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Found 14 results

  1. I was reminded about two weeks ago, that I was supposed to finish the Ionos Sports Sedan last week. But what do I do when I am stuck on something? I design, build, create a studio file, make instructions for, and publish an entirely different MOC. Either way, a little distraction is fine, especially when another MOC is the result. Right? This MOC is the result of exploring Set 8283 a little too much for my Compact Loader; itself a result of wanting another vehicle to go with my Atmos Tractor. The influence of 8283 is apparent. The MOC features: Four Wheel Steering Boom Lift Boom Extension Fork Tilt Cab Door The Thirdwigg farm has about everything you need except for a harvester. Hmmm..... My building in Studio is improving. But I am not sure my instruction making is. Either way, feel free to find free instructions for this, and so many other of my MOCs, at Rebrickable. The buffer exchange does not always seem to allow the direction I need to show inserting a part, so ideas about how to rotate that would be helpful. And I can't seem to figure out how to add, for instance the below two parts, as one subbuild and then demonstrate insertion. I'll keep working at it. But as always, questions, comments, critiques, and laments are welcome. Now I am going to get distracted by a TC20 build....
  2. Hello Technic Folks! Here is the C-Model of 42030 Volvo L350F Wheel Loader. It's a telehandler, inspired by Caterpillar TH514C. General specifications: - 1520 pieces - Size: 57x21x19 cm - Weight: 1,9 Kg Motorized functions: - Drive - Four wheel counter-phase steering - Boom (Up - Down) - Tele (In - Out) Manual functions: - Bucket (Dump - Crowd) - Outriggers Other features: - Fake Four-straight engine - Engine access Some pics: Boom Side View Front Lights Engine Bucket Youtube Video: I hope You like it! Have a nice weekend!
  3. Hi everyone, I have been working on a TC9 entry for almost a week. At first I was going to make a garbage truck (I thought it would be cute since I entered the mini competition with a garbage truck ).I had a wireframe model that was good, but as I progressed I noticed that my ambitions for the project started to outgrow the size limit, so I scrapped the idea for a future project. Yesterday I decided on building a telehandler. I have been wanting to build one for a while, and it seems TC9 is the kickstart I needed for that. I haven't chosen a specific model since i don't think I have the talent to recreate it faithfully at this scale, but I plan on using their color scheme (Fully red with black&white cabin), partly because I think it looks good on telehandlers&lego, and partly because I had seen a manitou telehandler at a local fair and fell in love with it as a kid. I did some prototyping yesterday, and I quite like the proportions of it. I'm using 42009 wheels and I'll implement functions using pneumatics mainly. I haven't built any mocs with pneumatics, so it will be a challenge for me. The current functions that I envision are pneumatic boom lifting, pneumatic boom extension, possibly pneumatic front outriggers, hog steering. I am pretty satisfied with the boom design, it looks the right size at this scale and is quite robust. I plan on using the new 1x11 pneumatic cylinder from arocs and hide it inside the boom neatly. The current provisional size is 36*16*16 = 9216 cubic studs. For the B-model, I currently have some ideas but haven't decided on anything yet. A possible candidate is a dragster with these 4 wheels on the rear & Technic Pulley Wheels on the front.
  4. Hello! Recently I built an alternative model using only parts from set 42108. It is a roto-telehandler, mainly based on JCB Hydraload. All functions are manual: - boom raise/lower - fork tilt - turret rotation - 4 wheels steering - stabilizers There are 2 attachments: fork and hook. It is in the same scale as my other models (1.21) and instructions can be found here: Functions summary: I hope you like it!
  5. Inspired by Manitou mlt telehandler, including color, shape and functionsBuilt only from parts of 42043 Merceder Benz Arocs setKey features: HOG double axle steering Opening engine hood Opening drivers cabin door Tilting and extending arm with tilting option of attachments 6 simple exchangable attachments: Forks Construction bucket Agricultural grab bucket Bale clamp - 3 sizes or versions (all atachments functions are held in place by friction pins and can be built at the same time) Trailer with palletes for buckets See those videos, so you could compare all small details presented on model:, that didn't fit such small model: Crab and single front axle steering Moving steering wheel while steering Arm is located little higher on chasis to allow steering, decentered 0.5 stud to the right All functions manual, no motor or pneumatic 85 pages of generated instructions (A4 landscape orientation) - sample on bricksafe It goes straight to my 42043 c-model alternatives collection I have built or finishing building, see bellow
  6. Review and instructions: Hi! I’m glad to show my new MOC – it’s Merlo Roto Telehandler in 1:11 scale. Here you can see the real machine: The dimensions: 80 x 25 x 30 cm, total weight – 5,7 kg. The max height is 83 cm. The model contains approximately 5100 parts. The model has eight remote controlled functions (three S-bricks, 14 motors). 1. Four L-motors for AWD with diffs. 2. Two servo-motors with independent control for steering. We can steer normal, with reduced radius or crab. 3. Outriggers deploying – two M-motors. 4. Superstructure rotation – one XL-motor. 5. Boom raising – two M-motors. The boom is rather heavy it can’t lift significant additional weights. 6. Boom extension – one M-motor. 7. The rigs operation – one M-motor. I’ve created classic fork and crane. 8. Cab lift for visibility improvement. In addition to motorized functions the model has suspension with solid axles (eight hard shock absorbers), detailed cab and other cool features. Let’s watch the video: Photos: More photos on The building instructions: Thanks for watching! I hope you like it :)
  7. I' ve decided to make an alternative model for 42053 Volvo EW 160E set. Finally made a telehandler. Video: Functions: - 4 wheel steering - front outdiggers - pneumatics with manual pump: arm lifting arm extension tilting fork Please watch the video to see this machine in action and for more details. I hope you liked this model.
