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Found 77 results

  1. Here is my review on "The Joker Battle Training" set 30423. Hope you enjoy!
  2. JoBricks

    Lego 2017 summer sets

    ayy mates what do you guys think about the new summer 2017 city lego sets like whats your favorite theme from this wave and whats your favorite set and what do you think in general?
  3. Hi! I just wanted to share my demo video of the 42066 Air Race Jet. My expectations weren't very high for this model, but it was way better than I thought it would. The model looks great, it's very well built and the color scheme works really well. It looks way better in real life than on videos and pictures, if you don't mind the small wings (i don't) there's not much to complain about. The building experience was interesting, with some of the latest parts used and I personally love complex linkages. I was lucky enough to get some 20% off, but even at full price I think it's totally worth the money. Nice to have a decent supply of beams and panels in medium blue. Hope you like the video
  4. Hi As I am a visual person I put together this image. Prices are in euros and images are not at scale. If you spot any error just say it, please At a first glance, I am frankly surprised to see so little "old" yelow, red and blue around. The main motivation was the people complaining in the 2017 thread about a dissapointing year for Technic and I wanted to see the full picture. I had the feeling that there were less sets at the mid-range price, but it is not the case. I think that people just dislike each of this year's sets over 80 € because looking twice, the overall offer looks good. A point I dislike is that we are getting more sets in the expensive side than before
  5. A couple of the train enthusiasts have been talking about pulling together a special collaborative at Brickworld 2017 this June (thanks Eliot for initiating this). The proposal is to build a 25' x 50' Classic Lego Train Layout featuring only catalogued sets, trains, and minimal scenery - just like in the classic train catalogs! This will be built on the floor with colored paper underneath and stanchions around the outside. Many individual loops of track will operate simultaneous divided into the 4 areas: 4.5v, 12v, 9v, and RC/PF with the loops for each system spelling out a letter: L-E-G-O. Trains from each vintage run on their corresponding area. Along the tracks we place the various sets: train stations, grade crossings, freight depots, etc. appropriate to each system. We can even throw in some monorails and wooden trains. Running around the entire layout are a couple loops of ME wide radius track with fan-designed trains. And on the corners we can place large informational cards describing the history of Lego trains to inform the public. To start we are looking to socialize this and get feedback. So everyone please let us know your thoughts. Also, we need coordinators to own each area / letter. We are thinking of two people for each area who will design the loops, and coordinate assembly and disassembly of their area at the show. Just to get an idea of the scale, the proposed layout as shown requires 2080 track elements total with each area / letter requiring between 250 and 450 sections of track. Obviously the amount of track used will depend on how many people bring what. But if we only outline each area / letter and skip all the interior loops, then the minimum track needed drops to between 125 and 175 for each area / letter. Once BW17 registration is further along we will email all registered attendees to solicit participation. Sounds good? Well, probably not if it just winds up being a couple people. But if we can get dozens of contributors then everyone only has to bring a little bit. We will work out logistics for setup, take down, and marking track, etc. so everything gets back to its original owners. So if you plan to be at Brickworld 2017, please consider joining us! Thoughts? - BMW Detailed image:
  6. First off THIS IS NOT AN *OFFICIAL* VOTING FORUM but anywho out of these 3 things what would you like next years Lego UCS model to be? 1: a motorised minifig scale MTT with a bay for a or multiple staps like the 2014 version and also space for some droideka's plus a super battle droid rack that you can swap out for the regular one plus a cockpit that can fit 2 pilot battle droids and with fully ball jointed guns at the front plus of course being on transparent wheels which are also motorised along side the actual droid rack and being released both in its trade federation colours and it's separatist colours (this is what I'd like) 2: a motorised minifig scale AT-AT with space for troops inside the main body, an actual tunnel in the neck back to the central body, and a folding down ladder and opening door on the side for minifigs to go down 3: a venator class republic cruiser with a small amount of space inside the bridge(s) for minifigs, folding down landing gear (yeah I know it'd be hard but I'm sure it's possible) and of course fully articulated turrets (including the 2 on the sides just in front of the middle of the ship)
