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  1. PrashBricks

    Hello I am PrashBricks

    Thanks! (I hadn't expected that much reactions!)
  2. PrashBricks

    Hello I am PrashBricks

    Thank you, all of you! Please vote on my YouTube channel in the vote, Vote, VOTE! video by pressing the (i) for opening the poll. Already thanks!
  3. PrashBricks

    MOC: Post Office and Cafe

    You have got an awesome MOC in front of you! BTW: wish I had that much pieces!
  4. PrashBricks

    Hello I am PrashBricks

    Hey there, I'm PrashBricks I make MOC's and now I am thinking of making MOC's of my own fantasy world: Mid-Chocono! Also I have a website: I have a youtube channel called PrashBricks: And I have BrickShelf, Brickset and Bricklink account! (they are called PrashBricks to!) Here you can vote: Thank you for looking!
  5. This looks good! Please check my Youtube Channel:
  6. PrashBricks

    Modular Building 2017

    Hello, it's PrashBricks here! There are rumors of the next modular building, will it be huge, ultimate or costly? Let me know if you find out anything about it, I will try to search some stuff for you to. The rumors say that the name of the set is: 10255: Assembly Square, has anyone an idea how it will look? image removed Is this what it might look like, or am I wrong?