  8. Hi :) I'd like to show You my new MOC ;) It's mini telehandler, just simple, pure Technic MOC, nothing special, built as a break between other MOCs. Functions: manualy steering 2 axles (HoG), manualy tilted forks, outriggers and boom manualy steering by pneumatic. See more photos and movie :) YouTube Flickr
  9. The telehandler, what a funny machine. They are commonly used to lift containers, dirt, hay, and other things a excavator cannot reach. This is the kind of telehandler I was trying to make, a cat tl642c. I did not own more than 7 yellow parts, so that goes out the window. I kind of used it for inspiration, and made a few changes. Overview : The telehandler steering uses 2 gear racks, and a set a gears to reach the cabin, they must be aligned, like 42009, but they have only minor backlash. The outriggers lock in place using friction pins*, and stay locked, holding the vehicle in the air. The boom uses a linear actuator to lift, and a worm gear to tilt. The extention is 18 studs thanks to a special system, it uses a (+00) with a 3l axle through it, so only extending, there is no need to lift the piece. If I can find all my head racks, it will change to a gear rack setup. The model: the bevel steers, and the spur gear raises boom. Outriggers: front and rear: front outriggers fit outside boom. Boom: lift, extend. LA lift (1.667:1) 12 stud extension. the white piece allows it to stay extended. goes into middle hole. Fork: tilt. some pics would not post, coming soon. can i please get some comments, my last few mocs have gotten about 3 replies, so c&c please.
  10. Good day. For a long time I wanted to create a moc with various functions apart from steering and drive. Overview: -4x4 drive with 2 diffs -3 steering modes : rear only, crab and all-wheel steering -Boom ascention -Boom extention -Forks tilting -part count of approximately 1000 pieces The forks on the end of the boom were able to be replaced with another attachment by pulling out two 8l axles with stop. The cabin has on openable door , adjustable seat and a lever to switch steering modes. The steering is a very basic type, the front stering motor is attached to a switch , which neutralizes it's movement or decides the direction of steering. the boom is extended through a pulley system , which was done due to lack of 4 stud gearracks. total boom size being fully extended is of 60 studs. The video below shows basic functionality. Something I learned with this build is that I should stick with smaller size mocs and not to rush into medium sized model. All photos here
  11. Hi, I was bored so i decided to try reverse engineer the upcoming 2017 telehandler (42061). I filled dark areas with parts according to my sense of logic.
  12. Helly everybody, Here is my discussion topic for the TC10 contest. I have made a Heavy Lift Telehandler. I almost finished the model, but I will show the progress in steps. In this first post I will show you the chassis of the model. On this photo you can see the chassis with a box where the boom is going to twist. There are also two big v2 pneumatic cylinders to lift the boom. On the second photo you can see how I made the motor with a pneumatic pump. It was hard to fit both the motor and the pump horizontaly . If you have any tips or questions please post them here. This is the first time I'm making photos in this way, so if they are not so good give me some tips how I can improve the quality. I will soon give you an update of my build. ps: the stickers on the rear 7 beams are there because I haven't enough of these beams at the moment. Later you won't see these any more, because the boom is in there.
  13. Hello everybody! I want to show you my first job - "Telehandler with the turntable." It is used for lifting, transporting and laying of various cargoes. Is the "C model" set Lego 42009. The inspiration here was this unit: I tried to convey the image, without being attached to detail. Features : - Lifting / lowering the legs (L engine ) ; - Rotating turret platform (L engine ) ; - Lifting / lowering the boom (L engine ) ; - Nomination of the second boom section (L engine ) ; - Lifting / lowering the fork ( hand) ; - Rotate the wheels ( by hand); - Opening / closing the cabin door. And here is my version: The model has an L engine with a transfer case. The biggest challenge in the construction was limited space for the transfer case, because most of the space in the bottom of the battery pack occupies. And here you can see how it works: Thank you for watching!
  14. Hi everyone ! I'd like to present to you a new creation for the 23rd Techlug contest, it's a telehandler. It has 4 wheel steering with HOG and a working steering wheel, and a gearbox (Erik Leppen's system : http://www.techlug.f...topic1099.html) with 4 features : - Stabs - Boom lifting - Boom extending - Fork (or bucket) tilting The goal : to make a fully functional and easily playable telehandler, which can be motorized adding the lego technic 8293 power functions pack. Here is the video (in french with subtitles) : Pictures : LDD file : https://www.dropbox....telehandler.lxf Hope you like it, and if you have questions, just ask, I'll be happy to answer !