  7. Review: 42057 Ultralight Helicopter Name: Ultralight Helicopter Number: 42057 Theme: Technic Year: 2017 Pieces: 199 Price: USD $19.99, Euro 14.99€, AUD $29.99 Brickset:Extra Info Technic Early 2017 Review Series Welcome to the first in my batch of 2017 Technic reviews! I was offered all the small sets early 2017 for review late last year... but I ended up getting them all! Thus I have a lot to review. I've been doing them in parallel and changing my process as I go so hopefully the latter ones will end up being the best. On that angle I'll probably retcon some of the earlier reviews if I improve my process. Due to this remember that I'm happy to take extra photos or provide extra info on request, and anything especially good will be added to the main body of the review. Do note though that sometimes the model may no longer exist if I have have made an alternate. On the subject of alternates, I will be making the alt model, if I have the instructions, think the model is worth making, and I have the time. Also I'll show mid stage construction only if I think it's relevant. Thus don't ask for construction photos or alt models if they aren't part of the review.... I am prepared to extract parts for detail photos though. Photos will all be hosted on Flickr so larger versions are available, and relevant videos will be on YouTube and linked to from here. I don't edit photos much; very rarely I'll crop one and almost never will "correct" them so the photos should be as natural as possible. I will try to not be repetitive; thus it's worth reading my other reviews. For example I'm not going to complain too much about the digital instructions; I'll try to complain about new things, or maybe not complain at all! Here's all the other reviews of H1 2017 Technic... 42057 Ultralight Helicopter 42058 Stunt Bike 42059 Stunt Truck (and 45058/42059 Combiner) 42060 Roadwork Crew 42061 Telehandler 42062 Container Yard 42063 BMW R 1200 GS Adventure 42064 Ocean Explorer 42065 Tracked Racer Mucho multi thanks to the EB LUG Ambassador CopMike and the LEGO CEE Team and Designers for allowing me to review these sets for Eurobricks. So onto the review! Packaging Front.... ...back.... I find it odd that the 40th anniversary promotion is on the top, not the front, but I'm not in marketing! I also think it's misleading the "+ beam" claim as it's NOT a plus, it's part of the model, and often structural. (From what I've seen so far it's always visible.) Unboxing Standard punch box. Surprisingly there are two books; one for the alternative model. Staple bound, the main model has a better cover. Loads of stickers; all panels get one. The build is not sectioned, but it's not really that big a model. Quite a decent variety of parts, the special parts being.... ..the anniversary part.... ...this connector, which seems to be new this year... ...and this recolour. (If I'm missing any please tell me!) Parts list. Build It's done! First things first, it's not a helicopter, it's a gyrocopter. Not sure why LEGO would pick the wrong name, perhaps to avoid confusion, but it does annoy me. (Grrrr.) But I'll pick more on that kind of stuff later. Spare parts. Side view highlights the rudder control and the inline engine... ...which fits in very neatly. The anniversary parts is used as part of the rudder control... ...which probably deflects enough to be functional. The other control surfaces are static. The cockpit isn't really designed for a walrus. Underneath you can spin the rotor and propeller and make sounds to your hearts content. Adding the stickers does make the model look a bit more exciting, but I do think a more exciting colour would have made more sense here... but considering the rest of the line the year white isn't overused. The overall model is rather small, but it is a low price point. Build (Alternate) The alternate build is an "Experimental Aircraft". It looks Burt Rutan-ish to me.... ...but it doesn't use much of the parts. (Hair is not part of the set.) The cockpit is very squeezy.... ...and it has a flat engine. You can see the anniversary part here. Ratings Function: Really I think a set this small could have got away with just the rotor, adding the rudder, and having the alternate use a flat engine instead of an inline is excellent as well. 8/10 Parts: Nothing too exciting, but it's a very good blend and is a good source for some of the new connectors. 8/10 Price: $29.99 AUD (19.99 USD) for 199 parts is good value considering the size of the set, the full set of printed instructions, and the variety of parts. 9/10 Accuracy: If I rated this as a helicopter I'd give it 0/10.... but I'm not that mean. But even as a Gyrocopter it's wrong; the main blade is supposed to be free spinning. Some you can give a rolling start, but they are not powered, and this model gives the wrong impression. Also the blade is way too short.... 4/10 Fudge: This is an excellent set for someone starting out in Technic, and a good parts pack for others. 8/10 Overall: Buy! 7/10
  8. Folks, believe it or not, our favorite Lego theme turns 40 in 2017! Since 1977, Technic has been the most challenging and interesting models in the Lego lineup, and I think that Lego should celebrate the line's 40th birthday. So, what do you think they should do? Here are my ideas: Either in late 2015, or early 2016, Lego initiates a new competition: Technic 40th Birthday Present! It would be sort of like the challenge with the 9398 crawler that produced the 41999, but different. The rules would be somewhat simple: design a creation with ~2500 parts, based on any Technic set from the past 40 years, and both the votes of the fans and the design team would determine a winner. In addition, there would be a couple of different new colors and new parts options, to introduce some new parts or colors into the Technic lineup. The above would be the best case scenario, but there are other options. For instance, a voting contest that would have a full catalog of all Technic sets, except for some of the more recent ones, and the ones with the most votes would be the ones that get modern remakes, and form the Technic lineup for 2017. Or, the above, but the most popular set would be the flagship of 2017. Or, as a final option, a new part design competition. I'd really like for there to be some sort of competition or fan involvement, but if that were not going to happen, I'd either like to see updated Technic figures or some remakes of interesting sets, like a new, true 8880 successor, or an upgraded version of 8480. What do you guys think?
