one for the name of the ship on stern. QUICK INFORMATION Parts: 1328 parts (without minifigs) Dimensions: W: 15.6cm L: 39.7cm H: 21.3cm Weight: 1,227 grams Difficulty: Moderate/hard Build (tested on two +8 years old) Type of set: For Display & Light Play Estimated Cost of Parts: 190-230€ (on BrickLink in 2021) IMPORTANT: Model does not float Detailed instructions AVAILABLE at Rebrickable on this LINK
  9. Marooned Marin

    Official LEGO Stories as Printed on Pirates Boxes

    Thank you very much for sharing this
  10. Marooned Marin

    [MOC] Warty Crab + COMIC

    The link gets me only 'Lost at sea', but I don't want you to waste any of your holiday time fixing it, after all it is almost Christmas and I can wait December 26 for my debut on the blog. Thank you Mister Phes for the effort and promotion thus far. From where I am standing you are better than Santa Marry Christmas
  11. Marooned Marin

    [MOC] HMS Victory main top 1:45

    Now there is something to stare and marvel in silence. Beautiful and innovative idea. Well done! How in earth did you manage to stop yourself from building the whole thing? Or... you didn't stop, and you are actually building other sections in secret...
  12. Marooned Marin

    [MOC] Imperial Lighthouse

    Absolutely lovely design! Well done. As others have noted, I also love the round top.
  13. Marooned Marin

    [DIGITAL] TUTORIAL: How to make custom digital sails for

    Between 5 - 10 minutes in CAD. I first made several sails from paper using scissors and measured them on the real ship. This took way more time than actual CAD modeling. Once I got the size and the look right, I made the 3D CAD model in a snap. :)
  14. I could not stand idea of using plates or tiles to simulate sails inside digital design of my ships, so I went on and figured out how to make your custom digital sails in 3D and import them into which I use for digital design of my MOCs. I will demonstrate step by step process of main sail of my little MOC – Warty Crab. Let’s go! 1. DESIGNING 3D SAILS IN CAD 1.1 We start by opening our CAD software (for this demonstration I used SolidWorks) and in ‘Front-plane’ we draw arch with dimensions as shown on picture 1.2 Next, we use ‘Extrude’ feature to create third dimension. Length 105 millimeters. Be sure to use mid-plane option. Important: check ‘thin-feature’ value 1mm. This makes part solid instead of being only surface. 1.3 Next, we choose ‘Right-plane’ where we draw two circles with dimensions as picture shows. 1.4 We use feature ‘Extrude-Cut’ to cut-out the top and bottom of the sail 1.5 We repeat the process for left and right side – in new sketch we draw two new circles as picture shows. 1.6 Click on ‘Extrude-Cut’ and off they go, both sides 1.7 We need to smooth out sharp edges with feature ‘Fillet’ radius 6mm. We choose sharp edge one by one all around 1.8 We repeat the same for other sharp edges using ‘Fillet’ 3mm. 1.9 Last thing we need to make holes for hanging our sails. In ‘Right-plane’ we draw four holes as picture shows 1.10 Click on ‘Extrude-Cut’ 2. EXPORT TO STL FORMAT 2.1 Click on ‘File’ -> ‘Save-As’ -> and under type we choose ‘STL’ but before saving we must click OPTIONS. This is most important part of the process. 2.2 Inside the options we check ‘ASCII’ ‘millimeters’. If we stay in ‘Binary’ the process won’t work! Ye be warned. Also, we check ‘Coarse’ resolution on purpose. Fine resolution will make file too big for conversion and very hard for Partdesigner to open later on. 2.3 Click on ‘Save to Desktop’ in this demonstration example 3. CONVERSION OF STL TO DAT Partdesigner (the accompanying software of is not able to open STL format, but is able to open DAT format, so next order of business is to convert STL to DAT using one small but crucial script. 3.1 We visit website 3.2 Click on ‘CODE’ on the right side of screen and we choose ‘Download as ZIP’ 3.3 We extract the content of ZIP file on Desktop (it says THIS IS MY DESKTOP) and we copy our STL file inside the same folder 3.4 Inside the folder we drag and drop STL file over icon as picture shows 3.5 The script will come alive and in one or two second, using the black screen, it will convert the file to DAT. How do we know we succeeded? Inside the same folder a DAT file will appear with some amount of size in kb. Be warned: if created DAT file has zero 0 kb something went wrong (this can happen). If you try to convert too big file the process can take several minutes, but I don’t recommend this since it will be impossible for Partdesigner to manage large files. 4. PARTDESIGNER 4.1 We launch Partdesigner and we click ‘IMPORT’ on the right side 4.2 In new window we chose ‘3D-objects’ and we click ‘Choose a file’ 4.3 We go on Desktop (in this example), inside the folder of little conversion program, and choose our DAT file. Click ‘Open’. 4.4 In preview window we can sometimes see the 3D part. This time no. Never mind, click ‘INSERT’ 4.5 We have our sail successfully opened, but before exporting it to Studio, we can make in red/white colors. We choose ‘Insert’ -> ‘Image’ 4.6 From Desktop we choose RedWhite.PNG pattern picture (image must be in PNG format), and we click ‘Open’ 4.7 Inside Partdesigner we place and position the image the best way we can, and when we are happy we click on check mark. Be patient for few seconds until image appears glued to the surface of new custom part. 4.8 Finally, we can click ‘Export to Studio’ and we rename the part as we please. 5. STUDIO.IO 5.1 We launch the and inside we choose ‘Custom Parts’ in left menu 5.2 We find our new sail and we drag and drop it on working surface which the whole process ends. The same process I used when I made custom ropes for ‘rigging’. So now you know how it’s done. I hope it helps. Now go and create! :) THE END
  15. Marooned Marin

    [MOC] Warty Crab + COMIC

    Until you asked I only used Facebook, but after a short consideration I put together my Instagram account available at this link I will start filling it out with interesting material. :)