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  1. Marooned Marin

    [LEGO IDEAS] Lostmans Island

    @PirateTales you have beenon the
  2. Marooned Marin

    [MOC] Assassin's Creed - Venice 1486

    Check out his Instgram account, he is making tutorials and one about the wheelbarrow is already there: He also has secondary account with WIP photos... great stuff:
  3. Marooned Marin

    [MOC] Blue Coat Fort: My First MOC at a Convention

    Fantastic display and awesome action!
  4. Marooned Marin

    [MOC] Assassin's Creed - Venice 1486

    @Barthezz Brick you have been Frontpaged 
  5. Marooned Marin

    [MOC] Assassin's Creed - Venice 1486

    Eurobricks member Barthezz Brick, takes us onto the streets and canals of the 15th century Venice, in this first of four chapters of his unofficial Assassin’s Creed instalment ‘Venice 1486’.  Come and meet 'Darion Aiulf da Fortebraccio' a Venetian nobleman, a Master Assassin and former member of the Italian Brotherhood of Assassins in the LEGO Pirates forum, where his story begins. 
  6. Marooned Marin

    [MOC] The Black Pearl

    Now that's beautiful! Any idea how many pieces went into it? Did it have hidden features, like easily accessible captain's cabin? Any interior?
  7. Marooned Marin

    [MOC] Assassin's Creed - Venice 1486

    Thank yee for extensive answers, I will continue to follow you and Darion story, and in the meantime continue to marvel at this mind blowing creation.
  8. Marooned Marin

    [MOC] HMS Imperial

    Welcome aboard @Captainlegobrick I already follow your fantastic work via Instagram, and what else to say here then what a beautiful ship
  9. @Legostein your wonderful fleet has beenon the As always, wonderful work @Mister Phes on the blog-post.
  10. Marooned Marin

    [MOC] Assassin's Creed - Venice 1486

    Thanks for giving lengthy and detail answers, this is much appreciated. One or two more questions if you can find time. Q1: I'm sure people asked you over the Instagram this, what was the hardest part of this build for you? Ships, building, bridge? Q2: Did you have moments of doubt, like a year ago, when thoughts like this came: ohhh my, this is too much for me, I better quit now while I can, or were there a periods where you just got stuck with no idea how to move forward? Q3: You say this is chapter-1, so for us AC fans, will the chapter-2 again revolve around the Assassins Creed story, like a completely different build but still a sequel to this?
  11. Marooned Marin

    [MOC] Assassin's Creed - Venice 1486

    I find every single part of this diorama is a masterpiece in its own way. The Devil is truly in details, and I feel I could stand watch this for hours and always manage to find something new and cool. Simply amazing! Few questions: 1. During those three years, how did you manage to keep the dust off? Do you cover the whole thing with nylon sheets? 2. Did you build first some sort of digital version, or you went right ahead into the real thing? 3. I'm a fan of the AC series, but I haven't played all of the instalments, so help me out because I don't remember Venice AC. The AC-II was in Florence Italy right? Did you make this whole thing out of your mind, or you used inspiration from the game?
  12. Marooned Marin

    [MOC] The Treasure..

    Great new emoji
  13. Marooned Marin

    [MOC] Caribbean Town

    Welcome aboard @Podunk , that's a nice start into pirates Study the tutorial @NOD gave you, and then you can go to training ground for new members here-click and practice your posting pictures skills. <- SUPER HELPFUL If you need assistance, don't hesitate to ask.
  14. Marooned Marin

    1993 LEGO World Expo "Pirates Ahoy" Souvenir Booklet

    That would be lovely! We need those kind of post, about the LEGO Pirates History, and you already know much about him, and have great images from before and now. Here are two more images I found on my phone (with a hook) just before the exhibition opened.
  15. Marooned Marin

    [MOC] The Treasure...

    While the word treasure immediately conjures images of a simple chest bulging with gold and doubloons, Eurobricks member Piraten decided to improve our limited imagination with his unbelievable recreation of the real treasure, the Christian V’s Crown. Let us give Piraten a hand and make this MOC another 10K LEGO Ideas set in review - we are waiting for your support in LEGO Pirates forum.