  9. I promised to post my last creation for this year very soon, I did it. As you may see it's transformer which can change number "2016" to "2017" All works using two XL motors because all other i have already used Mechanism is surrounded by box painted like christmas gift. Video of course: Thanks everyone for watching, I wish you merry Christmas and Happy New Year !
  10. Hi everyone, here is my review of the Lego Adventure Time Ideas set. It is scheduled for release early 2017, I was lucky enough to get it early. I've had it for about a week or so, finally uploaded the review now. Set number 21308, ages 9+, 496pcs, Let me know what you guys think of the set. Overall if you are into Adventure Time, I think you will like it. It displays very nicely. The downside would be the price - it is a licensed theme, as well as an "Ideas" set, which definitely brings the price up. Enjoy!
  11. Hey everyone, I spent a while fetching all these DPCIs from Brickseek. These all come up as LEGO, some are blank but I am positive they're LEGO. Some might be summer sets I think. I'll keep this updated as they're added, hopefully. 204-00-1834 204-00-1835 204-00-1836 - $10 204-00-1837 204-00-1838 - Juniors Demolition Site 204-00-1839 - Police Truck Chase 204-00-1840 - Juniors Mr. Freeze & Batman 204-00-1841 - Junior Fire Patrol Suitcase 204-00-1842 204-00-1843 204-00-1844 204-00-1845 204-00-1846 204-00-1847 204-00-1848 204-00-1849 204-00-1850 204-00-1851 204-00-1852 204-00-1853 204-00-1854 - $24.99 204-00-1855 204-00-1856 204-00-1857 204-00-1858 204-00-1859 204-00-1860 204-00-1861 204-00-1862 204-00-1863 - $29.99 204-00-1864 DUPLO My First Gears 204-00-1865 DUPLO Number Train 204-00-1866 204-00-1867 DUPLO Little Plane 204-00-1868 DUPLO Cakes 204-00-1869 Schoolbus DUPLO 204-00-1870 DUPLO Parrot 204-00-1871 204-00-1872 204-00-1873 DUPLO Batwing Adventure 204-00-1874 DUPLO Batcave Challenge 204-00-1875 DUPLO Kindergarten? 204-00-1876 DUPLO Pizzeria 204-00-1877 204-00-1878 CITY Race Plane 204-00-1879 Buggy 204-00-1880 Stunt Truck 204-00-1881 Fishing Boat 204-00-1882 ATV Race Team 204-00-1883 4x4 with Catamaran 204-00-1884 Pizza Van 204-00-1885 Dragster Transporter 204-00-1886 Sweeper & Excavator 204-00-1887 ATV Arrest 204-00-1888 Police Starter Set 204-00-1889 Tow Truck Trouble 204-00-1890 High-speed Chase 204-00-1891 Mobile Command Center 204-00-1892 Bulldozer Break-in 204-00-1893 Police Station 204-00-1894 204-00-1895 204-00-1896 CREATOR Mini Train 204-00-1897 Mini car 204-00-1898 Sports car 204-00-1899 Helicopter 204-00-1900 Creature 204-00-1901 Motor Bike 204-00-1902 Air Show 204-00-1903 Robot 204-00-1904 Beach House 204-00-1905 Island Adventures 204-00-1906 Town House 204-00-1907 204-00-1908 204-00-1909 204-00-1910 204-00-1911 59.99 204-00-1912 204-00-1913 NEXO KNIGHTS King's Guard Artillery 204-00-1914 Lance's Twin Jouster 204-00-1915 Ruina's Lock & Roller 204-00-1916 The Three Brothers 204-00-1917 Clay's Falcon Fighter Blaster 204-00-1918 Jestro's Headquarters 204-00-1919 Aaron's Stone Destroyer 204-00-1920 Battle Suit Clay 204-00-1921 Battle Suit Macy 204-00-1922 Battle Suit Aaron 204-00-1923 Battle Suit Axl 204-00-1924 Battle Suit Lance 204-00-1925 Combo NEXO Powers Wave 1 204-00-1926 NINJAGO The Vermillion Attack 204-00-1927 Desert Lightning 204-00-1928 Destiny's Shadow 204-00-1929 Vermillion Invader 204-00-1930 Samurai VXL 204-00-1931 Dawn of Iron Doom 204-00-1932 Dragon's Forge 204-00-1933 204-00-1934 204-00-1935 204-00-1936 204-00-1937 204-00-1938 204-00-1939 204-00-1940 204-00-1941 204-00-1942 204-00-1943 204-00-1944 THE LEGO BATMAN MOVIE 204-00-1945 The Joker Balloon Escape 204-00-1946 Mr. Freeze Ice Attack 204-00-1947 Catwoman Catcycle Chase 204-00-1948 The Riddler Riddle Racer 204-00-1949 Clayface Splat Attack 204-00-1950 The Batmobile 204-00-1951 The Joker Notorious Lowrider 204-00-1952 Killer Croc Tail-Gator 204-00-1953 The Scuttler 204-00-1954 Batcave Break-in 204-00-1955 Villain Vehicle 204-00-1956 204-00-1957 204-00-1958 204-00-1959 204-00-1960 204-00-1961 204-00-1962 204-00-1963 204-00-1964 204-00-1965 204-00-1966 204-00-1967 204-00-1968 204-00-1969 204-00-1970 204-00-1971 204-00-1972 204-00-1973 204-00-1974 204-00-1975 - $29.99 204-00-1976 204-00-1977 - $79.99 204-00-1978 204-00-1979 204-00-1980 204-00-1981 204-00-1982 - MM SUPERMAN vs Bizarro 204-00-1983 - MM Batman vs Killer Moth 204-00-1984 - MM Wonder Woman vs Doomsday 204-00-1985 - MM Spider-Man vs Scorpion 204-00-1986 - MM Iron Man vs Thanos 204-00-1987 - MM Wolverine vs Magneto 204-00-1988 204-00-1989 204-00-1990 204-00-1991 204-00-1992 204-00-1993 204-00-1994 204-00-1995 204-00-1996 204-00-1997 204-00-1998 204-00-1999 204-00-2000
  12. imvanya

    [MOD] 60145 Buggy

    Nothing fancy, just wanted to add a little texture to the rear: Not that it is that necessary in this case, but the .lxf file is available here
  13. Hi, I was bored so i decided to try reverse engineer the upcoming 2017 telehandler (42061). I filled dark areas with parts according to my sense of logic.
  14. 42057 replica! The smallest set of the 1h2017 line. Pictures were recently released and I decided to make a replica of set 42057, the smallest of the line. Here is the video with my review: Feel free to build your own! Instructions and part list towards the end of the video. Thank you! BrickbyBrick
  15. US Retailer Shopko has a partial list of winter 2017 sets up on their website. They are: FRIENDS: LEGO(regm) Friends Puppy Championship 41300 LEGO(regm) Friends Puppy Parade 41301 LEGO(regm) Friends Heartlake Pizzeria 41311 LEGO(regm) Friends Puppy Treats & Tricks 41304 LEGO(regm) Friends Emma's Photo Studio 41305 LEGO(regm) Friends Heartlake Sports Centre 41312 LEGO(regm) Friends Heartlake Gift Delivery 41310 LEGO(regm) Friends Heartlake Summer Pool 41313 CREATOR: LEGO(regm) Creator Mighty Dinosaurs 31058 LEGO(regm) Creator Beachside Vacation 31063 DISNEY PRINCESS: LEGO(regm) Disney Princess Berry's Kitchen 41143 LEGO(regm) Disney Princess Petite's Royal Stable 41144 LEGO(regm) Disney Princess Elsa's Magical Ice Palace 41148 LEGO(regm) Disney Princess Moanas Island Adventure 41149 LEGO(regm) Disney Princess Moanas Ocean Voyage 41150 LEGO(regm) Disney Princess Anna's Snow Adventure 41147 LEGO(regm) Disney Princess Anna and Elsa's Frozen Playgrnd 10736 DUPLO: LEGO? DUPLO Super Heroes Batcave Challenge 10842 LEGO(regm) DUPLO My First Plane 10849 LEGO(regm) DUPLO Super Heroes Batwing Adventure 10823 LEGO(regm) DUPLO My First Number Train 10847 LEGO(regm) DUPLO Princess Cinderella's Magical Castle 10855 NEXO KNIGHTS: LEGO(regm) NEXO KNIGHTS Three Brothers 70350 LEGO(regm) NEXO KNIGHTS Battle Suit Clay 70362 LEGO(regm) NEXO KNIGHTS Battle Suit Lance 70366 LEGO(regm) NEXO KNIGHTS Lance's Twin Jouster 70348 LEGO(regm) NEXO KNIGHTS Combo NEXO Powers Wave 1 70372 STAR WARS: LEGO(regm) Star Wars Duel on Naboo 75169 LEGO(regm) Star Wars Y-Wing Microfighter 75162 LEGO(regm) Star Wars Krennic Imperial Shuttle Microfighter 75163 LEGO(regm) Star Wars Imperial Trooper Battle Pack 75165 LEGO(regm) Star Wars Yodas Jedi Starfighter 75168 MARVEL/DC: LEGO(regm) Superheroes Marvel Guard Ayeshas Revenge LEGO(regm) Super Heroes Captain America Jet Pursuit 76076 LEGO(regm) Super Heroes Marvel Guard Ravager Attack LEGO(regm) Super Heroes Mighty Micros: Batman vs. Killer Moth MINECRAFT: LEGO(regm) Minecraft The Mushroom Island 21129 LEGO(regm) Minecraft The Ice Spikes 21131 LEGO(regm) Minecraft The Nether Railway 21130 LEGO BATMAN MOVIE: LEGO(regm) Batman Movie Villain Vehicle 70906 LEGO(regm) Batman Movie The Joker Balloon 70900 LEGO(regm) Batman Movie Hero Vehicle 70905 LEGO(regm) Batman Movie Mr. Freeze Ice Attack 70901 LEGO(regm) Batman Movie Catwoman Catcycle Chase 70902 LEGO(regm) Batman Movie The Riddler Riddle Racer 70903 LEGO(regm) Batman Movie Clayface Splat Attack 70904 JUNIORS: LEGO(regm) Juniors Mia's Farm Suitcase 10746 LEGO(regm) Juniors Fire Patrol Suitcase 10740 LEGO(regm) Juniors Batman(regm) vs. Mr. Freeze(regm) 10737 DC SH GIRLS: LEGO(regm) DC Super Hero Girls Bumblebee Helicopter 41234 LEGO(regm) DC Super Hero Girls Wonder Woman Dorm 41235 LEGO(regm) DC Super Hero Girls Lashina(regm) Tank 41233 LEGO(regm) DC Super Hero Girls Batgirl(regm) Batjet Chase 41230 ELVES: LEGO(regm) Elves Naida's Gondola & the Goblin Thief 41181 LEGO(regm) Elves The Goblin King's Evil Dragon 41183 CITY: LEGO(regm) City Police High-speed Chase 60138 LEGO(regm) City Great Vehicles Fishing Boat 60147 LEGO(regm) City Great Vehicles Dragster Transporter 60151 LEGO(regm) City Police Tow Truck Trouble 60137 Posting here - I know there are many rumor threads on this forum, but perhaps this will serve as a confirmation of some of those rumors, and perhaps add an unexpected set or two.
  16. PrashBricks

    Modular Building 2017

    Hello, it's PrashBricks here! There are rumors of the next modular building, will it be huge, ultimate or costly? Let me know if you find out anything about it, I will try to search some stuff for you to. The rumors say that the name of the set is: 10255: Assembly Square, has anyone an idea how it will look? image removed Is this what it might look like, or am I wrong?
  17. Marco qm

    Audi R8 Spyder 2017

    Do you like what you see? There's more (and better) pictures and info at: http://www.moc-pages...moc.php/431893. Hope you liked it! -Marco. qm
  18. Okay, this is something different. If anyone remembers, 42000 was leaked on Ebay a couple of months before the set was actually released. Well, something similar has happened. I was browsing on Ebay earlier today, and I came across an auction for a lot of Lego Technic vehicles that the seller claimed to be prototypes for the 2017 lineup. This is given credence due to the fact that pretty much every model had some parts in colors that are not currently available, or have new pieces. At this point in time, it is unknown how this fellow got his hands on them, whether they were stolen, or sent to him by mistake. I downloaded the pictures, because the auction was taken down not 10 minutes after I checked it out. My phone is out of batteries, and is not really useable while charging, so I can't upload pictures quite yet, so for now, have some descriptions. The auction consisted of four vehicles, which I will detail below. #1, Forklift. The first vehicle was a forklift, maybe a little bit bigger than the one Mahjqa recently posted, but the machine is yellow, and all functions appear to be manual. The lifting of the forks seems to be done by using the 1x11 pneumatic cylinders, but on this model the cylinders are black, and not yellow. There also appears to be a pneumatic tank piece on the back, standing in for a propane tank. I can't tell if this is a new piece or not, it does appear to be a bit smaller than the old tank, and appears to be light bluish gray. There is also a black pump beside the tank, probably the same one used on 42053. Also in the picture was a pallet made out of tan plates, with some kind of brick built equipment on top. Functions are unknown for sure, but it has at least 3 valves, so it has to have at least steering, fork raising, and fork tilt. The second model is much, much larger, being a six wheeled motor grader, again in yellow. It is a medium set, but the cab is small, indicating it is meant to be large. There is a mix of black and yellow pneumatic cylinders, and the blade appears to be made out of some kind of new curved part, like the 3x11 curved panel, but like 4 or 5 studs wide. The tires also appear to be new, like the tires on the Unimog, but smaller.There also appears to be a PF battery box on the back, just ahead of where the engine would be, so there is probably a motorized compressor in there somewhere. There is also a large number of valves, at least three on each side, so there are therefore at least six functions. There also appear to be two knobs on the cab, possibly for front axle and articulated steering. The third model is... Well, I'm not quite sure what it is. It appears to be some kind of spaceplane, given that it what appear to be rocket boosters, although it does not resemble any current spacecraft. What we probably have here is something like 42038, where the set looks plausible, but ultimately is a nonesuch. The set is almost but not quite like a B-1 Lancer,, with a long nose, and swept wings. At the rear are three engines, which are side by side in a row, and above them a split tail. I'm not sure if the engine bell nozzles are new parts or not, but they appear to be new. The model is black and white, and is the only one out of the lot with any stickers, which look rather crude. Under the cockpit is "Orion", and under the tail fin "42067", which we can presume is the set's number. There appear to be new parts that act as the payload bay doors, although sadly the seller did not open them. As for functions, there are two yellow levers on either side, just behind the cockpit, function unknown, as well as a bevel gear on each side, which might connect to a switch. Just in front of the tail is a joystick, similar to 42025, with another yellow lever ahead of that, which might control the rudder. The set appears to be roughly on the level of 42025, but may have some pneumatic functions, as there are some hoses protruding out the underside. All of these models had some weird areas that looked like they came apart due to rough handling. In addition, this set has the new L shaped panels in white, just behind the cockpit. As well, the model has some new panels in the nose, of uncertain dimensions. The final model was by far the biggest, and is the only one that I can definitively identify, a Gottwald AK-912 crane. It has ten axles, using the wheels of 42009, and is quite big. It had no stickers, but was in the yellow and black colors of Shcmidbauer, one of the companies that operated the real crane. Unfortunately, the seller did not know how to put the model together, so the lattice boom and the outriggers were set to the side. The lattice booms appear to use some kind of new part, a beam with holes offset 90 degrees from each other, to make the sides and allow the diagonal beams to connect. Those parts appeared to be rather rough, possible 3D printed? This model was the only one to be flipped on its side, allowing the underside to be seen. It had 4 differentials on it, allowing an accurate number of wheels to be driven, but oddly, the wheel hubs appear to be new, almost but not quite like the 42000 hubs. Those parts appeared to be 3D printed as well, but the actual shape is kind of hard to discern. This model, unlike the rest, has no pneumatics, but there is definitely a PF battery box in the superstructure, just ahead of the first winch. The outriggers are interesting, as they use mini linear actuators, and it seems that at the base of the outrigger is some kind of spline piece to connect to the main truck. Well, that's all for now, let's hope my phone charges, so that I can give you some pictures. In case you haven't guessed by now, April Fools!!!!